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1927 Canberra 2/- booklet with 1½d panes. F-VF MUH, usual sl blemishes but o/w very clean. SG SB22 cat £90. Pf B38 cat $150 for with sl flts.AVAILABLE at A$50

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1930s-40s Lightly duplicated collection inc 1934 Airmail 1/6 claret no wmk MUH (2), 1934 Vic Cent sets (5) & Macarthur sets (4), G-FU. 1935 KGV SJ to 2/- MUH & U, 1936 S.Aust sets F-VF M (2) & U (7), 1938 NSW Sesqui set U (5) plus 9d pr FM, 1940 AIF sets (2) plus extra 6d (2), 1949 Arms set to £2 (7). Plus Postage Dues (94) inc 1909 Bicolours to 5/-, & BCOF opt set to 2/-. Generally G-F/VFU. Retail $1500. Also 1940s Coil prs (12) & 1950s-60s Pre-decimal Pic/commems to 3/- mostly fresh MUH. Total retail $1700. (540)AVAILABLE at A$500
1966-86 FDC accumulation with strength to 1976 (700) inc 1966 Pics to 30c, 1967-69 Commem sets, 1968 Fam Aust Booklet pane set of 4, 1970 Cook sets (10) inc Registered, plus strip of 5 on PO Pictorial Unaddressed envelope. 1969 Prim Min sets (14) inc Tabs, 1971-75 Commem sets & singles inc Private cachets & wide range 1976-86. Plus small selection late 1990s se-tenant multiples & M/Sheets. Some foxing to early 1970s o/w generally fresh & clean with minor duplication inc cachet/envelope variations. (1500)AVAILABLE at A$180
1988 Bicentenary Commemorative cover/PSE collection in 8 green binders with around 645 items inc Aust-UK, NZ & USA Joint Issue covers (115), Bicent FDC (115) inc Koch Silks & Wesley cachets. First Fleet FDC collection (108) with wide range of Pic pmks & commem cachets. Tall Ships collection (70) inc signed covers (30) noted Admiral Rothesay Swan, Tall Ships Race pictorials (24). Bicent PSEs (68) with cancels & cachets inc various exhibition. 1988 Early Years FDC (32). Plus 1984-87 Indigenous Peoples & Early Explores FDC (100). Huge variety throughout with very little duplication. All fresh & clean. A massive undertaking with original cost well over $1500. (645)AVAILABLE at A$200
1990-99 FDC Collection now loose in box with wide variety of sets inc scattered AAT, Christmas & Cocos Is plus assorted M/S. Minimal duplication, fresh & clean, FV $1500+. (600)AVAILABLE at A$325

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2000 Sydney Olympics 45c Gold Medal M/Sheets Digital print set of 6 diff logos with Kangaroo, Koala, Kookaburra, Platypus, Possum & Swan at LR with all 16 diff M/S in ea set. Fresh MUH, not often seem as a comp set of 96. FV alone $690 Retail $1500 if you can find them.AVAILABLE at A$500

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Collection 1913-72 in older Seven Seas illustrated pgs with Kangaroos (31) to £1 grey CofA wmk inc 1st wmk 1/- & 2/- M, 3rd wmk 3d olive wmk INV M, SM wmk 1/- M (2) & 6d opt OS plus U inc 5/- 3rd, 10/- SM & £1 grey (retail $3000). KGV (73) with single, SM & CofA wmks 1/4 inc 4d lemon wmk INV U (cat $1500) & 1½d green, 4d blue, 4d violet, 4½d (2) M ($280). SM wmk 3d Die I M (2, $140) & CofA wmk 4d (4) & 5d (3) M ($215). Some minor flts inc age spots or sl thins, total cat/retail $2300. 1914 6d Kookaburra Engraved M. 1931 Kingsford Smith opt OS 2d CTO & 3d M (as is). 1927-30 Commems perf OS set of 6. 1934 Vic Cent set M (2) & Macarthur set U. 1935 KGV SJ set U. 1937 Robes to £1 (2 sets). 1949 Arms set to £2 M. Pre-dec QEII near comp to 1965 inc 1959 Pics to 5/- Cattle M & 1963 Navigators set of 6 to £2 U. Decimals to mid 1972 near comp MUH inc 1966 Defs to $4, 1971 Christmas 7c blk of 7 cream paper & blk of 25 white paper, plus some extras inc 1971 RAAF 6c, 1972 PM 7c set, 1972 CWA 7c PO publicity cards (ACSC cat $500). Some sl mixed condition to 1965, generally G-F M/MUH/U, total retail approx $7000. (720)AVAILABLE at A$1300

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Covers-Military 1916-70s range from various theatres of war, mostly WWII, though value in WWI with 1916 (Jan) cover to Melbourne with Superb strike of triple-oval 'School of Instruction Zeitoun' & multiple strikes on improvised resealing label with m/s 'Opened by Censor' in red & endorsed 'J.H. Hobbs' (censor), British cachet used on Australian troop mail, 1916 (Aug 7) Reg cover to Egypt franked NSW 2d & Tasmania 2d tied by Prahran cds red & white Reg label, h/s 'M.O. Prahran', Melbourne & Cairo, Egyptian blue & white label & cachet, chamfered h/s in blue twice, 1916 KGV Military Envelopes 1d carmine fine UN (5) diff settings & papers ACSC ME1 (2 types), ME4B, 5A & 5B (cat $1500), 1917 AIF Military Pass, 1943 (Nov) POW Christmas postcard of Kangaroo with a joey in pouch, franked 6d Kookaburra, used from No.13 Murchison Camp (Vic) to Germany, various cachets, 1944 1/- POW Lettersheet to Germany from Marrinup (WA) sent via Melbourne, 1945 NSW Railway tickets (2, for military personnel), 1949 4½d Defence Forces Wrapper 'Air Medal Section', fresh unfolded, other WWII, few BCOF, Vietnam & other military items. (45 items)AVAILABLE at A$1200
Covers: 1940s-early 2000s Pictorial/Commem pmk accumulation (approx 5000), wide variety inc 1940s-90s philatelic exhibition, noted 1947 Newcastle Registered & 1984 AUSIPEX set of 10 M/Sheets with daily pmks (2 sets), Scout Jamborees 1948 onwards, 1956 Melbourne Olympics Pictorials, 1958 Mt Kosciusko round pictorial (cat $250), misc FFC inc 1970 Europa Rocket 9, 1970 Cook M/Sheet opt Tullamarine Airport on Opening Day pictorial registered envelopes (3, retail $150), 1970 RV 5c & 30c set of 22 diff town pmks (cat $250), plus much much more with huge variety of commem cancels & Pic pmks inc 1980s silk cachet covers, massive lot (5000) to sort through. Also another 5000 PSE 1979-onwards mixed UN/FDI/Special pmks (inc Red Billy Blood Drop) in another 3 cartons. Huge original costs (the PSE around $1500 alone). All in 7 water proof plastic tubs, can be repacked for delivery to successful absentee bidders. Around 10,000 covers/envelopes.SOLD at A$500
Covers: Mostly 1980s Pictorial/commem pmks on FDC, PSE or special event envelopes, large duplication accumulation (approx 1500) in 2 medium cartons, plenty to sort through. Also Expo 88 specialised with Pavilion pmk sets (3) in individual special black albums, & pictorial PSE array (400+), with wide variety of pmks & coloured cachets. Also shoebox with approx 200 more covers again with Expo 88 cachets & cancels. Finally 1987-88 Bicentenary Silk FDC with approx 100 sets/singles (USA, NZ, GB), all with commem cancels. Plus Living Together sets & Parliament House singles. Not often seen in such quantity, huge retail potential (Silks alone worth $200-$300). All fresh & clean. Neatly packed into 3 cartons. (2800)AVAILABLE at A$150

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Covers: Commercial Mail 1940s-80s accumulation inc certified mail 1950s-60s semi-specialised collection on leaves, 1940s onwards OHMS covers (150), 1980s Priority Paid Mail, Pictorial/other advertising business envelopes mainly 1940s-50s, Taxed/underpaid Postage Due covers to early 1980s, plus many 100s of other covers/envelopes inc assorted Postal Stationery, plus Registered- Security Post (60) 1940s-80s. Unchecked as received, usual sl mixed condition. (1500)SOLD at A$300
Kiloware: 1970s-90s Super mix (3.75kg) from FDC sorted into yearly packs, great variety with Pic/commem sets & assorted M/S, plus another 2.25kg to 2012 60c Road Trip sets inc late 1980s Framas loose in shoebox. Duplication, mega FV, cut from 1200-1500 FDC. All fresh & clean. Total weight well over 6kg. (many 1000s)AVAILABLE at A$250
Multi-Carton lot of FDCs & PSEs 1970-2013 in 3 PW albums & 6 binders, plus 9 small albums. FDCs 1970-2013 extensive with extras (850+), PSE 1970s-80s M & FDI (ca 700+). Mostly VF. High original cost. (1500+)AVAILABLE at A$200
Postmarks: 1930s cds accum mixed on/off paper. Weight 270gr (approx 1500). 1940s-50s cds mix on paper, weight 450gr (approx 2500). Then approx 3.3kg pre-decimals semi-sorted into plastic bags (approx 25,000), plus around 1500 1940 2d AIF. Unchecked as received from pmk accumulator/hoarder/collector? (30,000).AVAILABLE at A$275
British Commonwealth selection/accumulation in 3 German s/books & Seven Seas album. Inc useful Brit West Indies noted Jamaica, Leeward Is, Trinidad KGVI range largely G-FU, Ceylon 1930s/40s in quantity inc KGV Pictorials to 1R, KGVI to 1R (3), 50c (9) & other values, mostly G-FU. PNG MUH collection in Seven Seas hingeless album to 1996 (retail $300) inc 1964 Birds to 10/- & 1980s-90s Pictorial/commem sets (FV 95K). South Africa States inc Cape of Good Hope, Natal & others. Some useful pickings. Usual mixed condition for lots like this but largely F-VF. (1500)AVAILABLE at A$140

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British Empire: 1935 KGV Silver Jubilee Omnibus collection comp inc Australia, Egypt, Falklands, Hong Kong, NZ & South Africa prs etc. VF M/MLH. SG cat £1500. (250) (P)AVAILABLE at A$1000

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China: 1890s-1990s Accumulation in packets & on hagners from all periods inc 1898-1910 Coiling Dragons. Odd 1890s Local Post. Plenty SYS issues of 1930s-40s inc Surch & Inflation, 1913-33 Junk, Reaper & Hall to $2. Manchukuo 1930s Pic issues in strips & blks. 1949-50s PRC with proper pmks (not CTO) inc 1950 Flag issues. 1972 Red Flag Canal set. F-VF M/MUH/U. SG cat £3500+ = A$6300+. (1500)SOLD at A$525

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Covers: 2 Volume collection (300) with very diverse range inc Belgium & France 1880s-1940s Pic envelopes (30) mainly advertising inc a few with WWII German Censor Cachets. Then Spain WWII era to Fiji with 'Service Suspended' cachet, NZ 1940 FFC to Australia with censor tape. Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Egypt, France & Malta 1940s-60s inwards Mail to Australia, Mexican Postal Stationery, amateur Radio Cards (6), Fiji 1940s-50s philatelic/Commercial Mail inc stampless Officials, & Zimbabwe 1990 registered envs (6) to Jersey (GB). Then unsorted mess (approx 1500 covers) in 2 cartons inc Vanuatu Aerograms, plus Australia, British Commonwealth & foreign philatelic & commercial covers 1950s-80s inc USA FDC & special Commem envs. Viewing recommended. See website. (1800)SOLD at A$275
Egypt: 1940s-60 full sheets of 50, plus part sheets & large blks. Mostly F-VF MUH. Looks like about 40 diff. SG cat £1500+. (59 sheets, 20 part sheets etc)SOLD at A$275
Great Britain - Isle of Man: 1958-2010 collection in 3 SG hingeless slipcase albums with comprehensive range of Pic sets, M/S, booklet panes & Prestige booklets. Great variety of thematics inc Aircraft, Architecture, Birds, History, Motor Cycle Racing, railways, Royalty & more. All fresh & clean MUH. SG cat £2350 = A$4300. High FV & high cost of albums. (1500, & 120 M/S)SOLD at A$325

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Indonesia 1978 Tiger 100Rp M/Sheet (100, SG 1492 cat £1300), 1996 Rhino 2400Rp M/S (50, SG cat £325) plus another 50 M/S opt 'Bursa Filateli SEA Games 1997', unlisted SG est. cat £325, 1998 Minerals set of 2 numbered M/S for Indonesia 2000 Philatelic Exhib (40 sets, SG MS2407 cat £1200), plus another 100 large size only M/Sheet (100, SG2407b est. cat £1500). All fresh MUH. Zonnebloem cat €3400 = A$5440. Total SG cat £4650 = A$8300. (380)AVAILABLE at A$500

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Israel: 1948-80s Collection/accumulation in thick s/book. 1948 1st Coin ranges to 50m inc perfs & pmks, 1949 Road to Jerusalem 250pr. 1949 New Year set. 1950 Airmail set. 1952 Menorah 1000Pr. Good coverage of later issues inc some tabs, control blks, sheetlets & odd M/S. Most F-VF M/MUH/U. SG cat £1500+ = A$2700+. (3200)AVAILABLE at A$150
Israel: 1948 -late 1980s collection/accumulation in 3 hagner binders & s/book. Noted 1948 New Year M/MLH, 1949 Nat Assembly set with part tabs M, 1950 New Year set with tabs MLH. Solid range of 1950s-80s MUH & CTO inc sets with tabs, also Exhibition M/sheets MUH/CTO plus more sets excised from FDCs, with good depth & good thematic content. Then a good variety of FDC & Commercial covers, plus range of ca 1960s Commem covers in qty with a variety of Commem cachets. Some mixed condition but largely F-VF cat £1500+ = A$2700. (2200 plus 55 M/S & 160+ covers)AVAILABLE at A$250

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Malaysia & States: 1949-70s MUH collection in binder inc sets to $5 for Negri Sembilan 1949-55 Arms set (SG cat £130). Perak 1950-56 Sultan set (£110). Johore 1949-55 Sultan set & 1960 Sultan Pic set. Kedah 1950-55 Sultan & Rice Sheaf set (£160). 1957 & 1959-62 Sultan Pic sets. Kelantan 1951-55 Sultan set (£200) & 1957-63 Sultan Pic set. Malacca 1957 QEII Pic set. All diff. VF fresh MUH. SG cat £1500+ = A$2700+. Unusually nice collection. (500) (P)SOLD at A$1350

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Middle East: 1900-70s Bundle of pages & hagners inc Kuwait, Palestine, Jordan, Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Sudan etc. Jordan (SG cat £300) inc 1925 opts to 5Pi M, then near comp 1959-65. Iraq 1928-50 inc 1918 Occup opts to 10R M (£120), 1923 Official set ex 10R M (£100), 1934 King 2 sets U (£70) & much more, 1949 UPU M/S both MUH (£180), & finally Egypt 1922-69 (£650) inc 1923 set to £1 U, 1925 Congress set M (£50), 1926 Airmail & King's Birthday U (£58), 1927 Kings to £1, then strong range to 1969, plus the other countries. Some toning in Iraq, some U. Mostly F-VF M/MUH. SG cat £1500+. (2000+)SOLD at A$475

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Monaco: 1885-1980 Ex dealer's stock. 1885 Prince to 40c inc M & U, 1891-1921 Albert to 5Fr, 1929 Surch set, 1929-33 Pics to 10Fr, 1947 Air se-tenant strip of 3, 1949-50 UPU set. Good coverage of 1950s-70s. 1980 Europa sheetlets. Also Postal Stationery envelopes & Airletters from 1890s. Most F-VF M/MUH/U, post 1950 being mostly VF fresh MUH. Nearly all diff. SG cat £6200+ = A$11,000+. Dealer's retail $4500+. (1500)AVAILABLE at A$750
New Zealand 1940s-85 Collection in Seven Seas hingeless album (1953-85). Mostly MUH, strength in 1970s-80s sets inc blks of 4, Health M/Sheets, booklets, Year Packs, 1984 Year album, also Year Pack, FDC collections. Noted 1960, 1967-69 Pictorials G-FU, 1967 3c Flower pr MISPLACED PERFS MLH, also Tokelau 1970s-80s blks of 4. Mainly F-VF. Total retail approx $1500 (FV alone $550+), cost of Seven Seas album $200. (1040, 31 M/S)AVAILABLE at A$250

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Olympic Games: Ex dealer's thematic retail display stock in binder, many countries present inc Sweden 1912 poster stamps (8, in diff languages) M/UN, Lithuania 1938 set, Dominican Republic 1937 set, Guinea 1960 Rome set, West Germany 1952 set, Monaco 1948 set, Norway 1952 set. M/S inc Ras Al Khaimah Gold embossed, Peru 1948 MUH, plus Chad & Mali epreuve de luxe. Most F-VF M/MUH/U. SG cat £1500+ = A$2700+. Mostly diff. (160 + 48 M/S)AVAILABLE at A$400

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Papua New Guinea collection 1952-2000 in 2 Seven Seas hingeless slipcase albums largely MUH & comp inc £1 Fisherman, 1994 Emergency opts set of 11. Some tropicalisation mainly on the pages but largely VF MUH. Retail $1500+ with original cost of albums $400. (840 plus 19 M/S)AVAILABLE at A$325

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Poland: 1950 Currency Revaluation 'GROSZY', 'Groszy' & groszy' opts comp basic collection of diff issues as listed in Michel with Airmail surch set (40z) on 40z on 50gr - (50) on 50z on 25gr. Culture Fund set to 20z perf & imperf, plus New Colours perf & imperf. TB set with tabs inc all 10 diff types of tabs. 1948 Roosevelt Airmail set, 1948 President set. 1948 Culture Fund M/S, 1948 Roosevelt M/S. 1948 Roosevelt Air set with tabs. All diff. Mi cat €2650+ = A$4000+ & undercatalogued as rarely offered. SG cat £1500 as normals & with opt should be double, so £3000. Interesting collection. (162 + 2 M/S) (P)AVAILABLE at A$1000

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4d Orange-yellow. F MUH, darker gum. SG 6a cat £500 for M, this period should be at least triple £1500 MUH. ACSC 15E/F cat $2500/$2250. Rare shade. (P)AVAILABLE at A$400

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1/- Deep green wmk INVERTED. VF fresh MUH appearance (sl redistributed gum?). SG 11w cat £1500 for M. ACSC 30Aa est cat $20,000 MUH. Rare. (P)AVAILABLE at A$2500

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1/- Deep green, wmk INVERTED. VF fresh M. SG 11w cat £1500. ACSC 30Aa cat $4000. Rare M. (P)AVAILABLE at A$1500

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2/- Brown wmk INVERTED. FU, W/C. SG 41w cat £425, ACSC 37a cat $1500. (P)AVAILABLE at A$400

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2/- Brown wmk INVERTED, perf OS. VFU. SG O49w cat £850. ACSC 37Aaba cat $1500. 2015 RPSL photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$450

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9d Pale violet plate 3 Ash imprint blk of 4. F-VF fresh 2M/2MUH. SG 108(var), ACSC 28B(3)z cat $1500. (P)AVAILABLE at A$500

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5/- Grey & yellow-orange variety 'shading breaks in Bight'. VF MUH. SG 135(var) cat £170 for M, should be at least 200% premium MUH. ACSC 46A(D)n cat $1500 MUH, plus 150% premium for the variety. (P)AVAILABLE at A$500

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½d Green Electro 3, variety 'clubbed fraction bar at left'. Neat crisp 1915 machine pmk. W/C VFU. ACSC 63(3)r cat $1500. Rare. 2018 Ceremuga AIEP photo-cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$500

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1d Carmine-rose IMPERF PLATE PROOF left marginal blk of 4 from pane III, UR stamp variety 'vert white gash before O of ONE'. VF UN, scarce positional multiple. 2018 ACSC 70PP(2)C cat $1500 as 4 singles, positional plateable blks are rare! (P)AVAILABLE at A$1200

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1d Scarlet red (G17) variety CNE PENNY. VFU with neat cds clear of variety. 2018 ACSC 71G(4)q cat $1500. 2009 Drury photo cert. (P)SOLD at A$750

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1d Carmine-red (G31) Plate 1 Harrison One Line imprint pr, left stamp small mark on emu, o/w VF MUH. 2018 ACSC 71Y(1) cat $900 as hinged pr, blk of 4 cat $1500. (P)AVAILABLE at A$400

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1d Carmine red (G31) plate 4 Harrison One Line imprint pr with RA joined variety. FM. ACSC 71Y(4) j zj cat $900 ($1500 for blk of 4). (P)AVAILABLE at A$300

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1d Carmine red (G31) substituted cliche Die II, I (pos IV/34, 35) horiz pr. FU. 2018 ACSC 71A(2) ja, ka UNPRICED as a joined pr. Est cat $300 x5 = $1500. A rarely seen multiple. 2009 Drury photo cert. (P)SOLD at A$450

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4d Blue Cooke printing variety 'white flaw on King's temple' (early state). W/C FU with cds clear of variety. ACSC 112C(1)g cat $1500. Rare. 2018 Ceremuga AIEP photo-cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$800

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1d Green Die I, II Pane 2 UL cnr (gutter) blk of 20 (4x5) with 5 Die I, II, II, I strips of 4. VF MUH. ACSC 81(1)ia cat $1500 as 10 Die I, II prs plus premium for positional multiple. (P)AVAILABLE at A$350

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½d Orange opt OS sheet of 120, Electro 8 with 'hollow S' in opt flaw (pos R17) & most ACSC listed varieties. Perf separation throughout (inc loss of imprint) with Official PO repairs evident on reverse VF CTO Hobart cds. Scarce as a sheet. ACSC cat $1500.AVAILABLE at A$200

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1930 Lord Howe Island provisional Sturt 1½d with m/s '2d paid PM LHI', due to lack of 2d stamps after postal rates changed in August. Superb fresh MUH. ACSC 139c, SG 117(var) footnote cat £750 for M, should be at least £1500 MUH. Very rare genuine MUH. Certificate can be obtained on request. (P)AVAILABLE at A$1500

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1930 Lord Howe Island provisional Sturt 1½d with m/s '2d paid PM LHI' tied to cover by 'Lord Howe Island 15 SP 1930' cds. Provisional made due to lack of 2d stamps after postal rates changed in August. ACSC 139c, SG 117(var) footnote cat £750 as loose stamp & should be at least double, on cover, so £1500. Certificate can be obtained on request. (P)AVAILABLE at A$1100

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1932 Bridge 5/-. Superb fresh MUH, excellent centring. SG 143 cat £425 for M, should be at least double, £850 MUH. ACSC 148 cat $1500, retail above that for such a nice example (P)AVAILABLE at A$800

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1932 Bridge 5/-. VF fresh MUH. SG 143 cat £425 for M, should be at least double, £850 MUH. ACSC 148 cat $1500. (P)AVAILABLE at A$600

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1932 Bridge 5/- green. VF fresh MUH, pristine never hinged original gum. SG 143 cat £425 for M, should be at least double, £850 MUH. ACSC 148 cat $1500. (P)AVAILABLE at A$600

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1937-40s Postmaster-General's Department SPECIMEN folder with full contents of Robes set 10/- & £1 thick paper opt SPECIMEN (£1 is dull blue from Ash printing with grey-black opt). Plus the set of lower values as then current inc Hermes 1/6, Kangaroo 2/- & Robes 5/- all CTO with UH gum. The 2 opts superb fresh MUH. SG 177-78s cat £835+. ACSC 214x & 216Ax cat $1500+. Only 2860 of £1 printed of all 3 stamp/opt shades together, & rarely seen still in intact original folder. Rare genuine MUH & certificate for the £1 can be obtained on request. (P)AVAILABLE at A$800

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1938 Robes set 10/- & £1 thick paper opt SPECIMEN, £1 is deep slate-blue from McCracken printing with black opt. Superb fresh MUH. SG 177-78s cat £835+. ACSC 214x & 216Bx cat $1500+. Only 2860 of £1 printed of all 3 stamp/opt shades together, with only fraction being the McCracken. Rare genuine MUH & certificate can be obtained on request. (2) (P)SOLD at A$850

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1938 Robes set 10/- & £1 thick paper opt SPECIMEN, £1 is dull blue from Ash printing with blue-black opt. Superb fresh MUH. SG 177-78s cat £835+. ACSC 214x & 216Ax cat $1500+. Only 2860 of £1 printed of all 3 stamp/opt shades together. Rare genuine MUH & certificate can be obtained on request. (2) (P)SOLD at A$750

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1938 Robes 10/- & £1 thick paper opt SPECIMEN, £1 dull blue from Ash printing with blue-black opt. VF fresh M , traces of cds at UR or LL cnrs applied in error for Specimen sets. Scarce thus. SG 177-8s(var) cat £835. ACSC 214x & 216Ax(var) cat $1500 -both for w/o the cds. Certificate can be obtained on request. (2) (P)SOLD at A$375

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1938 Robes £1 thick paper opt SPECIMEN with all-over black opt ink smudge due to printing equipment malfunction (£1 deep slate from McCracken printing with black opt). VF UN. SG 178s(var) cat £800, ACSC 216x(var) cat $1500 - both for normal. Spectacular printing error. Genuine opt. Certificate can be obtained on request. (P)AVAILABLE at A$300

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2000 Olympics 45c Gold Medallist digital print perforated ESSAY of Herb Elliot (winner of 1960 Rome 1500m), left marginal showing additional printed perfs. These rare essays were created when the digital printers were tested prior to production of the issued sheetlets. VF fresh MUH. SG 2026(p). Only 1 double sheetlet of 20 perf stamps has been recorded. Significant rarity. (P)AVAILABLE at A$400

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1915 Address label on parcel piece franked Kangaroo 1st wmk 1/- dull greyish-green (cnr flt) & 2nd wmk 6d ultramarine, tied by 'Parcel Post Adelaide' roller pmks. SG 11 & 26, ACSC 18A & 30E -ea cat $1500 on cover. Both rare on entire. Extremely rare franking for 1/6 intra-state 4-5lbs parcel rate. (P)SOLD at A$650

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Impressed Duty: 1895 QV set 3d-£500. Mostly VF fresh MUH with albino embossed cancels. Bft 1-63 cat £290+, Elsmore cat $750+ both for M, should be at least double, £580+ or $1500+ MUH & very rare thus. Impressive set in unusually nice quality. (63). (P)AVAILABLE at A$800

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1880-91 QV 4d chrome-yellow, PRINTED BOTH SIDES, sideways on reverse!, wmk TAS with no lines, perf 12. VF fresh M, irregular gum as always, right marginal. SG 166ab cat £1500+. Extremely rare error & desirable as marginal as it is then clear to see the positions etc printed on reverse sideways impressions. Certificate can be obtained on request. (P)AVAILABLE at A$800

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1854-57 QV Halflength 1d rose-pink, Campbell printing on poor quality paper. F-VF UN. SG 28/28a cat £1500. Rare unused. 2018 Ceremuga photo cert. (P)SOLD at A$600

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1906 Beirut Provisional KEVII 1Pi/2d. Superb fresh MLH. SG 15 cat £1500. Genuine examples rare as only 600 printed & majority used. Exp twice, plus RPSL photo cert. (P)SOLD at A$1200

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1857-59 QV 8d brown, imperf. F-VFU, 3 margins, barred pmk. SG 7 cat £1500. (P)AVAILABLE at A$300

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1857-59 QV 8d brown, imperf. VFU appearance, repaired & added margins, barred pmk. SG 7 cat £1500. (P)SOLD at A$170

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1935 National Olympiad set 2c-10p. VF M/MLH. SG 461-76 cat £1500. Yv 274-89 cat €1900. Key set. (16) (P)AVAILABLE at A$700

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1847-54 QV Embossed 10d brown, 2 silk threads 5mm apart. VFU, cut square with almost 4 margins, barred numeral pmk. SG Spec H2, SG 57 cat £1500. (P)SOLD at A$275

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1929 KGV PUC £1 black. Stamp Superb fresh MUH with pristine never hinged original gum. SG 438 cat £750 for M, should be at least double, £1500 MUH. (P)AVAILABLE at A$900

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1871-73 Franz Josef 3Kr green, lithographed Sperati Forgery with 'Sperati Reproduction h/s on back. VFU, sl aging. SG 3 cat £1500, Mi 2 cat €1200, both for normal. (P)AVAILABLE at A$130

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1915 Red Cross '20' opt Eagle 15c+5c slate, error opt DOUBLE. Superb fresh MUH. SG 98(var), double unlisted, more common opt inverted cat £750 for M, so £1500 MUH. Sass 104b cat €1300 for M, should be at least double, €2600 MUH. 2014 Ceremuga AIEP photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$350

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1945 Torino CLN liberation local 'C.L.N.' fancy opt set Bandiera Bros 25c, 1L & 2.50L. VF MUH. CEI 32-34 cat €1500. Very scarce set, authorized by CLN authorities but issue was blocked by Allied military officials. CEI 32-34 cat €1500. 1996 Caffaz photo cert. (3) (P)AVAILABLE at A$300

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1904-07 KEVII 20R Grey & stone, wmk mult crown. VF F/C, violet circular h/s. SG 32 cat £1500 U. (P)AVAILABLE at A$150

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1912-21 KGV 50R carmine & green, wmk mult crown. VF F/C, square Document 1922 cancel. SG 61a est cat £120 for F/C (cat £1500 for U). (P)AVAILABLE at A$110

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1955 Rotary M/sheets imperf set 20w, 25w & 71w. VF UN as made. SG 236-8(var), Mi Blk 81-3 cat €1500, KPSC 91-3 cat W1,260,000. Only 1000 sets printed. (3) (P)AVAILABLE at A$500

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Johore: 1922-41 Sultan $50 green & ultramarine, wmk script. Superb fresh MLH. SG 126 cat £1500. Rare high value. RPSL photo cert. (P)SOLD at A$1300

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1935 Bulolo Airmail £5 green. VF MUH, never hinged original gum with sl uneven gum colour, bottom marginal. SG 205 cat £750 for M, should be at least double, £1500 MUH. (P)AVAILABLE at A$750

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1933 Airmail cover ex Bena Bena Aerodrome (28 Jan) franked Undated Bird 1d pr & 2d tied by 'Lae New Guinea 28 JA 33' cds to NSW with 'Post Office 31 JA 33 Salamaua' transit b/s. F-VF, roughly opened. AAMC P55 cat $1500. Extremely rare as only 10 flown & only 2 recorded of this combination. (P)AVAILABLE at A$600

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1946 International Bureau of Education M/S 3+22zl -11+22zl. Superb U/CTO, 'Tarnobrzeg 15 10 46' cds. Mi Blk 9 cat €1500, SG MS571d cat £1900. (P)SOLD at A$400

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1851 Queen 6R deep blue. Superb U, 4 margins, black web pmk. SG 13b cat £1500++, plus premium for rare pmk, Edifil 10a cat €1925 for this rare genuine example. 2010 Scheller photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$750

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1867 Queen 19c pale rose. Fresh M with original gum, tiny thin but VF appearance with nice colour. SG 102 cat £1500, Edifil 90 cat €1985. Very rare in genuine mint condition. 2010 Scheller photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$475

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1935 '7½ PIASTRES' opt Camel Airmail 4½Pi red-brown & grey, right marginal blk of 4, opt in RED from proof sheet. Superb fresh MUH with some positional varieties inc 'broken Arabic 2 in ½'. SG footnote under 73 cat £1500 for M, should be at least double, £3000 MUH, plus premium for blk. Only 2 proof sheets of 50 printed & rarity as positional blk. Certificate can be obtained on request. (P)AVAILABLE at A$1300

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1917-21 GEA opt KGV 50R carmine & green top value. Stamp Superb fresh MUH with pristine never hinged original gum, top marginal. SG 62 cat £750 for M, should be at least double, £1500 MUH. Beautiful quality. (P)AVAILABLE at A$1500