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1897 QV Jubilee 50c ultramarine. F-VF fresh MUH. SG 134 cat £190 for M, should be at least triple, £460 MUH, Unitrade 60 cat C$1500/450. (P)AVAILABLE at A$200

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Christmas Island: Chinese New Year comprehensive all diff accumulation. 1994-2018 M/sheets (38) inc 2014 Silk imperf & perf (retail $150) & Exhibition/Show opts (8) to 2012 Beijing Expo. Large sheetlets set of 17 2002-18 plus Show opts (2). Gutter blks of 10 (16 diff). PO Packs (13) inc Zodiac sheetlets (2), FV over $280. A difficult assembly & populate thematic.SOLD at A$275
Covers 1994-2000 collection in 2 thick albums. Extensive FDC inc special & commem pmks, Olympic related covers, International Post to $10 & many others inc 1994 Family, 1995 Dunlop & 1998 Flinders PNC. High original cost, est retail $1000+ (215, 3 PNCs).AVAILABLE at A$130
Decimal PO Packs 1969-2017 (some early opened plastics), inc extensive post-2000 collection with 2013 Kangaroo & Map (3 diff) inc Specimen sheetlet pack, 2014 KGV Heads Cent sheetlet concertina pack, 2016 Nostalgia Fruit Label concertina pack plus other scarce modern types. Also other items inc 1990 Grand Prix phonecard pack. 1994 Melbourne Zoo M/sheet/Phonecard pack. 2005 Pacific Explorer limited edition stamps/badges 4 diff & Thailand 2015 Thai Red Cross pack. Total FV of MUH around $1700, original cost much higher!SOLD at A$900

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1994 PNG Emergency opt set of 11 (2 sets), plus 1930s-90s collection in 3 European s/books with 1930s New Guinea/Papua (22) inc Papua mono-colour Lakatois (10) to 6d M, Pre-decimal PNG (75) inc 1964 Birds to 10/-. 1966-92 Decimal Pic sets (240), minor duplication with mixed MUH & CTO. 1966-82 mostly MUH collection in Seven Seas hingeless album virtually comp with 80 diff Pic/Commem sets inc 1969 Shells to $2. Also 1985 & 1986 PO Year albums. (1400)SOLD at A$200

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Australian Territories: 1994-2007 PO Year folders comp ex 2004. 1998 spine flts o/w VF. FV $230, issue price higher. (13)SOLD at A$170

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Christmas Island 1994-2017 Chinese Lunar New Year MUH array with M/Sheets (65) inc odd Exhibition opt, large sheetlets (21). Pictorial gutter blks (15) & 12 year cycle pack. All fresh MUH. FV over $210, retail much higher.SOLD at A$160

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Germany-West & unified 1973-99 collection in 2 stockbooks. Not in exact order so hard to assess, but appears could be near comp inc long Def sets lots of M/Sheets, some sheetlets -noted 1996 Landscapes 'Kleinbogen' CTO set cat €45 & could be other betters hidden as there is lots of overlap with many out of sight. Some light duplication throughout inc Framas. VF MUH to 1994, then most both MUH & CTO. Est Mi cat €2000+. FV est DM3500 = A$2780. (2100).AVAILABLE at A$400

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Papua New Guinea collection 1952-2000 in 2 Seven Seas hingeless slipcase albums largely MUH & comp inc £1 Fisherman, 1994 Emergency opts set of 11. Some tropicalisation mainly on the pages but largely VF MUH. Retail $1500+ with original cost of albums $400. (840 plus 19 M/S)AVAILABLE at A$300

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Papua New Guinea: 1966-2000 MUH collection in as new Seven Seas slipcase album (retail $350) with 100+ diff Pic/Commem sets (FV K200) inc 1994 Provisional opt set of 11 (cat £225, retail $300), 1995 Birds 21t opt set of 4, blks of 4 MUH (retail $100) & M/S (11 diff). Mostly fresh MUH. (100s)SOLD at A$170

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Soviet Zone - Thuringia: 1945 Christmas Anti Fascist 2RM M/Sheet (3pf, 4pf & 5pf), on yellowish-grey paper (type t), bottom marginal. VF fresh MUH. SG MSRF9(var), Mi Blk 1t cat €1600. 1994 Busch BPP photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$450

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1994 Emergency opt 5t on 35t Dancer vert pr opt greatly shifted left, giving illusion of DOUBLE opt with partial obliterating bar at right. Also 2 normal opts in black or deep grey. VFU. SG 730(var) (4)AVAILABLE at A$60