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1d Red/Violet/Green pane 8 collection neatly written up on leaves with 1d green UL cnr blk of 4 (pos 1, 2/7,8) on translucent paper MUH (ACSC 80Baa cat $500). 1d red wmk INVERTED blk of 4 (pos 3, 4/9,10) VF M/MUH ($250). 1d violet MUH blk of 4 (pos 7-8/13-14) with both 'thin One Penny' varieties (ACSC 76B(4)k,l cat $300), 1d green vert blks of 6 (13,14/ 19,20/ 25,26) in both single wmk & no wmk types with both thin One Penny flaws & N-Y joined fresh MLH ($280). 1d green SM wmk perf 14 irregular blk of 21 MUH (pos 15-36 cat $500) with 'blisteral upper frame' error (no 15). 1d violet blk of 36 MUH (pos 25-60) with N-Y joined, scratch behind Kangaroo, cnr dot, roo's tongue out & Run N varieties (ACSC 76(4) o, p, s, u, vb cat $600 MUH). N-Y joined collection (11, cat $1000) inc 1d red VFU & 1d green SM wmk perf 14 blk of 4 MUH. No wmk right marginal blk of 12 (6x2) MUH with N-Y joined flaw ($470). 1d red vert blk of 6 MUH (31,32/ 37,38 /43,44) with 'scratch behind roo' variety (cat $275) 1d red wmk INVERTED right marginal blk of 8 MUH (pos 39,42 /45,48) cat $75x8 is $600. 1d violet blk of 4 (3 shades, pos 53,54 /59,60) MLH/MUH with cnr dot & Run N retouched varieties cat $600. Then 1d red, 1d green no wmk & SM wmk cnr blks of 4 MLH/MUH again with cnr dot/Run N varieties (pos 54/60 cat $450), plus 1d red LM wmk Run-N (3rd state) VFM cat $325. Finally 1d green imprints (6 diff) inc single wmk Harrison blk of 4 perf OS (cat $350), & Mullett blk of 8 inc 'roos tongue out' variety ($300). SM wmk perf 14 blk of 6 inc roo's tongue out ($300) & 3 diff Ash imprints inc opt OS. All fresh & clean with extensive plating notes throughout inc readily identifiable non ACSC listed flaws G-VF U, F-VF M/MUH. Overall a great collection (as are th 7 other pane groups). Inspection highly recommended. Total ACSC cat $12,000+. (365). (P)AVAILABLE at A$1700