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Postmark: Numeral 155 of Taralga (type 3R16 RRRRR). Near comp strike on 1878 QV 6d Pale-Lilac. One of only 2 examples recorded. (P)SOLD at A$120

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2005, 2003, 2001, 1999 PO Die Proof Albums set of 4 with 2005 Transportation, 2003 Royalty, 2001 Federation & 1999 Engraved Stamps. Not often seen as a comp group, with Transportation being particularly scarce. ACSC cat $3200 as individual proofs. (4 albums)AVAILABLE at A$500

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2005-12 Philatelic Exhibition, anniversaries & event opts. Specialised MUH, CTO & FDC collection in 3 thick albums. Items of interest inc 2005 Pacific Explorer imperf M/Sheets (19) inc APTA Convention opts (2). Other exhibition opt M/S (144) inc 2005 Melbourne Stamp Show, 2008 Canberra Stamp Show, STAMPEX 2010 Adelaide, London 2010, Queensland Stamp Show & 2010 Canberra booklets (56) again with similar opts, plus Exhib pmk covers (62) & more M/S CTO (28), & Special Interest PO Packs & Commem covers All fresh & clean. FV $1000 for MUH alone plus all the CTO & FDC. Massive original costs. (300+ items)AVAILABLE at A$700

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2005 Die Proofs (no.4) Transport & Communication -A Selection of the Engraved Stamps of the Commonwealth of Australia. Deluxe PO book with 32 diff Die Proofs in green. Inc 5/- Bridge, unissued 1939 5/- Guba, 6d Airmail & Kingsford Smith, 10/- Flinders, all 6 stamp Centenaries etc. Lovely production. ACSC at $800 as single proofs. This the scarcest of the series.SOLD at A$180
Carton inc covers 1980s-2005 FDC/PSE Collection in 2 binders & loose (700), extensive range mix of pmks & cancels, plus Postcard Wallets set of 4 (2 sets) 200+ cards, FV $80+ & Die Proof Replica card collection (55, ACSC cat $440) in 45 hagners with around 30 diff to 1974 Christmas, 1983 Americas Cup Gift Pack Boxed set (now becoming harder to find). Finally 1969-78 PO Pack collection (30, retail $400) inc 1970 & 1971 Selected Issues, 1971 Christmas 7c blk of 4 & 1970 Cook inc M/Sheet. (100s)AVAILABLE at A$220
Covers: 2002-2006 FDC collection in thick album, comprehensive range inc joint issues, International Post, commems & defs, plus PNC for 2003 Coronation, 2005 Tennis. Retail $1000. FV approx $300. (104).SOLD at A$110
Decimal MUH 1973-2005 collection on hagners, comprehensive sets & M/sheets, largely VF. FV $1490.SOLD at A$750
Decimal range 2005-2007 MUH on hagners inc sets & M/sheets, also booklets 1968-90s, FV $580. Also few covers, unused hagners.SOLD at A$300
Australian Territories cover collection in 2 albums with AAT 1957-2003 inc pre-dec odds, 1971 Treaty set of 4 Base Cancels, 1972 Cook with Davis & Macquarie Is pmks, 1980s Ships, First Flight, Wildlife Base Cancel sets then through to late 1990s. Also Cocos Is 1963-2005 inc Australia 1966 Fish & Birds with Cocos cancels, Philatelic Exhibition covers inc stamps & 86 Adelaide with a mix of frankings & cachets. 1990 Auckland Exhibition cachet on 70c opt & M/Sheet covers with Special Cancels (2), plus many others inc Postal Stationery & 1974 Sydney Easter Show PO Commem envelopes. (235)SOLD at A$180
Carton lot with 10 albums inc 1937 Coronation issues, 1946 Victory issues M & U, 1983 Commonwealth collection in blue album, Fiji 1970s-80s largely MUH, Great Britain mostly G-FU, Nauru collection 1916-98 a little scattered but with MUH range FV $210+, Norfolk Is 1947-2005 in 3 albums inc earlier 1947 Ball Bay set with white papers MLH/MUH, later MUH range FV $170, larger CTO/FU range, original FV $480, basic range of Aviation issues. Mostly F-VF. (2500+)AVAILABLE at A$200

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China: 1949-2009 Collection on hagners in 2 binders & more. Inc selection M/U range 1949-91 some original prints cat £200. Then a comprehensive MUH collection 2004-09 with extensive range of sets, M/sheets & booklets notes Lunar New Year issues 2004-09 & booklets, packs & sheetlets. Beijing Olympic issues similarly extensive range. Also noted 2005 Goddess of the River M/sheet, 2006 Railway Expansion set & M/S & others. A wonderfully attractive collection cat £3000. Also inc China Philately magazine official magazine between 1982-90 (35 in total). A useful trove of information on contemporary & earlier issues inc of liberated areas etc. Largely VF. Total cat £3200 = A$5800. (600+30 M/S,10 booklets)AVAILABLE at A$750
Extensive collection Part I: A-M on ca 470 hagners inc Cyprus KGVI to 1980s, Fiji 1912-80s inc QEII Def sets MUH, French Colonies inc Fr Indian Settlements, French Sudan Gabon, Martinique, Madagascar with selections of Peace & Commerce types & later Pics cat £50+, Monaco 1950s to 2005 inc 1956 Rally MLH, Malta 1938 & 1947 Defs MLH, Hungary inc Hungarian Occupation issues inc Banat Bacska 1919 Harvester opt 10F red, 25F grey-brown, 1919 opts to 10K mostly M/MLH, Debrecen issues selection cat ca £500, Germany post war selection. Ireland largely modern G/FU range & others. Mostly F-VF. Replacement cost of hagners alone would be $800, M/MUH/U. Most diff. (ca 5000)SOLD at A$350
Great Britain: Extensive stock in 5 Lighthouse s/books QV to c.2005 mostly G/FU, arranged as a dealer's stock with good quantity of Decimal commems through to Millennium series & other contemporary period. Also defs to £10 (8), thick wad of retired circuit sheets. Mostly more recent GB, some earlier, similar loose in tin, plus few covers, 'Beginner' style albums, various others, mostly F-VF. (4000+)SOLD at A$120
Great Britain PO Year Book collection 1986-2005 (ex 2004), some aging. FV £350 = A$630 with SG cat £1500+. (19)SOLD at A$250
New Zealand: 2005 New Zealand 150 Years collection. Superb PO production in large black fold-out album celebrating 150 years of postage stamps inc 1865 1d QV Chalon Die Proof reprints (No 2677) set 15 Commem stamps in individual M/sheets of 10, plus composite sheetlet of 15. Also 3 individual numbered FDC. All exclusive to this special limited edition album with only 4000 released. FV alone NZ$200. Magnificent production & now rarely seen on the open market.AVAILABLE at A$120

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Poland: Collection 1860-2005 in 6 near new green slipcase. Schaubek hingeless albums (plus empty 7th vol 2006-14, retail $3000) with 1860 Russian Arms 10K. 1919 Opt Austria 30h. 1919 Arms set to 1K. 1919 Exhib set to 1K. 1921 Constitution set. 1923 Copernicus set. 1924 President 1Zl. 1925 Airmail set to 45g. 1927 Education set. 1938 Pic set to 3Zl. 1946 1st Anniv set. 1948 Culture Fund M/S (SG cat £375). 1948 Roosevelt Air set (£130). Upper Silesia 1922-23 Miners set 1Mk-300Mk. Good coverage of issues from 1955 on being largely comp to 100O. Almost all F-VF MUH/U, later issues fresh MUH. SG cat £5500+ = A$9500. (4400 + 165 M/S). (Few 1000)AVAILABLE at A$1500
USA: Double carton lot with albums of stationery, 64pg s/book of Used. Approx 90 mint year sets 1972-2005 FV $850+. Birds & Wildlife sheets of 50, Celebrate the Century etc sheets (18) FV $200+. Album & extra FDCs hagner album of Mint FV $90+. 2 Vol illustrated album 1847-1997 M/U. Celebrate the Century 25 sheets FV $14. The Postal Commem Soc 2 Vol FDC. Tin of unsorted stamps. 1926 White Plains M/S. FV of mint alone US$1250+ = A$1850, plus extra for the FDC & postal stationery. (1000s)AVAILABLE at A$900

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WWF Specialised collection 1983-2000 in 10 volumes with 36 standard sets & matching FDC (issue cost $900), plus an extraordinary range of extras (all with WWF logo) inc Norfolk Island 1987 Parrots Limited Edition Proof Card set of 4 (no.11 of only 50 produced). Single volume of New Zealand (FV MUH $100) inc booklets & blks of 6. Then uncounted World MUH Pic sets inc Belgium 2000 set of 4, Hungary 1983 set of 7 IMPERF singles, & Ghana Monkey set IMPERF prs. M/Sheets MUH (well over 60) inc Ivory Coast 2005 set & sheetlet IMPERF, Burundi 2004 set all imperf. Extra FDC (150 all with WWF logo) inc M/Sheets & sets on single envelopes, plus uncounted FDC in 3 plastic bags. Also WWF logo Phone Cards (244) with Australian Endangered Species (10), China (130) inc Koalas, Pandas & Tigers, mostly sets of 4, Hong Kong (94) mostly Pandas inc sets of 4 & Japan, Norfolk Is Birds, 2 sets of 4. Magnificent, if somewhat disorganised, collection with huge original costs. A unique opportunity for the specialist. All fresh & clean.SOLD at A$475

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1902-04 QV Thin Postage 1/- brown bi-colour with 'Postage One Shilling' in red-brown, wmk crown SA, perf 12½. VFU. SG 275c cat £1100, ACSC S30A cat $2000. 2005 Ceremuga photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$750

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1938-52 KGVI 50c deep magenta, perf 14, error printed BOTH SIDES, reverse impression inverted & characteristically weaker. VF fresh MUH. SG 153ab cat £1000. 2005 BPA photo cert. (P)SOLD at A$700

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1916 WAR STAMP opt KGV 3d purple on lemon, error opt type 20 INVERTED. VF fresh MUH. SG 72aa cat £325 for M, should be at least double, £650 MUH. Copy of 2005 BPA photo cert for blk it came from. (P)AVAILABLE at A$180