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AUSIPEX 84 Comprehensive Collection in 6 volumes with 1982-84 opt Forerunners on Comm Games M/Sheets, MUH set of 5 diff (3 sets retail $270) plus set CTO with Green Opening Day pmk ($250). AUSIPEX 84 opt M/Sheet MUH set of 5 diff (3 sets, retail $525), plus 'Commem Album Sheet' opt CTO with Green Opening pmk ($250). Opt trios of AUSIPEX logo, FIP, FIAP MUH (4 sets), CTO (retail $300). Ordinary M/Sheets with set of 10 diff commem pmks on illustrated envs (5 sets, retail $225), plus extra 2 sets CTO ($90). AUSIPEX Envs with daily pictorial pmk sets of 10 (15 sets) with M/S singles comp set of each stamp (70 covers retail $500), 3 Cobb & Co cover sets ($60) & 5 ordinary cover sets. Then large quantity of pmks on assorted stamps inc 1976 Stamp Week M/S (30), 1977 Painting $10 blk of 4, assorted low vals attached to approx 50 AUSIPEX logo glassine bags! Stamp Bulletin Envs (20) with more Pictorial pmks. 1982 Eucalyptus booklets (50) CTO, plus much more with extra covers, Aerograms, Souvenir pmks & 1966 Navigator Specimen outer folder pmk of AUSIPEX. Also Newsletters, Bulletins 1-4 & Exhibition Catalogue. Estimated total retail over $3000. (many 100s).AVAILABLE at A$300