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1899 NINEPENCE opt QV 10d dull brown chalk paper, perf 12x11½, error opt DOUBLE. F-VF MLH. SG 309a cat £275. (P)AVAILABLE at A$200

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China: 1980-89 Cover selection. Mainly FDCs inc M/S. Noted inc 1981 Beauties M/S. 1982 Birds M/S. 1982 Liao Sculptures M/S. 1983 Western Chamber M/S. 1983 Terracotta Horses M/S. 1987 Frescoes M/S. Good thematic commem sets on cvr. All diff. Mostly F-VF, some mixed. SG cat of stamps alone £320+. (57 covers)SOLD at A$120
Collections/accumulations in 20+ albums of various sizes, very diverse contents with Swiss 1960s-80s Pics (100s) inc Pro Patria & Pro Juventute charity sets, Australia decimals in 4 albums inc 1990s decimal Pic sets CTO (FV $90). Junior collection in 8 s/books & World array in 7 loose leaf albums of varying vintage inc Australia pre-decimal imprint blks. Asia noted China, Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, Ceylon & India. World inc East/West Europe, Scandinavia, Africa & America, plus Solomons 1987 America's Cup M/S collection. Typical multi-volume condition, majority F-VF U, MUH M/S (60) inc Australia 1970 Cook. Large carton. Unchecked in detail. (1000s)AVAILABLE at A$250
Deceased Estate Two, Part 20: The final carton lot with Canada 1987-92 FDC collection with 212 diff with Pic sets & singles in thick album. USA 1920s-80s Airmails & 1940s-60s Commem collection in another large album. Paquebot covers 1934-36 single correspondence (13) to Australia mostly franked GB KGV 1½d brown with a variety of cancels inc Aden, Bombay, Fremantle, Marseilles & Port-Taufid. Fiji 1960s-90s decimal dealer stock (retail $400+) with 260 Pic/Commem sets inc 1969 Defs to $2 (2 sets), 1971 Birds/Flowers to $2 (6 sets), 1979 Architecture to $5 blks of 4 & many useful thematics inc Aircraft, Butterflies, British Royalty, Fish, Ships, Sport & WWF mostly MUH with G-FU/CTO sighted Ireland 1922-90 collection (380) inc 1922 opts (25) to 1/-, 1940s St Andrew to 10/- blue, 1950s-60s Commem sets & decimal Pics mostly G-FU, retail $250. World accumulation (100s) in 3 medium s/books with Asia, Europe inc strong Germany & Italy, plus misc British Commonwealth. B&W binder with 25 hagners with Spain 1930s unissued 30c Seville Airmail in large blks inc double print (150) in comp sheets, Sand Dunes 1960s Pics in quantity, Central Lithuania 1921 Cathedrals imperf 1M-20M sets (40 ex 6m) in large multiples, SG 34/41 cat £340. GB 1968 Castle 2/6 comp sheet of 40 MUH & the ever present NSW 1960s Soft Drink Bottle Labels (30, retail $60). Viewing recommended (as well as the other 19 cartons from this vendor) with wide range of Pacific & World stamps on offer. (1000s)AVAILABLE at A$250

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Germany - West: 1960s-90s collection/accumulation on 70 as new hagners inc long Def sets of 1961, 1964, 1970, 1975, 1977 & 1987 (SG cat £230) -odd value missing, plus masses of commems with good thematics. Almost all VF M/MUH, with some FU. SG est cat £1500+. High FV & original cost. (1750).SOLD at A$120

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Major varieties collection: 1960s-2000s, mainly British Cwlth. Plenty better inc Australia Flowers coil 7c missing green & buff (SG cat £80), Botswana 1981 Cattle 30t & 45t imperf prs with shifted printing (retail $100), Belize 1974 Fish 4c imperf. Cook Is 1963 Pictorials proofs to 2/- inc imperf prs & blks (retail $1000+). Falklands (Westpoint) Tiger Woods sheetlet. Malaysia 1976 Butterfly 15c imperf proof blk of 4 (retail $150). Excellent range of Lundy 1982 Bird set to 23p inc imperfs in blks of 6, misperfs, blks of 6 (Labbe cat $1400+, retail $900+). Good selection of West Indies 1986 Duke of York Wedding inc imperf blks ($750), Nevis 1985 Birds set imperf prs. St Vincent 1987 Motor Cent $5 value at right instead of left ($120). Virgin Islands 1985 Bird set imperf prs ($100). St Vincent 1987 QEII 40th Wedding Anniv set, error centres inverted inc blks of 4 ($2900). Tuvalu 1988 Bird set to $5 inc imperf prs & gutter blks of 4 ($900). Zambia 1989 Frog 2.85K & Bat 2.85K both R marginal blks of 4, error double printing & 1988 UNICEF set marginal imperf blks of 4 ($350). Also range of 1997 Diana full sheets inc Bahamas, Caymans, Kiribati, St Kitts, Solomons, Tokelau & Vanuatu ($400). Almost all VF fresh MUH. Total retail $7500+ (770, plus 10 sheets & M/S)AVAILABLE at A$900
UPU 1987 Conference Folders (14, various) inc Switzerland (FV 100SFr), Germany (74 diff stamp), France (48) inc 50Fr Airmail, Finland 1983 collection, Japan (FV Y3480), Belgium, China, Norway (FV 92Kr), Denmark, Netherlands, Austria 1981 collection, plus Germany 1986 collection with 135 stamps & 2 M/Sheets. All fresh & clean. High total FV. (100s)AVAILABLE at A$230
World on 31 stockcards MUH/M/U. Highlights inc Germany 1952 Famous Berliners MUH, Liechtenstein cat £174, 1954 Football set M £92. New Caledonia 1966 top value Birds M £50. French Polynesia 1000F Gauguin MUH £26. French Antarctic 1986 set (2) MUH £96. France 1951 Nat Relief M £78. San Marino selection M £125 inc 100L War Memorial. Netherlands Indies 1892 30c M £80. San Marino M Helicopter M £60. Iceland 1876 2a & 3a U/M cat £58. Guatemala 1897 UPU U £75. Hungary 1949 World Youth Festival M/sheet M cat £50. Moheli 1906 5 Franc MUH £14 & France 1987 1000Fr Air U £34. Generally F-VF, total cat value £2510 = A$4300. Ideal small auction lots, dealer's stock, collection builder. Value lot.SOLD at A$350

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WWF Specialised collection 1983-2000 in 10 volumes with 36 standard sets & matching FDC (issue cost $900), plus an extraordinary range of extras (all with WWF logo) inc Norfolk Island 1987 Parrots Limited Edition Proof Card set of 4 (no.11 of only 50 produced). Single volume of New Zealand (FV MUH $100) inc booklets & blks of 6. Then uncounted World MUH Pic sets inc Belgium 2000 set of 4, Hungary 1983 set of 7 IMPERF singles, & Ghana Monkey set IMPERF prs. M/Sheets MUH (well over 60) inc Ivory Coast 2005 set & sheetlet IMPERF, Burundi 2004 set all imperf. Extra FDC (150 all with WWF logo) inc M/Sheets & sets on single envelopes, plus uncounted FDC in 3 plastic bags. Also WWF logo Phone Cards (244) with Australian Endangered Species (10), China (130) inc Koalas, Pandas & Tigers, mostly sets of 4, Hong Kong (94) mostly Pandas inc sets of 4 & Japan, Norfolk Is Birds, 2 sets of 4. Magnificent, if somewhat disorganised, collection with huge original costs. A unique opportunity for the specialist. All fresh & clean.SOLD at A$475
Olympics: 1956 Melbourne Games Tickets (6, 2 damaged), 8 photographic snapshots of MCG Events & Olympic Village, plus contemporary Cloth badge & 2 French-made commemorative Ash Trays depicting 1954 2/- blue publicity stamp. 2000 Sydney Olympics Gold medallists PO M/Sheet collection MUH (FV $72). 1938 Aust Sesqui-Centenary Pic vignette sheets of 49 (2). Minor gum or other tone spots. More postage stamps with Hong Kong 1984-89 MUH inc 1987 QEII Pics to $50 (toned, cat £65), 11 Commem sets & 3 M/Sheets. Total SG cat £170. Vignette collectible books (6) with Life & Times of Queen Victoria (Vols II & IV, pub 1887), Life & Times of KEVII (2 vol set), Our King (KGV) & Queen (2 vol set, pub 1935?). Australia 1952 KGVI Royal Visit commem booklet & 11 music folders. Also Aust/NSW early 1900s PPC (120). Tragically stuck into 1980s self-adhesive photo album. Unorthodox combination to clear consignment.SOLD at A$150

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1868-78 QV 1d orange-vermilion, wmk Crown Q perf 13 blk of 4, error IMPERF. VF fresh UN, 4 margins. SG 83a cat £1600+. 1987 BPA photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$1000