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1934 Brisbane-Mundubbera FFC franked KGV 2d red & Airmail 3d, tied by 'Brisbane 31 MY 34' cds. Signed by pilot, Aircraft P/L h/s in violet. AAMC 383 cat $75. Very few flown.SOLD at A$40

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Australia: KGV 4½d Die I, 4½d Die II by Wajer & Edwards, 61pgs with illustrations, pub 1990. Near new.SOLD at A$35

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Australia: KGV 4½d Die I, 4½d Die II by Wajer & Edwards, 61pgs with illustrations, pub 1990. Near new condition.SOLD at A$35

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Philately: The Stanley Gibbons Book of Stamps 232 pgs 'Coffee-Table' size with outer DJ, pub 1990, illustrated throughout. Insignificant minor foxing to 1st 3 pgs o/w near new.AVAILABLE at A$15
1980s to post 2000 PO Packs, Bicentennial stamp books & similar FV $150+. Also extensive range of Maxicards 1990s to post 2000. 550 mostly diff.SOLD at A$300
1990-99 FDC Collection now loose in box with wide variety of sets inc scattered AAT, Christmas & Cocos Is plus assorted M/S. Minimal duplication, fresh & clean, FV $1500+. (600)AVAILABLE at A$275
1992-2001 FDC collection (270) in 140 hagners, all diff & appears comp, plus odd AAT. FV $540 plus an extra $200 cost for the hagners. All fresh & clean. Plus mid 1990s PSE (30) in another 15 pages. (300)AVAILABLE at A$200
Double carton clearout with Australia pre-dec blks & multiples MUH inc 1929 Airmail 3d perf OS (2) & plastic bag U inc Arms to £2 & Navigators to £1. Shoebox with 1940s-80s bundleware (3000). Modern 2016-18 M/sheets CTO ex FDC plus small box with 1000s of 1990s Pics CTO GPO Melbourne. Shoebox with 1940s-60s pre-dec Commercial covers inc useful NSW pmks, plus inwards Airmail from France. Plastic tub with pre-dec Revenues & Railway stamps. Post-pack box with KGV (100s) plus isolated Kangaroos. Little shoebox with International Post (few 100) VFU inc vals to $20. Finally 2 more shoeboxes with unsorted New Zealand on/off paper. Great Mary MacKillop charity mix to sift through. Reserve may prove conservative. (1000s)SOLD at A$300
Decimals 1990s-2012 largely MUH inc prs, singles, blks of 4. Noted 2000, 2008, 2012 Olympic Gold Medal sheets, largely VF. FV $820.SOLD at A$400
FDCs 1990-2000 good range with variety of pmks inc national & various regional FD cancels. Mostly F-VF. (495)AVAILABLE at A$80
Kiloware: Another 4 Carton mix from May MacKillop Mission. Appears good percentage 1990s-2017? 45c-$1 Pics/Commems plus 1980s latter rate vals & assorted oddments inc scattered Foreign. Mostly on close-clip single paper. Weight 16kg.SOLD at A$450
Kiloware: 1990s-2000s 45c & 50c Pics/Commems on mostly close-clip single paper. Weight 9.5kg. Appears good variety, unchecked for uncancelled. Offered on behalf of Mary MacKillop Mission.SOLD at A$100
Kiloware: 2000-1990s 50c/45c Pics/Commems on mostly close-clip single paper. Appears good variety, unchecked as received from Mary MacKillop Mission. Weight 10.5kg.SOLD at A$110
Kiloware: Mostly 1990s-2010s 45c-60c Pics/Commems with some earlier, nearly all on close-clip single paper. Appears reasonable variety. G-FU. Weight 8.5kg.AVAILABLE at A$120
Kiloware: Mostly 1990s-2000s 45c/50c Pics & Commems plus good percentage of 1980s types. Mostly on close-clip single paper. Weight 11.5kg. Offered on behalf of Mary MacKillop Mission.SOLD at A$120

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1850-1990s Collections/accumulations of Europe in 10 s/books inc Netherlands 1867-69 Kings to 15c. 1872-91 Kings to 1G. 1891-94 Princess to 1G. Sweden 1858-72 Arms 9o & 12o. 1872-77 Numerals to 1R. Switzerland 1854 Stubelli 15R. 1862-82 Sitting Helvetia to 50c. 1882-1908 Standing Helvetia to 3Fr. Luxembourg 1852 Duke 10c. Liechtenstein 1917 Prince to 25h. 1936 Exhib M/S. Spain 1850 Queen 6c. 1860-68 Queens to 2R. 1874 Kings to 10P. Norway 1935 Tourist set. Monaco 1891-1900s Prince to 25c. Most G-VF M/MUH/U, some tropicalisation. SG cat £18,000+ = A$32,000+ (15,000+).AVAILABLE at A$1000

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1851-1990s Collection in 2 s/books with mainly USA inc 1851-57 Washington 3c imperf. 1862-67 Portraits 24c & 30c. 1869 Washington 6c. 1870-90 Portraits to 90c. 1893 Columbus to 10c. Good selection of 1920s-30s pre-cancels with strength in portrait issues inc blks. Other countries inc Memel from 1920 inc opt France to 100Mk & Lithuania Occup issues. French Colonies from 1890s inc New Caledonia 1892-1903 Tablet to 1Fr. New Hebrides 1897 Local Post 1d U & 2d. Mostly G-VF M/U, mixed condition in earlies. SG cat £5800 = A$10,000+. (3200)SOLD at A$500

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1855-1990s Collections/accumulations of Europe in 14 s/books & binders inc Romania from 1870s inc 1931 Scouts set. Turkey 1865-76 Star & Crescent to 5pi plus postage Dues. 1876 Surch set to 5p. 1876-90 Crescent to 2pi, 1892 Toughra to 5pi. 1914 Pics to 50pi. Good range of Italy & area inc Sardinia 1855-61 Embossed Kings to 80c. Italy 1862 Embossed King 20c & 40c. 1863 Kings to 2L. 1878 Surch to 10c. 1890 Valevole opt to 1L75. 1923 Fascist to 5L. Colonies inc Aegean Is, POs abroad & Trentino, plus Trieste & Venezia Guilia issues. San Marino inc 1877-90 Arms 5c & 10c M. 1952 Columbus to 5c. Bosnia 1879-1900 Arms to 25k. 1900-06 Arms to 5k. 1906 Emperor & Pictorial to 5kr inc 5kr perf & imperf. 1910 80th Birthday to 5kr. 1916 Emperor set to 10kr. Yugoslavia from 1921. Most G-VF M/MUH/U, tropicalisation in parts. SG cat £17,000+ = A$30,000+ (16,000).AVAILABLE at A$1000
1870s-1990s Collections/accumulations in 17 s/books. SWA from 1923 inc 1927-43 Pictorials to 4d prs. Niger Coast 1894-98 QV to 1/-. Laos 1882-99 QV to 6d. Nigeria 1938-50 KGVI Pic vals to 5/-. BEA 1890 Light & Liberty to 1R. 1922-27 KGV to 3/-. 1935-37 KGV Pics to 5/-. 1938-52 KGVI Pics to 10/-. 1954-59 QEII Pics to £1. Ethiopia 1920s Pictorial & Portraits to 4M. Egypt from 1879-1900 Sphinx & Pyramid range. Rhodesia 1892 Arms to 10/- & 1896-97 Large Arms vals to 5/-. 1909 Rhodesia opt Arms to £1. 1910-13 Double Heads to 1/-. Southern Rhodesia 1924-29 KGV Admirals to 2/-, Cape 1860s-90s Hopes to 1/-. Natal 1902-10 KEVII to 5/-. Transvaal 1885 Arms to £5. 1900 VRI opts to 10/-. Sudan 1898-1921 Camel Post to 10pi. Basutoland 1953 QEII Pic set to 10/-. Most G-VF M/MUH/U, sltropicalisation in parts. SG cat £10,000+ = A$18,000+. (12,000).AVAILABLE at A$1000
1953 QEII Coronation comp Omnibus set of 106 VFM (SG cat £150). World collection in 12 medium/large s/books with 1000s of stamps inc Australia from pre-Federation to 1990s, Egypt (many 100s) from 1870s Pyramids onwards inc opts, Airmails, Officials, Revenues & values to £1, with great variety. Israel 1949-79. Middle East inc scarcer 1960s/70s Pic/Thematic sets from Fujeira & Dubai. Persia/Iran 1920s-70s. Also British Commonwealth (100s) with Australia inc KGV to 5d opt OS. NZ & Canada QV onwards, GB, Hong Kong, Fiji, South Africa & others. Medium carton. (1000s)SOLD at A$275
1990s-2010 CTO assembly sets, singles & se-tenants FV $1500+, inc many hard to find used issues, also collection of Space related covers (60+). 1967-73 with various Apollo, Skylab cachets, commem covers. AAT covers 1970s-82 (30+) non-official covers with a mix of base cancels, base cachets, Aust Dep covers Christmas, Cocos, Norfolk 1965-81, Samoa 1952-84 G/FU range with some extras STC £390. Some NZ Dependence covers & others. Some mixed condition but mostly F-VF. (2800+)AVAILABLE at A$300
Australian Territories cover collection in 2 albums with AAT 1957-2003 inc pre-dec odds, 1971 Treaty set of 4 Base Cancels, 1972 Cook with Davis & Macquarie Is pmks, 1980s Ships, First Flight, Wildlife Base Cancel sets then through to late 1990s. Also Cocos Is 1963-2005 inc Australia 1966 Fish & Birds with Cocos cancels, Philatelic Exhibition covers inc stamps & 86 Adelaide with a mix of frankings & cachets. 1990 Auckland Exhibition cachet on 70c opt & M/Sheet covers with Special Cancels (2) plus many others inc Postal Stationery & 1974 Sydney Easter Show PO Commem envelopes. (235)AVAILABLE at A$160
British Commonwealth collection in 6 vols with Australia 1913-95 (1200) on leaves, hagners & s/book with Kangaroos (35) to 2/-, KGV (40) to 1/4, KGVI to 10/- Arms, 1940 AIF set, useful pre-dec QE II inc high val Commems, decimals near comp to mid 1990s, plus Cocos Is 1963 Pics to 2/3 (2 sets). NZ pre-decimals (420), plus 20 Health M/Sheets to 1967 in Seven Seas album inc 1882 QV to 1/-, 1898 Pics to 2/-, 1902 KEVII to 1/-, 1915-26 KGV to 2/-, 1920 Victory, 1940 Centenary, 1953 QEII to 10/-. All pre-dec Health M/Sheets, 1960 Pics to £1 & Official near comp inc 1936 Pics, 1937 KGVI, 1940 Centennial & 1953 QEII to 1/- (retail $1350). Cocos Is mostly high values to $2 Used accumulation (600) F-VFU, total FV $200+. PNG collection (950) to 1990 inc 1952 Pics to £1 FU, 1964 Birds to 10/- CTO & decimal Pic sets (190) mixed CTO/MUH. GB collection (1100) 1890s-1990s inc 1902 KEVII to 5/- (cat £380), KGV Seahorse set to 10/- (£200) plus extra 2/6 (6) & 5/- (5) cat £460, KGVI to £1 brown (both) & QEII dec/pre-dec Pic Commem sets & Machins to £5. Good solid basic collection group. (4250)AVAILABLE at A$375

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British Empire: 1850s-1990s Accumulation in albums, s/books & on pgs inc Antigua 1860s-90s QV inc shades & wmks. 1903-17 Arms to 6d. 1921-29 KGV Badge to 5/-. 1935 Silver Jubilee set. 1938-44 KGVI Pic to 5/-. SWA from 1897 inc 1900-18 Yachts to 30pf. 1931 Pics to 1/3. 1961-70 Pic Def to R1. Hong Kong from 1860s QV to 30c. 1912-33 KGV to $2. British Africa from 1890s inc KUT 1938-52 KGVI to 5/-. 1959 QEII Officials to £1. Tanganyika from 1917 GEA opt, Solomons 1946-85 collection in album. British POs inc Levant from 1880s, Bahrain, Occup of Italian Colonies, Morocco Agencies from 1890s QV to 1P. Mostly G-VF M/MUH/U. SG cat £9000+ = A$16,000+. (8500+, & 30+M/S)AVAILABLE at A$500

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British Indian Ocean Territory: 1968-90 collection comp inc 1968 opt & Pictorial sets, 1972 Corals both wmks, 1975 & '90 Birds sets etc to mid-1990. VF MUH, mostly fresh. SG cat £320. (108).AVAILABLE at A$150

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Canada: 1859-2002 collection in near new Davo album (retail $220) with 1859 1c, 2c, 3c & 12½c (SG cat £310). 1868-78 Large QV (9) to 15c purple (£490). 1870 Small QV set of 8 to 10c salmon (£80). 1897 QV Maple Leaves set of 8 to 10c (£110). 1908 Tercent set of 8 to 20c (£400). 1912-25 KGV (22) to $1. 1928, '30, '35, '37, '42 & 1946 Pic/Def sets to $1 (£410). Overall reasonably comp 1902 onwards inc KEVII to 8c, 1935 KGV SJ, KGVI Defs & comprehensive QEII to late 1990s, plus Airmails, Officials, Postage Dues & some Revenues. Fresh & clean, mostly G-VF U. SG to early 1950s cat £2000 = A$3700. (100s)AVAILABLE at A$450
Carton lot with Austria 1850s-1990s inc 1950 Airmail Birds, 2s, 10s (2), 20s (3) & 5s (SG cat £330). Then wide range of Defs from 1850s Arms, Pics, Commems & BOB types. Czechoslovakia 2 vol collection 1918-90 (more 100s) inc Philatelic exhib M/Sheets. France 1972-99 Pic/Commem duplicates crammed into loose s/book pgs (few 1000). Netherlands 1975-94 MUH accumulation with Pic/Commem/Charity sets (240), Defs to 7.50G in blks of 4, M/Sheets (30) plus another 20 CTO, booklets (18) plus extra uncounted single MUH Commems. Overall FV would be quite high! Plus Davo Netherlands hingeless slipcase album 1852-1994 near new (retail $500). Swiss 1989-98 Year Albums near comp with mostly CTO sets. Shoebox with Europe (many 100s) in s/cards & envelopes. Also Australia modern $1 Pics/Commems (weight 1.8kg) semi-sorted into plastic bags & ACSC 2014 KGV cat. Reserve could prove to be conservative. (1000s)AVAILABLE at A$400
Carton of accumulations with Australian duplicates 1940s-80s, sighted 1949 Arms set to £2 (2 sets) & QEII era high val commems. FDC collection (260) to mid 1990s inc 1970 large Cook, 1974 Paintings to $4, long commem/pic sets & Gardens to $20, AAT 1971 Cook Base Cancel set of 4, plus 40 assorted 1980s Pictorial Silk envelopes. GB FDC collection (80) to 1973 RW strength in Pre-decimal Pics & commems, plus bundle of PHQ cards (100) with approx 25 sets VFU. Finally Norfolk Island FDC/Stationery collection (90) inc 1991 Ships to $5 & assorted M/S. (530 covers & many 100s of stamps)AVAILABLE at A$250
Collections/accumulations in 20+ albums of various sizes, very diverse contents with Swiss 1960s-80s Pics (100s) inc Pro Patria & Pro Juventute charity sets, Australia decimals in 4 albums inc 1990s decimal Pic sets CTO (FV $90). Junior collection in 8 s/books & World array in 7 loose leaf albums of varying vintage inc Australia pre-decimal imprint blks. Asia noted China, Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, Ceylon & India. World inc East/West Europe, Scandinavia, Africa & America. Plus Solomons 1987 America's Cup M/S collection. Typical multi-volume condition, majority F-VF U, MUH M/S (60) inc Australia 1970 Cook. Large carton. Unchecked in detail. (1000s)AVAILABLE at A$250

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Covers & Postal History 1835-1990s inc GB 1835 stampless letter, Poland German Occup (24) inc pictorial pmks, 'Deutsche Post Osten' opts etc, 1930s-50s Australia & World FFC & Airmail, Cocos 1969 set FDC, AAT 1st set FDC, Ceylon 1938 reg (3), Tonga Tin Can Mail (2), Iran 1940 reg to Bohemia (5), post WWII Germany Allied Occup (5), Peru (2), New Caledonia (3) inc 1917 Official with 'Gouverneur' cachet, 1928 Reg to Sydney & 1949 FFC to Paris, Japan used in Korea 1926 PPC with 'Gensan Chosen' cds to Australia from Navy ship Kirishima, Australia 1918 Infectious Disease Notices (3) -2 with KGV 1d red, Ecuador 1934 Reg to Australia. 90 with marked retail total of $3300, plus unpriced. (130)AVAILABLE at A$750
Deceased Estate Part 7. Continuing GB 1950s Wildings on paper mix in 3 Viking File boxes. 2nd carton with 2 large s/books with British Commonwealth sets, booklets, strength in Canada, Gibraltar, Channel Islands & Hong Kong 1990s Exhib M/Sheets, South Africa mix (5000) with minimal duplication in chocolate box, Bundle of Irish PO Packs. Two shoe boxes packed with semi-sorted stamps in envelopes, inc NZ QV to QEII -sighted plenty of Pics, commems &Healths, Europe, Scandinavia, Sri Lanka, France, Belgium inc Railway Posts & assorted Indian States & British Asia.SOLD at A$160
Deceased Estate Part 12 Carton lot crammed with UK Philatelic Society (Coventry, Midlands, etc) circuit books strength in late 1800s-1990s British Commonwealth with HUGE variety & quantity throughout inc Australia 1930s-90s, British East Africa & West Indies, QV-QEII, Canada, Ceylon QV, Christmas Is 1968 Fish set, Channel Is inc Pics to £2. Cape of Good Hope 1860s 1d, 4d Triangles. Falklands inc Dependencies, Malta 1960s-90s MUH/U inc multiples. Nyasaland 1920s KGV 10/- & £1. NZ 1960s Health M/Sheets MUH. Palestine, Rhodesia KGV Admirals, Sierra Leone 1963 Flowers set to £1 M, Tuvalu Officials to $4 U. Transvaal KEVII & Natal QV. Straits Settlements QV. GB to 1960s Pics/commems inc 1841 QV 1d imperf (25, cat £875) & 1840s-50s 1d 'Stars' (60) inc blued papers plus much more in this varied array inc scattered Europe & USA. (many 1000s)SOLD at A$200

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Germany - West: 1949-90s collection in 5 big s/books inc 1949 Parliament set M&U 1940 Stamp Centenary set M&U. 1949 UPU 30pf. 1949 Relief Fund set M&U. 1950 Bach set M&U. 1951-51 Posthorn set to 90pf. 1951 700th Anniv set M&U. 1951 Stamp Exhib set M&U. 1951 Relief Fund set M&U. 1952 Relief Fund set M&U. 1953 Relief Fund set. 1954-60 President set to 3Mk plus bklt panes. Then good coverage to 1990 inc M/S & bklts. Also 1990s Unified issues. Most G-VF M/MUH/U, some tropicalisation in parts. SG cat £13,000+ = A$23,000+. (9000, 70 M/S).AVAILABLE at A$800

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Germany - West Berlin: 1948-90 Extensive collection MLH/MUH largely on illustrated leaves in 4 binders inc 1948 'Berlin' black opts to 5Mk MLH/MUH, 1949 UPU set MUH, 1949 Goethe part set MUH, 1949 Relief Fund M/S MLH, 1949 Buildings to 5Mk M/MLH, 1951 Bell to right set MUH, other earlies, then an extensive range through to 1990 MUH with extras of later issues. Some mixed condition in earlies otherwise F-VF, cat £5500 = A$10,000. (1450, 14 M/S)AVAILABLE at A$500

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Germany - Berlin: 1949-90 Collection in 2 Kabe hingeless albums inc 1949 Surch set & UPU set, plus most others to 1953, then comp U to 1959, then from 1960 every stamp both MUH & U to 1979, then mostly 2 MUH of all to 1990 with some U. VF fresh. Mi cat €3800+ = A$6200, FV of M alone is 750DM = A$600, not forgetting the high cost of the as new hingeless albums $400-$500. (1600)AVAILABLE at A$600

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Germany - East: 1949-90 Collection in 7 s/books. 1949 UPU 50pf. 1950-51 President set to 5Mk M&U. 1950 Bach set M&U. 1950 Stamp Exhib 84pf. 1950 Science Portrait set to 50pf. 1950 Exhib M/S (SG cat £200). 1951 Leipzig Fair set. 1951 Polish President set. 1951 Mao China set M&U (£475). 1951 Youth set. 1952-53 Portrait set to 84pf. 1953-55 President 1Mk & 2Mk. 1953 Marx set plus M/S sets of 2 both perf & imperf & -the perf both M&U. 1953 5 year Plan set to 84pf plus bklt panes. 1954 Stamp Day M/S. Then good Commems & Defs to 1990 largely comp. Most G-VF M/MUH/U, some tropicalisation. SG cat £10,000+ = A$18,000+ (10,000 + 215 M/S). (P)AVAILABLE at A$800

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Germany - East: 1953-90 Collection in 3 exc condition 64pg Lighthouse s/books. CTO, missing 1 value from ea Commem set that were only on restrictive sale, o/w appears near comp CTO inc Defs. Also scattered MUH sets in 1960s, then looks near comp MUH to 1990 inc lots of M/S & sheetlets. VF M/MUH/U. Est Mi cat €3500. Plus covers inc FDC, M/S & sheetlets used 1960s to Australia, 1970s-80s to Singapore, almost all Airmail multiple frankings, about 50% Registered. Covers sl tones, but stamps VFU. Est another €300+, total €3800 = A$6200. (5000, 250+ covers)SOLD at A$375

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Gibraltar 1890s-1990s Postal History inc ca1950 covers franked KGVI ½d scarce printed matter rate to London & Constitution opt 3d to UK. PPC (4) inc 1912 with 'Paquebot Toulon' pmk & 1985 to Australia with 6-line h/s apologising for slow delivery as sent by Surface mail. Then Postal stationery inc QV 1d or 10c red Postcards -3 opt SPECIMEN & 1d used to Amsterdam with Registered cachet, plus QV Registered envelopes 20c red size G & 20c/2d red extra large size 255x185mm. Plus others. Fair to VF M/U. marked retail $1000. (19)AVAILABLE at A$230

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Italy - States: 1820s-1870s ex dealer's stock in binder inc Papal States 1852 1b-8b, 1867 10c & 40c, 1868 perfs to 80c, Modena 1852 5c & 15c, Parma 1852 15c, Sicily 2g & 10g, Tuscany 1851 4c & 1860 10c & 20c, Sardinia (29) inc 1862 5c, 10c, 20c, 40c & 80c inc extra shades of all etc. Plus pre-stamp folded letters etc (&) with various postal markings, pmks etc, 1859 Papal States 3b on letter, some Italy inc early Postcards (4) & covers (23) 1860s-1990s. Some earlies mixed condition, generally G-VF, cover mostly F-VF. Old Mi STC €2600=$4250 with current catalogue much higher. (77 stamps, 35 covers/cards).AVAILABLE at A$275
Kiloware: Mostly 1990s-modern era with good spread throughout inc Singapore, China, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand. Africa with Kenya, RSA. Then Canada, GB inc high vals & Machins, NZ, USA & Europe. All on close-clip single paper. Weight 7kg+.SOLD at A$400

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Lithuania: 1918-90s Collection in 2 s/books inc 1918 Type-set 10s. 1919 Type-set to 60s inc printings with 3rd issue set to 60s. 1919 Arms to 5a. 1920 2nd Anniv to 5a. 1920 Assembly set to 5a. 1921-22 Pictorial to 100a. 1921 Air set. 1922 Recognition set to 10a. 1922 Surch to 2L. 1923-25 Pic to 5L. 1923 Memel set to 5L. 1924 War Fund to 1L. 1932 Orphans Fund set plus Airs. 1932 15th Anniv set plus Airs inc imperf blks of 4. 1933 50th Anniv set. 1933 Child Fund set plus Airs & imperfs. 1934-35 Pictorial set to 10L. 1939 Basketball set. German Occup 1941 opt Russia to 60k. Central Lithuania largely comp 1920-22. 1990 Def issue inc set in sheetlets. Also 1990-92 postcards & covers inc FDC. Most F-VF M/MUH/U, some odd tropicalisation in parts. SG cat £4400+ = A$8000+. (1400 + 48 cvrs)AVAILABLE at A$500

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Malaya & States, Hong Kong & Singapore: 1862-1990s collections in 3 s/books plus hagners. Singapore 1948-52 KGVI set to $5. 1955-59 QEII Pic set to $5. 1962-66 Birds & Animals set to $5. Hong Kong 1862-1900 QV to 30c. 1912-32 KGV to $1. Useful 1960s-90s Def & Commems. Malaya & Area inc States with Johore, Kedah, Kelantan, Negri Sembilan, Perak, Selangor inc 1891 Tigers to 5c. Also North Borneo & Sarawak inc 1938-51 KGVI to $5. Most F-VF M/U. SG cat £3400+ = A$6000+. (2200).AVAILABLE at A$400

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New Zealand: 1860s-1990s in battered Dealer's 64 page s/book Used inc QV Chalons perf 1d, 3d (2) & 6d (NZ cat $230), later QV to 1/- ($700), Pictorials to 1/- ($950), KEVII-KGV ($900), 1920 Victory set ($170), KGV Admiral 2/- (4) & 3/- ($560), 1935 Defs (3+ sets, $150), KGVI (20+ sets, $300) -only 10 of 1½d brown. 1940 Centenary (3+ sets, $200+), 1953 QEII set to 10/-, 1960 Pic Defs to £1 (8+ sets, $500+), 1967 to $1, new value to $2 Multi (5+ sets, $200+), 1970 Defs to $2 (5+ sets, $70+), 1975-81 Defs to $5, 1985-89 Birds to $10 -all high values 10 ea, plus all the other commems etc in similar quantities. Also Healths inc 1931 Blue Boy, Lighthouse, Arms postally U 15 diff to £1, Postage Dues, tall QV Officials 2/- (12) & 5/- (4) etc. Fair to mostly F-VF U, mostly 5 or more of each. NZ cat/retail $12,000. (1000s)AVAILABLE at A$750
New Zealand: 1953-2007 Seven Seas hingeless pgs in 3 matching maroon slipcase albums M/MUH/U. Contents sparse but inc 1971 Pics to $2 MUH, odd M/Sheet & selected Defs, Pics & Commems. Older leaves showing their age, 1990s onwards near new. Reserved at well below wholesale costs. Estimated retail over $800.AVAILABLE at A$300
New Zealand: 1970-2004 virtually comp collection in 4 blue KABE hingeless albums. All appear F-VFU (later years off FDC), some minor foxing mostly on the pages (normal retail $600), FV approx $1400 inc early Health M/Sheets to 1980 (retail $640) & special exhibition M/Sheets inc 1988 Sydpex, 1989 Philex-France colour separations, 1990 Orchids IMPERF (retail $100) & Stamp World 1990, 1991 Phila Nippon pr, 1992 Columbian Expo pr, 1993 Taipei pr, 1995 Jakarta ($50) & Post X 95, Capex 96 & Pacific 97 & others to end 2004 (retail $800). Solid collection, mentioned group NZ retail $2000, plus at least another $1200 FV for the rest. (many 100s)AVAILABLE at A$500
New Zealand: MUH Accumulation in 2 large s/books FV $3725, plus Postage Paid, with heaps of M/sheets 1990-2016, better issues, strips, sheetlets, 'Best of' year issues, reserved as postage, worth more. A gift at reserve.SOLD at A$1400
Papua New Guinea: Collection 1990-2014 in 2 Seven Seas hingeless slipcase albums MUH, noted 1994 Surcharge set of 11, 1995 Bird of Paradise opts, plus the later issues which appear complete inc sets & M/sheets. Largely very fresh. FV alone K4300 = A$1800. The more modern issue hard to get. (1150+, 200 M/S)SOLD at A$800
Russia: 1960-2000 Collection in 4 thick s/books with CTO to end 1990 with 1962-64 imperf sets (7) inc 1962 Cosmonauts, 1963 Sports inc M/sheet, 1964 Olympics, Space, Wildlife & Flowers. Plus M/Sheets (200) & 100s of Pic/Commem sets inc many great Russian thematics. Then MUH 1991-99 with 100s of Pics/Commems & another 95 assorted M/Sheets. Also 1980 Moscow Olympic collection 2 vol set with red slipcases. All fresh & clean. (Few 1000)SOLD at A$300

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Switzerland: Collection 1880s-1990s in 5 s/books inc 1923 Airmails to 2Fr. Useful Pro Juventutes inc 1916 M (SG cat £45). Pro Patria 1952-76 mostly comp to 1974. Mostly F-VF U. SG cat £1600+. (1200).AVAILABLE at A$250
Military - Great Britain: WWII RAF group of 10 with Bader-The Man & his Men (Burns, 1990). Bomber Crew - Taking on the Reich (Sweetman, 2004). Claims to Fame - The Lancaster A History of the 34 Aircraft that Flew 100+ Missions, (Franks, 1994) Churchill's Few - Battle of Britain Remembered (Willis, 1985). Fight for the Sky - The Story of the Spitfire & Hurricane (Douglas Bader, 1973). Fighter Boys - Saving Britain 1940 (Bishop, 2003. Fly - True Stories from the Airmen of WWII (Veitch, 2008). The Few - Americans Who Fought in the Battle of Britain (Kershaw, 2006). With Wings Like Eagles - A History of the Battle of Britain (Korda, 2009). The Reconstruction of Warriors (Mayhew, 2004). Also Tigers - The Story of No 74 Squadron RAF (Cossey, 1992). Whirlwind - The Air War Against Japan 1942-45 (Tillman, 2009). MIG Pilot (J Barron, 1980), The Story of the Escape & Defection of Lieut Belenko with his MIG-25 from the USSR to USA via Japan. Hell-Fire (Ed Macy, 2009) plus 3 paperbacks inc Bomber Offensive Sir Arthur Harris Marshall of the RAF & The Spitfire 50 Years On (1986). Except for the last 3, all hardcover with dust jacket, mostly VF-near new, retail $500+ (17)AVAILABLE at A$180

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Military - Library reduction - 28 books inc 'The Russian Revolution 1899-1919' (940 pgs, Pipes 1990). 'The Secret War against the Jews' (656 pgs, Aarons & Loftus 1994), 'The Voyage of Their Life - SS Derna & its Passengers (480 pgs, Armstrong 2001), 'The Gehlen Memoirs (General Reinhard Gehlen'. Then a mixture of 'un-orthodox titles' inc 'Beer Glorious Beer' (Cyril Pearl, 1969), 'Aust Cigarette Cards & their Values' (Skinner, 1984), 'Tough 101 Australian Gangsters', 'South with Scott (Evans, 1956), 'The Ghost of Flight 401' (Lockheed Tri-Star Crash, Florida, 1972) & 'Good Morning Hanoi' (Findlay, 2006). Plus 18 others. Lots of good reading here & high original cost. Mixed good - VF condition. (28)AVAILABLE at A$60

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1990 NZ opt Urban $3 booklet. VF MUH. Pf B159A(1).AVAILABLE at A$6

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1990 Provisional opt set inc both 10c & Official Paid (CTO as always) plus 1989 $5/65c Plane. VF fresh MUH. SG 230, 234-39 & O1 cat £150+, retail $380. (8) (P)AVAILABLE at A$90

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1990 Provisional opt 'Mainland Postage Paid' & diagonal lines 10c. VF fresh MUH, bottom marginal. SG 234 cat £35.AVAILABLE at A$20

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1990 Provisional opt set inc both 10c & 'Official Paid' (CTO as always) plus 1989 $5/65c Aircraft, all blks of 4. VF fresh MUH. SG 230, 234-39 & O1 cat £600+, retail $1520. (8 blks of 4) (P)AVAILABLE at A$350

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1990 Provisional opt set inc both 10c & Official Paid. VF CTO. SG 234-39 & O1 cat £107, retail $240. (7) (P)AVAILABLE at A$70

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1990 Provisional opt set inc both 10c & Official Paid, plus $5/65c Plane. VF CTO. SG 234-39, 230 & O1 cat £148, retail $315. (8) (P)AVAILABLE at A$70

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1812 Folded letter wrapper endorsed 'Reval 27 July 1812' with blurred 'REVAL' h/s. To Pernau. VF. Purchased by vendor in 1990s for DM200 = A$165.AVAILABLE at A$70

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1823 Folded letter wrapper endorsed 'Reval 11th July 1823' with Cyrillic 'Revel 1823 June 11' b/s. VF. Purchased by vendor in 1990s for DM200 = A$165.AVAILABLE at A$70

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1847 Folded letter wrapper endorsed 'Werro 14 Oct 1847', reverse with boxed Cyrillic h/s 'BEPPO 14 OKT 1847' = Werro. To Pernau with bilingual arrival cds. VF. Purchased by vendor in 1990s for DM190 = A$160.AVAILABLE at A$70

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1923 Airmail opt set 5m-45m/5m (2 triangles & 3 triangle prs), plus 3 defins, tied to Registered Airmail cover by 'Tallinn 15 11 24' cds, with h/s reg label/cachet. To Finland, with b/s of Helsinki & Joensuu arrival cds. VF. Mi 41-45, SG 44-48a cat £785+++ as loose stamps alone, plus large premium on cover. Purchased by vendor in 1990s for DM1100 = A$920. 2019 Ceremuga photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$600

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1937 Relief Fund set 10s-50s, (sl toning) tied to envelope by fancy red 'Tallinn 27 II 37' FDI pmks. SG 130-33 cat £49++, Mi 127-30 cat €70++, plus premium for FDC. Purchased by vendor in 1990s for DM90 = A$75. (P)AVAILABLE at A$40

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1938 Relief Fund set 10s-50s, tied to cover by 'Vehastu 19 X 38' cds. SG 134-7 cat £90++, Mi 131-4 cat €100++, plus premium on cover. Purchased by vendor in 1990s for DM120 = A$100. (P)AVAILABLE at A$60

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1938 Literary Society M/Sheet 5s-25s, tied to cover by 'Tallinn Raamatunaitus 10 XII 38' cds. VF. SG MS143a cat £130++, Mi Blk 2 cat €100++, plus premium on cover. Purchased by vendor in 1990s for DM300 = A$250. (P)AVAILABLE at A$150

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1939 Relief Fund set 10s-50s, tied to Registered cover by 'Tallinn 10 1 39' FDI cds, with h/s reg label/cachet. VF. SG 144-7 cat £55+++, Mi 142-5 cat €100+++, plus premium for FDC. Purchased by vendor in 1990s for DM350 = A$290. (P)AVAILABLE at A$130

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1920 Independence surch 30R/1R part sheet of 30 with margins 3 sides, printed on reverse of unfinished banknotes, with 4 full & 5 partial notes. Superb U/CTO 'Riga 23.V.21' cds. SG 66 cat £195++, Mi 57 cat €150++, plus premium for part sheet. Purchased by vendor in 1990s for DM400 = A$330. (P)AVAILABLE at A$220

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1776 Folded letter wrapper endorsed on reverse 'Herman Fromholz Riga 21 Jan 1776', with boxed 'RIGA' h/s. To Pernau. VF. Purchased by vendor in 1990s for DM300 = A$220.AVAILABLE at A$100

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1930 Rainis Fund Airmail set 1-2s & 15-30s,, plus Airmail set imperf, tied to reg cover by 'Kimis 23 5 30' FDI cds (day early for airs!), with h/s reg label/cachet. To Klaipeda, with arrival b/s. SG 175-80A & 181-2B cat £252+, Mi 153-8A & 159-60B cat €200+, plus premium for FDC. Purchased by vendor in 1990s for DM450 = A$375. (P)AVAILABLE at A$200

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1933 Airmen Fund memorials set 2-52s to 20-70s perf & imperf, plus Arms 2s (3), tied to reg cover by 'Riga 5 IV 33' cds, with h/s reg label/cachet. To Switzerland, with Bern arrival b/s. VF. SG 231-4 A & B cat £240+, Mi 215-18 A & B cat €200+, plus premium on cover. Purchased by vendor in 1990s for DM620 = A$520. (P)AVAILABLE at A$300

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1933 Airmen Fund planes set 8-68s to 40-190s perf & imperf, tied to reg express airmail cover 'Riga 29 VI 39' cds, with h/s reg label/cachet, air & express labels, plus TB Surch on reverse 9 on 6-2s (2) & 17 on 2-4s blk of 4. To Switzerland. VF. SG 243-6 A & B cat £850++, Mi 228-31 A & B cat €700++ as loose stamps, plus premium on cover. Purchased by vendor in 1990s for DM2000 = A$1700. Spectacular & very rare cover. (P)AVAILABLE at A$900

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1939 Basketball set 15c-60c (plus extra 15c) on Registered cover, tied by 'Prienai 7 XI 39' cds, with h/s reg label/cachet. To Switzerland, with arrival b/s. SG 432-4 cat £140, Mi 429-31 cat €195 -both as loose stamps, plus premium for on cover. Purchased by vendor in 1990s for DM300 = A$280. (P)AVAILABLE at A$130

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Perak: 1887-89 'One CENT PERAK' opt QV 2c rose, se-tenant blk of 6 (2x3), top row opt SG type 30, 2nd row SG type 32 & bottom row SG type 33, error left stamp 2nd row 'PREAK for PERAK'. Superb fresh MUH, nice never hinged original gum. SG 33, 35, 35a & 36 cat £996 as M singles & should be at least double, £1990+ MUH, plus premium for se-tenant. Spectacular item for specialist. (P)AVAILABLE at A$1500

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1990 Love 25c, horiz strip of 3 (from booklet pane of 10), error bright pink (heart) OMITTED on right stamp, setenant with 2 normals. Plus original bklt cover. Superb MUH. Sc 2441b. Spectacular & rare. (P)AVAILABLE at A$120