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1871-1902 QV 1/- black, vert pr, error IMPERF on 3 sides, top, bottom, between & at right & perf 13 at left, wmk crown NSW (SG w36). GU, some flts but still respectable appearance. SG 221aa cat £3000. Ex Hutson. Great rarity as apparently one of only 2 known, the other being in the Royal Collection. Certificate can be obtained on request. (P)SOLD at A$1100
FDC Collection 1993-2013 on 320 hagners in 13 albums, extensive inc some AAT, Cocos, Christmas Is. Original cost for covers & albums (inc 320 hagners) $2000. All fresh & clean. (690+)SOLD at A$350
Extensive collection - Part II: Mostly N-Z on ca 700 hagners inc Canada mostly KGV/KGVI era, Cape of Good Hope to Edwardian era China, Touva 1930s Pics both perf & imperf. New Caledonia 1959 to mid 1970s inc 1966 Birds to 39F in prs, 1968 Sea Shells 37F, 39F in prs MUH & others cat £400+, Rhodesia 1890s-60s mostly G/FU cat £110, Seychelles 1990-2003 inc 1993 Flora & Fauna to 50R, 2003 marine Life to 50R, 2003 Surcharges MUH cat £175, Trinidad C19th to post 2000, Zanzibar inc 1936 Dues perf SPECIMEN M (mixed condition). Various others inc Pacific Is, African Pics & Europe late 1800s onwards. Mostly diff, vast quantity to sort through. Hagners alone would be $1100+. (8000+)SOLD at A$550
France collection ca 1981-2000 in Davo illustrated album. 1961-92 Comp MUH, 1993-2000 largely G/FU with some gaps. An attractive assembly with excellent range of Thematic related sets covering Art, Flora, Fauna, Aviation related inc 1984 Airmail set MUH. Also a solid range of M/sheets for various Exhibition Anniversaries etc. Also a selection of Council of Europe, UNESCO issues. Mostly VF cat approx £2000 = A$3700. (810 + 12 M/S)SOLD at A$375
New Zealand: 1970-2004 virtually comp collection in 4 blue KABE hingeless albums. All appear F-VFU (later years off FDC), some minor foxing mostly on the pages (normal retail $600), inc early Health M/Sheets to 1980 (retail $640) & special exhibition M/Sheets inc 1988 Sydpex, 1989 Philex-France colour separations, 1990 Orchids IMPERF (retail $100) & Stamp World 1990, 1991 Phila Nippon pr, 1992 Columbian Expo pr, 1993 Taipei pr, 1995 Jakarta ($50) & Post X 95, Capex 96 & Pacific 97 & others to end 2004 (retail $800). Solid collection, mentioned group NZ retail $2000, plus at least another $1200 FV for the rest, with total FV approx $1400. (many 100s)AVAILABLE at A$450

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Phonecards: New Zealand WWF Specialised collection in 3 volumes with 1998 rare NZ Birds Limited Edition Collector Packs (2). Only 650 issued, $50 trial/Specimen & sets/singles UN & Used. 1993 WWF Collectors Packs (3) only 1000 sets issued, plus individual cards/sets UN/U inc $5 Fur Seal with 1995 America's Cup/NZ Wins opts (82) in blue, green or gold. With list of contents identifying the various printing types & inscription changes. Mixed UN/U rarely seen in such specialised quantity. Total FV $4950. (400)SOLD at A$275

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1993 Counter Printed Stamps 'Painting with Candlestick' unissued design trials in black, 1 totally blank, 2 with 'NPC 1' designation & values 45c & $1, both inverted (so in effect inverted centres). VF on original backing paper. Retail $900. (3) (P)AVAILABLE at A$80

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1993 Corals set 45c-$1.20 IMPERF gutter prs. VF fresh MUH. SG 276-9(p). Rare, only 1 sheet existed so only 5 sets of gutter prs! (4 prs) (P)AVAILABLE at A$350

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1993 Early Currency set 45c-$1.20 IMPERF gutter prs. VF fresh MUH, folded down gutters. SG 280-83(p). Rare, only 1 sheet existed so only 5 sets of gutter prs! (4 prs) (P)AVAILABLE at A$350

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1943 Provisional Government 'Badoglio' rose-carmine signature opt Victor Emmanual 50c violet, prepared but unissued. Superb fresh MUH. Opt prepared in Naples on the orders of Marshal Pietro Badoglio's administration. But was never issued as King Victor Emmanual III vehemently objected to his portrait being defaced in such a way, & almost all the stock was then officially destroyed. Sass footnote after 515I, CEI 471 cat €10,000 = A$15,000. Major Italian rarity. Copy of 1993 Raybaudi cert for blk it came from, plus 2019 Ceremuga photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$1300

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1993 Nudibranchs set 45c-$1.05 IMPERF left marginal horiz prs. VF fresh MUH. SG 550-55(var). Only 1 set of sheets existed. (6 prs) (P)AVAILABLE at A$350