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2005, 2003, 2001, 1999 PO Die Proof Albums set of 4 with 2005 Transportation, 2003 Royalty, 2001 Federation & 1999 Engraved Stamps. Not often seen as a comp group, with Transportation being particularly scarce. ACSC cat $3200 as individual stamps.AVAILABLE at A$500

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New South Wales: Postmarks Relief cds collection on leaves with 1930s-40s 'Cut-down' date-stamps (100) with 40 diff from A to Z. 1930s-80s Numbered 'Relief' cds (160) from No.1 to 121 plus Nos.141, 159, 182 for 'Priority Paid' pmks. Also covers (30) inc 1930s Relief No.6, Relief No.7, X NSW, & Relief Stamp NSW machine cancel. 1950 Registered with 'SH NSW' tied to Ramsgate Park, plus 5 other cut down pmks on cover, RELIEF (PAID) 146 in red on 1985 env, plus other numbered cancels on assorted 1950s-80s covers. Mostly F-VF strikes, majority on piece or env. Difficult to find in quantity. (290+)SOLD at A$120

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Great Britain: Postal History 1820s-40s folded letters with wide range of markings inc 2-line name & number types inc Canterbury, Chelmsford, Poole & Rochester, other 1820s (2), 1830s (6) inc 'Free' in red & 'Too Late', 1840s (9) inc from Malta, to Belgium, "Paid at Edinr' etc, 1850 'Leith Paid' (2) & others, plus 1836 from Sydney with boxed red 'India Letter Penzance' b/s etc. (27 & a few fronts)SOLD at A$220

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New Zealand: 1936-52 ex UPU archive collection comp (ex 1936 Def set) inc 1936 opt Official set to 5/-, 1940 Centennial set & Official set, KGVI Defs set, & Official set etc, plus the odd Cook Is, Niue or Samoa set. Appear all VF fresh M, affixed to pages ex Tunisia PO UPU archive collection as UPU 'specimens'. SG cat £1100. Interesting for specialist as record of stamps distributed via UPU. (182)AVAILABLE at A$250

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Poland: Postal history 1806-80 inc 1806 folded letter to Belgium with 2-line 'Prusse Par Maaseyck' h/s. 1824 letter to France with 2-line 'Strzalkowo 3 Juli' plus 'Warszawa 30 Junei' in red & boxed 'Prusse Par Givet' in red. 1850 letter wrapper to London with Warszawa departure & London arrival cds in red, plus 2-line Berlin transit. 1851 Letter with boxed 'Pakocz' & 2-line 'Ostbahn'. 1860 cover to Paris with 2-line 'Justkow' h/s, boxed 'Aus Prusland' & Paris arrival b/s. 1862 to France with similar h/s to above. 1863 letter to Bordeaux inc Railway TPO cds, 1865 with 2 Railway TPOs. 1860s? to Trieste with Granica cds & Trieste arrival. 1867 with 3 diff Railway TPO cds. 1871 Warsaw Foreign Letter Section cds, plus 3 Railway TPO. 1872 franked 20k with TPO & London arrival cds. Very interesting lot. (14)SOLD at A$450

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1922-30 ½d-6d red & green set, 3rd wmk, perf 14 inc many ACSC listed shades, with ½d (3), 1d (4), 1½d (2), 2d (2), 3d (2), 4d, 6d (3), plus 4d perf 11. VF fresh MUH. SG D91-8 cat £182 for M, should be at least £364 MUH. ACSC D105-12 cat $644. (18). (P)AVAILABLE at A$200

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Postmarks: Numeral cancels inc 1541 & 2098 both rated RRRRR, both fair strikes on QV 2d blue. 2050 RRRR near comp strike on 1d shield, plus 1621 & 1826 (both poor strikes) rated RRRR, 962, 1920, 2067 mostly fine strikes -these rated RRR. (8). (P)SOLD at A$500

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1885 'Postage & Revenue FIVE CENTS' opt QV 24c brown-purple Sperati Forgery printed on genuine paper & with genuine opt from which design of another cheaper stamp was bleached out, & with genuine barred oval pmk, with 'Sperati Reproduction' h/s on back. VFU. SG 182 cat £500 for normal. Very dangerous forgery that fooled experts. (P)AVAILABLE at A$150

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Trengganu: 1917-18 Red Cross opt 4c+2c horiz left margin pr, error 'CSOSS for CROSS' at left. VF fresh MUH. SG 20/20c cat £182 for M, should be at least £364 MUH, premium for setenant pr (2) (P)AVAILABLE at A$200

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1909 Pictorial Arms $5 & $10 black & green colour trial composite PROOF with 'Waterlow & Sons Ltd Specimen' opt in sheetlet of 9, ea with small security punch. VF fresh UN as made. SG 182-83(p). Very rare & attractive (P)AVAILABLE at A$450