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* Unsold lots available for sale at indicated reserve plus 19.25% buyer's commission plus postage & insurance. First | Previous | Next | Last | Index
1d KGV Specialised Exhibit offered largely intact covering 1d reds & greens. 1d red inc studies of varieties. Highlights inc plate proof in black (flts), G-FU substituted cliche study inc smooth paper reconstructed blk of 4 showing Die I & Die II sub cliche thin G, Y dot in joined pr, rough paper reconstructed blk of 4, also singles of sub cliche Die I & Die II (3 of ea), then sub cliche pos 4/34 in used pr with pos 4/33, sub cliche Die I Used on piece, sub cliche Die II (rough paper) Used on piece with smooth paper plate 1 Die II. Die II study G-FU inc strip of 3 (Die I, Die II, Die II), Die I/Die II reconstructed blk of 4 (2x2 ea). Large mult R pane blk of 4 MUH/MLH part Harrison imprint & 'ferns/RA joined' vars. Also noted 'NY joined' range inc smooth paper single wmk FU. Line perf range inc blk of 12 MUH (mixed condition), line perf varieties inc 'thin One Penny' FU, blk of 6, 1 with variety 'dot before 1', smooth paper JBC monogram blk of 4 MLH (rejoined), CA monogram pr MLH (reinforced margin), strip of 3 double perfs in margin (mixed condition), 1d red Die III inv wmk M. 1d green inc SM perf 14 Mullet impt blk of 4 showing 'ferns', 'RA joined' UN, & 'Roos tongue' UN, Ash impt blk of 8 2MLH/6MUH, inc 'ferns', 'RA joined retouch', 'Roo's tongue', strip of 6 from top of sheet UN showing double perfs in margin. Many others. Mainly F-VF. Impressive collection. ACSC cat approx $12,000. (330)
 SOLD at A$2600
1d Red 1914-22 massive collection elegantly assembled in ACSC order in 11 thick 64-page s/books. With smooth papers (11,000+) with M/MUH (220, cat $3550) inc Single line perf (G01) blk of 9 MUH & 6 singles ($500), comb perf 1914 carmine-red (30) inc blk of 9 mostly MUH ($250), 1915 scarlet red (30) inc blk of 4, 1917 1d rose (40) with blks of 4 (5) inc plate 4 UL cnr 'secret mark' & 'weeping pearl' varieties (Drury photo cert), 'Ferns/RA joined' & 'wattle-line', left frame nick, neck flaw errors (ACSC $900+), plus INV WMK prs (2) inc neck flaw variety ($450). Then Used inc WMK INV (50, cat $100) inc Wattle-line variety. Left plate flaws (55) inc substituted cliches (16) inc perf OS (3) & wmk inv (2), plus wide variety of colours, cat as cheapest types $4150. N-Y Joined (3, cat $600) & other right plate variety (455, $9100). Unplated constant varieties (many 100s). Identified shades inc brick (4, $800) inc Drury cert (2), pink (20, $1000), salmon (12, $600) & brown (5, $750. ROUGH PAPERS (900) with M/MUH (30) inc carmine-rose perf OS blk of 4 (Drury photo cert), 'Wattle line/nick in left frame' varieties horiz pr & red-brown perf OS/NSW ($1250). Then Used inc INV WMK (3), left plate varieties (25) inc thin G (5), Y, & substituted cliches (4), plus Die II (45, $2965 & right plate errors (10) inc Run N (ACSC $320) & vastly under-rated. Shades (100s) inc rosine (5) inc perf OS (3) all with Drury certs, plus another 4, deep rosine (3) inc Drury photo cert, plum damson (perf OS/NSW), red-brown (Drury cert) & maroon (2), ACSC cat $2300. Then LM wmk (71) with M (15) inc lower marginal blk of 4 MUH ($720) & Used (56) inc shades, ACSC listed varieties 'Nick in left frame' & 'secret mark' plus 10 other errors ($1550). Die III (44) with M (5) inc flaw under emu's tail ($550), U (39) with ACSC listed varieties (18, $3450) inc wmk inv, damaged frame above AUS of Australia ($500) & framed E of AGE (2). Mostly F-VFU, M/MUH as noted. Cat of mentioned minority $40,000+ (1250 stamps) & much more for the nearly 11,000 others inc unidentified hidden shades amongst the smooth/rough papers & many 100s of unlisted constant varieties. Total cat $90,000+. (12000+) (P)
 AVAILABLE at A$10000
1d Collection on printed leaves with general stamps (60) on opening 2 pages inc 1911 GB Exhibition KGV Essay imperf 1d violet blks of 4 (2, retail $200). Perf OS (12) & perf OS/NSW (7) with wide range of colours. Die II (10) with smooth paper (7) inc 2 prs & rough paper (3). Wmk Inv (4), Die III (6) & LM wmk (7) inc Cooke print (Drury cert) & perf OS/NSW, ACSC cat $1460. Smooth paper shades (58, cat $1200) inc 1914 single line perf (6), 1915 Pink, 1916 Thin paper Aniline-scarlet (11, $375), 1917 Brick (2) & Salmon (2), 1918 Pink group (4). Smooth paper varieties (150) on separate pgs panes 1-8 with left plate (56) inc ACSC listed types (29, cat $1600) inc substituted cliche Die II, Thin G (4), Penavy, Die II (15), inc reddish pink (2, $100) & perf OS ($200), Saddle on Emu (2) & rust flaws TRC (2). Smooth paper right plate flaws (74) with ACSC listed types (41), cat $1000, inc NY joined, plus unlocated vars inc extra frames. Rough paper shades (23, $1000+) inc Aniline red, rose red, pink/rosine (6), brown-red, maroon & plum. Rough paper varieties (90) panes 1-8 on separate pgs inc wmk inv (3, $90). Left plate (51) inc ACSC listed types (35, $1800) inc substituted cliche Die I (2) & Die II (2), Thin G (5) inc perf OS & Drury cert (2), Penavy (3 inc perf OS & Drury cert), Die II (15) inc perf OS (2), rusted TRC (3) & line under RVT (2). Rough paper right plate ACSC flaws (18 $600) inc run N (3), neck flaw (2), secret mark (2), ferns & RA joined. Wonderful collection with the rough paper right plate varieties much harder to find than ACSC indicates. Total cat $9000. (375) (P)
 SOLD at A$1200
1d Red Large mult wmk inc Cooke printing carmine-pink (2) G-FU, Harrison MUH & MLH, perf OS MLH & 21 G-FU inc varieties 'damaged LR frame', notched NW cnr, secret mark, nick near top of left frame, also three perf OS NSW. ACSC cat $1790. Some mixed condition, mainly F-VF.
 SOLD at A$220
1d Deep-rosine rough paper (G70). Part 1918 cds. FU. ACSC 72J cat $175. 2017 Drury photo-cert. (P)
 SOLD at A$80
2d Red Specialised collection in binder inc single wmk (98) inc ACSC 96(8)ga cracked electro (3) (cat $400ea) showing diff states of flaw, also 96(9)g cracked electro (cat $900), plus many other listed & unlisted in ACSC, & shades. SM perf 13½ 1d Die 3 (25), 2d CofA inc 400 inv wmk (total cat $1600), plus others, possible pmk interest. Mostly F-VF. (545) (P)
 SOLD at A$450
Accumulation in s/book inc ½d green Electro 6 part imprint blk of 12 from LL of sheet showing vars 6L52, 53, 54 ACSC cat $280, also Used range ½d green single & LM, potential pmk interest. 1½d red (140+) with a range listed & unlisted varieties also 1½d black-brown M/MUH (12), 4d orange shades G-FU inc yellow-lemon group, 5d brown CofA imprint blk of 4 M/MUH, toning but VF appearance. Mainly F-VF. ACSC cat $2000+. (440)
 SOLD at A$170
Collection inc extensive range of inverted wmks mostly G-FU, noted ½d green (8 inc 1 perf OS/NSW), ½d orange (3), 1d red (14 shades), 1d red Die III (2), 1½d blk brown (5), 1½d brown (3 inc pr), 2d orange perf OS (4), 2d red perf OS, 4d blue UN, LM wmk inc ½d green (3), 1½d black-brown (4), 1½d brown (2). SM perf 14 3d blue perf OS (7, some with heavy pmks). SM perf 13½ inc 1½d red booklet pane of 6, later issues in quantity. Also inc a range of plate varieties 1d red, green & violet shades & range of values in prs ½d to 1/4 mixed wmks. Condition varies but mostly F-VF. ACSC cat approx $5000. (470)
Collection with single wmk ½d-1/4 inc 4d orange, 4d violet, 4d blue, 4d olive, LM set of 5, no wmk pr, SM mixed perfs (1/4 perf 13½), CofA set ½d-1/4 odd U, mostly F-VF M/MUH, retail $1150. (46)
Covers 1914-37 (35) with 1d red covers/cards (5) inc 1915 OAS much travelled env to Egypt inc 'Not 1st LHR' m/s endorsement. 1917 to USA franked 3 singles, ea with 'extra frame' varieties. 1919 to Philadelphia franked 1d carmine-red pr & 1½d brown strip of 4. 1921 2d Orange perf T on OHMS env Hobart-Ulverstone. 1926 Airmail franked 1½d red (3) Cloncurry (QLD) to Melbourne. 1920s 1½d Red Octagonal env with ½d green, ½d orange & Kangaroo 2d to Philippines endorsed 'Per SS Taiydan'. 1935 RTS with 'Unclaimed at South Yarra' cachet. 1937 To California franked 3d blue & other interesting items inc 1d violet postal card CTO Sydney. Some sl mixed condition or minor flts, majority fine or better. (35)
KGV 'Prancing Horse' 1d red essay. VF fresh UN as made, 4 large margins. Only 1 sheet recorded. (P)
OHMS Infectious Disease Notification folded forms franked KGV 1d red (2 shades) or 1½d black-brown, all with 1918-19 Melbourne pmks. Interesting group. (3). (P)
Selection MUH on hagners inc single wmk ½d to 4½d inc 1d red line perf, rough & smooth papers, 2d red with variety 'thick right frame' ACSC 96(8A)j, Large Mult & no wmk range, SM perf 14 inc 4½d violet, SM perf 13½ to 5d inc 4d olive part imprint, CofA to 5d. ACSC cat $745+. Mostly F-VF MUH. (54)
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