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1921 Airmail Halifax opt 35c red 12mm spacing, on cover St John's (26 Nov) to Halifax. The attempted flight was delayed & abandoned in 1922 (28 Jan) & forwarded by rail to Halifax, b/s (4 Feb). SG 148f cat £120 as loose stamp & 'from x2' on cover, Unitrade 3h cat C$400. (P)AVAILABLE at A$180
1989-90, 2000-02, 2004-12 Leather PO Albums (14), 2000 Olympics, 2006 Games, 2008 Beijing M/sheet collections, 2000 Sydney Games platypus print set of 16 M/S. All fresh MUH in original albums, FV $1300+. Plus 2000 Sydney 'Aust Olympic Team' Official FDC set of 16. Nice lot, all in huge carton.SOLD at A$700

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2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games M/sheet set of 17. Fresh MUH.SOLD at A$70

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2006 Melbourne Games PO Album with set of 17 M/Sheets plus 5 extra stamps. All MUH.SOLD at A$85

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Booklet Collection 2006-07 in Lighthouse slipcase album. Specialised with virtually every catalogued type inc both General & Philatelic barcodes, opts (67) -also both barcodes where made, International sheetlets of 5 folders, Koala reprints etc. FV $850. SG SB195-243 cat £1083 as basic types, plus premium for all the opts. Pf B288-334 cat $2957. Plus album retail extra. (156)SOLD at A$600

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Booklets - Prestige: 2006 inc Commonwealth Games, plus 'Snapshot' generic, AFL Swans, Royalty, Wombat, Buildings, Lighthouses, Driving, Rock Posters & Dangerous Creatures. VF MUH. Ea with special M/Sheets only found in these. Original PO cost $136, SG cat £163, Pf cat $345. (10)AVAILABLE at A$75
Covers: 2002-2006 FDC collection in thick red album, comprehensive range inc joint issues, International Post, commems & defs, plus PNC for 2003 Coronation, 2005 Tennis. Retail $1000. FV approx $300. (104).AVAILABLE at A$120
Extensive 1970-2016 FDC collection on pages in 14 albums. Early 1970 issues some unofficial, o/w all official & mostly VF fresh. Many standard FDC complimented by additional national Postmarker, also commemorative sets have the set on FDC & the individual stamps on separate FDC. Extensive 1988 Bicentenary covers on similar basis, plus First Fleet re-enactment series, some booklet panes on FDC, post 2000 inc Sydney Olympics & later Games with Gold Medallist stamps on separate FDCs, similar 2006 Melbourne Cwlth Games singles. Many others too numerous to highlight. Massive original cost especially when cost of pages is added in, largely VF. List available. (1838)SOLD at A$250
Olympics: Big carton lot with 2000 Sydney PO M/sheet collection (2) plus Golden Heroes 2000 album (original PO cost $245). 2004 Athens PO album. 2006 Melbourne Games book. 2008 London PO album plus Chinese Character digit print M/sheet sets (2). Paralympic & other Olympic related M/sheets or sheetlets (FV $415). All fresh MUH, total FV $1000. Also 2 oversize albums with 1980s Maximum Cards, Die Proof Replica Cards (30), Bradman Collection & assorted Used Olympic stamps.SOLD at A$500
Prestige Booklets: 2005-14 larger sizes inc 2005 Down on the Farm, 2006 Postie Kate, 2007 Behind the Stamp, 2009 A Post Anniv, 2010 Aust Legends, 2012 Football Legends, Music Legends & 2014 Bush Ballads. VF fresh MUH. Ea with special M/Sheets only found in these. Original PO cost $146, SG cat £220, Pf cat $280. (8)AVAILABLE at A$90

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Prestige Booklets: 2006 inc Commonwealth Games, AFL Carlton & Bulldogs, Royalty, Wombat, Buildings, Lighthouses, Driving, Rock Posters & Dangerous Creatures. VF fresh MUH. Ea with special M/Sheets only found in these. Original PO cost $129, SG cat £148, Pf cat $325. (10)AVAILABLE at A$75
Australian Territories Cover collection in 2 albums with Christmas Is 1958-2006 noted 1958, 1963, 1968-70 Fish, 1983, 1987 & 1990 Defs var Lunar new Year FDC, 1990 New Zealand & BIRDPEX M/S FDC plus much more. Also smaller colln's inc Nauru 1958-83 FDC & Commem covers. PNG 1963-95 FDC range inc 1966 Butterflies, 1968 Shells & others. Mainly VF, high retail value. (215+)SOLD at A$120
Collection T-Z in 57 near new Vario pgs with Thailand 1920s onwards, Tonga inc MUH blks & free-form self-adhesives. USA inc 1893 Columbia to 10c & Vietnam 1950s-early 2000. PNG in another 38 Varios with 180 MUH Pic/Commem sets, mostly cnr blks of 4. Thematic collection in a further 50 vario pgs inc Art, Flight, Paintings, Space & Wild Animals. Also Seven Seas hingeless slipcase albums (2) with Fiji 1953-90 (retail $160), sparsely populated with useful pickings & Nauru hingeless pgs to end 2006 in album (retail $400) with collection to end 1988 inc 1916 GB Seahorses 2/6 opt, most other pre-dec Pic sets & decimals near comp. Neat collection group in 6 albums, all in compact carton. (Many 100s)AVAILABLE at A$300

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Fiji: 1871-2012 Collection on hagners in 2 thick slipcase binders & a s/book, inc 1871 monogram set, plus Surch (5, SG cat £365), 1876 VR opts (15, £766), 1878-99 extensive VR (53, £1430), 1881-99 QV 1/- (10, £260) & 5/- (3, £134), 1891-3 Surch (3, £180), 1891-98 extensive range (66, £1000), KEVII (35) to 1/-, KGV (75) to 5/-, KGVI Pic set M (£275) & U to 5/-. Then appears comp inc M/sheets to 2000, many both M & U to 1995 then ranges from 2001, 2006 Surch birds (18) plus some opt variety strips & blks (another 56 stamps). VF M/MUH/U. SG cat £7000+ = A$13,000. Valuable collection with the modern MUH issues not seen often. (1600+) (P)AVAILABLE at A$1300

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Nauru: 1916-98 near comp collection in Seven Seas hingeless slipcase album with pgs to end 2006 (retail $400) with 1916 KGV opts to 1/- mixed M/MUH, Seahorses 2/6 MUH & 10/- M, both sun-tanned gum. 1924 Ships to 10/- FU. Then appears comp to end 1998 (FV $230) inc 1935 KGV SJ. All def/Pic sets to 1991 Flowers & 25 diff M/sheets. Decimals mostly fresh MUH. (Few 100)AVAILABLE at A$180
Norfolk Island: 1947-2006 mostly fresh MUH collection in 140 near new hagners with 1947 Ball to 2/- MLH, then MUH inc 1953 Pics to 5/- brown Bridge, 1960 Pics to 10/- plus extras 10/- opt SPECIMEN. Then mostly 2 of ea MUH sets inc 1967 Ships (3 sets), 1969 Birds (3), 1974 UPU (2 sets) plus single M/sheet. Retail to end 1979 $400, plus $1730+ FV of 1980 onwards, inc good variety of Thematics & M/sheets.SOLD at A$600

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Switzerland: 1854-2006 Collection in s/book inc 1854-62 Strubelli to 40R. 1862-81 Sitting Helvetia to 1Fr. 1882-1908 Standing Helvetia to 3Fr. 1907 Sitting Helvetia to 3Fr. 1914-18 High val Pic to 10Fr. 1923-40 Air to 2Fr. Useful coverage of 1920s Pro Juventute sets. 1945 Peace to 10Fr. Good coverage of 1960s-90s Commems M/S inc 1943 Geneva Exhib. 1943 Centenary, 1936 Pro Patria, 1955 Lausanne Exhib & 1948 Basel Exhib. All diff. Most F-VF M/MUH/U. SG cat £4900+ = A$8800+. Nice collection. (1600 + 11 M/S) (P)AVAILABLE at A$700

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2006 Roses 50c M/Sheet UNCUT horiz strip of 3 with extra row of perfs at base & wide margins on 3 sides with printer's guillotine guidelines (not issued in this format). Fresh CTOAVAILABLE at A$170

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1867-83 QV 5/- rose, plate 1, wmk Maltese Cross. Superb fresh MLH, unusually nice original gum & fantastic deep colour. SG Spec J121, SG 126-Pl1 cat £11,000. Major rarity such nice original gum condition as vast majority of these offered as unused either have no gum or are regummed & usually with faded colour. 2001 Enzo Diena & 2006 Brandon photo certs. (P)AVAILABLE at A$5000

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1861 Nashville McNish Postmaster Provisional 5c grey, on cover tied by 'Nashville 22 Ten'. F-VF U, almost 4 margins with small repaired scuff at UR. Sc 61X4 cat US$5750, SG 5 cat £7000. Extremely rare genuine cover. 2006 CSA photo-cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$1100