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1963 Cable 2/3. VF fresh MUH. SG 362 £150. Retail $300. (100).AVAILABLE at A$80

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New South Wales: Postmarks Relief cds collection on leaves with 1930s-40s 'Cut-down' date-stamps (100) with 40 diff from A to Z. 1930s-80s Numbered 'Relief' cds (160) from No.1 to 121 plus Nos.141, 159, 182 for 'Priority Paid' pmks. Also covers (30) inc 1930s Relief No.6, Relief No.7, X NSW, & Relief Stamp NSW machine cancel. 1950 Registered with 'SH NSW' tied to Ramsgate Park, plus 5 other cut down pmks on cover, RELIEF (PAID) 146 in red on 1985 env, plus other numbered cancels on assorted 1950s-80s covers. Mostly F-VF strikes, majority on piece or env. Difficult to find in quantity. (290+)SOLD at A$120

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New South Wales: Postmark Collection on pre-1910 PPC (63) inc 1905 from Ramornie to Myrtle Creek with South Grafton & Lawrence transit cds. 1906 from Bald Nob (crisp cds on card) to Myrtle Creek (stamp cancelled num 886 (RRR) with Borendore cds alongside), plus Barney's Hill transit & Myrtle Creek arrival cds. Plus another card from Bald Nob cancelled numeral 2003 (poor-RRRR)) with Barrey's Creek cds alongside & Myrtle Creek arrival. Other Numeral Cancels inc 147, 221, 231, 332, 1207, 1253, 1412, 1704 (RRRR, 2 good strikes on separate cards) & 2084 of Haberfield (RR). Other cds pmks & cancels inc Alstonville, Barellan, Brunswick Heads, Guyra, Jiggi, MacLean, Rous Mill, Upper Landsdowne & Wee Waa. Condition of cards variable inc foxing due to poor storage, pmks generally F-VF strikes. Still a stunning single correspondence from Woop-Woop to Woop-Woop via Woop-Woop NSW, many cards 3-4 separate pmks on each. (63)AVAILABLE at A$400

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Covers - Postal History: Gold Coast: 1900-55 Specialised collection on pages inc covers, PPCs, On Active Service & Censor Mail, airletters & other stationery. Noted 22 covers inc registered covers, 3 PPCs, pre-stamped & postal envelopes & airletters 33 items in total, plus another 108 pmks usually on piece or fragment. Inc a good study of the markings of Sekondi inc with the spelling Secondee, Temple NT, Tarquash/ Tarkara, Sulhum, Twifu inc 1936 (12 Sep) cover to Edinburgh. Also noted 1946 On Active Service cover unstamped, 1952 6d Pic pre-stamped airletter, 1954 taxed airletter to Le Havre, France with 3Fr, 20Fr Postage Due tied by cds. Incoming mail inc 1948 (10 Sep) GB 6d Olympic airletter to Gold Coast with Suhum arrival b/s. Priced retail $2200. An unusual & scarce collection. (141 items)AVAILABLE at A$425

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1931 OS Opt Kingsford Smith set 2d & 3d. VF fresh MUH. SG O123-4 cat £360, should be at least £720 MUH. ACSC 141-2(OS) cat $1175. Rare genuine MUH & certificate can be obtained on request. (2) (P)AVAILABLE at A$600

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1931 OS opt Kingsford Smith set 2d & 3d. F-VF fresh MLH, SG O123-4 cat £360, ACSC 141-2(OS) cat $600. Scarce & genuine set & certificate can be obtained on request. (2) (P)AVAILABLE at A$220

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1932 Bridge 2d red engraved full sheet of 80 inc imprint & plate number 2 dots at right. VF MUH. SG 141 cat £560 as M singles, should be at least double, £1120 MUH. ACSC 146 cat $1520 as plate/imprint blks & singles. Rare sheet. (P)SOLD at A$850

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1879-81 1d reddish brown, 1d dull blue, 4d orange-yellow & 6d yellow-green, imperf plate proof prs on thin no wmk card, odd blemish. UN as made. SG 129(p), 136(p), 141(p) & 143(p) cat £1250+ as normals. Very rare. (4 prs) (P)AVAILABLE at A$550

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1899-1910 Queen high value set 1G-10G. VF fresh M/MLH. NVPH 77-88 cat €1410, SG 194-97 cat £1600. (4). (P)SOLD at A$575

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1946 KGVI Victory set 2d & 4d, perf SPECIMEN. VF fresh MUH. SG 141s-142s cat £150. (2) (P)AVAILABLE at A$150

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1950 Stamp Centenary set 50c-25p imperf. VF fresh MUH, all top marginal with part inscription, 4 margins, 75c sl gum disturbance in margin. Ed 1075-82 cat €625, SG 1141-48 cat £675. (8) (P)SOLD at A$250