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1860-64 Swan 6d sage-green, imperf, variety pre-printing vert paper fold at left. Superb fresh UN, 4 margins. SG 28, cat £3250. Rare genuine UN. Certificate can be obtained on request. (P)AVAILABLE at A$1300
Hagners (230) in 5 binders plus loose (40), various sizes, strength in 2 strip, plus 2000 & 2004 Olympic albums with pgs, no stamps.SOLD at A$110
1913-74 Near comp collection (314) in contemporary Seven Seas illustrated album with Kangaroo set of 14 to 5/-, KGV comp basic set of 30 to 1/4 inc 4d lemon & OS opts to 5d. 1931-32 OS opts on Pics to 1/- inc Kingsford Smith 2d, 3d, 6d. 1934 Vic Cent & Macarthur sets. 1935 ANZAC 1/- & KGV SJ to 2/-. 1936 SA & 1938 NSW sets. 1937 KGVI comp to £1 Robes & 1949 Arms to £2 & QEII pre-dec comp inc 1964 Navigators set of 6 to £2. Comprehensive decimals inc 1966 Defs to $4 & Paintings to $10. Some foxing to the pgs, stamps G-FU, retail $960. Also AAT (118) 1957-2004 U & 2005-14 MUH (FV $88) in s/book. (490)SOLD at A$275
1966-2004 VFU/CTO collection (FV $830) in 4 green VGC Seven Seas slipcase albums, hingeless 1978 onwards (retail $680) inc 1966 Navigator set to $4, 1971 Christmas 7c blk of 25 (MUH, gum tones). 1974 Paintings to $10, 1980s Gardens to $20, International Post to $20, 2000 Sydney Olympics composite Gold Medallists sheetlet plus wide range of Commem/Pic sets & other M/Sheets inc vals to $10. All fresh CTO. (100s).SOLD at A$375

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2004 AFL Prestige booklets set of 16. VF fresh MUH. Original PO cost $175. SG cat £128, Pf cat $480.SOLD at A$150

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2004 Prestige Booklets: Bridges, Royal Tour, Eureka, Boxing Kangaroo, Railways, Cats & Dogs, Mickey Mouse, 1 AFL & 2 Zodiac. VF fresh MUH. Ea with special M/sheets only found in these. Original PO cost $120, SG cat £134, Pf cat $290. (11)AVAILABLE at A$80

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Booklets: 1997-2004 Prestige Booklets (no AFL). 2003 Christmas Philatelic code, 2004 Cats & Dogs. All inc special M/S only found in these. All diff. VF MUH. FV approx $155. Original PO cost $169. Pf cat/retail $419. (16)AVAILABLE at A$100

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Booklets - Prestige 2004 AFL set of 16. VF fresh MUH. Original PO cost $175, SG cat £128, Pf cat $480.AVAILABLE at A$140

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Booklets - Prestige: 2004 inc Bridges, Royal Tour, Eureka, Boxing Kangaroo, Railways, Cats & Dogs, Mickey Mouse, 1 AFL & 2 Zodiac. VF fresh MUH. Ea with special M/sheets only found in these. Original PO cost $120, SG cat £134, Pf cat $290. (11)AVAILABLE at A$80

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Cocos Islands 1963-2010 near comp MUH collection in Seven Seas hingeless slipcase album inc 1963 Pic set comp, 1969 Defs, 1979 Fish, 1982 Moths, 1985 Shells, 1988 Flora, 1990 Auckland Exhib M/Sheet, 1992 Crabs, 1995 Jakarta M/S & 2004 Singapore M/S. These retail $150, plus another $220 FV & $200 for the album. Total $570.AVAILABLE at A$180
Covers: Collection in 11 albums, with 1966-70 unaddressed FDC (38) inc Pics & commems. 2000 Olympics Gold Medallist FDC set of 16 plus set 28 diff pictorial pmks. 2004 Olympics Gold Medallist FDC set of 17, 15 sets all with diff city/town commem pmks. Scarce. Other commem pmks inc 1980s-90s Philatelic Exhibitions & 1986 Papal Visit collection. Small selection of Aust Territory Aerogrammes. Christmas Island (Aust) FDC coll'n (90), 1993-2011 inc good selection of Chinese New Year covers. Plus much more inc USA 1980 Official Olympic Games collection. All fresh & clean. (1150)AVAILABLE at A$300
Decimals: Impressive CTO/VFU collection 2004-14 in 4 Seven Seas slipcase albums inc many optional pages with wide variety of sets, M/S, sheetlets, booklets etc. Appears fresh & clean, original FV $3600 (inc MUH $250), plus another $1100 for albums, total cost $3700.AVAILABLE at A$550

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Exhibition M/Sheets: Massive all diff collection (158) to 2015 Singapore set of 6 inc Australia 99 Navigators (5 diff), 2005 Pacific Explorer IMPERF, 2007 Harbour Bridge with 10 diff opts, strength in 2010-15 Exhibition, Fairs etc inc London 2010, Australia 2013 (11 diff), Sydney Stamp Expo 2015 (6 diff) & Singapore 2015 6 day set, all fresh MUH inc vals to $10, total FV $560, retail much higher with recent emissions not readily available. Also PO Year album limited edition M/Sheets (12) to 2013 inc 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012 Olympics Gold Medallists sheetlets. All fresh MUH. A complimentary lot to other large collection on offer with very little 'cross-over' M/Sheets. (170)AVAILABLE at A$750
Olympic & Commonwealth Games Collection inc Sydney 2000 Gold Medallist & Athens 2004 Gold Medallist sheetlets. 2006 Commonwealth Games collection, Beijing 2008 Gold Medallists sheetlets, London 2012 Gold Medallist sheetlets inc 2016 $1 Jared Tallent shlt (issued post Olympics due to disqualification of original Gold Medallist). Also Aust Post Olympic Games Prestige Stamp Album & Sydney 2000 from Sydney to Athens collection in green slipcase album (2). FV alone of MUH issues $400+. Also Coin inc Aust 2005 RAM Mint set, Perth Mint 2006 1oz Silver 'Discover Australia'.SOLD at A$275

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Prestige Booklets: 2004 Bridges to March 2005 Special Occasions set of 7. Comp (only 1 AFL & no Zodiac), ea with special M/Sheets only available in these. VF MUH. FV approx $180. Original cost $200, Pf cat/retail $392 (17)AVAILABLE at A$120

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Prestige Booklets: 2004 inc Bridges, Royal Tour, Eureka, Boxing Kangaroo, Railways, Cats & Dogs, Mickey Mouse, 1 AFL & 2 Zodiac. VF fresh MUH. Ea with special M/sheets only found in these. Original PO cost $120, SG cat £134, Pf cat $290. (11)AVAILABLE at A$80

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Australian Territories: 1994-2007 PO Year folders comp ex 2004. 1998 spine flts o/w VF. FV $230, issue price higher. (13)AVAILABLE at A$170

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Fiji: 1953-2004 collection in Seven Seas hingeless albums (2) appears comp inc 1953 Pics to £1 Bugler MLH, 1959-66 QEII 2nd & 3rd Def sets to £1 orange & black U, 1968 Pics to £1 QEII MLH, 1969 1st Dec Defs to $2 FU, total SG cat £170. Then mostly MUH 1969 onwards with 180+ Pic/commem sets & 50 M/S. FV 1990-end 2004 $590, inc 2000 Millennium set FV $60. (100s)AVAILABLE at A$350
Medium carton with Philippines collection (270) on leaves from 1850s imperfs to WWII Japanese Occup (STC $1000), plus 1930s-60s singles/sets in 250 cards priced from 50c to $15 some time ago, ready for individual retail sales. Indonesia collection 1949-69 in another 2 loose leaf albums. Plus folder with 1950-77 Postage Dues & s/book with un-authorised post WWII Pics & commems. Also 1967 Raden Saleh set of 2 (1000 sets, SG cat £950), 1967 Tourism 12Rp Pic (1000, cat £1100) & 1968 Tourism 30Rp Pic (1000, cat £1400). Then 2 binders with assorted mess inc GB 1950s b&w Coil Machine Test labels (40), NZ 1934 7d 'Faith in Australia' FFC, 1960 Pic set (ex 3/-) to £1 plus extra 1/9 Bistre (15), SG cat £210. Tasmania 1880 QV Sideface 4d Buff (2), VFM, cat £80 & Thailand 2004 Tourism sets 1 & 2 (5 sets of ea) in low number M/Sheets, VF MUH cat £110. Plenty to look at here. Medium carton. (1000s)SOLD at A$425
Norfolk Island: Comp MUH collection 1947-end 2015 in 3 Seven Seas hingeless albums (retail $735) inc 2003. Flight M/Sheet with 2004 Exhib opt, 12 additional Local Post booklets & 2001 Belgica Exhib Prestige booklet. Very near comp (missing only 2 sets, 2012 Iconic Activities & 2014 shorelines). Retail $200 to 1975 plus another $950 FV. Post Millennium sets, M/Sheets & booklets still very hard to find. Can be continued with very little extra expense. Fresh MUH.SOLD at A$700

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Russia: 1992-2004 M/Sheet & sheetlets collection in 2 binders. Good coverage of attractive thematic issues inc Animals, Space, Christmas, Flowers & Sport. All diff. Almost all VF fresh MUH. Mi cat €700+. (70+ sheetlets)SOLD at A$140

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Solomon Islands: 1980-2000 MUH collection in 60 hagners with 48 Pic/commem sets inc 2001 Birds set of 12 to $50 (SG cat £32) & 2006 Victoria Cross to $15 & Dinosaurs to $20 (£30). Then 64 M/Sheets inc 2002 Phila-Korea pr, 2004 World Bird Festival Trio, 2005 Battle of Trafalgar set of 4 & Europa set of 6 (cat £100). All fresh MUH, FV $1230 (A$200), plus Used sets & singles inc 1993 Crabs to $10. Overall high total SG cat inc 1940 Postage Due set fresh MUH cat £95. (100s)SOLD at A$150

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1d Black DIE PROOF by Perkins Bacon, State 2 with head on lined background & King's nose improved & the hair is lightened. A FULL SIZE proof (95x125mm) on thick glazed paper w/o endorsements. One of only six recorded. Minor rev foxing spots, front fresh & clean. 2018 ACSC 70DP(12)Ac cat $12,500. Very rare. 2004 Drury photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$7000

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1981 Tasmanian Tiger 24c vert strip of 10, top 5 stamps error olive totally MISSING, next 4 stamps partially missing, bottom stamp normal. VF fresh MUH. From a sheet bought at Pymble PO (NSW) in 1981. SG 788(var). Unlisted ACSC & unrecorded until 2004. An important discovery! Only 10 such strips existed. (P)AVAILABLE at A$1800

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1981 Tasmanian Tiger 24c 1st printing, error missing dark green grass. VF fresh MUH. SG 788(var), ACSC 902(var) unlisted as only discovered in 2004. Normal for comparison. Only 1 sheet known with missing green on part of sheet. (P)SOLD at A$400

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1920-23 KGV 2/- booklet with full contents of 2d red single wmk in 2 panes of 6 with wax interleaves, black on thick greyish cover, inc variety 'cracked electro through left wattles' on LR stamp of both panes (ACSC 96(8)fa). VF fresh with original contents & original staple never opened. VF MUH. ACSC B23B cat $7500++ for partial booklet, plus premium for being complete & for rare varieties. SG SB11 cat £4250++. 2004 Drury photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$3000

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1897-1908 QV 3d Brown, blank background, numerals 4 cnrs, blk of 4, IMPERF master die, no wmk, cream wove paper. Superb UN as made, all 4 margins. SG 240(p). ACSC Q24(DP)1A cat $4000 (in 2004). Extremely rare with only several made. Certificate can be obtained on request. (P)AVAILABLE at A$1500

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1906-12 QV Thick Postage 6d blue-green wmk crown A, perf 12, error IMPERF between stamp & base margin. VFM. SG 300(var), ACSC S43b cat $1000 (in 2004). Very rare. (P)AVAILABLE at A$650

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1906-09 QV 9d Blue, wmk crown A inverted blk of 4, variety compound (mixed) perf twice horiz between 12.4 & 11, perf 11 other sides. VF fresh M/MLH. SG 256d cat £1100+, ACSC T73 cat $1200 (2004). SG 256b cat £440++, ACSC T70a(var) see footnote cat £1000+. (P)AVAILABLE at A$400

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1945 Massa Carrara CLN liberation local 'Massa Carrara 1944-45 C.C.A.' opt 5L/25c, with opt applied across top of a blk of 4, with notary control cachet on back. VF fresh MUH. CEI 1 cat €2000. Rare genuine as only 250 printed. Copy of 2004 Raybaudi photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$375

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Johore: 1922-41 Sultan $100 green & scarlet, wmk script. Stamp Superb MUH with pristine never hinged original gum, UL cnr marginal. SG 127 cat £2000 for M, should be at least double, £4000 MUH, plus premium for cnr. Surely the best quality example in existence of this rare top value! 2003 Ceremuga & 2004 Brandon photo certs. (P)AVAILABLE at A$3800

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1960 'Postal Charges 6d' on 7½d, with Postage blocked out. VF MUH, top marginal, tropicalised gum as usual. SG D1 cat £850. Rare genuine as only around 800 printed & beware of forgeries. Copy of 2001 Ceremuga AIEP photo-cert & 2004 Brandon photo-cert for blk it came from. (P)AVAILABLE at A$500

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1928 Warsaw Exhibition 50gr+1zl M/sheet. VF MUH. Mi Blk 1 cat €600+, SG MS270 cat £550 for M, should be at least double, £1100 MUH. Rare genuine MUH. 2004 Ceremuga AIEP photo cert (P)SOLD at A$375