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1934 England-Australia Air Race promotional PPC pmk Mildenhall. AAMC 433 etc related.SOLD at A$50

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Australia: KGV The Surface Printed 1d Sideface Issue Variety Catalogue by C R Monk, 2006 edition, 164pgs with in-depth study of the plate flaws, compartment marks & other varieties. Profusely illustrated throughout enabling accurate identification of even the minute variations. As new, essential reference for the KGV collector.SOLD at A$75
Australia PO Year Books or Year Book stamps 2001, 2005-10, 2016, plus extra 2006, & 2010 Aust Terr pack, Aust Ships Expo 99 Stamp/Phonecard pack. Largely VF. FV $765.SOLD at A$375

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Booklets - Prestige: 2006 inc Commonwealth Games, plus 'Snapshot' generic, AFL Swans, Royalty, Wombat, Buildings, Lighthouses, Driving, Rock Posters & Dangerous Creatures. VF MUH. Ea with special M/Sheets only found in these. Original PO cost $136, SG cat £163, Pf cat $345. (10)AVAILABLE at A$75

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Collection 1913-2017 in 3 European s/books with Kangaroos (72), 1st wmk to 1/- inc 1d, 2d wmk inv, 2nd wmk to 1/-, 3rd to 5/- inc 2/- maroon & 2/- brown (4). SM & CofA to 5/- inc extra 5/- CTO plus Official Perfins (23) to 2/- inc 2½d indigo 1st wmk. Est retail $1800. KGV (220) to 1/4 inc shade, wmk & perf variations plus Officials perf/opt OS to 4d olive. Then comp to 1965 (ex Officials, 5/- Bridge replica) inc 1914 Kookaburra 6d Engraved. All KGV Commem sets inc 1934 VIC Cent to 1/- both perfs & Silver Jubilee to 2/-. 1938 KGVI to 5/-, 10/- £1 Robes, 1949 Arms to £2 & all QEII pre-decimal inc 1964 Navigators set of 6 to £2. plus assorted Postage Dues to 5/-. Generally average G-FU (590). Total retail $2800. Then comprehensive decimals (2245) near comp to end 2006 (est FV $900, ex Int Post) inc 1966 Defs to $4, all early 1970s Commem sets inc 1971 Christmas 7c blk of 7, Paintings to $10 & Gardens to $20. (2800 plus 42 M/S)AVAILABLE at A$500
Covers: 2002-2006 FDC collection in thick red album, comprehensive range inc joint issues, International Post, commems & defs, plus PNC for 2003 Coronation, 2005 Tennis. Retail $1000. FV approx $300. (104).AVAILABLE at A$120

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Exhibition or Philatelic opt M/Sheets all diff collection 1970 ANPEX - 2008 Stampex Day 1 inc AUSIPEX 84 (4 diff), Australia 99 Navigator M/S sets (5 diff), 2001 Centennial Show '100 Club', 2005 Pacific Explorer, 2007 Sydney Harbour Bridge 10 diff opts. 2006-07 Ashes Win set of 5 City opts & Sun Stamp 2008 set of 5, plus much more. All fresh MUH. FV $540. Retail very much higher. (175)AVAILABLE at A$600
MUH Games collections Athens 2004 inc Gold medallist sheetlet collection plus other P-Stamp sheetlets, 2006 Winter sheetlet (2) in special albums, 2006 Commonwealth Games collection (2) plus coin booklet, Beijing 2008 Gold Medallist collection in special album, 2012 London Gold Medallist sheetlet collection in special album, Rio 2016 Gold Medallist sheetlet collection in special album. VF, FV $550.SOLD at A$275
Prestige Booklets: 2005-14 larger sizes inc 2005 Down on the Farm, 2006 Postie Kate, 2007 Behind the Stamp, 2009 A Post Anniv, 2010 Aust Legends, 2012 Football Legends, Music Legends & 2014 Bush Ballads. VF fresh MUH. Ea with special M/Sheets only found in these. Original PO cost $146, SG cat £220, Pf cat $280. (8)AVAILABLE at A$90

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Prestige Booklets: 2006 inc Commonwealth Games, AFL Carlton & Bulldogs, Royalty, Wombat, Buildings, Lighthouses, Driving, Rock Posters & Dangerous Creatures. VF fresh MUH. Ea with special M/Sheets only found in these. Original PO cost $129, SG cat £148, Pf cat $325. (10)AVAILABLE at A$75
Collection T-Z in 57 near new Vario pgs with Thailand 1920s onwards, Tonga inc MUH blks & free-form self-adhesives. USA inc 1893 Columbia to 10c & Vietnam 1950s-early 2000. PNG in another 38 Varios with 180 MUH Pic/Commem sets, mostly cnr blks of 4. Thematic collection in a further 50 vario pgs inc Art, Flight, Paintings, Space & Wild Animals. Also Seven Seas hingeless slipcase albums (2) with Fiji 1953-90 (retail $160), sparsely populated with useful pickings & Nauru hingeless pgs to end 2006 in album (retail $400) with collection to end 1988 inc 1916 GB Seahorses 2/6 opt, most other pre-dec Pic sets & decimals near comp. Neat collection group in 6 albums, all in compact carton. (Many 100s)AVAILABLE at A$300
Double carton lot with 6 vol 1981 Royal Wedding & Diana 21st Birthday collection with sets, gutter blks (new issue cost $500 & still hard to find) & FDC. 1984 AUSIPEX collection in Official album inc limited edition 'Commemorative Album Souvenir Sheet' opt & extra FDC. Aust Post 2000 Olympic Games prestige album. Germany 2006 FIFA collection in custom album. PNG collection to 1998 in 2 Seven Seas hingeless albums (retail $ 350) inc 1952 Defs to £1 Fisherman, 1963 Pics to £1 QEII, 1964 Birds, 1966 Butterflies & most other decimals Pic/Commem sets & M/sheets with most sets VF MUH. GB FDC collection 1975-83 in album & shoebox, plus 1983 Aust Post America's Cup gift box. 2 medium/large cartons.AVAILABLE at A$450

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Fiji: 1871-2012 Collection on hagners in 2 thick slipcase binders & a s/book, inc 1871 monogram set, plus Surch (5, SG cat £365), 1876 VR opts (15, £766), 1878-99 extensive VR (53, £1430), 1881-99 QV 1/- (10, £260) & 5/- (3, £134), 1891-3 Surch (3, £180), 1891-98 extensive range (66, £1000), KEVII (35) to 1/-, KGV (75) to 5/-, KGVI Pic set M (£275) & U to 5/-. Then appears comp inc M/Sheets to 2000, many both M & U to 1995 then ranges from 2001, 2006 Surch birds (18) plus some opt variety strips & blks (another 56 stamps). VF M/MUH/U. SG cat £7000+ = A$13,000. Valuable collection with the modern MUH issues not seen often. (1600+) (P)AVAILABLE at A$1200

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Nauru: 1916-98 near comp collection in Seven Seas hingeless slipcase album with pgs to end 2006 (retail $400) with 1916 KGV opts to 1/- mixed M/MUH, Seahorses 2/6 MUH & 10/- M, both sun-tanned gum. 1924 Ships to 10/- FU. Then appears comp to end 1998 (FV $230) inc 1935 KGV SJ. All def/Pic sets to 1991 Flowers & 25 diff M/Sheets. Decimals mostly fresh MUH. (Few 100)AVAILABLE at A$180

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Switzerland: 1854-2006 Collection in s/book inc 1854-62 Strubelli to 40R. 1862-81 Sitting Helvetia to 1Fr. 1882-1908 Standing Helvetia to 3Fr. 1907 Sitting Helvetia to 3Fr. 1914-18 High val Pic to 10Fr. 1923-40 Air to 2Fr. Useful coverage of 1920s Pro Juventute sets. 1945 Peace to 10Fr. Good coverage of 1960s-90s Commems M/S inc 1943 Geneva Exhib. 1943 Centenary, 1936 Pro Patria, 1955 Lausanne Exhib & 1948 Basel Exhib. All diff. Most F-VF M/MUH/U. SG cat £4900+ = A$8800+. Nice collection. (1600 + 11 M/S) (P)AVAILABLE at A$700
WWF Collection 2006-10 with 64 diff MUH sets inc blks & strips plus 256 matching individual FDC in 6 well-filled custom slipcase albums. Possibly comp, issue price $1600, plus an extra $200 for albums. (250+ stamps, 250+ covers)AVAILABLE at A$250
Military - Great Britain/Australia. Special Air Service Regiment collection (32) from foundation in WWII to operations in Iraq 2005 inc David Stirling, The Authorised Biography of the Creator of the SAS (Hoe, 500pgs hb pub 1992), Ghost Force, the Secret History of the SAS (Connor, 375pgs hb, pub 1998), Who Dares Wins, The SAS 1950-Gulf War (Geraghty, 600pgs, pub 1983), Eye of the Storm - 25 Years in Action with the SAS (Ratcliffe DCM, 336pgs, pub 2000). The Complete Encyclopedia of the SAS (Barry Davies, BEM, 375pgs, pub 2001), SAS - The Soldiers Story (Ramsay, 250pgs hb, pub 1996). SAS Sniper (Rob Maylor, 330pgs, pub 2010). Seven Troop (A McNab DCM, 420 pgs hb, pub 2008). Warrior Bros, My Life in the Australian SAS (Fennell, 334pgs, pub 2008). General Sir Peter de la Billiere - Storm Command, a Personal Account of the Gulf War (350pgs hb, pub 1992). Willie Apiata VC - The Reluctant Hero (Little, 255pgs hb, pub 2008). Also contemporary books (18) inc Phantom (Warner, 200+pgs hb, pub 1982). PARA! Fifty Years of the Parachute Regiment (Harclerode, 400pgs hb, pub 1992). 3 PARA - Afghanistan Summer 2006 (Bishop, 280pgs, pub 2007). Squaddie - A Soldier's Story (McLaughlin, 320pgs, pub 2006). SBS, The Inside Story of the Special Boat Service (Parker, 310pgs hb, pub 1997). First into Action, A Personal Account of the Life of the SBS (Falconer, 338pgs hb, pub 1998). The Gurkhas (Parker, 276pgs hb, pub 1999). The Gurkhas-Special Force (Bellamy, 414pgs, pub 2011). A great lot of military history from WWII to recent Middle Eastern conflicts. Mostly VG to near new, total retail/original cost $1650. (50)AVAILABLE at A$450
Military - Great Britain: WWII RAF group of 10 with Bader-The Man & his Men (Burns, 1990). Bomber Crew - Taking on the Reich (Sweetman, 2004). Claims to Fame - The Lancaster A History of the 34 Aircraft that Flew 100+ Missions, (Franks, 1994) Churchill's Few - Battle of Britain Remembered (Willis, 1985). Fight for the Sky - The Story of the Spitfire & Hurricane (Douglas Bader, 1973). Fighter Boys - Saving Britain 1940 (Bishop, 2003. Fly - True Stories from the Airmen of WWII (Veitch, 2008). The Few - Americans Who Fought in the Battle of Britain (Kershaw, 2006). With Wings Like Eagles - A History of the Battle of Britain (Korda, 2009). The Reconstruction of Warriors (Mayhew, 2004). Also Tigers - The Story of No 74 Squadron RAF (Cossey, 1992). Whirlwind - The Air War Against Japan 1942-45 (Tillman, 2009). MIG Pilot (J Barron, 1980), The Story of the Escape & Defection of Lieut Belenko with his MIG-25 from the USSR to USA via Japan. Hell-Fire (Ed Macy, 2009) plus 3 paperbacks inc Bomber Offensive Sir Arthur Harris Marshall of the RAF & The Spitfire 50 Years On (1986). Except for the last 3, all hardcover with dust jacket, mostly VF-near new, retail $500+ (17)AVAILABLE at A$180

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Military - Library Clear out (28) with Hard Cover (11) inc 'Adolf Hitler, My Part in his Downfall' (Milligan, 1971, 1st edition), 'History of the United States Marine Corps' (A.R. Millett, 1980), 'Immediate Action' (McNab, 1995), 'Flames in the Sky, WWII Aerial Battles (Closterman, 1952), 'Naval Ratings Handbook' (1938) & 5 others. Soft Cover (17): 'Nancy Wake' Fitzsimons, 2001), 'Dusty Warriors' (Holmes, 2007), 'Sniper One (SGT Dan Mills, 2007), '3 Para, Afghanistan 2006 (Bishop), 'Inside the 3rd Reich (Speer), 'Origins of the 2nd World War (Taylor), 'True Stories of the SAS (Hunter, 1998) plus 10 others. Mixed VG-VF condition with more recent titles as new. Retail $300+ (28)AVAILABLE at A$80

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Military - Library reduction - 28 books inc 'The Russian Revolution 1899-1919' (940 pgs, Pipes 1990). 'The Secret War against the Jews' (656 pgs, Aarons & Loftus 1994), 'The Voyage of Their Life - SS Derna & its Passengers (480 pgs, Armstrong 2001), 'The Gehlen Memoirs (General Reinhard Gehlen'. Then a mixture of 'un-orthodox titles' inc 'Beer Glorious Beer' (Cyril Pearl, 1969), 'Aust Cigarette Cards & their Values' (Skinner, 1984), 'Tough 101 Australian Gangsters', 'South with Scott (Evans, 1956), 'The Ghost of Flight 401' (Lockheed Tri-Star Crash, Florida, 1972) & 'Good Morning Hanoi' (Findlay, 2006). Plus 18 others. Lots of good reading here & high original cost. Mixed good - VF condition. (28)AVAILABLE at A$60
Military - Vietnam War USA Point of View (25) inc Vietnam-A History (Karnow 1983), Vietnam-The Ten Thousand Day War (Maclear 1981), American Soldier (General Tommy Franks 2004), A Bright Shining Lie (John Paul Vann) & America in Vietnam (Sheehan 1988), Anatomy of A War (Kolko 1985, Vietnam-Conflict & Controversy (Elliott 1996), Air America from WWII to Vietnam (Robbins 2001), Spies & Commandos-How America Lost the Secret War in North Vietnam (Conboya Andrade 2000), Line Doggie-Foot Soldier in Vietnam (Gadd 1987), Steel My Soldier Hearts (Col. Hackworth 2003), Cheating Death-Combat Rescues in Vietnam & Laos (Marrett 2006), Tiger Force (Sallah & Weiss 2006). Plus others of interest inc 'Coffee Table' size books. Roll Call Thud-A Photographic Record of the F-105 Thunderchief (Campbell & Hill 1996) & The Vietnam Experience - Images of War (Fisher & Stone 1986). Very diverse group inc strong Political overtones. Mostly F-VF condition inc some near new. Retail around $500. (28).AVAILABLE at A$140

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£2 Purple-black & pale rose, 1924 printing. F-VF MUH, darker never hinged original gum, nice deep colours. SG 45b cat £4500 for M, should be at least double, £9000 MUH. ACSC 56C cat $17,500. Rare genuine MUH. 2006 RPSL photo cert (P)AVAILABLE at A$4500

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2006 Roses 50c unsevered horiz strip of 3 sheetlets with extra row of perfs at base & wide margins on 3 sides with printer's guillotine guidelines (not issued in this format). Fresh CTOAVAILABLE at A$170

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1895 Unstamped envelope to Toorak with extremely rare framed 'Detained for 1 Penny Postage' at LL, & Melbourne FE 19 95 duplex at UR plus indistinct 'Dead Letter Office FE 19 95 Melbourne' violet b/s. VF. A similar 1893 cover realised over $1300 in a 2006 Melbourne auction. (P)AVAILABLE at A$400

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1868-90 Large QV 1c red-brown, on thin transparent crisp paper, perf 12, Ottawa printing. FM, sl disturbed original gum. SG 47 cat £750, Unitrade 22 cat C$2000/800. 2006 BPA photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$200

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1870-90 small QV 5c olive-green. VF fresh MLH. SG 85 cat £425, Unitrade 38i cat C$1200/300. 2006 RPSL photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$120

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1889-97 small QV 2c dull sea-green, perf 12, Ottawa printing, on poor quality paper. F-VF MUH appearance but regummed. SG 103 cat £75, Unitrade 36i cat C$75/35. 2006 RPSL photo-cert.AVAILABLE at A$15

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1889-97 small QV 10c brownish-red Ottawa printing. F-VF fresh MUH, top marginal with sheet no.10. SG 111 cat £250 for M, should be at least double, £500 MUH, Unitrade 45 cat C$2700/900. Copy of 2006 RPSL photo cert of pr it came from. (P)AVAILABLE at A$200

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1898-1902 QV set ½c-20c, plus extra ½c, 1c, 1st 2c (4) & 2nd 2c listed shades. F-VF MUH. SG 150-65 cat £1250 for M, should be at least double, £2500 MUH, Unitrade 74-84 cat C$11565/$3360. 1999-2006 RPSL photo certs for 2c-20c. (18). (P)AVAILABLE at A$1300

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2006-10 'Emergency' surch 1c/23c Bird sheet of 100 with opt error '2c' XX instead of '1c' (pos 6/7). Also opt shifted to left exposing 'c' of '23c' through vert column 1 & 'missing UR bar on first X' on stamps 68 & 98. Hint of a reverse tropical spotting. VF MUH. SG 1346(var), 1346a cat £210 as a single opt error. (P)AVAILABLE at A$70

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2006-10 'Emergency' surch 2c/23c Bird scarce 2009 printing comp sheet of 100 with all imprints & plate nos. Very difficult to find as it was a small print run & most were sold as postage or broken down into plate/imprint blks. VF MUH. SG 1350 cat £1000, Sc $2000 as single stamps. (P)AVAILABLE at A$180

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2006-10 'Emergency' surch 18c/6c Bird original 2006 printing in comp sheet of 100 with all imprints & plate nos. Very difficult to find as the vast majority were sold as postage or broken down into imprint & plate blks. Stamps VF MUH, mnr selvedge tropicalisation. SG 1328, Sc 1157 cat $650 as single stamps.AVAILABLE at A$130

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2006-10 'Emergency' surch 20c/23c Bird, comp sheet of 100 with opt MISPLACED & skewed upwards at left, plus opt setting error 'No gap flaw' between C & X (pos 7/10). VF fresh MUH. (P)AVAILABLE at A$60

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2006-10 'Emergency' surch 20c/31c Bird, error 'opt shifted 10mm up', left marginal horiz pr. VF fresh MUH. (P)AVAILABLE at A$60

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2006-10 'Emergency' surch 20c/31c Bird comp sheet, opt shifted 28mm up into top selvedge & centre gutter leaving rows 5 &10 w/o surch (20 stamps). VF MUH. Extremely rare & probably unique, the only sheet discovered. Superb Exhibition piece. (P)AVAILABLE at A$350

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Croatia: 1941 Army '10.IV.1941' opt set 0.25D-30D. VFU on FDC with the special 'Zagreb 1 / 10.V.1941' pictorial FDI cancel. SG 25a-o cat £600+++, Mi 24-38 cat €950+++ for M, & unpriced used, FDC listed in Mi but also unpriced. While 5000 sets were printed, virtually everybody kept them in mint condition, & only a tiny number of FDC's were made. Genuine FDC such as this are of great rarity (beware of forged cancels!). 1994 CPS & 2006 Ceremuga photo certs. (15) (P)AVAILABLE at A$2500

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1867-83 QV 5/- rose, plate 1, wmk Maltese Cross. Superb fresh MLH with unusually nice original gum & fantastic deep colour. SG Spec J121, SG 126-Pl1 cat £11,000. Major rarity such nice original gum condition as vast majority of these offered as unused either have no gum or are regummed & usually with faded colour. 2001 Enzo Diena & 2006 Brandon photo certs. (P)SOLD at A$5000

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1945 Torino CLN liberation 'C.L.N.' fancy opt set 5c-3L, inc 30c both with & w/o wmk, 1L both red & black opts as well as the Bandiera Brothers issue. Superb MUH. CEI 18-34 inc 28A cat €5500 = A$8500. Overprints authorized by Italian regional authorities, but issue was not approved by allied commanders. Historical issue & very rare comp as only 200 sets printed. 2006 Raybaudi & 2009 Ceremuga photo certs. (18) (P)AVAILABLE at A$1100

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1945 Piacenza CLN liberation local 'Pro Patrioti Piacenza' 6th opt 50L/10c. Superb MUH. CEI 1 cat €600. Rare as only 1500 printed. 2006 Dr Avi SBPV photo-cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$170

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1945 Piacenza CLN liberation local 'Pro Patrioti Piacenza' 6th opt 50L/20c. Superb MUH. CEI 1 cat €600. Rare as only 1500 printed. 2006 Dr Avi SBPV photo-cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$170

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1945 Piacenza CLN liberation local 'Pro Patrioti Piacenza' 6th opt 50L/25c. Superb MUH. CEI 1 cat €600. Rare as only 1500 printed. 2006 Dr Avi SBPV photo-cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$170

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1877-80 Express 6d bright violet, state II, perf 12½, pos 2. VFU, imperf at top from sheet edge. Odenweller A4b. SG 6 cat £700+. Rare genuine. 2006 Odenweller AIEP photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$350

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1861 Nashville McNish Postmaster Provisional 5c grey, on cover tied by 'Nashville 22 Ten'. F-VF U, almost 4 margins with small repaired scuff at UR. Sc 61X4 cat US$5750, SG 5 cat £7000. Extremely rare genuine cover. 2006 CSA photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$1100