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2006 Roses 50c M/Sheet UNCUT horiz strip of 3 with extra row of perfs at base & wide margins on 3 sides with printer's guillotine guidelines (not issued in this format). Fresh CTOAVAILABLE at A$170

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Fiji 1871-1999 collection in s/book with QV Defs inc 1871 CR Cypher 1d blue, 1878-99 VR selection inc 1878 1d blue lower marginal perf 10 M (cat £60) & 1886 2d green perf 12x10 U (SG 51b cat £550). KEVII & KGV Heads inc 5d & 6d opt R. KGVI Pics to 5/-. 1950s QEII to 10/-, 1960s Pics to 5/- Bird U, & 1968 Defs to £1 QEII MUH. Postage Dues to 4d black U & 1/- green MUH. Then dec Pic sets & M/sheets with good Thematic content. Some mixed condition in earlies, later largely F-VF M/MUH/U cat £1550 = A$2870. (650 + 12 M/S)SOLD at A$250

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Germany 1872-1977 Collection in KABE Album inc 1880-88 Eagle set to 50pf. 1899-1900 Germania set to 5Mk. 1933 Wagner set to 40pf. 1934 Air Swastika set to 3Mk. 1935 Costumes set to 40pf. 1936 Olympics M/S of 2. 1937 Hitler M/S perf & imperf plus 1937 Munchen Riem opt MS & Culture Fund M/S. 1945 SS & SA set U. Good coverage of 1960s-77 issues inc sets. All diff. Most F-VF M/U. SG cat £7000+ = A$12,000+. (1550 + 20M/S). (P)AVAILABLE at A$1200

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Nauru: 1916-2002 Collection in 2 large Lighthouse s/books with 1916 KGV opts to 1/- inc 2d orange Die II M/MLH plus extras MLH & G-FU, 1923 Centre opts M/MLH, Seahorses 2/6, 5/-, 10/-. 1924-48 Ship set to 10/-, both Rough & Smooth papers, F-VF M/MLH, also extras G-FU. 1935 Jubilee set MLH & FU. Useful Pre-decimal QEII to 1966 MLH/MUH. Parallel collection FU. Comprehensive Decimals 1966 MUH/G-FU to 1990. Then MUH only to 2002. Also noted some commercial mail 1976 Nauru to Melbourne & some extras from late 1970s. Mostly F-VF. SG cat approx £1550+ = A$2700. A comprehensive attractive collection. (100s) (P)AVAILABLE at A$500

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1d Deep carmine-rose (G105) plate 4 blk of 4 (pos VIII 31, 32/37,38) with ACSC listed varieties 'wattle line' (corrected by make-ready, Pos VIII/31), 'nick near top of left frame' (VIII/32) & 'neck flaw' (VIII/36). Upper right (pos 32) VFM, other 3 fresh MUH. ACSC 74B(4)f,g,h cat $1550 as individual stamps, plus premium for 3 ACSC listed plate flaws in the blk of 4. (P)AVAILABLE at A$700

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1d Green plate 4 gutter blk of 60 (6x10) inc upper & lower margins plus Ash M/N imprint & 8 diff ACSC listed varieties inc 'ferns' (VII/54), 'RA retouched' (VII/60), 'break in LL cnr' (VIII/13), 'thin One Penny' (VIII/14), 'break in upper frame' (VIII/15), 'N-Y joined' (VIII/25), 'scratch behind kangaroo' (VIII/32) & 'kangaroo's tongue out corrected' (VIII/56). Minor perf separation through centre-fold. VF MUH. ACSC 80(4)ia,ja,k,l,m,o,p,ua,zb cat $475 as hinged & MUH should be at least double, $950 plus another $600 for the other 50 MUH stamps (total $1550) & premium for the positional multiple. Also plating notes for a large range of unlisted constant varieties.AVAILABLE at A$250