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1d Red/Green Pane 1 collection neatly written up on leaves opening with dramatic 'tin-shed' flaw on 1d red (Drury photo-cert), then 1d green CofA wmk UL cnr blk of 12 (6x2) MUH, 1d red rough paper vert prs (2, pos13-14/19-20). Another 1d red rough paper blk of 4 (29-30/35-36) with 'saddle on Emu' (ACSC 72(1)e cat $350), similar blk of 4 for 1d green SM wmk perf 13½x12½ (cat $80). Then 'Saddle on Emu' (pos 36) on 1d red smooth & rough papers (71, 72 (1)e cat $120). 1d green perf 13½x12½ Ash imprint blk of 12 (6 each side) with 2 clear Die II stamps (ACSC 81(1)I, ia, zb cat $450). CofA wmk lwr marginal inter-panneau Ash imprint gutter blk of 48 (24 & 24) most MUH inc 16 Die II retouched (pane 2) stamps & Plate 1 CofA wmk lwr marginal Ash imprint blk of 24 (12x2) VF MUH, plus unlisted plated singles & prs in the large multiples! Mixed M/MUH & F-VF U, total ACSC cat $2450 inc normal MUH/M stamps. (146) (P)SOLD at A$425