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1860-64 Swan 4d deep blue, imperf. F-VF M, 3½ margins. SG 27 cat £350. (P)SOLD at A$180

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Australia: Private Perfins Handbook, John Mathews editor. Updated & revised 2002 with many extra illustrations & pages added plus comments on rarity & pricing. As new, now hard to find.AVAILABLE at A$100

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British Commonwealth: Robson Lowe Encyclopedia Vol 2 'Empire in Africa' inc pmks, postal history (Boer War etc), stationery, Specimens, forgeries etc. Much invaluable information not available elsewhere. Very minor internal foxing, cost $220 in 2002.AVAILABLE at A$120

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1937-2002 Collection in 2 s/books. 1st contains 1937-65 M pre-dec blks. 2nd s/book 1970-2002 Used collection largely comp inc blks & M/S. Also ACSC cats inc 1913-40 with Roos & KGV, & 1970-91 decimals. Almost all F-VF M/MUH/U. SG cat £1800+ = A$3200+. (2400+)AVAILABLE at A$200
Decimal Package & Limited Edition Product 1988-2017. inc PO Year albums 1988 Leather, 2002 Accession PNC, 2005 Disney Pixar P-stamp album inc Nemo, Bugs Life etc, 2006 Commonwealth Games album, 2013 Historic Buildings Pack (LE 250), 2015 VC Winners Pack, 2015 Our Solar System Pack (inc Imperf M/Sheet), 2016 Butterflies Pack (LE 250), 2017 Street Art Pack (LE 200), 2017 QEII 70th Wedding Anniv (LE 200). Many scarce. (12 items)SOLD at A$300

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PNC (Philatelic Numismatic Covers) virtually comp collection April 1994-end 2015 in 9 Lighthouse binders with 100 quality Vario pages. Noted Year 2000 Last of The ANZACS, Victoria Cross, 2000 Olympics $5 pr, 2001 Army Centenary, 2002 QEII Accession, 2005 World Heritage, 2007 Ashes Cricket Victory, 2012 Zoo Animals pr, Bathurst Anniv pr & Olympic Gold Medallists set of 7, 2013 Dinosaur pr, 2014 Banjo Patterson pr, KGV Stamp Centenary & Great War Centenary (GB £2 coin), 2015 Victoria Cross (medallion) & ANZAC trio. Mentioned items cat $2150 (2017 ASC), total cat well over $6000 plus another $650 retail for the 9 albums. (160 PNC)SOLD at A$1400
British Asia: 2002 Malaysia PO Year-album, 2003 Singapore PO Year-album -both VF MUH, plus off-paper U accumulation 1910-80s inc Singapore, HK, Malaysia & States (160gr - 100s).AVAILABLE at A$110
China Taiwan: 2002-10 Year Books comp with all stamps, se-tenant strips, blks & M/S. Great variety of thematics. All diff. VF fresh MUH. SG cat of stamps alone £1600+ = A$2800+. (525 & 78 M/S)SOLD at A$250

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Nauru: 1916-2002 Collection in 2 large Lighthouse s/books with 1916 KGV opts to 1/- inc 2d orange Die II M/MLH plus extras MLH & G-FU, 1923 Centre opts M/MLH, Seahorses 2/6, 5/-, 10/-. 1924-48 Ship set to 10/-, both Rough & Smooth papers, F-VF M/MLH, also extras G-FU. 1935 Jubilee set MLH & FU. Useful Pre-decimal QEII to 1966 MLH/MUH. Parallel collection FU. Comprehensive Decimals 1966 MUH/G-FU to 1990. Then MUH only to 2002. Also noted some commercial mail 1976 Nauru to Melbourne & some extras from late 1970s. Mostly F-VF. SG cat approx £1550+ = A$2700. A comprehensive attractive collection. (100s) (P)AVAILABLE at A$600
Norfolk Island collection to 2002 in 2 springback albums & folder inc 1947 Ball Bay set to 2/- & white papers to 2d. Then near comp pre-decimals many blks of 4, prs etc noted Bird Defs in blks VFM/MUH, decimals comp many issues in blks of 4 MUH, some issues & CTO set, 1974 UPU M/S (4), plus 240 FDC from NI standing order 1980-2000s, few Maxi cards. High original cost. VF. (100s)AVAILABLE at A$275

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Norfolk island: 1960-2002 FDC inc sets, M/sheets, pre-dec (10), free-form types etc. All diff. (123)AVAILABLE at A$120

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Solomon Islands: 1980-2000 MUH collection in 60 hagners with 48 Pic/commem sets inc 2001 Birds set of 12 to $50 (SG cat £32) & 2006 Victoria Cross to $15 & Dinosaurs to $20 (£30). Then 64 M/Sheets inc 2002 Phila-Korea pr, 2004 World Bird Festival Trio, 2005 Battle of Trafalgar set of 4 & Europa set of 6 (cat £100). All fresh MUH, FV $1230 (A$200), plus Used sets & singles inc 1993 Crabs to $10. Overall high total SG cat inc 1940 Postage Due set fresh MUH cat £95. (100s)SOLD at A$150

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1971 Floral coil 7c error buff omitted & green misplaced. VF fresh MUH, plus normal to compare. SG 468bbb cat £225, ACSC 535ce cat $300 (in 2002). Copy of 2002 RPSV photo cert for strip of 4. (P)SOLD at A$50

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1979 National Parks 20c vertical format cnr strip of 4, se-tenant pr at right error IMPERF. Superb fresh MUH. SG 713ab cat £900+. ACSC 843b cat $1250+ in 2002, which mentions that only 1 pane with 10 error pairs was discovered. Very rare & desirable as strip with normals. (P)AVAILABLE at A$600

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1980 Australia Aircraft 22c Wackett, unique collection of proofs; comprising (1) the original DIE PROOF printed on plastic coated card (with positioning lines at sides) mounted on approval card with overlay, (2) IMPERF MASTER PROOF sheetlet of 50 printed on plastic coated card, with a few corrections marked in ink, and with full page listing of corrections of spots & marks to be done, (3) IMPERF PROOF SHEET of 200 comprising 2 sale sheets of 2 panes each, with vertical gutter & special color bars in the gutter, and along the sides (which were always cut away from issued sheets), with "Approved for color 12/6/80" h/s & signature in margin (4) TRIAL COVER with 1 stamp cut out of the sheet above, also with the approval h/s & signature, (5) final PERF PRINTING SHEET of 200 also with the special color bars in the gutter & along the sides, and with 'OK - for perforation guide" & signature in margin. Interestingly only this stamp of the set was printed by The Victorian Government Printer, with the other 3 done by Ascher & Co, and no proofs are known for any of the other 3 stamps. The die proof & the proof sheetlet are both VF UN as made, and are UNIQUE. The imperf full sheet is MUH with sl wrinkling, has sl folds through 30 stamps, and heavy fold through 10 stamps, and it is the UNIQUE surviving sheet (as 2nd imperf sheet has been cut up into pairs & blks). While the perf sheet had been split before & is neatly reinforced on back with archival tape - it is also unique as full sheet. SG 761(var). Proofs unlisted in the 2002 ACSC as new discovery, while using the ACSC numbering system for proofs & estimating prices from other proofs/imperfs of the period, one can arrive at the following suggested nos & est cat values: 883DP(1) unique die proof est cat $5000, 883PP(1) imperfs on plastic coated card est cat $600 per pair (x25 pairs), 883PP(2) imperfs on normal paper est cat $200 per normal pair (x80 pairs) & $400 per intersheet pair (x20 pairs), 883a intersheet perf pairs in rejoined sheet at $50 (x20 pairs). So total est cat $45,000+. Totally unique offerring for the specialist, and important as intact group as showing proofs for all the stages of preparation of printing plates & printing.SOLD at A$8000

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2002 International Post $2.20 Canberra sheet of 40 in unissued format with double stamp size perf gutter between 2 panes of 20. Issued to POs as guillotined sheets of 20 with ½ stamp size margin all round. Only 9 sheets known. VF fresh MUH. SG 2221.AVAILABLE at A$250

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2002 'Standard Postage' opt Flower 10c, FULL SHEET of 10, error opt INVERTED. Plus normal sheet to compare. VF fresh MUH. SG 931(var), SACC 414 cat R12,000 & retail is at full cat. Extremely rare as only cpl sheetlets were discovered. (2 sheets of 10) (P)AVAILABLE at A$400