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1895 'Half-penny' opt Swan 3d red-brown, opt DOUBLE in red & in green, wmk crown CA. VFU with '23 DE 02' pmk. SG 111b cat £180+ & under-catalogued as rare used. (P)AVAILABLE at A$180

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1819-1900 Postal Stationery classic cut-out collection in 1899 Imperial album for envelopes & wrappers inc GB 1840 Mulready 1d envelope plus 1d wrapper front. Bechuanaland 1886-89 opt GB & Cape selection. British East Africa 1893 Light & Liberty 2½a plus later QV 2a registration. Cape 1882-94 inc registration. Ceylon 1857-68 set to 2/-. Heligoland 1878 Arms wrapper set to 10pf. Mauritius 1862-95 to 50c. NSW 1838 Embossed Arms (1d). Tasmania Official Franks from various departments. Plus 1865 Victoria Official Frank selection. Good coverage of Austria from 1861 plus Austrian Italy & Hungary from 1871. Sudan 1897 opt Egypt to 1Pi. Useful German States with most states inc Hamburg comp 1866 to 7S, Bremen 1857 Arms, Mecklenburg-Schwerin Arms to 5gr, Oldenburg 1861-62 Arms to 3gr. Italy 1819 Cavallini Horseman Embossed to 50c. Russia from 1848 Arms inc 3 Zemstvos issues, plus 1845 St Petersburg Arms. USA from 1853 Portraits inc 1876 Centenary 3c in red & green & 1893 Columbus issues. Almost all diff. Mostly F-VF UN/U, some mixed. Cat of USA US$300+ plus the rest. (840)SOLD at A$1300