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Booklet Collection 2006-07 in Lighthouse slipcase album. Specialised with virtually every catalogued type inc both General & Philatelic barcodes, opts (67) -also both barcodes where made, International sheetlets of 5 folders, Koala reprints etc. FV $850. SG SB195-243 cat £1083 as basic types, plus premium for all the opts. Pf B288-334 cat $2957. Plus album retail extra. (156)SOLD at A$600

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KGV 5d Brown: Specialised Collection with single wmk single-line perf 14 (18) inc perf OS, 'dry ink' (cat $450), 'white flaw in King's hair' ($120) & 'spot on kangaroo's tail' ($120). Single wmk comb perf 14 (42) with shades from pale to dark inc chestnut, orange-brown &yellow-brown plus constant plated varieties (22) inc ACSC types (8, cat $600). SM wmk (4, cat $95) inc 'break in right frame'. CofA Wmk (34) inc 9 ACSC varieties ($360) plus another 14 plated flaws & a selection of shades. G-FU. Total ACSC cat $1760. (94)SOLD at A$250

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Covers - World 1860s-1960s range with Costa Rica boxed '1945' opt set 5c-10Col on 2 censored covers to New York. Danish West Indies 1903 bisect 4c tied to trimmed cover by 'St Thomas 30 1 1903' cds with b/s of 'Frederiksted' & 'Christiansted' (SG cat £190 on piece). GB 1875 folded letter to Norway franked 1d plate 176 tied by 'Bristol MY 13 75' duplex pmks & b/s 'Hull Ship Letter'. Italy 1932 Express cover to Germany franked Express 1L25 (2) tied by 'Alba 1 8 32' cds -5 diff b/s. Norway 1925 franked Polar Bear set (SG cat £140) tied by 'Bergen Minde 10 XII 25' cds. Prussia 1862 folded letter wrapper franked 6pf & 3sgr with boxed 'Saarbruck' pmk & with 'Prusse Forbach Amb C 10 JUIN 62' railway TPO red cds. Poland 1964 Olympic M/Sheet on folded FDC (£65). Total SG cat £585+ as loose stamps alone & would be several times that on cover. (8). (P)AVAILABLE at A$300

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1885 'One Rupee Twelve Cents' opt QV 2R50 dull rose perf 12½x14. VF UN. SG 176 cat £110. (P)AVAILABLE at A$55

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Egypt: 1941-48 Specialised collection on pages with WWII Forces Mail inc Active Service Envelopes (2), stampless (4), 2d orange Postcards printed for 'The Lady Provost's Comforts Fund Depot' (2) plus cutouts (14), Airmail Lettercards (2) inc 'Official Paid' imprint. All with 'Egypt Postage Prepaid' pmks plus wide range of on piece 1½d-2/6 KGVI inc 2/6 brown blks of 10 & 12 (SG cat £176 as normal U) & a KGV Seahorse 2/6, plus related FPO, Army PO etc pmks inc 1943 piece from Basrah (Iraq), 1945 piece from Benghazi (Libya) with both normal KGVI 2/6 & MEF opt 2/6. Very interesting lot. (P)AVAILABLE at A$300

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1928 KGV set ½d to 10/- 'Postage & Revenue'. VF MUH. SG 176-86 cat £80 for M, should be at least double, £160 MUH. (11) (P)AVAILABLE at A$150