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1½d Red Void cnr (pos L59) 5th Correction, Mullett imprint blk of 8, UR cnr showing signs of wear, reverted back to void cnr status, plus 'scratch in front of King's Head variety' (pos L54). UR stamp MLH, other MUH. ACSC 91(2)zg cat $550. (P)AVAILABLE at A$300

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Austria: 1860-1966 ex dealer's stock inc 1850s imperf Arms (25) inc diff types, papers etc, 1858-59 Franz Josef (17) inc types, 1860 embossed (2-8 of ea), 1863 Arms (27), 1867 Franz Josef coarse print (18) to 25k, fine print (43) to 25k & 50k (2), 1883 Arms (54) to 25k (2), 1890 Heads (100), 1891 (23) later Heads (130), 1908 Anniv inc 5k MUH, then strong range to 1922 inc Musicians & Air sets, 1934 Regions set M, plus 35U, 1935 Airs to 5/- both M&U, to 1960 inc 1950 Birds with 3S (2U), 5S (3U), 10S (6U) etc. Postmark interest early. Some variable condition. Mostly F-VF U, with M/MUH later. Old Mi STC €7700 = A$12,500+, current cat higher, plus covers, postal stationery etc. (40). (1450). (P)AVAILABLE at A$600
Balkans 1880s-1960 in large s/book inc Bosnia Herzegovina early Arms types inc lots of diff shades, perfs, printings etc many cat £10-£50 ea, Postage Due sets, 1906 Pictorial M & U sets, plus some imperfs, 1912 set to 3Kr U, various opts, 1917 set U etc (total marked cat £2000). Bulgaria 1882-1960 inc 1884 Postage Dues with 'lozenge' perfs 5st M & 25st U (£920), early Arms inc perfs, shades & printings, then good range of mostly sets inc 1911 Pictorial set M (£100), etc (total £1800), plus Austria inc 1925 Airmail set M (£225). Total for s/book £5000 - about 10% unpriced. Vendor paid $1450. Also Austria BOB inc Postage Dues 1894-1919 (cat £1100) appears basically comp with many both M & U, plus perfs, papers etc, similar range of Newspaper stamps inc 1851 Mercury blue U (£160), 1890 25kr red U (£375). F-VF M/MUH/U. Total cat £6100+ = A$11,000. (1700)SOLD at A$500

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Germany - West Berlin: 1948-90 Extensive collection MLH/MUH largely on illustrated leaves in 4 binders inc 1948 'Berlin' black opts to 5Mk MLH/MUH, 1949 UPU set MUH, 1949 Goethe part set MUH, 1949 Relief Fund M/S MLH, 1949 Buildings to 5Mk M/MLH, 1951 Bell to right set MUH, other earlies, then an extensive range through to 1990 MUH with extras of later issues. Mostly F-VF, cat £5500 = A$10,000. (1450, 14 M/S)SOLD at A$475

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Malta: 1860-1921 inc QV ½d buff, no wmk UN. 1863-81 QV ½d range of 4 shades, wmk Crown CC. 1885-90 QV to 5/-, plus shades. 1899-1901 Pictorial to 10/- wmk Crown CC/CA. 1904-21 Pictorial to 5d, wmk mult crown. All diff inc shades. Mostly G-VF M/UN/U. SG cat £1450+ = A$2600+. (24). (P)SOLD at A$300

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Singapore: 1948-2018 Collection in 2 s/books inc 1948 KGVI set to $5, perf 14 M, & to $5 U perf 17½x18, plus $5 blk of 4. 1948 Silver Wedding set. 1955-59 QEII Pic set to $5. 1962-66 Animals & Flowers set to $5. 1969 Music to $10. 1970 Osaka Fair set. 1971 Art set to $1. 1973 Flowers to $10. 1980 Ship Def set to $10. Good coverage of Commems to 2018 (FV alone is $320). Almost all diff. VF fresh, earlier MLH or U, later mostly MUH with some issues VFU. SG cat £4100+ = A$7300+. Nice collection. (1450 + 50 M/S) (P)AVAILABLE at A$800

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American Tobacco Co: 1900 Fish from American Waters (green ref rev) set of 25, minor rev foxing G-VG condition at £250. British-Australasian TC 1910 Flags of all Nations (60) mostly G-VG (cat £7 ea) inc West Aust SN Co, Commonwealth Line, Custom House (British), China (Ensign), Austria (Royal Standard), Royal Standard of GB & Ireland, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Queensland Commercial, Indo-China Steam Nav Co, USA President, German Empire Admirals Flag & others inc Champion Tobacco. Also another 20 flags Poor-Fair condition, plus 1895 American Tobacco Co 'Postage Stamp' cards (10, cat £12.50 ea). Total cat val (ex damaged cards) £790 = A$1450. (115)SOLD at A$180

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Cricket: Allen's 1934 (fresh tints) near comp set of 34/36 (ex 6, 16 damaged fronts) inc Woodful, Oldfield, Bradman, Richardson, Grimmett, Jardine & Larwood, mostly VG/Fine condition cat £400. Capstan 1909 coloured (40+) inc Trumper, Kelly, Gehrs, Duff & Noble mixed G-VG (cat £600+). Sweetacres 1932 Prominent Cricketers/Test records mix (50/64) inc Eddie Gilbert, Don Bradman (2 diff), Gregory, Hird, Ponsford & Grimnett, mostly good condition (cat £200+). Wills 1903 coloured (English, framed, small S rev) 1-25 numbered with Australians (11) inc J darling (Capt 1896-99, 1902-), V Trumper, W Armstrong, H Trumble, E Jones, W Howell, M Noble & JJ Kelly. G-VG or better condition, cat £200+. Overall a useful collection. Total 2014 Murray cat £1450+. (150+)AVAILABLE at A$250

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4d Olive-yellow No Imprint blk of 8 (Mullett) Plate 4 variety 'line through King's neck' (pos R55). Upper cnr stamps MLH, other 6 inc comp imprint blk of 4 fresh MUH. ACSC 114C(4)n,za cat $550 as M, & MUH should be at least double, $1100 MUH, plus an extra $350 for the other 4 stamps, total $1450. (P)AVAILABLE at A$600

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2d Red Brown MULLETT imprint strip of 6, Electro 12 with 3mm imprint. F-VF M/MUH, partial separation of imprint, uneven gutter at top. ACSC 98(12)z cat $1450 as a strip of 6. (P)AVAILABLE at A$200

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1949 Hunan 'Unit' stamp opt SYS $30 deep blue, error on SG type 102 (SG 809). Superb UN as issued. SG 1219a cat £250. CSC 1450 cat US$350. Rare, only 200 printed. (P)SOLD at A$160