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1d KGV Specialised Exhibit offered largely intact covering 1d reds & greens. 1d Red inc studies of varieties. Highlights inc plate proof in black (flts), G-FU substituted cliche study inc smooth paper reconstructed blk of 4 showing Die I & Die II sub cliche thin G, Y dot in joined pr, rough paper reconstructed blk of 4, also singles of sub cliche Die I & Die II (3 of ea), then sub cliche pos 4/34 in used pr with pos 4/33, sub cliche Die I Used on piece, sub cliche Die II (rough paper) Used on piece with smooth paper plate 1 Die II. Die II study G-FU inc strip of 3 (Die I, Die II, Die II), Die I/Die II reconstructed blk of 4 (2x2 ea). Large mult R pane blk of 4 MUH/MLH showing part Harrison imprint & 'ferns/RA joined' vars. Also noted 'NY joined' range inc smooth paper single wmk FU. Line perf range inc blk of 12 MUH (mixed condition), line perf varieties inc 'thin One Penny' FU, blk of 6 GU (reinforced) one unit shows var 'dot before 1', smooth paper JBC monogram blk of 4 MLH (rejoined), CA monogram pr MLH (reinforced margin), marginal strip of 3 showing double perfs in margin (mixed condition), 1d red Die III inv wmk M. 1d green inc SM perf 14 Mullet imprint blk of 4 showing 'ferns', 'RA joined' UN, & 'Roos tongue' UN, Ash imprint blk of 8 2MLH/6MUH, showing 'ferns', 'RA joined retouch', 'Roo's tongue', strip of 6 from top of sheet UN showing double perfs in margin. Many others. Mainly F-VF. An impressive collection. ACSC cat approx $12,000. (330)AVAILABLE at A$2500