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1905-13 KEVII £1 Dull rose, wmk crown A, perf 12½. VF U/CTO, 'Melbourne OC 15 10' cds. ACSC V125C cat $250, SG 431a cat £140. (P)SOLD at A$110
1981, 83, 89, 95 PO Year Albums, 4 diff 1990s PO special commem books, plus Cook Islands 1987 Banknotes Collector Pack set to $50 in 2 plastic wallets.SOLD at A$110
Decimal MUH accumulation & 1960s-90s inc gutter blks, M/Sheets plus 1981 PO year album. FV $520.SOLD at A$300
British Commonwealth: Collection G-Z in 150 hagners mixed M/ MUH/U strength in 1950s-70s pic/commems inc Sierra Leone 'Free Form' self adhesives & South African States from Boer War era onwards. Isle of Man MUH comp 1973-81 in Lindner hingeless album. 1981 RW FDC collection (64) in 2 vols. 1983 'History & Heritage' FDC collection (53), huge original cost in custom album. Also SG History of the Olympics collection in special album. Plus United Nations MUH collection (retail $225) 1960s-80s in near new Lighthouse s/book. Medium carton. (1000s)AVAILABLE at A$325
Carton lot in 10 large & 2 small albums. Inc Australia & Territories covers mid 1960s-80s & Stationery. Also AAT, PNG sets & PO Packs. British Commonwealth 1980s Special FDC collections custom made albums. China 1940s-70s selection inc 1960 Goldfish set CTO, Japan small MUH range 1960s, Malaysia inc 1981 Animal Defs to $10 MUH, 1981 Royal Wedding & 21st Birthday Crown Agents Omnibus collections. Small s/book with 85, M/S mainly QEII 1977 & 1978 Silver Jubilee types, plus Haiti 1960 Rome Olympics M/S (6 cat £70) & Libera 1964 Innsbruck Winter Olympics M/S set of 3 imperf (2 sets, retail $200). Plus Australia 1980s FDC mess. (many 100s)SOLD at A$300
Carton lot with Australia 1966-2003 collection (1000) G-FU inc high vals to $10. Another s/book with duplicates (1400) 1930s-80s generally 6-10 of ea. Austria-Hungary collection (1070) in s/book. 1981 RW MUH Omnibus collection in souvenir album. 1984 AUSIPEX collection possibly comp inc Australia M/S opt set of 4 (retail $100). 1986 Solomon Is America's Cup collection. Plus 2 plastic bags with Australia 1960s-80s booklets (FV $40) inc 1968-72 FA/PM set of 4 (retail $80). Europe semi-sorted off-paper mix (1000s) inc France, Germany, Hungary & Netherlands. (many 1000s)SOLD at A$180

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China: 1974-82 Mint collection. 1974 Acrobats set, 1974 UPU set, 1981 Scenes set. 1979 Taiwan set. 1981 Lushan set, 1975 Games set, 1982 Birds set, 1974 Wushu set, 1980 Olympic set, 1980 Landscapes set. 1981 Coins set. All diff. Mostly F-VF MUH. SG cat £350. (138)SOLD at A$160

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Covers: Carton lot, Commercial/Philatelic inc 1950s/60s BOAC or Qantas FFC (70), GB 1981 RW Silk cachet FDC, Philippine 1940s-70s FDC (80) & Postal cards (140) similar era inc 1946 Victory opt. Tonga 1930s Tin Can Mail to Australia (2), German New Guinea 5pf green postal card UN. 1909-11 well travelled card with 15 diff stamps attached cancelled & tied by country of origin (see scan) most unusual. Ross Dependency 1957 Scott Base FDC, wide range of other interesting commercial/philatelic covers inc useful thematics. Usual mixed condition for such a hoard, mostly G-F/VF. Plus bundle of 30 Penang State, City of George Town 1961 Rates notices with revenues attached & red machine paid 4c pmks. (650)SOLD at A$220
Isle of Man Specialised FDC Collection 1968-1987 in 9 vols (520) with GB Pic/Commems (8) with Douglas FDI cds, GB Regionals (6), I.O.M sets/singles (230) inc 1973 defs to £1, 1982 QEII £1 (2) & 1985 QEII £5. Then gutter prs (80) 1974-81 & blks of 4 (74) 1978-1981. Also Benham Silk FDC (40) 1981-84 & Silk cachet covers (86) 1979-1982. Plus SG catalogue 'collect Channel Is & Isle of Man stamps' 2014 edition inc prices for FDC. Overall high original cost & huge total cat val. (520).AVAILABLE at A$100
Varied range in 4 albums inc Japan 1900-1955 inc 1951 Airs to 160Y inc 55Y, 75Y G-FU, 1952-55 inc National Park sets & other commems MLH/MUH (cat £620 = A$1100). Germany inc 1936 Brown Ribbon M/Sheet M, Great Britain QV to QEII inc early QEII commems MLH/MUH. Decimal range G-FU. New Zealand collection 1880-1977 inc 1953 to 10/- G-FU, 1960 Pics to £1 on FDC, later sets/FDCs, Pre-decimal Health in sheets CTO, 1981 Royal Wedding Crown Agents Omnibus collection. WWF selection AAT sets & FDC. Various others mostly F-VF. (2000)SOLD at A$240
World on pages inc Brit Commonwealth, NZ PO album 1981, Irish Year Books 1989-90, 6 various size s/books with M/MUH/U, GB album collection U to 1981, Netherlands s/book M/MUH large quantity inc sheetlets, M/S, blks. Also s/books M/U Indo-China etc, Japan MUH. (100s).SOLD at A$150
World: Collection in 8 stockbooks inc Austria 1953 5S Bird GU, Australia 1940 AIF set M & QEII Commems blks of 4 MUH, Italy inc post war range G-FU, Fiji inc KGVI Defs M/MUH. France inc 1954 1000F Air GU, Hong Kong KGVI G-FU, British Commonwealth 1981 RW Omnibus sets (130) MUH. USA inc earlies G-FU. Modern MUH (FV $20+) & various others. Some mixed condition generally G-VF MLH/M/U. (4500+)SOLD at A$200
Match box labels/covers 1970s, 80s (& 90s?) accumulation (100) comp with contents noted 1981 Royal Wedding (2 sets of 12), Red-heads caricatures inc Phar Lap & Ginger Meggs, plus array of Australian & Foreign Advertising. Also big plastic bag with around 150 Flip top booklets similar era again comp with contents. Room buyers only as cannot be posted due to flammable contents.AVAILABLE at A$40

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1981 Tasmanian Tiger 24c vert strip of 10, top 5 stamps error olive totally MISSING, next 4 stamps partially missing, bottom stamp normal. VF fresh MUH. From a sheet bought at Pymble PO (NSW) in 1981. SG 788(var). Unlisted ACSC & unrecorded until 2004. An important discovery! Only 10 such strips existed. (P)AVAILABLE at A$1800

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1981 Tasmanian Tiger 24c 1st printing, error missing dark green grass. VF fresh MUH. SG 788(var), ACSC 902(var) unlisted as only discovered in 2004. Normal for comparison. Only 1 sheet known with missing green on part of sheet. (P)SOLD at A$400

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1981-83 Wildlife 27c Frog perf 12½ sheet of 100, variety partially missing yellow & black at top of 3rd, 4th & 5th stamps in top row, causing blue leaf etc & partially missing inscription of 'Blue Mountains Tree Frog' which is totally missing on 4th stamp. VF fresh MUH. SG 790(var), ACSC 937(var). Amazing new discovery & certificate can be obtained on request. (P)SOLD at A$1000

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1975-2000s MUH collection better sets inc 1976 10th Anniv 8f set, 1976 Medical Services 8f set, 1976 4th 5 Year Plan 8f set (SG cat £225). 1976 Lu Hsun 8f set, 1977 Party Congress 8f set, 1978 Horses set to 70f, 1976 Swimmers 8f set, 1977 Chou En-Lai 8f set, 1977 30th Anniv 8f set, 1975 Farmers 8f set, 1976 Electric Power 8f set, 1979 Paintings set to 70f (£100), 1981 Gunwale Booklet. All diff. VF fresh MUH. SG cat £900+. (240)SOLD at A$475