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1934 Whyalla-Kimba registered FFC franked Canberra 1½d, KGV 1½d brown & QLD QV 2d, tied by 'Whyalla 23 FE 34' cds. AAMC 363a cat from $100. Scarce intermediate flight. As few as 20 flown.AVAILABLE at A$40

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Great Britain London Philatelist (RPSoc) Jan 1969 - Oct 1973, near comp (50). Then Jan 1983 - Feb 1996 (14) & April 1998 - May 2001 (25). Used VG-near new. (89)AVAILABLE at A$40

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Great Britain: History of British Army Postal Service, Vol 1, 1882-1902 by Proud, 283pgs, 1983. No DJ o/w near new.AVAILABLE at A$50

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Great Britain - Channel Islands: SG Specialised Catalogue of Stamps & Postal History, 2nd edition (1983), 448pgs, illustrated throughout. VG condition.AVAILABLE at A$8

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New Zealand: Railway Charges Stamps Design & Printing. By Brodie, 55 pgs illustrated throughout. Pub RPSNZ 1983. VGC.AVAILABLE at A$20

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New Zealand: Railway Charges Stamps Design & Printing. By Brodie, 55 pgs illustrated throughout. Pub RPSNZ 1983. VGC.AVAILABLE at A$20

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Norfolk Island: Cancellations & Postal Markings - A Study by PISC of GB, 2nd edition, 1983, loose leaf, 74pgs inc bibliography, illustrated throughout.SOLD at A$30

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Norfolk Island: Cancellations & Postal Markings - A Study by PISC of GB, 2nd edition, 1983, loose leaf, 74pgs inc bibliography, illustrated throughout.SOLD at A$30

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Papua: Lakatoi I 'British New Guinea & De La Rue' (1979). Lakatoi II & III 'Territory of Papua' (1983). Light to heavy foxing on outer covers (mainly on Vol I), long out of print & now hard to find.AVAILABLE at A$50

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Solomon Islands: Japanese Military Forces in the Solomon Islands (WWII) by SC Jersey, 40pgs, pub California 1983. Minor cover foxing. VGC.AVAILABLE at A$30

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1966-83 MUH Specialised variety collection inc 1966 Birds to 30c sheet no blks of 4 (cat $150). 75c Navigators cnr blks of 4 (2) both missing 'chart line', plus plate no 3 lower marginal blks of 10 (2, $180). 1967 4c Commems sheet no or variety positional multiples (22 $150). 1967 Soil Medical gutter blks (4, $150) inc Autotron, sheet no multiples & needle in thumb flaws. 1969 Flight blk of 9 study (5), plus other multiples with ACSC listed flaws ($90). 1970 Cook collection inc M/Sheet with double spear. 1970 RV 5c right vert strip of 10 with 'shifted crown top' variety ($40). 1970-74 Coil Wrappers (20) most F-VF ($400+). 1971 Coil 7c 'missing buff' variety ($300). 1971 Christmas blks of 25 (3) inc sheet no blk & white paper 'aniline ink' with red sheet no, plus cnr blks (3 diff), total ACSC $780. 1973 Metric 7c study, Nat Dev set Autotron blks ($75). 1974 UPU set opt SPECIMEN blks of 4 ($60). 1974 Christmas plate no blks 10c (12) & 35c (2) -$180. 1976 Stamp Week M/Sheet collection (13) inc plated set of 8 & Autotron blks in booklets (3). 1977 QEII SJ, 18c 'dry ink' variety pr ($200) & imperf blk of 4 ($400). 1978 Aviators set gutter blks of 20. 1978 Birds 20c colour bar strips of 10 (2), most stamps with vert white flaws. 1983 Commonwealth Day 27c blk of 8 'aniline violet' print plus similar for 1983 Christmas 24c & 85c blks of 10. Plus later spectacular flaws inc 1992 Threatened Species sheetlet punch hole at base ($200). 1993 Counter printed stamps candlestick Trials set of 3 (retail $900). 1995 Christmas 40c self-adhesive IMPERF pr ($375). 1996 Children's Book 45c IMPERF PROOF pr ($500). 1999 Navigators M/S prs A-99 Perfins & also imperf. Odd minor tone (mostly on cheapies). Total retail/ACSC $7400+. (2600)AVAILABLE at A$1200
1966-2001 Decimal MUH collection in thick Lighthouse turn-bar hingeless album (retail $1100), strength in post-1980 Pics & Commems, FV $860. Plus 1983, 1985-90 PO Albums. Total FV $1060 plus an extra $1100 for the hingeless album.SOLD at A$700
Box lot with 1966-74 MUH collection appears comp inc 1966 Defs to $4, Navs 75c-$4 opt SPECIMEN, 1969 Flight blk of 9, 1970 Cook ANPEX opt & 1971 Christmas 7c set, blks of 7 & 25, plus pgs to 1983. Est retail inc album $500. 1966-75 Semi-specialised MUH collection in loose leaf album inc cnr blks of 4, booklet panes & 1966 Pics to $4. 1913-2007 Useful collection in 2 Seven Seas illustrated albums. 1913-65 used collection inc vals to £1 & 1966-73 comp MUH collection inc 1966 Navs to $4, 1970 ANPEX M/sheet, 1971 Christmas 7c set, blk of 7 & blk of 25, plus AAT 1966 Pic set & 1996 Capex/Singapore opt M/sheets (retail $380 inc hingeless album). Large folder with more MUH decimals inc 1966 Birds set sheet no blks of 4 (ACSC cat $175). 1966 Navs cnr blks of 4 ($120), 1968 Flowers sheet no blk set ($60) & other 1960s positional multiples. Also PO packs (35) inc 1971 Christmas (3), 1972 Prim Ind (2) & 1970 Cook est retail $450. Finally decimals 1966-2010 duplicated accumulation in 5 quality German s/books. Est total retail $1800 plus extra for the useful decimals.SOLD at A$425
Covers: 1980s-2005 FDC/PSE Collection in 2 binders & loose (700), extensive range mix of pmks & cancels. Plus Postcard Wallets set of 4 (2 sets) 200+ cards, FV $80+ & Die Proof Replica collection (55, ACSC cat $440) in 45 hagners with around 30 diff to 1974 Christmas, 1983 Americas Cup Gift Pack Boxed set (now becoming harder to find). Finally 1969-78 PO Pack collection (30, retail $400) inc 1970 & 1971 Selected Issues, 1971 Christmas 7c blk of 4 & 1970 Cook inc M/Sheet. (100s)AVAILABLE at A$250

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1870-1980s collections/accumulations of Asian Countries in 9 s/books inc Philippines from 1870s King to 10c. 1906-14 Portrait to 1P. Nepal from 1907 Siva to 16p. North Korea from 1949 inc 1949 University 1wn. Korean Empire 1884 25m & 50m. South Korea from 1949. North & South Vietnam. Also range of Middle East inc Aden & Gulf States. Mongolia from 1930s, 1950s-70s Afghanistan. Singapore 1983 PO Year book. Most G-VF M/MUH/U, some tropicalisation in parts. SG cat £5500+ = A$10,000+. (5800+).AVAILABLE at A$500
1983 The 'Commonwealth Collection' with 56 diff Commonwealth sets, plus Canada & Falkland Is 'black prints' in as new deluxe custom slipcase album. Limited release at around $500. All fresh.SOLD at A$60

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Bolivia: 1868-1983 Collection in binder. 1897 Pics to 2B Arms, 1930 Airs opt '6-V-1930' on 10c, 15c, 25c, 50c, 1941 Arms set, 1960 Tiahuanacu set, 1960s-70s sets, part set & lots more. A useful collection, practically all diff. Largely F-VF. SG cat £540 (740)SOLD at A$160
British Commonwealth: Collection G-Z in 150 hagners mixed M/ MUH/U strength in 1950s-70s pic/commems inc Sierra Leone 'Free Form' self adhesives & South African States from Boer War era onwards. Isle of Man MUH comp 1973-81 in Lindner hingeless album. 1981 RW FDC collection (64) in 2 vols. 1983 'History & Heritage' FDC collection (53), huge original cost in custom album. Also SG History of the Olympics collection in special album. Plus United Nations MUH collection (retail $225) 1960s-80s in near new Lighthouse s/book. Medium carton. (1000s)AVAILABLE at A$275
Carton lot with 10 albums inc 1937 Coronation issues, 1946 Victory issues M & U, 1983 Commonwealth collection in blue album, Fiji 1970s-80s largely MUH, Great Britain mostly G-FU, Nauru collection 1916-98 a little scattered but with MUH range FV $210+, Norfolk Is 1947-2005 in 3 albums inc earlier 1947 Ball Bay set with white papers MLH/MUH, later MUH range FV $170, larger CTO/FU range with original FV $480. Various others inc basic range of Aviation issues. Mostly F-VF. (2500+)AVAILABLE at A$250
Collections inc 1995 Nobel Prize Anniv collection in grey album, Norwegian 50th Anniv of WWII collection in special album & slipcase with various sets & FDCs, 1984 Olympics FDC collection in red album (74 covers), 1983 Commonwealth collection in blue album, 1997-98 European Royalty Anniv collection of sets, FDCs, plus PNCs inc Princess Diana Commem, Queen Mother Commem, Prince Rainier Commem & other PNCs. Australia Bicent collection in brown slipcase. 2 albums of Netherlands & Russia mixed M/U. Mainly VF.AVAILABLE at A$160
Covers: British Commonwealth FDC collection in 7 large albums with Australia (210) 1966-75 inc 1966 Scout Corroboree pmk, 1970 Europa Rocket Flight, 1970 large Cook (2, both unaddressed) & 1974 Paintings to $5 on Wesley envelope. AAT (12) inc 1971 Treaty & 1972 Cook Base Cancel sets of 4 (retail $100). BAT (7), Falkland Islands (18) inc 1983 Pics to £1 & 1984 Insects to £3. Fiji 1968 Pics set to £1. Aust Oceanic Territories (30). PNG (90) inc 1969 Shells to $2. NZ (75) inc 1969 Cook M/sheets & Pacific Island Territories. Malaysia (25). All mostly 1966-75 era, then GB (300) 1972-87 mostly long Commem sets. Plus World Stamp Expo 99 (Melbourne) collection with 40 assorted covers/cards. All quite clean, mixed unaddressed or neat addressed. (800+)AVAILABLE at A$400
Double carton lot with 6 vol 1981 Royal Wedding & Diana 21st Birthday collection with sets, gutter blks (new issue cost $500 & still hard to find) & FDC. 1984 AUSIPEX collection in Official album inc limited edition 'Commemorative Album Souvenir Sheet' opt & extra FDC. Aust Post 2000 Olympic Games prestige album. Germany 2006 FIFA collection in custom album. PNG collection to 1998 in 2 Seven Seas hingeless albums (retail $ 350) inc 1952 Defs to £1 Fisherman, 1963 Pics to £1 QEII, 1964 Birds, 1966 Butterflies & most other decimals Pic/Commem sets & M/sheets with most sets VF MUH. GB FDC collection 1975-83 in album & shoebox, plus 1983 Aust Post America's Cup gift box. 2 medium/large cartons.AVAILABLE at A$450
Great Britain :1953-70 MUH collection in contemporary s/book with 45 assorted commem sets & Decimal Machins 75 diff to 75p. Israel accumulation inc 1959 Dizengoff FDC (35, retail $100+), 2001 Maximum card & FDC both signed by Israel's 1st astronaut (retail $200). Then another 25 assorted FDC, plus album page of 1950s Tab Pictorial sets, est total retail $800. Australia 1970s-90s Pics accumulation (3500) in Chinese s/book. Schaubek Swiss illustrated pages 1850-1970 in thick European binder. British Commonwealth collections in binder & on loose pages, strength in Burma, GB, PNG Pics & Australia. 1983 Commonwealth MUH Collection in limited edition album & blue slipcase. Finally 1930s-60s World collection inc PRC, Australia, Europe & British Commonwealth in well filled 1960s loose leaf album. (many 1000s).AVAILABLE at A$300
Great Britain - Guernsey: MUH collection 1972-99 in 2 s/books, 1992 Flowers to £3, M/Sheets (21) inc 1997 Exhibition opts (2) & assorted Christmas types. Then 1997-2013 Pics/commems & M/Sheets still in glassines from New Issue sources. Also Alderney 1983 onwards in 3rd album, plus post-millennium pic sets still in glassines. Odd minor tone-spot in the albums, generally fresh MUH. FV around £750 = A$1350 with cat value/retail approx £1800 = A$3200. (100s)SOLD at A$500

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Tristan da Cunha: 1952-88 MUH Comp collection in KABE hingeless album. 1952 opt KGVI Ship set to 10/-. 1954 QEII Pictorial set. 1960 QEII Fish set. 1961 Rand Currency set. 1963 Resettlement opt set. 1965 QEII Ship set (some U/CTO). 1971 Surch set. 1972 QEII Pic set. 1983 Views set, commems, M/S. All diff. F-VF MUH, odd U, some tropicalisation. SG cat £640+. (455 + 28 M/S)SOLD at A$160

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Uniforms & Costumes: Ex Dealer's thematic retail display in binder. Good coverage of Countries (130+ sets & 45 M/S) inc Gibraltar, Falklands, 1983 Angola Coat of Arms sets, Spain 1971 Costumes set. Mozambique Uniforms set. Greece 1974 Costumes set. Also of 7 FDCs. Almost all VF fresh MUH, mostly diff. SG cat £2200+ = A$3900+, Dealer's retail $2000+. Ideal reseller as work has already been done. (1200 + 45 M/S).AVAILABLE at A$375
UPU 1987 Conference Folders (14, various) inc Switzerland (FV 100SFr), Germany (74 diff stamp), France (48) inc 50Fr Airmail, Finland 1983 collection, Japan (FV Y3480), Belgium, China, Norway (FV 92Kr), Denmark, Netherlands, Austria 1981 collection plus Germany 1986 collection with 135 stamps & 2 M/Sheets. All fresh & clean. High total FV. (100s)AVAILABLE at A$250

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WWF Specialised collection 1983-2000 in 10 volumes with 36 standard sets & matching FDC (issue cost $900) plus an extraordinary range of extras (all with WWF logo) inc Norfolk Island 1987 Parrots Limited Edition Proof Card set of 4 (no.11 of only 50 produced). Single volume of New Zealand (FV MUH $100) inc booklets & blks of 6. Then uncounted World MUH Pic sets inc Belgium 2000 set of 4, Hungary 1983 set of 7 IMPERF singles, & Ghana Monkey set IMPERF prs. M/Sheets MUH (well over 60) inc Ivory Coast 2005 set & sheetlet IMPERF, Burundi 2004 set all imperf. Extra FDC (150 all with WWF logo) inc M/Sheets & sets on single envelopes. Plus uncounted FDC in 3 plastic bags. Also WWF logo Phone Cards (244) with Australian Endangered Species (10), China (130) inc Koalas, Pandas & Tigers, mostly sets of 4, Hong Kong (94) mostly Pandas inc sets of 4 & Japan, Norfolk Is Birds, 2 sets of 4. Magnificent, if somewhat disorganised, collection with huge original costs. A unique opportunity for the specialist. All fresh & clean.AVAILABLE at A$600
WWF Collection 1983-99 with 107 diff MUH sets inc M/Sheets, blks of 4 & setenant strips, plus 428 matching individual FDC in 9 custom slipcase albums. Beautiful presentation, possibly comp. Issue price around $2600, plus an extra $300 for albums. (400+ stamps, 400+ covers)AVAILABLE at A$325
Military - Great Britain/Australia. Special Air Service Regiment collection (32) from foundation in WWII to operations in Iraq 2005 inc David Stirling, The Authorised Biography of the Creator of the SAS (Hoe, 500pgs hb pub 1992), Ghost Force, the Secret History of the SAS (Connor, 375pgs hb, pub 1998), Who Dares Wins, The SAS 1950-Gulf War (Geraghty, 600pgs, pub 1983), Eye of the Storm - 25 Years in Action with the SAS (Ratcliffe DCM, 336pgs, pub 2000). The Complete Encyclopedia of the SAS (Barry Davies, BEM, 375pgs, pub 2001), SAS - The Soldiers Story (Ramsay, 250pgs hb, pub 1996). SAS Sniper (Rob Maylor, 330pgs, pub 2010). Seven Troop (A McNab DCM, 420 pgs hb, pub 2008). Warrior Bros, My Life in the Australian SAS (Fennell, 334pgs, pub 2008). General Sir Peter de la Billiere - Storm Command, a Personal Account of the Gulf War (350pgs hb, pub 1992). Willie Apiata VC - The Reluctant Hero (Little, 255pgs hb, pub 2008). Also contemporary books (18) inc Phantom (Warner, 200+pgs hb, pub 1982). PARA! Fifty Years of the Parachute Regiment (Harclerode, 400pgs hb, pub 1992). 3 PARA - Afghanistan Summer 2006 (Bishop, 280pgs, pub 2007). Squaddie - A Soldier's Story (McLaughlin, 320pgs, pub 2006). SBS, The Inside Story of the Special Boat Service (Parker, 310pgs hb, pub 1997). First into Action, A Personal Account of the Life of the SBS (Falconer, 338pgs hb, pub 1998). The Gurkhas (Parker, 276pgs hb, pub 1999). The Gurkhas-Special Force (Bellamy, 414pgs, pub 2011). A great lot of military history from WWII to recent Middle Eastern conflicts. Mostly VG to near new, total retail/original cost $1650. (50)AVAILABLE at A$450
Military - Vietnam War USA Point of View (25) inc Vietnam-A History (Karnow 1983), Vietnam-The Ten Thousand Day War (Maclear 1981), American Soldier (General Tommy Franks 2004), A Bright Shining Lie (John Paul Vann) & America in Vietnam (Sheehan 1988), Anatomy of A War (Kolko 1985, Vietnam-Conflict & Controversy (Elliott 1996), Air America from WWII to Vietnam (Robbins 2001), Spies & Commandos-How America Lost the Secret War in North Vietnam (Conboya Andrade 2000), Line Doggie-Foot Soldier in Vietnam (Gadd 1987), Steel My Soldier Hearts (Col. Hackworth 2003), Cheating Death-Combat Rescues in Vietnam & Laos (Marrett 2006), Tiger Force (Sallah & Weiss 2006). Plus others of interest inc 'Coffee Table' size books. Roll Call Thud-A Photographic Record of the F-105 Thunderchief (Campbell & Hill 1996) & The Vietnam Experience - Images of War (Fisher & Stone 1986). Very diverse group inc strong Political overtones. Mostly F-VF condition inc some near new. Retail around $500. (28).AVAILABLE at A$140

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1983 Explorers 30c Burke & Wills in black on gummed paper showing the issued design w/o the background colour. VF fresh MUH. SG 900(p), ACSC 1016PP(1) cat $2000. Only 8 known. (P)AVAILABLE at A$600

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1983 British Army Uniforms set 16p-31p exhibit on pages with many hand-drawn designs of both unadopted & adopted types, various sizes from 110x130mm to 280x210mm in pencil, ink, or both together, with 4 hand-coloured, inc designs used on private 'Fleetwood' FDC. The 16p with 12 hand-drawn types plus 1 in colour, 20½p (13), 26p (11), 28p (18k,+2 in colour) & 31p (6, +1 colour) - almost all signed by designer Eric Stemp. Also with a range of FDC of sets or single values plus ea value with a gutter blk of 4, plate blk of 6 & a PHQ maxicard. SG 1218-22. The signed drawings all unique. Tidied up &/or remounted would be a great exhibit. (63 drawing, 10 blks, 5 maxicards, & 19 FDC). (P)AVAILABLE at A$10000

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Duttia: 1896 Ganesh 4a black/rose, imperf, with blue control h/s. Superb fresh UN as issued, 4 margins. SG 7 cat £2250. Extremely rare genuine example. 1983 BPA photo cert, while diff new cert can be obtained on request. (P)AVAILABLE at A$2500

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Hyderabad Residency: 1913 Foreign Bill revenues imperf black PROOF set 2a-24R on thin card. VF fresh UN as made, 4 large margins. K&M 401-12(p) cat US$286 (in 1983) for normals. Only 1 sheet of ea believed printed. (12) (P)AVAILABLE at A$100

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Hyderabad Residency: 1913 Special Adhesive revenues imperf black PROOF set 2a-500R on thin card. Superb fresh UN as made. K&M 852-65(p) cat US$514 (in 1983) as normals. Only 1 sheet of ea believed printed. (14) (P)AVAILABLE at A$250

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Papal States: 1852-64 Arms 50b deep blue (1864 printing from worn & rusted plates). F-VF fresh UN, 3 margins. SG 28 cat £27,000, Sass 12 cat €50,000 = A$79,000 for M. 1983 Raybaudi photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$1500

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1983-85 Animals Def set 30c-$10, plus Johore 1983-85 Flowers set 1c-25c no wmk. IMPERF SINGLES. VF MLH, sl gum tones. SG 272-9 & 197-200a. Very rare. (15) (P)SOLD at A$350

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1983 Angam Day 15c Ship IMPERF running proof of issued design, affixed to Format Printer's card. VF UN. SG 288(p). (P)AVAILABLE at A$70

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1983 'INDEPENDENCE 1983' opt Brown Pelican 55c error opt INVERTED. VF fresh M. SG124Ba.SOLD at A$10

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1983 Birds 2R Dusky Blue Flycatcher variety dramatically shifted right showing part of 2 stamps. VF fresh M. SG 829(var).AVAILABLE at A$20

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1896 Typewritten 'Half-penny' on 1½d on 2d with 'VAEUA OE BENI' reading up, perf 12x11. FM. SG 36B cat £450. Rare. 1983 PF/NY & 2008 BPA photo-certs. (P)AVAILABLE at A$350