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Postmark: Numeral 1754 of Bull Ridge (PO closed 1896, NNR) comp strike on 1890s 2d Emu. Extremely rare, possibly unique. (P)SOLD at A$650

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2000 Olymphilex to 2013 Melbourne Stamp Show & other Philatelic Exhibitions, anniversaries & significant events specialised MUH, CTO, FDC (plus odd PNC) collection in 3 thick Lighthouse albums. Items of interest inc 2007 Sydney Expo featuring 75th Anniv of Harbour Bridge with M/Sheets MUH/CTO (56) & special covers inc 2 opt PNC (retail $300). Other MUH Exhibition opt M/S (80) inc QLD Sun-Stamp 2008 '100 Club' set of 5 diff booklets (100) inc OLYPHILEX 2000 opt, Australian Wines Prestige with QLD Stamp Show 2005 opts (2). Exhibition pmk covers (33) & M/S CTO (23) with Special Exhibition pmks. Also uncounted frama MUH sets. FDC, plus CPS sets with Exhibition or Conference imprints inc 2011 South Australia sets (7) on Commem covers. FV $1050 of MUH alone, plus all the CTO & FDC. Massive original cost well above FV, fresh & clean. (270 items)AVAILABLE at A$700
Decimal range 2005-2007 MUH on hagners inc sets & M/sheets, also booklets 1968-90s, FV $580. Also few covers, unused hagners.SOLD at A$300
Olympic collection1968-2016 MUH inc earlier Olympic sets then 2000 Gold medallist sheetlets & composite sheet from Year Book, 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympic Medalists, 2004 Athens Olympic Gold medallist sheetlets & composite sheet from Year Book, 2006 Torino Winter Olympic sheetlet, 2008 Beijing Gold Medalist sheetlets & composite sheetlet from Year Book. 2010 Vancouver sheetlet, 2012 London inc Jared talent (No 8, scarce) & 2016 Rio Gold medallist sheetlets, plus composite sheetlets for both from PO Year Books. Additionally 2007 Landmark Architecture Limited Edition uncut sheet of 12 M/sheets imperf with cert of authenticity. All fresh & clean, FV alone $520, retail approx $1200. (78 sheetlets)SOLD at A$350
Australian Territories collection in hagner album with AAT 1957-2008 inc 1957-66 Pics MUH, later sets & M/sheets to 2008 FV $110. Norfolk Is mostly 1975-2007. Decimal MUH range FV $370+, plus other extras inc odd pre-dec.SOLD at A$200
British Commonwealth collection on hagners largely MUH inc Nauru 1963-2007 with pre-dec Defs, modern range FV $60, New Zealand 1898-post 2000 mostly G/FU earlier Health issues, retail $200+, plus some MUH modern FV NZ$60+ & G/GU in some qty, PNG 1963-2007 largely MUH inc 1994 Surcharges set of 11, 1995 Bird Surcharges both types, extensive MUH range of others FV 1300 Kina = A$580, plus small selection of Pitcairn Is 1940-2001. Mostly VF-MUH. FV A$800+. (1300+ & 65 M/S)SOLD at A$300

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Cocos Islands: 1963-2007 Specialised accumulation with 1963 Pic set imprint blks of 4, plus other sets MUH (4), M (2), U (4) & on FDC (5 sets) inc Registered on QANTAS envelope. Used collection 1969-2007, plus 1955 Aust Administration Commem cover. Useful group with imprint blks & FDC becoming harder to find, retail $800+.AVAILABLE at A$200
New Zealand: 1953-2007 Seven Seas hingeless pgs in 3 matching maroon slipcase albums M/MUH/U. Contents sparse but inc 1971 Pics to $2 MUH, odd M/Sheet & selected Defs, Pics & Commems. Older leaves showing their age, 1990s onwards near new. Reserved at well below wholesale costs. Estimated retail over $800.SOLD at A$250

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Papua New Guinea: 2002 Lakatoi K13.10 M/sheet (50, FV K655). 2008 World Aids Day K10 M/S (50, FV K500). 2007 Orchid K107 personalised stamp sheetlet (50, FV K5,350). All fresh MUH, total FV K6505 = A$2500. (150 M/S)AVAILABLE at A$400

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Papua New Guinea: 2007 First personalised stamps. 85t Blank space, K3.35 (10 diff) & K5.35 (7 diff) personalised tabs to promote PNG Tourism inc Butterflies, Whales, Fish, Flowers, Orchids & lighthouses. All in comp sheets of 20. Total FV K1427 = A$650 approx. Scarce. (18 sheets)AVAILABLE at A$170

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1d pale rose-red (G64) rough paper. Fresh VFM. ACSC 72E cat $1100. 2007 Drury photo cert. (P)SOLD at A$400

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2007 Landmarks - Architecture $4.45 M/sheet IMPERF ½ sheet of 12 M/S from left & right panes with wide marginal markings inc colour bars. Nos 939 & 840 from a limited edition of only 2000 panes (1000 sheets). VF fresh MUH in original PO folders (2). SG MS2847(var).AVAILABLE at A$80

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1868-79 QV 9d bright mauve, perf 11½x12½, error 'printed on both sides'. FU with Adelaide cds. SG 76a cat £900. 2007 BPA photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$700

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1914-19 Yacht 5Mk carmine & black, 25x17 holes, centre type III, wmk Lozenges. Superb fresh MUH, pristine NH original gum, right marginal. Mi 23IIBII cat €2200. SG 23a cat £1200 for M, should be at least double, £2400 MUH. Very rare so nice. 2007 Jaschke-Lantelme BPP photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$2200

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1901-05 BNG Lakatoi 6d black & myrtle-green, vert wmk thin paper. VF fresh MLH. SG 14a cat £1200. Very rare, only 150 sold. 2007 Ceremuga photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$1000

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2007 Orchids Personalised Stamps K3.35 with Woodlark Is Cuscus tab printed DOUBLE error, 2nd impression inverted & on top of stamp impression (so 2nd print of 'Woodlark Island Cuscus' is on top of 'Papua New Guinea'!), plus normal to compare. VF fresh MUH. SG 1179(var). Only 4 sheetlets of 20 discovered. Spectacular error. (2) (P)SOLD at A$110