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Australia - Victoria: The Barred Numeral Cancellations 1856-1912 by Purves. 213pgs illustrated throughout. Excellent condition, long out of Print, signed by author 1964.AVAILABLE at A$60
Decimals $1 Pics (500), 60c (400), 55c (200), 45c (200), others to $5, all uncancelled on paper. Total FV $1540. Plus Concessions (200).SOLD at A$725

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Jamaica 1953 Royal Visit 2d comp sheets of 60 with full margins, imprint & plate numbers. VF MUH. SG 154 cat £33+ as singles. Scarce as full sheet.AVAILABLE at A$20

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Rhodesia & Nyasaland: 1954-59 QEII IMPERF proof blks inc ½d UR cnr marginal blk of 24, 1d UL cnr blk of 24, 4d UL cnr blk of 32, 6d LR cnr blk of 28 with Waterlow & Sons imprint, 2/- UR cnr blk of 6, plus Head only UR cnr blk of 8, 2/6 UR cnr blk of 8 plus Head only LR cnr blk of 4, & 5/- blk of 12 with left, top & bottom margins, plus head only LL cnr blk of 8, ea stamp with security punch. Almost all VF fresh MUH, odd paper adhesion from archive pgs, all 4 margins. SG ex 1-13 (p). (10 blks = 154 proofs) (P)AVAILABLE at A$1000

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1934 Victoria Centenary 2d red perf 11½ lower marginal part imprint horiz pr, variety ink clogging at LL, much heavier on right stamp covering 'AUS' of Australia. VF fresh MLH. SG 147(var), ACSC 154(var). 1st such example we have seen. (P)AVAILABLE at A$300

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1934 Victoria Centenary set 2d to 1/- perf 11½. W/C VF MUH. SG 147-9a cat £86 for M, should be at lease double £172 MUH. ACSC 154-6 cat $160. (3).SOLD at A$60

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1935 ANZAC set 2d & 1/-. W/C VF MUH. SG 154-5 cat £48 for M, should be at least double, £96 MUH. ACSC 164-5 cat $105.SOLD at A$60

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French India: 1941 'FRANCE LIBRE' blue opt Paris Exhib 1fa12, error INVERTED h/s opt from 2nd printing. VFU on piece. SG 159(var), Maury 154a cat €235+ Rare. (P)AVAILABLE at A$120

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Fiume: 1920 'Reggenza Italiana de Carnaro' opt Military Post set 1c/5c-10L/20c, tied by 'Fiume d'Italia 20 NOV 20 Posta Militare' cds, in Official PO printed presentation folder with PO cachets & signature. VF. SG ex 146-62 & E163-64 cat £1100++, Sass 131-47 & E3-4 cat €1545+, both as loose stamps, & €2100 for bklt. 2014 Colio photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$700

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1921 Red Cross Fund opt set 5+30Mk-20+30Mk. VF MLH. Mi 154-157 cat €130, SG 154-157 cat £75. (4)AVAILABLE at A$40

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1903 opt at base India QV 2R carmine & yellow-brown. VF fresh MLH. SG 22 cat £130. Only 1543 sold. (P)AVAILABLE at A$100

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1850 Queen 6R blue. VFU, 4 margins, red cds partly washed out. SG 5 cat £900++, plus premium for rare pmk. Edifil 4 cat €1540. Rare genuine example. RPSL photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$650

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1921 Cactus & KGV set ¼d to 1/-, opt SPECIMEN. VF fresh M. SG 154-61s cat £150. (8) (P)SOLD at A$130