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Netherlands Indies & Indonesia: Collection/accumulation in 4 s/books. Indies 1870-88 King to 2G50. 1883-90 Numerals to 5c. 1892-97 Princess to 2G50. 1900 Surch to 50c. 1902-09 to 1G. 1912-15 to 2½G. 1933-37 Queen to 2G50. Indonesia 1948-49 opt Queen to 1G. 1949-50 Numeral & Pict to 10R. 1951-55 President to 25R. Then good coverage inc commems & defs. BoB inc Local & Unofficial issues inc Melaku Selantan. Most G-VF M/MUH/U, some tropicalisation. SG cat £5000+ = A$9000+. (3800).AVAILABLE at A$500

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Austria Revenues by Barefoot, current (2002) edition. 140 pgs -lists 1000s of stamps with prices. Invaluable reference. A4 size. New.AVAILABLE at A$50

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British Commonwealth Revenues by Barefoot. 2002, pricing 1000s of Revenues Aden to Zululand. VG.AVAILABLE at A$20

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Great Britain: PO Numbers 1844-1906. Inc London, England & Wales, Ireland, Scotland & Offices Overseas (1000s of listing). By G Brumell. Pub Allock Ltd, 1971, 138 pgs.AVAILABLE at A$30

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Papua: Stamps of Papua by Rosenblum, 55pgs, pub 1967(?). Extensive list of 1000 or so varieties on lakatois issues. VGC.AVAILABLE at A$30

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Revenues: British Commonwealth Revenues by Barefoot. 2008 Edition with 380 illustrated pages with prices for 1000s of stamps inc detailed Australia section inc Beer Duties, Cattle, Reliefs, State Tax, Swine, Patents & others. Used. VG condition.AVAILABLE at A$30

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Thailand: Early Cancels of Siam, 66pgs, illustrated throughout with valuations in US$, many of which are in the $1000s. Near new. Invaluable reference.AVAILABLE at A$75

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1890s-1970s Collection in album with States (110) inc QLD 1897 QV to 2/- turquoise, SA QV 5/- rose, TAS 1899 Pic set, & WA QV to 2/6. Australia Kangaroos (15) to 5/- inc CofA wmk 2/- Ash imprint blk of 4 MUH (ACSC cat $200) & UL cnr single 'chopped neck' variety MUH ($200). KGV (100) to 1/4 inc Official Perfins to 4d U & 1d red LM wmk blk of 4 MUH (retail $300) & 1d green Die I, II MUH pr ($120). 1931 Kingsford Smith set to 6d brown M & U. 1940s Imprint blks (38, $300) inc 1946 1/- Mitchell (10). 1964 Birds set of 8 to 3/- (3 sets MUH, retail $75). Navigators set of 6 to £2 FM ($150). 1963 QEII 5d green booklet pane & cnr blk of 9 IMPERF between MUH (retail $90), & 5d red booklet pane ($40). Postage Dues (34) to 5/- G-FU. 1937-65 FDC (12) inc 1937 NSW Sesqui & 1964 Birds to 3/-. Approx 700 in total. MUH/M/G-FU, retail over $1900. Plus s/book with 100s of extras 1927-65. Also decimal used accumulation 1966-2016 with many more 100s of stamps in another 7 s/books with plenty of Pics/Commems inc higher plus 49c Paralympic Games blks of 9 MUH (4) all with 'missing Tasmania' varieties & 1971 QEII 6c orange strong off-set on reverse (retail $100). (1000s)SOLD at A$575

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1955 Cobb & Co set 3½d & 2/- comp sheets of 80 (ACSC cat $240). 1956 Olympics 7½d sheet of 80 ($80) & 1960 NT 5d sheet (120) with all 3 types (1, 1A, II) in setenant prs & multiples in various combinations throughout the sheet. Tone spots in places, now very scarce as a comp sheet with est cat val $1000. Total cat well in excess of $1300. (360)AVAILABLE at A$200
1966-2016 Decimal lightly duplicated accumulation in 4 thick Lighthouse 64 black pg s/books, diverse & comprehensive inc 125 M/S VFU/CTO (FV $370), booklet panes & gutter blks of 10 (21, FV $67). 1966-2016 Pic/Commem/Defs inc 1966 Navigators to $4 (2 sets). 1977 Painting $10 blk of 4, 1980s-90s setenant strips inc 1988 37c Bi-Cent sheet of 50 with SYDPEX pmks. 1980s-90s Framas, International Post to $20 Uluru, Gardens to $20 & good variety non letter-rate Pics & Commems. Many 100s of diff, only lightly duplicated. Mostly F-VFU with post Millennium scattered CTO. (1000s)AVAILABLE at A$450

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2005-12 Philatelic Exhibition, anniversaries & national events opts. Specialised MUH (FV $1000), CTO & FDC collection in 3 thick albums. Items of interest inc 2005 Pacific Explorer imperf M/Sheets (19) inc APTA Convention opts (2). Other exhibition opt M/S (144) inc 2005 Melbourne Stamp Show, 2008 Canberra Stamp Show, STAMPEX 2010 Adelaide, London 2010, Queensland Stamp Show & 2010 Canberra booklets (56) again with similar opts. Plus Exhib pmk covers (62) & more M/S CTO (28), & Special Interest PO Packs & Commem covers. Massive original costs. All fresh & clean! (300+ items)AVAILABLE at A$800
Bundleware: 1979 Parks set of 7 (1000 sets in bundles of 100). 1970s-90s medium-size Pics (6 diff), 5000 of ea. 2c Bird to 43c Skateboarding. Small-size Defs (14 diff) inc 1941 Queen 1½d green, 1950s-60s pre-dec (7 diff) 3d green KGVI to 5d red QEII & decimals (6 diff) 1c QEII to 18c Flowers. All in neat bundles of 100, slabbed into packs of 1000 with 5000 of ea stamp. Total 107,000 stamps. Plus 1980s 30c Butterfly (3600 in neat bundles). (110,000+)SOLD at A$375
Carton with 1966-72 Decimal MUH collection near comp on Seven Seas illustrated leaves & primitive black mounts. 1982-88 Decimal CTO collection inc AUSIPEX 84 M/Sheet set of 10 diff pmks (retail $60). 2000 Olympics Gold Medallist M/Sheet set of 16 CTO FDI (extremely rare, retail $200+). 1927-64 duplicated accumulation in old-time s/book with Defs, Pics/commems inc good range non letter-rate higher vals, plus massive mess (1000s) 1930s-80s in lower 1/3 of big carton, only semi-sorted in plastic bags. Then 1999-2009 FDC (100, FV $280) plus 1969-75 PO Packs (35, retail $400) inc 1970 Cook, 1970 & 1971 Selected Issues & various Christmas to 1974 inc 1971 blk of 7.AVAILABLE at A$300
Carton lot with 1920s-80s accumulation in 3 s/books inc KGV to 5d, KGVI to £1 Arms, QEII to £1, Decimals to $10 Painting or $20 Gardens plus 1000s more semi-sorted in plastic bags. PSE/FDC accumulation -collection 1940s-mid 1980s (700) with Pre-decimal (40) inc 1938 NSW Sesqui, 1940 AIF set (2) & odd 1950s FFC. Also 1969 Flight to 1975 Christmas PO Pack all diff collection (30, retail $400) & Die Proof Replica Card collection (20) cat $160.AVAILABLE at A$300
Covers 1994-2000 collection in 2 thick albums. Extensive FDC inc special & commem pmks, Olympic related covers, International Post to $10 & many others inc 1994 Family, 1995 Dunlop & 1998 Flinders PNC. High original cost, est retail $1000+ (215, 3 PNCs).SOLD at A$130
Covers: 2002-2006 FDC collection in thick red album, comprehensive range inc joint issues, International Post, commems & defs, plus PNC for 2003 Coronation, 2005 Tennis. Retail $1000. FV approx $300. (104).AVAILABLE at A$120
Decimal Used range, better issues & pmks, higher values, strips, blks, M/S . Huge retail, value lot which will break up well. Many CTO. (1000s, 340g)AVAILABLE at A$180
Decimal range 1966-2012 on Varios in 4 binders largely G/FU with a good range of Commems & Defs, International Posts, some 1000s of stamps. Also some MUH post 2000 inc 2012 50 Years of Bathurst, Black Caviar packs (3 diff, 4 in total), 2015 ICC World Cup pack FV of these $140+. (4000+)SOLD at A$220
Double carton clearout with Australia pre-dec blks & multiples MUH inc 1929 Airmail 3d perf OS (2) & plastic bag U inc Arms to £2 & Navigators to £1. Shoebox with 1940s-80s bundleware (3000). Modern 2016-18 M/sheets CTO ex FDC plus small box with 1000s of 1990s Pics CTO GPO Melbourne. Shoebox with 1940s-60s pre-dec Commercial covers inc useful NSW pmks, plus inwards Airmail from France. Plastic tub with pre-dec Revenues & Railway stamps. Post-pack box with KGV (100s) plus isolated Kangaroos. Little shoebox with International Post (few 100) VFU inc vals to $20. Finally 2 more shoeboxes with unsorted New Zealand on/off paper. Great Mary MacKillop charity mix to sift through. Reserve may prove conservative. (1000s)SOLD at A$300

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Ex-Dealer accumulation early 1900s-80s in 9 albums inc 1927 Canberra booklet (cat $150), 1953 QEII 3½d 3/6 booklet ($35) & 1962 QEII 5d blue 5/- booklet ($130). 1940 AIF set to 6d U (3), 1946 BCOF opt 2/- Kangaroo U, 1949 Arms to £2. 1964 Navigators 7/6 (2) & 10/- (4) plus range of 1930s-60s G/NSW perfins. 1909-58 Postage Dues (210, est retail $350) inc 1938 1/- pr VFU, 1958 No Wmk 5d Die II (2), 2/- blk of 8 & 5/- blk of 4. Decimals to late 1980s (many 100s) inc 1966 AAT Pics to $1 cnr blks of 4 MUH ($250), 1970 ANPEX M/sheet, PO packs (FV $50) inc 1972 Christmas, & huge variety Used inc good range of non letter-rate Pics & Commems. Covers (250) in binder with KGV 1d red (4, cat $400) inc 'nick in left frame' (ACSC 71(4)g, $250) & rough papers (2), pre-dec FDC (25) in unaddressed, plus a range of Commercial usages inc Vietnam Forces covers (2). Pre-dec stationery (15) inc Kangaroo 1d, KGV 1d Full Face & KGV 1½d scenic lettercards. Aerogramme accumulation (130) 1961-2000 mixed UN/CTO. Usual mixed condition G-VF MUH/U. Take time to view, conservative estimate. (1000s)AVAILABLE at A$550

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Exhibition opt Booklet collection (190, FV $1000) inc 2000 Olymphilex opt on 1998 $5.40 Legends (3, cat $180), & on Sports with M/S with matching serial numbers. 1999-2000 Northern Beaches Expo opts (6) on Coastal Flowers (cat $180). 1995 ASDA Centrepoint Show opts on World Down Under (5, cat $250). 2004 Railways (10) with assorted opts ($245). 2002 Magic Rainforest (12), 8 with Brisbane APTA opts ($200) & 4 with Brisbane AFL Winners opts ($100). 2008 Dogs (6) with 3 diff opts ($120). 2008 APTA 50th Anniv Packs (2, $120). 2004 Legends (7, 2 diff opts, $160) & Innovations (17) with 5 diff opts ($390). Plus many more inc Stampex on Burke & Wills Prestige ($90) & 2001 Centenary of Federation 1 Koala reprint cat $100. Also some associated opt M/Sheets, some duplication, est total cat $5000. (190)AVAILABLE at A$800
Large carton containing shoe box & 2 plastic tubs with 1980s FDC, PSE & Commercial Mail. Noted vals to $5. Wide range, few foreign noted. Unchecked by us. (1000-1200)SOLD at A$110

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Large 1913-77 accumulation in thick s/book with Kangaroos (87) to 2/-, KGV (130) to 1/4 sorted by wmk inc 2d brown (6) & 4d orange (9). 1930s 3d blue commems (110) inc 3d AIF (30), plus 1931 Airmail 6d brown (4), 1937 Robes 10/- (6) inc opt SPECIMEN (3) & 5/- (40), 1949 Arms 5/- M (10) inc THIN paper & £1 U (7), 1950s 2/- commems (210) mixed MUH/M/U inc comp sets & 2/- green, 1956 Olympics (65). 1964 Navigators 10/- (9) & £1 Bass U. Useful Decimals inc 1966 $2 Navigator U (55) & $10 Paintings (20) & much more. Retail of mentioned stamps $2000, total much higher. Also extra KGV array (430) inc 1d shades (170) & wmk inv (12) & other vals to 4½d. Inspection highly recommended. (1000s)AVAILABLE at A$350
Superior assortment: Higher values, sets, singles. All nicely cancelled. Mostly CTO. Plus range of better M/Sheets. Huge retail value. (190g, 1000s)SOLD at A$150

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Victoria Melbourne 1900 (Jan 1st) Thick Bar cds no.1-24 Times collection 12am to 9pm (40+ diff recorded) with FIRST DAY OF USE 1st JAN 1900 for no.1 (12.1am) & no.6 (12am) both RRRRR. Then normal times with 1 (20) to 9pm inc 4.30am 2/1/1900 2nd Day of use (2) & 7am. 2 (16) inc 3.45pm. 3 (13) inc 10.15am. 4 (14) inc 11.45am. 5 (22) inc 4am. 6 (13 diff). 7 (23) inc 1am, 9.30am & 4.45pm. 8 (14) inc 5.30am & 3-1-00 record Early date. 9 (14) inc 10am & 9pm. 10A (17) inc 7am, 11.45am, 4pm (on 10/- Arms), 5.15pm & record late date 6-12-02. 10B (24 to 9pm) inc 10.15am, 4.45pm & 'impossible' 1911 late date. 11A (11 diff) inc 17-9-01 record late date. 12 (14) inc unique 8pm. 13A (18) inc 5.30 & 7am. 13B (12 diff). 14 (20) inc 11.45am & 12.30pm. 15 (24) inc 12.45, 7.30, 9.30 & 10.45am. 16 (20) inc 1.30am & 9pm. 17 (17 diff) inc 8-2-00 record early date. 18 (23) inc 12.45, 7.30 & 9am. 19A (15) inc 7am, 12.30pm on 10/- Arms & 10-2-00 record early date. 19B (13) inc 12.15am. 20 (17) inc 7am, 10.15am & 9-2-00 record date. 21A (6 diff). 21B (15 diff to 9pm). 22 (14 diff). 23 (14) inc 3.30pm. 24 (18) inc 10.45am. Plus 1.1.01 Federation Day cancels no.9, 15 & no not visible. Also type 2 cancels (smaller circle) for no.1 (5) & 2 (transit strike on cover). Plus covers/cards (36) with various times. Also Registered no.1-5 on cover, Paid cds (6) inc 2 covers & Num 10 on 1913 OHMS wrapper. An amazing rarely offered collection. See website for comp scans. (1000 stamps, 49 covers) (P)AVAILABLE at A$1800
5 Shoe box carton lot with World thematics/Pics in envelopes inc Helicopters, Zeppelins, Mushrooms, Olympics, Soccer, Birds, Butterflies, Space, Ships & more, all in 2 shoe boxes with MUH multiples sighted. 3rd box with Pacific Islands Pics, 4th with British Commonwealth A-P inc 1920s-30s Palestine, NZ Birds to $10 in quantity, Gold Coast QV onwards, Hong Kong QEII Defs to $10 (possibly higher), Ireland, Malta Pics, Newfoundland to 1930s, Brunei, Aden from KGVI Pics, British East Africa etc. Many 1000s in these 4 boxes, plus 5th larger shoe box with approx 30,000 loose, all eras plus bag of NZ 1890s high val Pics onwards. Unchecked as received. Huge entertainment value with at least 50,000 stamps to sort through.SOLD at A$300

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1850-1980s Collections/accumulations of Latin American Countries plus UN. Argentina 1858-60 Confederation 5c & 10c. 1862 Arms set. 1894 Liberty to 20p. Mexico 1884 Hidalgo to 2p. 1895 Pictorial to 1p. Bolivia 1894 Arms to 100c. Brazil from 1866 Emperor issues to 500r plus 1878-79 to 1000r. 1894-97 Mercury to 1000r. Also 1850-61 Numeral 180r & 10r blue. Chile 1853-66 Columbus 5c & 10c. 1867 Columbus to 20c. 1878-99 Columbus to 1p. Costa Rica from 1862. Honduras from 1866 Arms inc 1898 Train to 1p. Nicaragua from 1862 Volcanos. Peru 1862 Arms Embossed ½d & 1d & ½r UN. 1951-80s Collection inc 1980s Flag Series in full sheets. Most G-VF M/MUH/U, some tropicalisation in parts. SG cat £6000+ = A$10,000+. (9800 + 48 sheets).AVAILABLE at A$500
1860s-1940s Collection (2100) in old Triumph album with many 100s inc Australian Kangaroos to 2/-, France 1860s-80s Ceres/Napoleon Heads, GB QV-KGVI inc higher val Defs, Scandinavia & South America. Then British Pacific in 3 albums with Nauru (500) 1920s-70s, Tonga 1960s Foil free-forms (50) inc Coronation & Coinage sets. PNG 1920s-90s collection (1000+) in s/book with New Guinea Birds (15), Papua Lakatois (20) inc 1916 opt set, PNG pre-decimals (80) to £1 Fisherman U & Birds to 10/- M, decimal Pic sets CTO (80) & MUH (120 sets). Australia Used (600) to 1975 inc Kangaroos (20) to 2/-, 1930s Commems to 1/- Vic Cent & high val Pics & Defs to 10/- or $4. NZ near comp MUH collection (440) 1953-79 Christmas in Seven Seas hingeless album inc pre-dec to 3/-, decimal Pic/Commem sets & Health M/Sheets (18 diff) 1957-79. Also another 75 duplicated Nauru, Pitcairn, PNG MUH sheets. (4700)SOLD at A$300

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1879-1940s Balkans in s/book inc Bosnia near comp (SG cat £1000) plus paper & perf varieties noted 1906 Pic set U (£100), 1910 Birthday set M & U (£220), 1912 set to 5Kr U (£50), 1916 high values to 10Kr (£115), 1917 set U (£120). Montenegro (£250+) inc diff perfs & prints, imperfs/proofs (4), 1905 opts inc varieties shifted opts (18). Serbia (£600) inc M & U sets, imperfs/proofs (4) etc. F-VF M/U. SG cat £1900 plus the opt varieties, proofs & other unlisted, so total est $5000+. (800, + covers/cards)AVAILABLE at A$220

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1945 Burma War Savings 'PO 5-Year Cash Certificates' range of all diff with 10R series A1 watermark error 'GOVT OF INDIA & stars', then others all with correct wmk 'GOVT OF BURMA & elephant' 10R series A1, 20R series B1, 20R series H1 with 'Joint Certificate Class A' imprint at top, 50R series J1 with the 'Class A' imprint, 100R series D1, 100R series K1 with the 'Class A' imprint, 500R series E1, 500R series L1 with the 'Class A' imprint, & 1000R series F1. All are large banknote size format, with British Burma coat of arms at top middle. Mostly aUNC, 2 with edge damage, unissued & much fresher than normal. Lesser selection sold for an average of £36+ each at a London auction in 2010, so would make these £360+. Rare group. (10)AVAILABLE at A$150

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1950 Korean War revenues 5w blue (2 shades), 10w red, 50w blue (2 shades), 500w maroon & 1000w green, 1st imperf on normal paper, others roul on rice paper. VF UN as issued. Bft ex3-9. Prepared for use in communist occupied areas of South Korea & rather scarce. (7)AVAILABLE at A$35

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1950 Korean War revenues 5w blue, 10w red, 50w blue (2 shades), 500w maroon & 1000w green, 1st imperf on normal paper, others roul on rice paper, all in blks of 4. F-VF UN as issued. Bft ex3-9. Prepared for use in communist North Korean occupied areas of South Korea & rather scarce. (24)AVAILABLE at A$100
1953 QEII Coronation comp Omnibus set of 106 VFM (SG cat £150). World collection in 12 medium/large s/books with 1000s of stamps inc Australia from pre-Federation to 1990s, Egypt (many 100s) from 1870s Pyramids onwards inc opts, Airmails, Officials, Revenues & values to £1, with great variety. Israel 1949-79. Middle East inc scarcer 1960s/70s Pic/Thematic sets from Fujeira & Dubai. Persia/Iran 1920s-70s. Also British Commonwealth (100s) with Australia inc KGV to 5d opt OS. NZ & Canada QV onwards, GB, Hong Kong, Fiji, South Africa & others. Medium carton. (1000s)SOLD at A$275
Asia in thick Lighthouse s/book with PR China inc 1977-83 MUH Pic sets (8, cat £320) inc 1978 Horses, 1980 Paintings & 1980 Peking Opera, then assorted Indonesia, Korea, Singapore & Taiwan Pics/Commems MUH & U. Whole folder with Australia 1960s Pics to 5/- blks of 4 MUH, 1971 Christmas blk of 7, modern decimals to $20 Paintings U & KGV (110) to 5d plus British Commonwealth inc GB 1841 QV 1d imperfs (3), KGV Seahorse 10/- & 1948 KGVI SW £1 (2). Natal 1880s QV £5 Revenue & other Cinderellas. 35 hagners cont NZ & Aust dec Pics. Then 20 s/books with wide range inc Australia pre-dec collection duplicates, plus plenty of decimals G-FU. World Pics, Germany collection inc useful CTO, GB QV-1970s accumulation. USA & others, variable condition. PNG 1985-87 Year Albums (retail $100) plus NZ 1986 PO collection. Finally large shoebox with British Commonwealth & World in packets & bags inc GB QV, United Nations 1950s-60s Pics & assorted mess. 2 medium cartons. (1000s)SOLD at A$250

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Bangladesh: 1971-94 Collection in album & binder. Very useful 1971 Provisional h/s general issue type on Pakistan Def & Commems to 50p, Bogru Head Office Native script types to 50p, Jessore Head & Sub Offices violet h/s, Dauletpur to 50p, Jhinaidah to 25p, Khulna Sub Office to 25p, Kustia to 25p, Pabna head & Sub Office, Rajshahi to 20p, Rangpur head & Sub Office plus a number of other offices inc Govt of Bangladesh h/s to 90p. Also selection of provisional h/s on cover inc Army covers & Mukti Force Liberation covers. Pre-liberation opt issues (used by liberation army) to 20p in blks & strips inc Jessore opts. Most F-VF M/MUH/U. SG cat £1000+ for normal issues, plus about 500 provisional h/s mentioned but unpriced in SG would be worth significantly more than normal issues. (1250, 24 covers)AVAILABLE at A$500
British Commonwealth: Collection G-Z in 150 hagners mixed M/ MUH/U strength in 1950s-70s pic/commems inc Sierra Leone 'Free Form' self adhesives & South African States from Boer War era onwards. Isle of Man MUH comp 1973-81 in Lindner hingeless album. 1981 RW FDC collection (64) in 2 vols. 1983 'History & Heritage' FDC collection (53), huge original cost in custom album. Also SG History of the Olympics collection in special album. Plus United Nations MUH collection (retail $225) 1960s-80s in near new Lighthouse s/book. Medium carton. (1000s)AVAILABLE at A$275

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British Commonwealth Omnibus collections in albums (4) with 1937 Coronation near comp (cat £160+) inc Newfoundland set of 11 to 48c, 1946 Victory (£60), 1953 QEII Coronation (£100) all F-VF M, & 1981 RW set of 24 Crown Agents FDC. Then single country collections with France 1849-1971 (600) with 1849-70 Ceres imperf 25c blue, 10c bistre (£95), 1c green/green (£20) & 5c green (£200) & 1871-75 perf (13) to 80c. Napoleon 1853-60 imperf (5) to 80c inc 1c green/green (£110), 5c green (£110) & 80c red (£60), total cat £900. 1876-1900 P&C (32) to 1Fr. 1903-38 Sowers (50) & 1929 Views (5) to 20Fr & 1949 Airmails to 1000Fr. Toning throughout, inspection advisable!. Hungary (1150) 1916-79 comprehensive inc 1950s-60s Pics & Commems. Russia late 1800s-1970s (900) mostly Pics & Commems in s/book. Plus general World collection (2500) in 3 loose leaf albums inc Palestine (90) 1918-45, Danish West Indies (50) inc 1855 3c imperf (3) & 1873-79 Numerals (24) to 10c & 1903 Postage Dues, Bulgaria (100) 1860s-1959, Norway (180) 1877-1960s, Argentina (400) to 1970s, Egypt (120) to 1930s, Hong Kong (100) QV to QEII inc KGVI to $10 plus French Colonies, Thailand (60) 1880s-1930, Ireland & Greece. Conservative reserve/estimate. (5600)AVAILABLE at A$450

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Canada: 1852-1979 Collection in album. 1852-55 Beaver 3d & QV ½d, imperf. 1859 Beaver 5c & QV 12½c, perf. 1868-79 QV Large Queen to 15c. 1870-90 small Queen to 10c. 1893 QV Widow 20c & 50c. 1897 Jubilee 1c-50c. 1897-98 QV Maple Leaves to 10c. 1898-1902 QV to 20c. 1903-08 KEVII to 50c. 1908 Tercentenary set to 20c M (SG cat £550). 1928-29 KGV Pic to $1. 1930-81 KGV Pic to $1. 1935 Silver Jubilee set. 1935 KGV Pic to $1. 1942-43 War Effort to $1 & 1946 Peace to $1. BOB inc Special Delivery which appears comp. Mostly G-VF M/U, rather mixed condition early. SG cat £6100+ = A$10,500+. (1000)AVAILABLE at A$500

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Canada: 1860s-2000 Collection/accumulation on 80 hagners in massive slipcase binder with 1860s large QV (SG cat £690) inc 6c (3), 12½c (2) & 15c (9) small QV to 10c, 1893 QV 20c & 50c (2) - £155, Jubilee to 50c, 1897 QV set, 1898 2-leaf set, KEVII to 10c, 1908 Quebec set ex 15c (£320), then appears comp with at least 2 of every stamp, all the long Pic set to $1. From 1950 all have at least 1-3 of all M/MUH & up to 3 ea U. Also Official perfins (28) & opts (63) inc 1949 M to 20c inc extras (£200), Special Delivery, Postage Dues, booklets (45), some covers etc. Mixed condition early, generally F-VF M/MUH/U. Est cat £3200 to 1952, another £1000 for the later? -total £4200 = A$7600. (4000)SOLD at A$600
Carton lot with 7 albums inc Aust Expo 88 covers collection (2), 'Globe' stamp album with mostly cheaper World range but noted some Germany, Papua New Guinea collection of mostly covers 1966 to post 2000, some varied condition, mostly F-VF. (1000+)AVAILABLE at A$120
Carton lot with Austria 1850s-1990s inc 1950 Airmail Birds, 2s, 10s (2), 20s (3) & 5s (SG cat £330). Then wide range of Defs from 1850s Arms, Pics, Commems & BOB types. Czechoslovakia 2 vol collection 1918-90 (more 100s) inc Philatelic exhib M/Sheets. France 1972-99 Pic/Commem duplicates crammed into loose s/book pgs (few 1000). Netherlands 1975-94 MUH accumulation with Pic/Commem/Charity sets (240), Defs to 7.50G in blks of 4, M/Sheets (30) plus another 20 CTO, booklets (18) plus extra uncounted single MUH Commems. Overall FV would be quite high! Plus Davo Netherlands hingeless slipcase album 1852-1994 near new (retail $500). Swiss 1989-98 Year Albums near comp with mostly CTO sets. Shoebox with Europe (many 100s) in s/cards & envelopes. Also Australia modern $1 Pics/Commems (weight 1.8kg) semi-sorted into plastic bags & ACSC 2014 KGV cat. Reserve could prove to be conservative. (1000s)AVAILABLE at A$400

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Cinderellas: Large accumulation in 2 s/books, hagners, on leaves & loose with mixed assorted Revenues, late 1800s-1930s inc Canada, France, GB, South/Central America & USA 1930s Ohio State Pre-Paid Sales Tax Receipts (20) 1c-15c. Australia 1912 'Wonthaggi' Essays strip 1970s reprints in 5 diff colours & 1980s/90s Christmas Seals, good variety in comp sheets. Colombia 1890s Revenues in comp sheets. GB 1937 KGVI Coronation vignettes (60) in 2 blks of 30. Greenpeace 1980s 'Protect Antarctica' M/Sheets. Indian States Reprints/Forgeries (100s) in large blks/part sheets (huge cat val if originals!). NZ 1940s Queenstown Tourist Publicity labels sheet of 10 diff. Scottish off-shore islands locals. World Philatelic Exhibition M/Sheets plus other items of interest. Popular collecting field. (few 1000)AVAILABLE at A$150
Collection in 3 hagner albums with British Commonwealth inc Aden 1939 KGVI set to 10R M (cat £120) & Hadramaut 1955 Pics to 10/- (£30). Nauru 1924 Ships to 5/- (£125), Newfoundland 1937 KGVI Coronation to 48c (£60). Australia 1913-36 Kangaroos (35) to 2/- Brown. Rhodesia 3d, 6d, 2/- plus 2/6 F/C (£450) & 1913 KGV Admirals (12) to 2/- (£75). Belgian Congo to 1950s inc 1947 Ruanda-Urundi Masks to 100Fr MUH (£50). Europe with Belgium to late 1940s inc 1915 Red Cross set M (£110) & assorted 1920s-40s Railway Parcels (140) to 50Fr, Bosnia & Herzegovina collection, Bulgaria to 1950s, Germany post WWI 'Lost Colonies' Pictorial vignettes, France 1949 Airmail 1000Fr black & Hungary 1949 Budapest M/Sheet. South America collections 1860s-1950s inc Bolivia, Brazil, Chile & Colombia. Mixed M/U all in 130 hagners. Then Germany 1970s-80s Pics/commems in s/book. Christmas thematic collection in SG album & Monaco 1960s-70s Pic collection on loose leaves. Also Australian Terr M/MUH/U in 3 s/books inc AAT 1966 Pics to $1, Christmas Is 1958 QEII to $1 (5 sets) & 1968 Fish comp, Cocos Is 1963 Pics (2) & PNG 1976-98 PO Year Packs (16 diff) & assorted 1960s-70s Pics/commem sets (60+) inc 1964 Birds to 10/- (2) & 1966 Butterflies to $2. M/MUH/U. Medium carton. (100s)AVAILABLE at A$500
Collection Ajman-Vietnam in 13 large s/books inc Australia early 1900s-70s, Burundi, Wildlife, Eastern Block Europe inc Czechoslovakia, Hungry, Poland, Romania, Russia & Yugoslavia. Then British Commonwealth inc GB, Hong Kong & West Indies. Plus Asia inc Japan, Indonesia & Mongolia, north & south America. Also 2 large paper bags of unsorted stamps & special album with PNG MUH Pic/Commem sets. Must be 1000s of stamps in total. Medium carton.SOLD at A$180
Collections/accumulations in 20+ albums of various sizes, very diverse contents with Swiss 1960s-80s Pics (100s) inc Pro Patria & Pro Juventute charity sets, Australia decimals in 4 albums inc 1990s decimal Pic sets CTO (FV $90). Junior collection in 8 s/books & World array in 7 loose leaf albums of varying vintage inc Australia pre-decimal imprint blks. Asia noted China, Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, Ceylon & India. World inc East/West Europe, Scandinavia, Africa & America. Plus Solomons 1987 America's Cup M/S collection. Typical multi-volume condition, majority F-VF U, MUH M/S (60) inc Australia 1970 Cook. Large carton. Unchecked in detail. (1000s)AVAILABLE at A$250
Collection in albums & loose leaves with GB 1854-80 QV Plate Nos (70 diff) no.72-215 min cat £200. France (400) to late 1970s inc 1924 Olympics set (cat £45), 1936 Writers Fund (£40) & 1946 Airmail set & mostly MUH 1940 Onwards. British Pacific 'modern' MUH sets (25) inc vals to $4 & Norfolk Island FV $30, Germany 1946 Defs MUH (11) to 2Mk with red Berlin opt. S/book with Venezuela collection & another with World Pics inc Hong Kong QEII to $50. Vatican collection (1000) in 50 hagners strength in 1950s-60s Pics blks of 4. Finally springback album with Mauritius, Seychelles, Tristan da Cunha 1940s-70s Pics & commems & KUT collection loose leaves (130, £200) with 1938 KGVI 5/-, 10/-, £1 (3 of ea), 1941 Opt set horiz prs MLH, 1954 QEII Defs to £1 & 1960 Pics to 20/- FU. (many 100s)SOLD at A$220
Deceased Estate Part 4. Another 2 carton lot with two 1920s stamp albums, 1880s-1980s 'Mega-mix' in box (10,000). Europe, Central/South America (more 1000s, semi-sorted in envelopes), mostly L-P countries - has potential. GB KGVI-QEII Defs in 2 big boxes, Channel Islands/Gibraltar PO Packs in albums. South Africa on paper mix in shoebox & others all in 2 large cartons. Should be viewed!SOLD at A$250
Deceased Estate Part 10. More of the same in 2 cartons inc Greenland, Norway, Sweden collection in 3 small s/books & Norway accumulation in thick album. Dominican Republic on loose leaves, India 1880s-1960s (1000s) inc useful QV & assorted states in 4 cigar boxes. World off paper mess in plastic bag. Two shoeboxes with semi-sorted GB inc Pre-decimal booklets (16) to 10/- & QV to QEII semi-sorted in envelopes, plus scattered foreign.SOLD at A$150
Deceased Estate Part 12 Carton lot crammed with UK Philatelic Society (Coventry, Midlands, etc) circuit books strength in late 1800s-1990s British Commonwealth with HUGE variety & quantity throughout inc Australia 1930s-90s, British East Africa & West Indies, QV-QEII, Canada, Ceylon QV, Christmas Is 1968 Fish set, Channel Is inc Pics to £2. Cape of Good Hope 1860s 1d, 4d Triangles. Falklands inc Dependencies, Malta 1960s-90s MUH/U inc multiples. Nyasaland 1920s KGV 10/- & £1. NZ 1960s Health M/Sheets MUH. Palestine, Rhodesia KGV Admirals, Sierra Leone 1963 Flowers set to £1 M, Tuvalu Officials to $4 U. Transvaal KEVII & Natal QV. Straits Settlements QV. GB to 1960s Pics/commems inc 1841 QV 1d imperf (25, cat £875) & 1840s-50s 1d 'Stars' (60) inc blued papers plus much more in this varied array inc scattered Europe & USA. (many 1000s)SOLD at A$200
Deceased Estate Part 13. The final 2 carton lot with Europe in loose leaf album, British Commonwealth on leaves. Belgium 1980s-90s FDC cards (70) with special pmks & silk embellishment (est retail $150). Small shoebox with British Asia inc Jap Occup opts, Malay States, India, British Africa, Europe & World mess semi-sorted into envelopes. Aust 1970 RV souvenir covers set of 20 diff pmks, plus GB/IOM 1970s FDC (65). Australia 1966-90 Decimals in 2 Davo hingeless slipcase albums with commem sets, pics to $10, plus spare Pre-decimals inc 1914 Kookaburra 6d engraved U, 1934 Vic Cent set M & 1964 Navs to 10/-. Finally 2 shoeboxes with 1930s Indochina, GB mess, Hungary Pics (1000s), plus Nigeria & Australia on paper mixes. Last of all GB Decimal Machins in envelope box. Very messy. (many 1000s)SOLD at A$200

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Fiji: 1871-2012 Collection on hagners in 2 thick slipcase binders & a s/book, inc 1871 monogram set, plus Surch (5, SG cat £365), 1876 VR opts (15, £766), 1878-99 extensive VR (53, £1430), 1881-99 QV 1/- (10, £260) & 5/- (3, £134), 1891-3 Surch (3, £180), 1891-98 extensive range (66, £1000), KEVII (35) to 1/-, KGV (75) to 5/-, KGVI Pic set M (£275) & U to 5/-. Then appears comp inc M/Sheets to 2000, many both M & U to 1995 then ranges from 2001, 2006 Surch birds (18) plus some opt variety strips & blks (another 56 stamps). VF M/MUH/U. SG cat £7000+ = A$13,000. Valuable collection with the modern MUH issues not seen often. (1600+) (P)AVAILABLE at A$1200

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Germany: 1933-45 3rd Reich Collection in s/book inc 1933 Frederick set, 1933-36 Hindenburg set to 100pf. 1934 Air set to 3Mk. 1934 Explorers set. 1934 Welfare Fund set. 1935 Costumes set to 40pf. 1936 Olympics M/S set of 2. 1937 Hitler M/S perf & imperf, Munchen Riem M/S & Culture Fund M/S. 1939 Nurburgring opt set U. 1945 SA/SS set imperf. Also modern 'printers' proofs' (not counted) of Hitler M/S. Then extensive range from bklts inc setenant prs & strips such as 1934-40 Hindenburg, 1934 & 1935 Welfare sets setenant prs. 1934 Hindenburg part setenant sheet inc 1pf, 3pf & 5pf. All seem in full sets. Majority M/MUH, some U generally as extra sets, & often on pieces with special pmks. SG cat £6000+ = A$11,000+. Valuable & attractive collection. (1000 + 8 M/S). (P)AVAILABLE at A$2000

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Germany: 1941-90s Occupations & Berlin Collection with better items spotted inc 1946-47 Numeral Refugee M/S MUH. Soviet Zone Thuringia 1945-46 Anti-Fascist M/S U. 1946 Bridge Fund 16pf & 24pf setenant pr, Mecklenburg Vorpommern 1945 Child Welfare set in blks of 4. General Allied Occupation 1949 Hannover Fair M/S (SG cat £140). West Berlin 1945 Berlin opt to 5Mk black opt. 1949 Goethe 10pf & 30pf U. 1949 Berlin Fund set M. 1952-53 portrait set to 40pf. Most F-VF M/MUH/U, some doubtful items present. SG cat £8000+ = A$14,000+. (1000 + 4M/S).SOLD at A$500

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Germany: 1946-60 on hagners noted Allied Occupations inc 1946 Numeral M/Sheet, 1949 Hannover M/Sheet F MUH, Berlin issues inc 1949 black opts inc 5Mk FU with Ceremuga certificate (cat £1000). Red opts inc 2Mk (£375) GU with cert, 1949 UPU set FU (£400), few others. Largely VF, total cat £2150 = A$4000. (193, 2 M/S)SOLD at A$300

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German Occupation - Poland: 1916-17 Sosnowice Local Post specialist collection on 3 exhibition pages, inc 1st Arms issue both M & U sets, plus set U blks of 4, 2nd issue 'stripe' opts issue both M & U sets, 3rd Triangle issue M & U on piece, plus another used on local cover tied by boxed pmk. Plus both issues of Arms postal cards UN, as well as very rare 1917 inwards postcard from Zawiercie with boxed violet 3kop local post h/s for the delivery fees (est €1000).VF fresh condition, M/U. Mi est cat €2600+. All stamps expertised Mikstein, Jungjohann, Ceremuga AIEP etc. A very interesting collection. (18 + 4 cards/covers)AVAILABLE at A$700

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Gibraltar 1890s-1990s Postal History inc ca1950 covers franked KGVI ½d scarce printed matter rate to London & Constitution opt 3d to UK. PPC (4) inc 1912 with 'Paquebot Toulon' pmk & 1985 to Australia with 6-line h/s apologising for slow delivery as sent by Surface mail. Then Postal stationery inc QV 1d or 10c red Postcards -3 opt SPECIMEN & 1d used to Amsterdam with Registered cachet, plus QV Registered envelopes 20c red size G & 20c/2d red extra large size 255x185mm. Plus others. Fair to VF M/U. marked retail $1000. (19)AVAILABLE at A$230
Great Britain :1953-70 MUH collection in contemporary s/book with 45 assorted commem sets & Decimal Machins 75 diff to 75p. Israel accumulation inc 1959 Dizengoff FDC (35, retail $100+), 2001 Maximum card & FDC both signed by Israel's 1st astronaut (retail $200). Then another 25 assorted FDC, plus album page of 1950s Tab Pictorial sets, est total retail $800. Australia 1970s-90s Pics accumulation (3500) in Chinese s/book. Schaubek Swiss illustrated pages 1850-1970 in thick European binder. British Commonwealth collections in binder & on loose pages, strength in Burma, GB, PNG Pics & Australia. 1983 Commonwealth MUH Collection in limited edition album & blue slipcase. Finally 1930s-60s World collection inc PRC, Australia, Europe & British Commonwealth in well filled 1960s loose leaf album. (many 1000s).AVAILABLE at A$300

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India: 1850s-1978 Collection in 2 albums inc 1854 ½a, 1a, 4a (forgery), 1850s-60s QV (24), 1870s (6) inc 12a & 1R, 1882-95 QV set U to 5R (SG cat £110), KEVII to 2R, KGV both sets to 25R (£250), KGVI set to 25R (£140), 1948 Gandhi set U (£140) etc to 1978. Also Officials inc Service opt QV (8), OHMS opt QV (29), opt KEVII (16) to 10R, 1912 opt KGV to 15R (£400), 1926 & 1932 sets to 10R, KGVI set to 10R etc plus range of CEF & IEF opts inc forgeries. Appears basically comp from 1880s. Few flts, most F-VF U. SG cat £3800, about £1700 of which is forgeries. (1000)SOLD at A$400

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Israel: 1948-80s Collection/accumulation in thick s/book. 1948 1st Coin ranges to 50m inc perfs & pmks, 1949 Road to Jerusalem 250pr. 1949 New Year set. 1950 Airmail set. 1952 Menorah 1000Pr. Good coverage of later issues inc some tabs, control blks, sheetlets & odd M/S. Most F-VF M/MUH/U. SG cat £1500+ = A$2700+. (3200)AVAILABLE at A$120
Israel 1949-2000 collection in 2 Schaubek MLH-MUH & 1 Minkus FU/CTO albums. M/MLH to mid 1960s then MUH inc 1949 1st Anniv M/S, 1950 Hebrew Uni, 1950 3rd Maccabiah Games, 1952 1000Pr Menorrah (incomp tab), 1952 New Year, & then later. Also FU/CTO collection a little more sparse with 1949 Anniv M/S, good range 1950s-60s noted good thematic sets. A sound basis for a more expansive collection, some mixed condition but mostly F-VF cat £2000+ = A$3600. (1120+, 40+ M/S etc)AVAILABLE at A$130

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Major varieties collection: 1960s-2000s, mainly British Cwlth. Plenty better inc Australia Flowers coil 7c missing green & buff (SG cat £80), Botswana 1981 Cattle 30t & 45t imperf prs with shifted printing (retail $100), Belize 1974 Fish 4c imperf. Cook Is 1963 Pictorials proofs to 2/- inc imperf prs & blks (retail $1000+). Falklands (Westpoint) Tiger Woods sheetlet. Malaysia 1976 Butterfly 15c imperf proof blk of 4 (retail $150). Excellent range of Lundy 1982 Bird set to 23p inc imperfs in blks of 6, misperfs, blks of 6 (Labbe cat $1400+, retail $900+). Good selection of West Indies 1986 Duke of York Wedding inc imperf blks ($750), Nevis 1985 Birds set imperf prs. St Vincent 1987 Motor Cent $5 value at right instead of left ($120). Virgin Islands 1985 Bird set imperf prs ($100). St Vincent 1987 QEII 40th Wedding Anniv set, error centres inverted inc blks of 4 ($2900). Tuvalu 1988 Bird set to $5 inc imperf prs & gutter blks of 4 ($900). Zambia 1989 Frog 2.85K & Bat 2.85K both R marginal blks of 4, error double printing & 1988 UNICEF set marginal imperf blks of 4 ($350). Also range of 1997 Diana full sheets inc Bahamas, Caymans, Kiribati, St Kitts, Solomons, Tokelau & Vanuatu ($400). Almost all VF fresh MUH. Total retail $7500+ (770, plus 10 sheets & M/S)AVAILABLE at A$1000

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Maps & Music: Ex-dealer's thematic retail display book. Maps inc 160+ sets & 33 M/S, also noted French Colonies selection (6) of Epreuve de Luxe inc Chad & Congo, Music inc 90 sets & 35 M/S. Almost all VF fresh MUH, odd U. SG cat £3600+ = A$6400+, dealer's retail $3100+. Ideal reseller as work has already been done. (1000, 65+ M/S)AVAILABLE at A$650
Netherlands collection in album with better sets, issues, MUH/M/U inc some Colonies. SG cat £1000+. Ideal to break up or collection expansion.NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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New Zealand: 1860s-1978 Collection mostly U inc QV Chalons imperf 2d & 6d plus 2d black Proof, perf Chalons (6) to 6d (NZ retail $320), 1874 QV to 1/-, 1882 set ($250), 1880s-90s QV Postal Fiscals to 10/- postally U ($210), 1898 Pic set ex 1/- ($900) & Official to 1/-, 1906 Christchurch set 3d thin, 6d VF fresh M ($700), KEVII to 8d & Officials to 6d, KGV to 1/- inc both 8d M ($225), Officials to 1/-, 1913 Auckland Exhib opt set M VF fresh ($1000), 1920 Victory set F-VF M ($170), 1925 Dunedin set with Exhib pmks ($150+), KGV Admiral (set $350), Health Smiling Boys set ($400), 1931 Air set plus 5d Surch VFM ($160) & Trans-Tasman opt M ($75), 1935 Pic set ex 2nd 9d, Officials to 2/-, 1938 KGVI Official set ($80) then near comp to 1978 inc some Health M/Sheets, 1960 Pic set ($50), scattered Dues & Lighthouses etc. Mixed condition early in a few F/C. Mostly U to 1971, mostly M/MUH 1972-78 plus extra M/MUH on hagners 1935-66 inc 1960 Pic set to £1 inc extras ($150). NZ retail $7000+. (700+) (P)AVAILABLE at A$800

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New Zealand: 1860s-1990s in battered Dealer's 64 page s/book Used inc QV Chalons perf 1d, 3d (2) & 6d (NZ cat $230), later QV to 1/- ($700), Pictorials to 1/- ($950), KEVII-KGV ($900), 1920 Victory set ($170), KGV Admiral 2/- (4) & 3/- ($560), 1935 Defs (3+ sets, $150), KGVI (20+ sets, $300) -only 10 of 1½d brown. 1940 Centenary (3+ sets, $200+), 1953 QEII set to 10/-, 1960 Pic Defs to £1 (8+ sets, $500+), 1967 to $1, new value to $2 Multi (5+ sets, $200+), 1970 Defs to $2 (5+ sets, $70+), 1975-81 Defs to $5, 1985-89 Birds to $10 -all high values 10 ea, plus all the other commems etc in similar quantities. Also Healths inc 1931 Blue Boy, Lighthouse, Arms postally U 15 diff to £1, Postage Dues, tall QV Officials 2/- (12) & 5/- (4) etc. Fair to mostly F-VF U, mostly 5 or more of each. NZ cat/retail $12,000. (1000s)AVAILABLE at A$750

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New Zealand 1870s-2008 extensive & valuable semi-specialised accumulation in 110 hagners with 1874 QV 1st sidefaces, 2d (8), 3d (3, retail NZ $150 ea), 4d (4, $110 ea), 6d (4) & 1/- (2) total $1300. 1880s-90s QV 2nd Sidefaces 2½d (9), 3d (11), 4d (16), 5d (5), 6 (15), 8d (2, $125 ea) & 1/- (15) total $1760, plus adverts (40) another $400. 1898-1908 Pics (400) to 2/- with 2½d Wakitipu (8, retail $75 ea), 2½d Wakatipu (18), 4d Rose (11), 5d brown (22), 6d green Kiwi (6, $480), 6d red (22), 8d Canoe (16), 9d (16), 1/- (18), 2/- U (7, $525) & 1907 Redrawn (smaller) Pics 3d (10, $250), 6d (9, $225) plus 1/-. Total NZ retail $4750, plus Boer War 1½d (16, $480). 1906 Christchurch Exhib 1d (4) & 3d (2), $650. 1909 KEVII sets (12, $1300). 1915 KGV Recess 2d violet (8), 2d yellow (8), 4d yellow (2), 4½d green (8), 7½d brown (2) & 8d blue (6), total $1600. 1920 Victory sets (5, $850). 1925 Dunedin set plus extra ½d (9) & 1d (7) total $200. 1926 Admirals 2/- (8, $400) & 3/- (6, $1800). 1930s Airmails 3d (7), 4d (2), 7d brown (4), 7d blue (5), 5d/3d (5) & 1935 set of 3 (10), total $1040. 1935 Pics opt Official 9d (6, $270) & 2/- (14, $210). 1953 QEII set to 10/- (4) & Official 3/- (5), total $630. 1967 Geyser $2 Magenta (15), & 1960 Pic sets to £1 (7), total $1280. Healths to modern Era inc 1929 1d (5) & 1931 Smiling Boy set ($550). 1930s-60s Arms Postal Fiscals inc 2/6 (10), 5/6 (7), 7/- (10), 8/- (5), 9/-, 15/- & 30/- (6) all postally used ($2750). Plus much more!. Variable condition throughout with strong specialist interest in the pre 1900, many G-FU, NZ retail $22,400 for mentioned stamps, total much higher! (1000s).AVAILABLE at A$1800
New Zealand: 1987-2000 Collection in 2 albums & 8 Yearbooks with nice issues inc vals to $10, also M/Sheets, booklets, Best of 1999 M/S (3) etc, plus U/CTO throughout & some FDC. FV of MUH $900 alone, plus significant extra value in used. (1000s).SOLD at A$325

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Poland: Used collection 1915-39 in s/book. 1918 Lublin Austria KuK Feldpost Welfare Fund 10h & 45h, error opt INVERTED. 1918 Lublin Austrian KuK Feldpost set to 90h (SG cat £110). 1919 Krakow 'POCZTA POLSKA' opt Austria vals to 1Kr (£2798) inc rare 3h, 5h, 10h, 20h, 30h & 90h. 1919 Eagle set to 1Kr. 1919 South & North Poland sets to 5k & 5Mk perf & imperf. 1919 Gniezno Provisional set '5' & '10' (£600). 1921 Red Cross set to 30Mk (£130). 1924 Eagle Inflation set to 2,000,000Mk (£375). 1925 National Fund set to 50g (£320). 1928 Warsaw Exhib M/Sheet (£425). 1934 Katowice Exhib sheet (£86). 1937 Romanian King Visit set of 3 M/S. (£105). 1938 Warsaw Exhibition M/S perf & imperf (£220).1938 Balloon M/S (£78). Strong BoB sections inc 1921 Poznan Air set 25M & 100M. Polish Levant 1919 opts to 5Mk (£1000). Port Gdanzk 1925 Eagle vals to 50gr. Local issues 1915-18 inc Luboml, Warsaw, Sosnovice, Przedborza & Zarki 1918 Church, all 3 sets. Central Lithuania 1920 Arms opts to 60a. Very strong section 1918 Liberation Local issues on Austria with many extremely rare such as Czermin 3h, Miclec vals to 2Kr, type V opt & to 3Kr type I opt. Myslenice vals to 80h. Przemysl vals to 10Kr plus Newspaper & Postage Due vals to 10Kr & Welfare Fund set opt in black & magenta. Rozwadow opts to 10Kr plus Due vals to 10Kr in violet & black. Skalat vals 3h to 4Kr inc 2Kr, 3Kr & 4Kr plus Postage Due vals to 1Kr & Porto vals to 50h. Mi listed but unpriced est cat val €20,000+. Tarnow Eagle vals to 90h. Tarnow RZP opts to 10Kr. All diff. Almost all VF. Mi cat €35,500+ = A$54,000+. No certs so reserved cheaply. Interesting lot with many rarities. (880+ 9M/S).AVAILABLE at A$1900

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Poland: 1919-63 MUH selection inc 1919 Gniezno opts on Germania 5 on 2pf & 10 on 7½pf (SG cat £925), plus 5 on 2pf INVERTED opt (cat £31,000) but no certs. Scarcer late 1920s inc 1927 Moscicki 20gr & Slowacki 20gr, 1932 Arms set to 60gr, 1938 Independence set to 3zl, various post war inc 1945 Postal Workers IMPERF (Mi cat €75), 1945 Westerplatte IMPERF (€100), 1948 Centaur IMPERF blk of 4 (€1000), 1950 GROSZY opt ranges (€105). Then good group of M/Sheets inc 1938 Independence, 1939 Polish Legion, 1951 Stamp Day CTO, 1960 Stamp Anniv set of 5 ea inc M/S of 4 (SG cat £1000) etc. SG cat £31,925 for 1919 plus £133 for 1923-39 as M, so should be double, £266 MUH, plus £1200 for 1945-63, plus Mi cat €1175 for imperfs. Very interesting lot. (96 + 9 M/S)AVAILABLE at A$400

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Poland: 1937-63 MUH M/Sheets & sheetlets. 1937 King of Romania Visit 50gr & 1zl. 1938 20th Anniv 25gr. 1939 25th Anniv. 1960 Stamp Centenary set of 5 in sheetlets of 4 (SG cat £1000). 1951 Stamp Day 5zl. 1963 Fencing. All diff. VF fresh MUH, last 2 CTO with UH gum. Mi cat €1005, SG cat £1226 = A$2200+. (11 M/S)AVAILABLE at A$250

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Portugal: 1853-1905 Collection inc 1853 Queen embossed set to 100R. 1855-56 King Embossed to 100R. 1862-64 King Embossed set to 100R. 1816-67 Embossed curved label set to 120R imperf. 1867-70 curved label set to 240R perf. 1870-84 Straight labels to 1000R. 1880-82 King to 50R. 1882-86 King to 500R (both black & purple). 1892-94 Figures to 300R. 1892-93 Provisorio opt to 80R. 1893 '1893 Provisorio' to 8OR. 1894 Prince Henry to 1000R. 1895 St Anthony to 1000R. 1895-1905 Carlos to 500R. 1898 da Gama to 100R. Postage Due 1898 da Gama to 200R. All diff. Mostly G-VF U, odd M, sl mixed in parts. SG cat £15,800+ = A$28,000+. (164) (P)AVAILABLE at A$1200

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Portugal - Azores: 1868-98 Classic collection inc 1868-70 Embossed curved labels 20R, 50R, 80R & 100R imperf, & to 240R perf. 1871-76 straight labels to 300R. 1880-81 King to 50R. 1882 King 25R brown. 1882-85 Straight labels to 1000R. 1882-87 King to 500R (both black & magenta). 1894 Prince Henry to 1000R. 1895 St Anthony to 300R. 1898 da Gama to 150R. 1876 Newspaper plus 1882-94 inc opt types. All diff. Mostly G-VF M/U, quite mixed condition in parts. SG cat £7200+ = A$12,500+. Seldom seen area & many rare stamps present. (91). (P)AVAILABLE at A$800
Russia: 1960-2000 Collection in 4 thick s/books with CTO to end 1990 with 1962-64 imperf sets (7) inc 1962 Cosmonauts, 1963 Sports inc M/sheet, 1964 Olympics, Space, Wildlife & Flowers. Plus M/Sheets (200) & 100s of Pic/Commem sets inc many great Russian thematics. Then MUH 1991-99 with 100s of Pics/Commems & another 95 assorted M/Sheets. Also 1980 Moscow Olympic collection 2 vol set with red slipcases. All fresh & clean. (Few 1000)SOLD at A$300

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South Asia: 1888-1972 Collections with Burma (SG cat £1000) inc 1937 opt KGV to 5R M & to 2R U, Officials to 1R M, 1938 Pics to 10R U, 1945 & '46 sets, 1947 opt set both M & U plus Officials set U. Ceylon (£600) inc QV (7M), KEVII M to 50c, KGV M/U to 2R, 1935 Pics M/U to 1R, KGVI to 5R U, then near comp to 1972. Plus Maldives (£58). Mostly F-VF M/U, almost all diff. SG cat £1660. (730)AVAILABLE at A$240
USA: 1861-1970 Collection in thick Springback album with 1869 Pics 2c brown & 3c blue (SG cat £108), 1870-88 Presidents (27) to 30c brown (£260). 1890 Defs to 30c black (£100). 1893 Colombian (15) to 50c (£400), 1894 'Triangles' (34) to 50c (£120), 1922 Defs to $5 America & plenty of Pics & Commems. Mostly G-FU. Total SG cat well over £1000. GB, Germany & Holland collections in 3 large s/books. Israel 1970s MUH accumulation (many 100s) in 2 massive albums with sheetlets & tab blks mostly Pics & Commems. Australia collection to early 1970s with imprint blks (35) to 1962, & Kangaroos, KGV & Postage Dues G-FU, & mixed decimals MUH, all variable condition, view to assess, visually impressive plus 14 die proof Replica Cards, est ACSC cat $500 plus. Medium carton. (1000s).AVAILABLE at A$250
USA: Double carton lot with albums of stationery, 64pg s/book of Used. Approx 90 mint year sets 1972-2005 FV $850+. Birds & Wildlife sheets of 50, Celebrate the Century etc sheets (18) FV $200+. Album & extra FDCs hagner album of Mint FV $90+. 2 Vol illustrated album 1847-1997 M/U. Celebrate the Century 25 sheets FV $14. The Postal Commem Soc 2 Vol FDC. Tin of unsorted stamps. 1926 White Plains M/S. FV of mint alone US$1250+ = A$1785. Plus extra for the FDC & postal stationery. (1000s)AVAILABLE at A$900

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Vatican: Collection 1840-1988 in 3 albums. 1st Album is a KABE hingeless album to 1964, inc 1840, 1850 & 1867 stampless letters with Roma pmks. Papal States 1852 Arms imperf to 6b. 1867-68 Arms to 80c. 1929 Pope & Arms set to 10L plus Express. 1931 Parcel Post opt set to 10c. 1931 Postage Due opt set. 1933 Holy Year set. 1934 Provisional surch 2L55, 3L05 & 3L70 (ea with RPSL photo certs). 1935 Congress set. 1936 Expo set. 1938 Congress set. 1939 Sede Vacante opt set. 1947 Air Post set. 1948 Airmail set 250L & 500L. 1949 Pope & Views set to 100L, UPU Air set 300L & 1000L. 1952 Stamp Cent M/S. 1951 Gratian Air set 300L & 500L, Chalcedon set to 100L. 1953 Air set 500L & 1000L, Lombard 100L, then comp to 1964. Other 2 albums are Lindner hingeless albums with almost comp collection of Pope John Paul II travels to various countries inc stamps, M/S & cvrs/cards. Almost all VF fresh M/MUH, post 1960 being almost all VF fresh MUH. SG cat £6500+ = A$11,500+. (900, 43 M/S & 50 cvrs/cards). (P)AVAILABLE at A$1250

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Vatican: 1929-77 In 2 s/books. 1st inc 1929 set M, 1933 high values inc 2L & 2L75 (SG cat £190), 1935 Congress set M (£290), 1949 UPU set M plus 1000L U (£390), 1951 Chalcedan set M (£155), 1953 800th Anniv 10L M (£75), then range to 1971 -this book is mostly F-VF M, a few U, total cat for 320 stamps is £1400. 2nd Book 1929-78 early M & U, then from about 1955 appears could be near comp with almost all both M & U -total 800+, guestimate cat £400. Unfortunately, this book has extensive toning throughout & we have allowed little value for it in reserve. Total cat approx £1800. (1150)AVAILABLE at A$350
World on 31 stockcards MUH/M/U. Highlights inc Germany 1952 Famous Berliners MUH, Liechtenstein cat £174, 1954 Football set M £92. New Caledonia 1966 top value Birds M £50. French Polynesia 1000F Gauguin MUH £26. French Antarctic 1986 set (2) MUH £96. France 1951 Nat Relief M £78. San Marino selection M £125 inc 100L War Memorial. Netherlands Indies 1892 30c M £80. San Marino M Helicopter M £60. Iceland 1876 2a & 3a U/M cat £58. Guatemala 1897 UPU U £75. Hungary 1949 World Youth Festival M/sheet M cat £50. Moheli 1906 5 Franc MUH £14 & France 1987 1000Fr Air U £34. Generally F-VF, total cat value £2510 = A$4300. Ideal small auction lots, dealer's stock, collection builder. Value lot.AVAILABLE at A$350

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Australia: Cricket 1931 Hoadleys Australian Cricketers near comp set 17/18 (same pictorials as Giant Brand Liquorice, missing Ponsford) inc Bradman (poor), Darling, Fingleton, Grimmet, McCabe, O'Reilly, Oldfield, Oxenham & Woodful. Mostly VG/Fine. Rare with Hoadley Bubble Gum reverses! Also English Cricketers set of 18 inc Allen, Duckworth, Jardine, Larwood, Sutcliffe, Tate, Verity & Wyatt -again with Hoadley's reverses. Murray cat £500 with Giant backs, these much rarer - should be at least double, £1000 = A$1800. (36) (P)AVAILABLE at A$250

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Phonecards: New Zealand WWF Specialised collection in 3 volumes with 1998 rare NZ Birds Limited Edition Collector Packs (2). Only 650 issued, $50 trial/Specimen & sets/singles UN & Used. 1993 WWF Collectors Packs (3) only 1000 sets issued plus individual cards/sets UN/U inc $5 Fur Seal with 1995 America's Cup/NZ Wins opts (82) in blue, green or gold. With list of contents identifying the various printing types & inscription changes. Mixed UN/U rarely seen in such specialised quantity. Total FV $4950. (400)AVAILABLE at A$300

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9d Violet. F-VF fresh MUH. SG 10. ACSC 24A cat $1000. (P)AVAILABLE at A$350

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9d Violet. F-VF fresh MUH, sm natural inclusion on reverse. SG 10 cat £80 for M, should be at least 300% premium MUH. ACSC 24A cat $1000. (P)AVAILABLE at A$220

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2½d Intense indigo, variety wmk INVERTED. Stamp F MUH. SG 36baw(var), ACSC 110a cat $1000 this shade for wmk upright. Wmk inverted cat $525 for common shade with a 10x premium for intense indigo = $5000+. (P)AVAILABLE at A$350

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2/- Maroon Mullett imprint pr. VF fresh M. SG 74. ACSC 38zc cat $1000. Scarce imprint. (P)SOLD at A$500

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£1 Grey. VF MLH, excellent centring. SG 75 cat £650. ACSC 53A cat $1000. (P)SOLD at A$650

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£1 Grey. VF fresh MLH, almost MUH. SG 75 cat £650. ACSC 53A cat $1000. (P)SOLD at A$500

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2/- Maroon Ash imprint pr (N over A). Superb fresh MLH. ACSC 39(1)za cat $1000. (P)AVAILABLE at A$375

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£1 Grey. Fresh M. SG 137 cat £650. ACSC 54 cat $1000. (P)AVAILABLE at A$400

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1d Red/Violet/Green pane 8 collection neatly written up on leaves with 1d green UL cnr blk of 4 (pos 1, 2/7,8) on translucent paper MUH (ACSC 80Baa cat $500). 1d red wmk INVERTED blk of 4 (pos 3, 4/9,10) VF M/MUH ($250). 1d violet MUH blk of 4 (pos 7-8/13-14) with both 'thin One Penny' varieties (ACSC 76B(4)k,l cat $300), 1d green vert blks of 6 (13,14/ 19,20/ 25,26) in both single wmk & no wmk types with both thin One Penny flaws & N-Y joined fresh MLH ($280). 1d green SM wmk perf 14 irregular blk of 21 MUH (pos 15-36 cat $500) with 'blisteral upper frame' error (no 15). 1d violet blk of 36 MUH (pos 25-60) with N-Y joined, scratch behind Kangaroo, cnr dot, roo's tongue out & Run N varieties (ACSC 76(4) o, p, s, u, vb cat $600 MUH). N-Y joined collection (11, cat $1000) inc 1d red VFU & 1d green SM wmk perf 14 blk of 4 MUH. No wmk right marginal blk of 12 (6x2) MUH with N-Y joined flaw ($470). 1d red vert blk of 6 MUH (31,32/ 37,38 /43,44) with 'scratch behind roo' variety (cat $275) 1d red wmk INVERTED right marginal blk of 8 MUH (pos 39,42 /45,48) cat $75x8 is $600. 1d violet blk of 4 (3 shades, pos 53,54 /59,60) MLH/MUH with cnr dot & Run N retouched varieties cat $600. Then 1d red, 1d green no wmk & SM wmk cnr blks of 4 MLH/MUH again with cnr dot/Run N varieties (pos 54/60 cat $450), plus 1d red LM wmk Run-N (3rd state) VFM cat $325. Finally 1d green imprints (6 diff) inc single wmk Harrison blk of 4 perf OS (cat $350), & Mullett blk of 8 inc 'roos tongue out' variety ($300). SM wmk perf 14 blk of 6 inc roo's tongue out ($300) & 3 diff Ash imprints inc opt OS. All fresh & clean with extensive plating notes throughout inc readily identifiable non ACSC listed flaws G-VF U, F-VF M/MUH. Overall a great collection (as are th 7 other pane groups). Inspection highly recommended. Total ACSC cat $12,000+. (365). (P)AVAILABLE at A$1700

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Complete M/MUH collection of 72 as per Seven Seas pgs plus some extras with 1913 Engraved 1d red pale & deep colours. Single wmk set to 1/4 inc 1d red Die I, II pr rough paper MLH (SG 47i cat £500, ACSC 72(1)ia cat $1000). 1d Red Die III, 1½d brown, 2d red, 2d brown, 3d blue, 4d orange & 4d violet MUH, plus 4d lemon, blue, olive, 4½d, 5d & 1/4 MLH, ACSC cat $1600. LM wmk (8) inc 1d red shades (2, MLH), 1d green & 1½d brown (4) inc black-brown thin paper MUH (cat $325), SM wmk perf 14 set of 9 inc 1½d bright golden scarlet & 2d brown MUH ($350) & ½d-1/4 FM ($670). SM wmk perf 13½x12½ set of 18 inc 1½d golden scarlet MUH & 1d green Die II/I pr, 3d blue Die I, 4½d, 1/4 deep turquoise blue & both Surch MLH (ACSC cat $770), plus 4½d Die II CTO as always ($125). CofA wmk set to 5d MUH ($250) plus 1/4 turquoise MLH ($150). Finally opt OS set of 7 fresh MUH ($220). Total ACSC cat $5460, SG cat £2600. (78) (P)AVAILABLE at A$1500

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1d Carmine-red (G31) Harrison single line imprint strip of 4, Plate 4 with ACSC listed varieties 'RA joined' (VII/60) & 'kangaroos tongue out' (VIII/55). Lightly hinged in gutter, stamps W/C Superb fresh MUH. ACSC 71Y(4)ju,zj(var) cat $1000 as hinged blk of 6. (P)AVAILABLE at A$200

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1d Carmine rough paper (G62) wmk INVERTED perf OS, pane 5 UR gutter blk of 4 (pos V 5,6/11,12) error DOUBLE PERF through upper pr, with Official PO repairs. Amazing double error. F-VF M. ACSC 72Babbb(3)var cat $400 x2.5 for wmk inverted, total $1000. (P)SOLD at A$600

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1d Rosine rough paper perf OS (G69) JBC monogram single, plate 1. VF fresh MLH. 2018 ACSC 72Ibb(1)zc cat $1000. 2009 Drury photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$500

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3d Violet-blue Die I, DRY INK, additional variety coarse mesh paper, with weak watermark & fluffy perfs, this paper currently unlisted on this value (similar to 1½d green which is SG 61a cat £475. ACSC 88Aa cat $1000). W/C VFM. ACSC 104Ac(var). 2017 Drury photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$180

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4½d Violet COARSE MESH paper with weak wmk, typical uneven impression & fluffy full perfs, this paper currently unlisted on this value (similar to 1½d green SG 61a cat £475. ACSC 88Aa cat $1000). W/C fresh MLH. ACSC 118A(var). 2017 Drury photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$250

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1d Carmine-pink (G101) pr Cook printing. VF fresh MLH. SG 49 cat £500+. ACSC 73A cat $1000. (P)AVAILABLE at A$450

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1d Red (5, 4 diff shades, 1 tending towards rose-red) used with ½d or 1½d (3) on 1920 covers (4), sl faults, ACSC cat $1000+ on cover.SOLD at A$100

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1/4 Turquoise Ash imprint blk of 4. VF fresh 2MLH/2MUH. SG 131, ACSC 131z cat $1000++. Retail $1050 as 4 singles alone! (P)AVAILABLE at A$450

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1973 National Development 30c Beef Roads UL cnr pr, upper stamp, variety 'umber partly omitted'. VF fresh MUH. SG 543(var), ACSC 633c $1000. Only 10 known. (P)AVAILABLE at A$450

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2007 Landmarks - Architecture $4.45 M/sheet IMPERF ½ sheet of 12 M/S from left & right panes with wide marginal markings inc colour bars. Nos 939 & 840 from a limited edition of only 2000 panes (1000 sheets). VF fresh MUH in original PO folders (2). SG MS2847(var).AVAILABLE at A$100

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1908-09 2/- green with stroke. VF MLH, nice colour. SG D60 cat £1000. ACSC D63 cat $1500. (P)SOLD at A$600

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1913-23 4d carmine & pale green, wmk crown double-lined A SIDEWAYS. VF fresh MUH. SG D83ba cat £1000 for M, should be at least double, £2000 MUH. ACSC D101Ba cat $1500 for M, unpriced MUH - should be at least $3000+. 2012 BPA photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$1000

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1898-1907 Ships & Shipmail PPC to Sydney inc Norddeutscher Lloyd colour types (6) inc Egypt & Crossing Equator Celebrations, plus Captain & Ship type (2), 'Marinepostkarten Serie 1000' colour naval types (3), plus 3 other German & 1 British. 6 have German Seapost Australian Line pmks inc 1 with 'Shipmail Room WA' cds, 1 via Suez & Colombo, plus 3 with Paquebot h/s. Mostly German frankings plus GB, Ceylon, NSW & SA. G-VF U. (15)AVAILABLE at A$250

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1905 QV ½d green, 2nd 'crown Q' wmk, rare perf 12. VF fresh MUH. SG 262b cat £110 for M, so at least £220+ MUH. ACSC Q3 cat $500 for M, should be at least $1000+ MUH (P)AVAILABLE at A$70

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1892-99 QV Tablet £1 green & yellow. Superb fresh MUH, pristine, never hinged original gum & excellent colour. SG 225 cat £500 for M, should be at least double, £1000 MUH. Rare so nice. (P)AVAILABLE at A$700

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1903 QV 9d Ultramarine, wmk V crown, perf 12½. VF fresh MUH. ACSC T65D cat$1000 for M so $2000+ MUH. SG 242f cat £425 for M, should be at least double, £850 MUH. Very rare shade as only 1 sheet was recorded. Certificate can be obtained on request. (P)AVAILABLE at A$600

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1906-09 QV 9d Blue, wmk crown A inverted blk of 4, variety compound (mixed) perf twice horiz between 12.4 & 11, perf 11 other sides. VF fresh M/MLH. SG 256d cat £1100+, ACSC T73 cat $1200 (2004). SG 256b cat £440++, ACSC T70a(var) see footnote cat £1000+. (P)AVAILABLE at A$400

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1861 Swan 1/- yellow-green, wmk Swan sideways, perf 14. VF UN. SG 43 cat £1000. Rare stamp. (P)AVAILABLE at A$450

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1861 Swan 1/- yellow-green, wmk Swan, clean cut perf 14-16. F-VF M. SG 43 cat £1000. Rare stamp. (P)AVAILABLE at A$600

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1905-12 Swan 9d orange, wmk crown A upright, perf 11. FU. ACSC W52D cat $1000, SG 157b cat £900. Rare stamp. (P)AVAILABLE at A$500

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1913 Double-headed Eagle RED opt Turkey 1909-11 2pa olive perf 12. VFU on piece. SG 3 cat £425 for normal, should be at least double, £850 for red opt, Mi 3 cat €500 for normal, est €1000 for red opt. 2009 Du Vachat & 2015 Ceremuga photo-cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$375

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1913 Double-headed Eagle VIOLET opt Turkey 1909-11 2Pi blue-black, perf 12 TETE-BECHE opt pr. VFU, tied to piece. SG 8(var) cat £950 for normal black opts, should be at least triple £2850 for tete-beche violet opt, Mi 8(var) cat €1000 for normal, est €3000 for tete-beche opt. 1992 Raybaudi & 2015 Ceremuga photo certs. (P)AVAILABLE at A$900

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1913 Double-headed Eagle RED opt Turkey 1909-11 2Pi blue-black, perf 12 TETE BECHE opt pr. F-VFU, tied to piece. SG 8(var) cat £950 for normal black opt, should be at least triple £2750 for tete beche red opt, Mi 8(var) cat €1000 for normal, est €3000 for tete-beche red opt. 2015 Ceremuga photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$900

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2004 Birds SAPOA Joint issue M/sheet of 8, unissued (similar designs were issued by other Southern African countries but Angola M/S was unissued due to some dispute with the South African printer about payment). VF fresh MUH. Mi Blk 1 cat €1000. Very rare as virtually the whole stock was officially destroyed. (P)SOLD at A$350

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1938-41 opt KGVI set 3p-25R. VF fresh MLH/MUH inc top 6 values MUH. SG 20-37 cat £1000. Key set. (16) (P)AVAILABLE at A$450

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1938-41 opt KGVI set 3p-25R. VF fresh MUH. SG 20-37 cat £1000. Rare as MUH. (16) (P)AVAILABLE at A$900

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1932 KGV Cattle set ½d to 10/-. VF fresh MUH. SG 99-110 cat £500 M, should be at least double, £1000 MUH. Rare so nice (P)AVAILABLE at A$900

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1919 King Albert Tin Hat set 1c-10Fr. Mostly F-VF M, thins as usual. COB 165-78 cat €900, SG 237-50 cat £1000. (14). (P)AVAILABLE at A$200

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1879 Arms 50c black & blue. VF fresh M. Yv 4 cat €1000, Mi 4 cat €800, SG 7 cat £850. Exp Scheller. (P)AVAILABLE at A$180

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1915 CEF opt Yacht 4d on 40pf, variety short '4'. Superb fresh MLH. Mi 7II cat €700. SG B7a cat £1000. Only 200 printed & certificate can be obtained on request. (P)AVAILABLE at A$700

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1897 QV Jubilee $2 deep violet F-VF fresh MUH, pristine never hinged original gum. SG 137 cat £1000 for M, should be at least triple, £3000 MUH, Unitrade 62 cat C$6000/3600. (P)AVAILABLE at A$1500

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1862-64 Flowers 1/- rose-lake no wmk comp sheet of 20 with huge margins all round. Stamps Superb fresh MUH. Unitrade 23, SG 23 cat £1000 for M, should be at least double, £2000 MUH, plus premium for full sheet. Beautiful item & certificate can be obtained on request. (P)AVAILABLE at A$1000

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1932 Trans-Atlantic opt $1.50/$1 blue blk of 4. VF fresh MUH. Unitrade C12 cat C$3200+, SG 221 cat £1000 for M, should be at least double, £2000 MUH, plus premium for blk. Rare specialist blk showing full opt setting & certificate can be obtained on request. (P)AVAILABLE at A$1300

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1932 KGV Centenary set ¼d to 10/-, all left marginal. Superb MUH. SG 84-95 cat £500 for M, should be at least double, £1000 MUH. (12). (P)AVAILABLE at A$800

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1857-59 QV 6d purple-brown, imperf, white paper. VFU, appearance, tiny thin, barred pmk, 4 margins. SG 6b cat £1000. (P)AVAILABLE at A$200

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1938-49 KGVI 1000R mauve on red top value, inscribed 'REVENUE REVENUE' being a continuation of the postage & postal fiscal set. SG 386-97 & F1. Equivalent to the KGV 'Postage & Revenue' high values. VF F/C large CEYLON & partial security punch in middle. Bft 15. Great rarity with only several recorded & this is the most attractive example known. (P)AVAILABLE at A$3000

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1932 Double Maori Canoe 2d black & brown, error CENTRE INVERTED, no wmk, perf 13. Stamp VF fresh MUH, UL cnr margina. SG 101(var) footnote cat £500 for M, should be at least double, £1000 MUH. Rare as only 1 or 2 sheets printed. Holcombe photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$700

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1924-28 KGV £5 black on yellow, opt SPECIMEN. Superb fresh M. SG 117as cat £1000 (normal cat £3750). Key stamp. (P)AVAILABLE at A$1100

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2006-10 'Emergency' surch 2c/23c Bird scarce 2009 printing comp sheet of 100 with all imprints & plate nos. Very difficult to find as it was a small print run & most were sold as postage or broken down into plate/imprint blks. VF MUH. SG 1350 cat £1000, Sc $2000 as single stamps. (P)AVAILABLE at A$180

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1869 Napoleon 5Fr grey-violet. U with Paris cds, expertly repaired tear at top. VF appearance with neat cds. SG 131 cat £1100, Maury 33 cat €1000. Balasse photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$130

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1934 Bleriot 2Fr25 violet Epreuvre de Artiste sunken DIE PROOF (124x95mm), signed by engraver. Superb fresh UN as made. SG 523(p), Maury A7EPA cat €1000. Extremely rare. (P)AVAILABLE at A$700

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Oldenburg: 1859 Arms 3gr black on yellow, imperf, Sperati Forgery with 'Sperati Reproduction' h/s on back. VFU, sl aging, boxed pmk, 4 margins. SG 16 cat £1000, Mi 8 cat €750, both for normal. (P)AVAILABLE at A$130

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1937 Airmail cover (edge flts etc) franked 1934 Air Eagle 10pf & 50pf, plus 2Mk Lilienthal & 3Mk Zeppelin (all vertical ribbed gum/paper, ex 3Mk rare horiz ribbed gum/paper), tied by 'Hagen (Westf) 7 1 37' cds, to Singapore by KLM via Holland. SG 526, 532, 535, 536a cat £784, Mi 530x, 535x, 538x & 539y cat €627 -both as loose stamps. The rare 3Mk gum/paper variety alone on cover cat €1000. (P)AVAILABLE at A$350

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Belgium-Russia: 1943 Flemish Legion on Eastern Front set '+10Fr' - '+100Fr' of Airforce designs, unissued, imperf proofs, ea with part blue '+50Fr' design printed on back. Superb fresh UN as made, all cnr marginal with all 4 margins. Mi XV-XIBDD cat €500+ as normals so est €1000+ for such double sided proof prints. (5). (P)AVAILABLE at A$500

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Belgium-Russia: 1943 Flemish Legion Eastern Front 'LANGEMARK' red opt Airforce '+50Fr' blue, M/Sheet of 4, perf, unissued. Superb fresh MUH. Mi XXA KLB cat €1000+ as single stamps alone. Very rare. (P)AVAILABLE at A$900

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Croatia: 1941 Banja Luka Provisional opt 'Slobodna Bosanska Hrvatska' on Yugoslav 1D & 2D, issued for Croatian occupied Bosnia & Hercegovina. Superb fresh MUH. Mi 1-2 cat €2400+. Only 1000 sets printed & very few survived, especially so pristine. Exp HFS, plus 2010 Ceremuga photo cert. (2) (P)AVAILABLE at A$1500

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France: 1940 Dunkirk Provisional 'Besetztes Gebiet Nord-Frankreich' boxed opt type I on BIT Congress opt 50c vert pr (correct 1Fr franking), tied 'Ghyvelde Nord / 25 7 40' cds, with 'Dunkerque Nord / 26 7 40' arrival b/s. Superb fresh. Mi cat €1000+. Rare franking. Exp Roumet & Dreyfus, plus Fourcaut photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$275

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France: 1940 Dunkirk Provisional 'Besetztes Gebiet Nord-Frankreich' boxed opt type I on Mercury 30c & Strasbourg 70c (correct 1Fr franking), tied 'Ghyvelde Nord / 29 7 40' cds, with 'Dunkerque Nord / 30 7 40' arrival b/s. Superb fresh. Mi cat €1000+. Rare franking. Exp Roumet & Dreyfus, plus Fourcaut photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$275

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Kotor: 1944 'Deutsche Militarverwaltung' opt Italy set 0.50L/10c - 10L/20c. VF fresh MUH. SG 1-6 cat £500 for M, so £1000+ MUH, Mi 1-6 cat €850, Sass 1-6 cat €1500+. Very scarce nice MUH set. 2014 Ceremuga photo cert. (6). (P)AVAILABLE at A$600

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Laibach (Slovenia): 1945 Famous Slovenes 3 diff 4L designs prepared but unissued due to the defeat of the Third Reich, allimperf se-tenant strips in 6 diff colours. Superb fresh MUH. Mi IV-VIB/1-6 cat €1000+. Rare & very impressive! Exp Ceremuga. (18) (P)AVAILABLE at A$700

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Serbia: 1943 War Relief Fund M/Sheet 2+48D & 3+47D, variety 'break in 1st N in 3rd word' on 2+48D stamp. VF fresh MLH, stamps MUH. Mi Blk 4I cat €1000, SG MSG81a(var). (P)AVAILABLE at A$250

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Serbia: 1943 War Relief Fund M/Sheet 2+48D & 3+47D, variety 'coloured triangle on right part of coat' on 3+47D. VF fresh MUH. SG MSG81a(var), Mi Blk4III cat €1000. Rare! 2014 Ceremuga photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$500

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1945 Fredersdorf Provisional 28 x 19 mm, single lined black frame, 2 small numerals 5pf-12pf imperf. VFU, all on large piece, with oval violet 'Fredersdorf 5 NOV 1945 Berlin' pmk. Mi Sp231-34. Only 1000 sets printed.AVAILABLE at A$40

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1945 Wildstein/Franzenbad (Sudetenland) 'U.S. ARMY / v C.S.R. / 18.IV.1945' local opts set 60h/6pf-5K/12pf. VF fresh MUH. Mi mentioned but unpriced. With copy of official notice from US Army commander authorising issue & giving numbers printed. Rare set as only 1000 printed. 2017 Ceremuga photo-cert. (7). (P)AVAILABLE at A$250

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1945 Wildstein/Franzenbad (Sudetenland) 'U.S. ARMY / v C.S.R. / 18.IV.1945' local opts set 60h/6pf-5K/12pf, tied on cover by 'Wildstein 27.5.45' cds. Superb fresh. Mi mentioned but unpriced. With copy of official notice from US Army commander authorising issue & giving numbers printed. Rare set as only 1000 printed. 2017 Ceremuga photo-cert. (7). (P)AVAILABLE at A$350

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1847-54 QV Embossed 1/- green., on piece with barred oval pmk, cut square, 4 margins, VFU appearance, expertly repaired. SG Spec H1, SG 54/56 cat £1000. (P)AVAILABLE at A$130

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1896 Olympic Games set 1L-10Dr. VFU. Mi 91-107 cat €950, SG 110-121 cat £1000. Rare genuine set. Top 2 with 2019 Ceremuga photo certs. (12) (P)AVAILABLE at A$500

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1921-37 KGV set 1c-$5, wmk script. VF fresh MLH. SG 117-32 cat £1000. (18). (P)AVAILABLE at A$700

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1938-52 KGVI 50c deep magenta, perf 14, error printed BOTH SIDES, reverse impression inverted & characteristically weaker. VF fresh MUH. SG 153ab cat £1000. 2005 BPA photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$700

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Jind: 1937-40 JIND STATE SERVICE opt KGVI set ½a-10R. VF MLH, all R vals very fresh. SG O66-72 cat £1000. Rare set. (7). (P)AVAILABLE at A$650

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1900 'Special Adjutant Makhsoos' provisional seal h/s Lion 10ch blue, horiz pr with central h/s, unfortunately early forgery. VF fresh M. SG 169, Persiphila 195 unpriced, Sc 158 original cat US$1000+. Negative 2014 Ceremuga photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$100

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1900 'Special Adjutant Makhsoos' provisional seal h/s Lion 4ch vermilion, blk of 4 with central h/s, ea stamp with control mark. VF fresh MUH. SG 172, Persiphila 198 cat US$800++, Sc 163 cat US$1000++, both as M singles, blks rare & worth much more, especially MUH. 2014 Ceremuga photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$1500

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1922 Provisional Govt opt KGV Seahorses 10/- dull grey-blue, Thom opt in blue-black. Superb fresh MUH, pristine never hinged original gum. SG 46 cat £1000 for M, should be at least double, £2000 MUH & very rare thus. Certificate can be obtained on request. (P)AVAILABLE at A$1300

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1948 1st Coins Doar Ivri 1000m indigo/blue, rare perf 10, with FULL TABS IMPERF AT BASE, LL cnr marginal, error extra vert column of perfs through stamp. Superb UN. SG 9aTB(var). Bale 9faTB(var) cat US$10,000++ for imperf at base, unlisted with double perfs, & est at least +50% premium so US$15,000+. Great rarity as such a combination as only several sheets believed to have existed imperf at base & only 3 double perf examples have been recorded. Major rarity of Israel philately. 2018 Ceremuga photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$3000

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1878 opt Official 2c/20c claret, error opt INVERTED. VFU, light cds. SG 25a cat £1000, Sass 31b cat €1400. Rare genuine example. Exp Alberto Diena AIEP, plus 2017 Ceremuga photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$300

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1944 Italian Social Republic 'Repubblica Sociale Italiana' fasces opt Julius Caesar 20c carmine, this being the error (normally on the 75c), variety full offset of opt on reverse. Superb fresh MUH. SG 60a(var), Sass 495Ab cat €1000. Exp Alberto Diena AIEP plus 2019 Ceremuga photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$250

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1954 Parcel Post 1000L ultramarine, top value setenant pair, line perf 13¼, wmk 'winged wheel'. Superb fresh MUH with pristine never hinged original gum. Sass PP81 cat €6000, SG P868 cat £12,000 = A$22,000. By far the rarest stamp of post-war Italy - 1st example we have ever offered. 1972 Sirotti & 2018 Ceremuga photo certs. (P)AVAILABLE at A$1800

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Italy & Territories: 1943-80 MUH Collection in 6 hingeless albums with republic 1945-80 totally comp in 3 luxury Bollaffi slipcase albums, Trieste Zone A 1947-54 totally comp in Marini album, San Marino 1960-80 comp in Marini album, Somalia 1950-72 comp in presentation album. Numerous rare items present starting with 1943 Provisional Govt Badoglio signature opt 50c with Raybaudi photo cert (CEI cat €10,000). 1945 Liberation Local opts range inc Aosta partisan opts Bandierra set setenant prs with Raybaudi photo cert (CEI cat €12,000), Aosta Coat of Arms & Map opts in setenant blks (€700+) etc. Then all standard issues inc 1945. Pic Def set to 100L (SG cat £1200). 1945 Express set to 60L (200). 1945 Postage Due set to 20L (£190). 1946 Parcel Post set to 20L (£275). 1946-57 Parcel Post set to 500L inc key 300L (£3500). 1947-54 Postage Due set to 500L (£550). 1948 600th Birth Anniv set (£225). 1948 Centenary set to 100L (£550) plus Express 35L (£200). 1949 Art set (£130). 1949 UPU 50L (£120). 1949 Rome Centenary 100L (£500). 1949 European Recovery set (£180). 1949 Concessional Letter set 15L & 20L (£185). 1949 Volta set (£203). 1950 UNESCO set (£139). 1950 Holy Year set (£169). 1950 Radio set (£450+). 1950 Tobacco set (£140). 1950 Provincial Occupations set (£300). 1951 Milan Fair set (£166). 1951 Gymnastic set £160). 1951 Montecassino set (£143). 1953 Concessional Post set to 110L (£840). 1954 parcel Post 1000L setenant pr wmk winged wheel (£12,000) with photo cert. 1961 South America unissued 205L rose (£2250). Somalia inc 1950 Air set to 10S (£325). 1950 Parcel Post set to 3S (£325) plus 1S setenant pr extremely rare error IMPERF between stamps & right margin (€900, only 10 known). Rare 1951 Meeting of Territorial Council special M/S of 4, unissued with special red h/s opt (cat €9000 as normal). Trieste Zone A inc 1947-48 AMG opt Pic Def set to 100L (£450). 1947-48 Postage Due set to 50L (£475). 1948 Centenary opt set to 100L (£275). 1949-52 Air opt set to 500L (£130). 1949-59 set to 1000L (£550). San Marino inc 1961 Europa sheetlet. Almost all VF fresh MUH in pristine condition. SG cat £36,000+ = A$64,000+ plus SG unlisted provisionals. Sass cat €39,000+ plus provisionals CEI cat €23,000+, total €62,000 = A$100,000! Very valuable collection offerred at a very low reserve. (2400 & 13 M/S). (P)SOLD at A$6000

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Somalia: 1905 opt Centesimi 40 on Lion 10a lilac. F-VFM. SG 9 cat £1000, Sass 9 cat €1500. Rare stamp. Exp Diena AIEP. (P)AVAILABLE at A$300

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Polish Settlements in Italy: 1946 War Relief M/Sheet set 1L+99L - 5L+195L. VFU, ea with 'Osiedle Trani 24.3.1946' cds. Sass F2-4 cat €600 for M, used much rarer, should be at least x4, so €2400. Only 1000 sets printed & few used. 2017 Ceremuga photo-cert. (3 M/S) (P)AVAILABLE at A$500

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Polish Settlements in Italy: 1946 War Relief M/Sheets set 1L+99L - 5L+195L. VFU, ea with 'Osiedle Barletta 7.3.1946' cds. Sass F2-4 cat €600 for M, used much rarer, should be at least 4x, so €2400. Only 1000 sets printed & few used. 2017 Ceremuga AIEP photo cert. (3 M/S) (P)AVAILABLE at A$500

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Polish Settlements in Italy: 1946 War Relief M/Sheets set 1L+99L - 5L+195L. VF fresh MUH. Sass F2-F4 cat €600. Only 1000 sets printed. (3 M/S) (P)AVAILABLE at A$250

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Trentino: 1919 censored cover sent stampless with 'Kardaun 20 III 19' cds, to Bozen, with 'T' with m/s '40', & franked Postage Due provisional opts 'T20' h/s between 2 lines opt on Venezia Tridentina 20h/20c pr, tied by 'Bozen 21 III 19' cds. VF. Sass BZ3/13 cat €700 as loose stamps, or €1000 for a single on cover, so at least €1350 for this franking. Rare usage! (P)AVAILABLE at A$220

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1923 Surch 5/10 Pi h/s in black on 1922 'Arab Govt' violet opts 3m & 5Pi, plus h/s on 1923 3-line opt 3m. F-VF M/MLH. Sc 84, 87 & 85, SG 78b, 79 & 84 cat £89. Only 500-700 of the first 2 printed, 1000 of the last. (3) (P)AVAILABLE at A$70

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1938-54 KGVI Pictorial set 1c-£1, perf SPECIMEN. VF fresh M. SG 131-50s cat £1000. Very rare set. (13) (P)AVAILABLE at A$800

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1950 Korean War revenues 5w blue (2 shades), 10w red, 50w blue (2 shades), 500w maroon & 1000w green, 1st imperf on normal paper, others roul on rice paper. VF UN as issued. Bft ex3-9. Prepared for use in communist occupied areas of South Korea & rather scarce. (7)AVAILABLE at A$35

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1950 Korean War revenues 5w blue, 10w red, 50w blue (3 shades), 500w maroon & 1000w green, 1st imperf on normal paper, others roul on rice paper, all in blks of 4. VF UN as issued. Bft ex3-9. Prepared for use in communist occupied areas of South Korea. Bft ex3-9. Rare group. (28)AVAILABLE at A$120

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1955 Rotary M/sheets imperf set 20w, 25w & 71w. VF UN as made. SG 236-8(var), Mi Blk 81-3 cat €1500, KPSC 91-3 cat W1,260,000. Only 1000 sets printed. (3) (P)AVAILABLE at A$500

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Kelantan: 1937-40 Sultan set 1c-$5, perf SPECIMEN. Superb fresh MUH, pristine never hinged original gum. SG 40-54s cat £1000++. Very rare in such nice MUH condition. (15) (P)AVAILABLE at A$1200

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Kelantan: 1937-40 Sultan high Hat set 1c-$5, perf SPECIMEN. VF fresh M. SG 40s-54s cat £1000, normal set cat £1600, while in fact specimens are much scarcer. (15) (P)SOLD at A$850

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Trengganu: 1917-18 Red Cross opt 8c+2c ultramarine, se-tenant vert pr, bottom stamp variety 'SS' in 'CROSS' inverted. Superb MLH/MUH, variety stamp MUH. SG 22/22b cat £1000 for M, should be at least double, £2000 MUH, plus premium for pr. Certificate can be obtained on request. (P)AVAILABLE at A$1200

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Trengganu: 1921-41 Sultan set 1c-$5 wmk script, opt/perf SPECIMEN. VF fresh M/MLH. SG 26-44s cat £1000+ & under-catalogued. Very rare as a full set. (19). (P)AVAILABLE at A$900

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Trengannu: 1921-41 Sultan $5 green & red on yellow, UR cnr marginal horiz pr with plate no.1. Stamps Superb fresh MUH. SG 44 cat £1000 for M, should be at least double, £2000 MUH, plus premium for extremely rare plate no. multiple. (P)AVAILABLE at A$1000

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1916-23 opt KGV Seahorses 10/- indigo-blue, Waterlow printing, opt SPECIMEN. VF MUH, evenly tropicalised gum. SG 18s cat £1000 for M, should be at least double, £2000 MUH (normal cat £11,000 M). Key stamp. (P)AVAILABLE at A$800

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1916-23 opt KGV Seahorses 10/- indigo-blue, Waterlow printing, opt SPECIMEN. VF fresh MLH. SG 18s cat £1000 (normal £11,000). Key stamp. (P)SOLD at A$700

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1901-17 issue 1a blue recut, on European paper, imperf. VFU, 4 margins. SG 24 cat £1000. Very rare genuine example. Exp Dr Hellrigl AIEP & Heddergott BPP, while certificate can be obtained on request. (P)AVAILABLE at A$500

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1899-1910 Queen 10G orange-red, top value. VFU, light crease, 'Amsterdam 7.12.12' cds. NVPH 80 cat €750, SG 197 cat £1000. (P)AVAILABLE at A$250

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1915-16 opt KGV ½d green, single WATERMARK INVERTED, comp forme of 30, Electro 1, pos L31-60, 3rd setting opt with types acccbc on 5th horiz & 6 central abc strips. F-VF 8M/22MUH, small tropicalised spots on 2 stamps, all 6 of the central abc strips fully MUH. SG 65aw cat £2250 each as hinged singles, making pane cat £85,500 as M singles & strips, while the MUH should be double, making total est cat £148,000 = A$270,000. Amazing rarity with the only other multiples recorded being 2 or 3 abc strips, & even as a single hardly ever seen, with a single example appearing on the market only once every several years. Hinged singles have previously sold at auctions at $2500 level & retail nowdays is around $3000 ea, & MUH abc strips would be $10,000+ each, while the value of the unique acccbc bottom strip is difficult to calculate. Offerred at a very conservative reserve - counting the M singles at only $1000 ea, the MUH abc strips at only $4000-$5000 each, & the bottom strip of 6 at only $8000. An amazing item for an advanced exhibition collection, or as a major investment item, or for splitting up & resale. 2019 Ceremuga AIEP photo cert. (30) (P)AVAILABLE at A$30000

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1918-23 opt KGV 1d carmine-red, Die II, substituted cliche (plate 2, pos R6/4). F-VF M. SG 103ba cat £1000. Rare. (P)AVAILABLE at A$500

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1995 Tourism set of 8 in 4 setenant prs 21t, 45t, 60t & 90t, last 3 prs MISSING surch. VF fresh MUH. SG 747-54(var) mentioned in footnote as unissued but unpriced. Very rare full set. Previous sets have realised $500-$1000. (4 prs). (P)AVAILABLE at A$400

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1960 Stamp Centenary set 40gr-2zl50, in sheetlets of 4. VF fresh MUH, but margins reduced. Mi 1151-55 KLB cat €800, SG 1145-49 cat £1000 for sheetlets. (5 blks of 4) (P)AVAILABLE at A$180

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1935 Moscow-San Francisco opt 1R on 10k, variety opt offset on gum. Superb fresh MUH. Mi 527 cat €1000+. SG 706 cat £750 for M, should be at least double, £1500 MUH. (P)AVAILABLE at A$800

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1935 Moscow-San Francisco Flight opt 1R/10k, variety lower case letter in 3rd line. Superb fresh MLH. Mi 527 cat €1000, SG 706 cat £750. Exp Diena. (P)AVAILABLE at A$400

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1894-99 Arms 1L pale ultramarine. F-VF U, '1895 cds.' SG 37 cat £650, Sass 31 cat €1000. Exp Scheller. (P)AVAILABLE at A$100

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1921 Hejaz 'Hashemite Kingdom 1340' unframed opt 1/4pi green, roul 13, error opt DOUBLE, ONE INVERTED (so tete-beche!). F-VF fresh MUH, gum sl disturbed by interleaving as usual. SG 23db cat £1000+ for M. Extremely rare & spectacular. 2009 Ceremuga AIEP photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$500

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1866 Prince 20p rose, perf 12. VF fresh M. Mi 2 cat €1000, SG 10 cat £1100. Rare. 2018 Ceremuga photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$500

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1866 Prince Michael 20p rose, perf 12. Superb fresh M, excellent centring. Mi 2 cat €1000, SG 10 cat £1100. Rare! Exp Brun plus 2018 Ceremuga photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$500

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1866 Prince 40p blue, perf 12. Superb fresh MLH. Mi 3 cat €1000, SG 11 cat £1200. Rare, in unusually nice condition. Exp Brun plus 2018 Ceremuga photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$600

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1923-26 Setting III opt KGV 2d dull purple, horiz bilingual pr, 14mm spacing, error opt DOUBLE. VF fresh M, light vert gum bend, perfs reinforced. SG 18a cat £1000. BPA photo cert. (2). (P)AVAILABLE at A$400

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1870 Allegorical 'Spain' 1E600m grey-lilac. GU, on piece with barred diamond pmk, small tear at left but NO punch cancel. SG 183 cat £1000, Edifil 111 cat €1475. Very rare genuine postally used. (P)AVAILABLE at A$275

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Elobey, Annobon & Corisco: 1905 Curly Head set 1c-10P, 'A000,000' no. on reverse (Specimen). VF fresh MLH. SG 19-34 cat £1000+ for normal. Edifil 19-34N cat €1830. Only 1000 sets printed. (16) (P)AVAILABLE at A$900

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Guinea: 1905 Curly Head set 1c-10P, with serial no. A000,000 (specimen) on back. VF fresh MLH. SG 39-54(s) cat £550+, Edifil 27-42N cat €1100+. Only 1000 sets printed. (16) (P)AVAILABLE at A$600

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Rio De Oro: 1905 Curly Head set 1c-10P, 'A000,000' no. on reverse (specimen). VF MUH. SG 1-16 cat £950 for normal M, should be at least double, £1900 MUH. Edifil 1-16N cat €2700+. Only 1000 sets printed & very rare in MUH condition. 2013 Ceremuga photo cert. (16) (P)AVAILABLE at A$1700

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1935 '15 MILLIEMES' Camel Airmail 10m black & carmine, error opt DOUBLE. Superb fresh MUH, right marginal. SG 68a cat £1000 for M, should be at least double, £2000 MUH. Only 1 sheet of 50 printed & rarity MUH. Certificate can be obtained on request. (P)SOLD at A$1300

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1891-98 Standing Helvetia 1Fr lilac wmk thick cross in oval, perf 11½x11. F-VF fresh MLH. Zum 71C cat SFr 1000, SG 152A cat £850. (P)AVAILABLE at A$250

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1908-40 Sitting Helvetia 3Fr yellow & bistre. Superb fresh MUH. Mi 110 cat €1000+, SG 246 cat £425 for M, should be at least £850. (P)AVAILABLE at A$400

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1922-24 Giraffe £1 black & yellow-orange top value, UR cnr marginal with sheet no.210, wmk script sideways. Stamp VF MUH. SG 88 cat £500 for M, should be at least double, £1000 MUH, plus premium for sheet no. (P)AVAILABLE at A$700

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1920-25 Rama VI 5c carmine, blk of 4, error IMPERF between horiz. Superb MUH. SS 202a cat B30,000 for M. SG 214a cat £1000 for M prs, should be at least double, £2000 MUH. Extremely rare as MUH blk. (4) (P)SOLD at A$850

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1914 wide setting opt Yacht 10pf carmine. VF MUH. SG H3 cat £130 for M, should be at least double, £260 MUH, Yv 34 cat €420 for M so €840 MUH. Only 1000 printed. Exp Calves. (P)AVAILABLE at A$200

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1914 narrow setting opt 'Half penny' on Yacht 3pf brown, error 'TOG' instead of 'TOGO'. Fresh MLH, sl diag crease, VF appearance. SG H27a cat £425 & under-catalogued, Yv 31b cat €1000. Very rare major as only 117 printed. Exp Alberto Diena. (P)AVAILABLE at A$250

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1921 Parcel Card franked Nationalist Govt 'Osmanli Postalari 1336' opt Religious Tribunal Fiscal 1000Pi (3) & 100Pi, plus '1337' opt Ministry of Finance 5Pi, & Ottoman Pictorial 20pa (3) on reverse -all cut as per PO rules, tied by 'Tchoroum 3 10 21' cds, with 'Samsoun' arrival b/s. Mi 713, 715 & 752 cat €6100+, SG A21, 23 & 74 cat £5500+ -both as loose stamps alone & worth several times more on card. Only 575 of the 1000Pi printed & an amazing high value franking. 2013 Ceremuga photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$2000

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1922 Parcel Card franked Nationalist Govt 'Osmanli Postalari 1336' opt Religious Tribunal fiscal 1000Pi, plus 3 Ottoman stamps -all cut as per PO rules, tied by 'Tokat 27 6 22' pmks, with 'Samsoun' arrival b/s. Mi 715 cat €2000, SG A23 cat £1800 -both as loose stamp alone & worth several times more on card. Only 575 of the 1000Pi printed & very rare mixed franking. 2013 Ceremuga photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$900

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1976 opt on Gilberts 2c multicolour, wmk multiple St Edwards Crown over CA (upright). VF MUH marginal example. SG 4 cat £1000. A modern rarity & one of the very rarest of all QEII definitive issues. (P)AVAILABLE at A$800

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1847 Washington 10c black, imperf Plate Proof on India paper. Superb UN as made, 4 margins. Sc 4P3, SG 4(p) cat £1000+ (while SG 2 cat £35,000). (P)AVAILABLE at A$600

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1988-91 Official Mail USA 25c pr, error IMPERF. VF fresh MUH. Sc O141a cat US$1000, SG O2354a cat £1100. A modern rarity. (P)AVAILABLE at A$400

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1945 Cetinje issue opt on Montenegro Italian Occup set 1pa/10c-20pa/5L, plus Postage Dues 10pa/5c & 20pa/5L. VF fresh MUH. SG R50-RD62 cat £515 for M, should be at least double, £1030 MUH, Mi 1-11 & P1-2 cat €760. Rare issue as only 1000 sets printed. Exp Eragovic with cert. (13) (P)SOLD at A$375

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1d Deep scarlet (aniline) (G19) on thin paper, plate 3 blk of 6 with ACSC listed variety 'Dot before 1' (pos V1/21) & Thinned left frame (V1/22), one stamp fresh MUH (cat $325), other 5 VF M/MLH (cat $750). 2018 ACSC 71J(3)m/n/na cat $1000 as setenant variety pr, plus another $1075 for the 4 other stamps, total $2075. (P)AVAILABLE at A$750

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1d Pale Terra cotta (brick, G25) Perf OS tied to March 1918 locally addressed OHMS wrapper (repaired & re-backed) by Melbourne machine cancel. A scarce shade which is rare on cover. A visually impressive example. 2018 ACSC 71Q cat $1000. (P)AVAILABLE at A$400

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1938-41 opt KGVI Pictorial set 3p-25R. VF fresh M/MLH. SG 20-37 cat £1000. (16) (P)AVAILABLE at A$400

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1857-59 QV 6d deep brown, imperf, white paper. GU, horiz crease at top, barred pmk, 4 margins. SG 6b cat £1000. (P)AVAILABLE at A$200

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1929-37 KGV Whale & penguin set ½d-£1, perf SPECIMEN. VF fresh MUH. SG 116s-126s cat £1000 for M, should be at least double, £2000 MUH. Rare so nice. (11) (P)AVAILABLE at A$1500

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1935 KGV Silver Jubilee set 1d to 1/-, perf SPECIMEN. VF fresh MUH. SG 139s-142s cat £500 for M, should be at least double, £1000 MUH. Rare genuine MUH & certificate can be obtained on request. (4) (P)AVAILABLE at A$800

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1935 KGV Silver Jubilee set 3c-20c, perf SPECIMEN. Superb fresh MUH. SG 133s-136s cat £500 for M, should be at least double, £1000 MUH. Rare genuine set especially MUH & certificate can be obtained on request. (4) (P)AVAILABLE at A$800

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1935-37 KGV Pictorial set 1c-£1, perf SPECIMEN. Superb fresh MUH. SG 110s-123s cat £500 as M, should be at least double, £1000 MUH. Rare genuine set especially MUH. (14) (P)AVAILABLE at A$900

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1936-37 KGV Palm Trees set 1c-$5, perf SPECIMEN. VF fresh MUH. SG 260s-274s cat £550 for M, should be at least double, £1000 MUH. Very rare so nice MUH & certificate can be obtained on request. (15) (P)AVAILABLE at A$900

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Pahang: 1935-41 Sultan set 1c-$5, perf SPECIMEN. VF fresh MUH. SG 29s-46s cat £500 for M, should be at least double, £1000 MUH. Very rare in such nice MUH condition & certificate can be obtained on request. (18) (P)AVAILABLE at A$800

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Perak: 1935-37 Sultan set 1c-$5, perf SPECIMEN. VF fresh MUH. SG 88s-102s cat £500 for M, should be at least double, £1000 MUH. Very rare in such nice MUH condition. (15) (P)AVAILABLE at A$800

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1916-23 opt KGV Seahorses 10/ indigo-blue, Waterlow printing, opt SPECIMEN. VFM, sl tropicalised gum. SG 18s cat £1000 (normal cat £11,000). Key stamp. (P)AVAILABLE at A$450

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Great Barrier Island: 1899 Triangle 6d blue, IMPERF, tete-beche strip of 4. UN, sl flts but still attractive with large margins. CP VP7z cat $1000 as singles, plus premium for pr. (P)AVAILABLE at A$300

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1938-44 KGVI Leopard set ½d-£1, perf SPECIMEN. VF fresh MLH/ MUH, high values MUH. SG 130-43s cat £1000. Rare genuine set MUH & certificate can be obtained on request. (18) (P)AVAILABLE at A$1000

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1935 Moscow-San Francisco Flight opt 1R on 10K. Superb fresh MLH. Mi 527 cat €1000, SG 706 cat £750. Exp twice inc Diena. (P)AVAILABLE at A$400

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1886 (2 Dec) 2d violet, granite paper, vert pr, embossed Arms TETE-BECHE. VF MUH, 2 sl spots on gum. SG 53b cat £500 for M, should be at least doeuble £1000 MUH. Very rare. (P)AVAILABLE at A$400