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1864 Swan 1/- bright green, IMPERF from DLR reference sheet, wmk crown CC upright. VF UN, 4 margins. SG 61(p). Rare as only 1 sheet existed. (P)SOLD at A$250
China: 'Standard Catalogue of China' by Chan, 2010 edition in 2 volumes in special box, 1320 colour pgs, in English & Chinese. Good condition.SOLD at A$140

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East Africa with Egypt & Sudan SG Catalogue inc British Occup, KUT, Zanzibar. 2010 edition just superseded, 173 colour pgs. Near new. Retail of new edition is $60.SOLD at A$30
1966-2010 Collections in carton with 1966-88 MUH in Seven Seas hingeless album inc 1971 Christmas blk of 7 & pane of 25. Also G-FU collection 1966-86 in another Seven Seas hingeless album inc 1971 Christmas blk of 7. More to 2010 in 3 hagner albums with Pics/commems & International Post. Mainly F-VF. (2500, 20 M/S)SOLD at A$275

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2010-12 Prestige Booklets inc Macquarie, Come to the Show, Kokoda, Railways, Burke & Wills, Long Weekend, Melbourne Cup, Flowers, Precious Moments, Transport, & Underwater World. VF fresh MUH. Ea with special M/Sheets only found in these. FV Approx $140. Original PO cost $152, SG cat £254, Pf cat $278. (11)SOLD at A$110

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Christmas Island: 1958-2010 near comp MUH collection in 2 near new Seven Seas slipcase hingeless albums with 1958 QEII set to $1, 1968 Fish CTO, 2003-2009 Lunar New Year sheetlets (7) & gutter blks of 10 (14) 1996-2009, Exhib opts on M/Sheets & nearly all Pic/commem sets. All fresh & clean, very little needed for completion, FV $420, retail much higher, inc premium for Chinese New Year emissions plus another $300 for the 2 new hingeless albums. (100s)SOLD at A$300

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Cocos Islands 1963-2010 near comp MUH collection in Seven Seas hingeless slipcase album inc 1963 Pic set comp, 1969 Defs, 1979 Fish, 1982 Moths, 1985 Shells, 1988 Flora, 1990 Auckland Exhib M/Sheet, 1992 Crabs, 1995 Jakarta M/S & 2004 Singapore M/S. These retail $150, plus another $220 FV & $200 for the album. Total $570.AVAILABLE at A$180

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Exhibition M/Sheets: Massive all diff collection (158) to 2015 Singapore set of 6 inc Australia 99 Navigators (5 diff), 2005 Pacific Explorer IMPERF, 2007 Harbour Bridge with 10 diff opts, strength in 2010-15 Exhibition, Fairs etc inc London 2010, Australia 2013 (11 diff), Sydney Stamp Expo 2015 (6 diff) & Singapore 2015 6 day set, all fresh MUH inc vals to $10, total FV $560, retail much higher with recent emissions not readily available. Also PO Year album limited edition M/Sheets (12) to 2013 inc 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012 Olympics Gold Medallists sheetlets. All fresh MUH. A complimentary lot to other large collection on offer with very little 'cross-over' M/Sheets. (170)AVAILABLE at A$750

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Extensive collection 1913-2010 on illustrated leaves in 6 binders. Pre-decimal inc Roos 2nd wmk 2/-, others inc some perf 'OS', KGV Heads inc SM perf 14 to 1/4, also 1934 Vic Cent (both sets), Macarthur, Anzac, Jubilee, Robes (thick paper) sets, Navs inc £2 & others, Decimals to 1980s mostly G/FU. Post 1980s-2010 a mix of G/FU & MUH. Largely F to VF. Retail of pre-1980 $850, post 1980s FV of MUH alone $980+.SOLD at A$600

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PNC 2016-18 Collection (55) in shoebox inc 2016 Holden pr, Henry Lawson pr, Dirk Hartog & Play School trio. 2017 Gemstones pr, Shipwrecks & Third Battle of Ypres, 2018 A Century of Service, Gold Coast Commonwealth Games pr & Ford pr. As new. Issue price $1150. 2nd shoebox with duplicated accumulation (65) to 2011 Bush Babies set of 5 inc 2006 Commonwealth Games pr, 2007 SAS (3), 50 Years in Space (6), & 2007 Geelong Premiers (3). 2008 Beijing Olympics $1 Coin (3) & Medallion trio (2). 2008 Megafauna medallion (4), 2010 Commonwealth Coinage (2), 2011 Mythical Creatures pr (2) & Christmas Island Chinese New Year (4) 2006-10. Again as new, issue price $1150 for grand total of $3300, original PO cost. (120)SOLD at A$750
Prestige Booklets: 2005-14 larger sizes inc 2005 Down on the Farm, 2006 Postie Kate, 2007 Behind the Stamp, 2009 A Post Anniv, 2010 Aust Legends, 2012 Football Legends, Music Legends & 2014 Bush Ballads. VF fresh MUH. Ea with special M/Sheets only found in these. Original PO cost $146, SG cat £220, Pf cat $280. (8)AVAILABLE at A$90
Diverse accumulation part 3. New Zealand collection (2300) to 2010 in 2 Vols with 1862 QV Chalons 1d, 2d, 6d. 1899 Pics to 1/- inc Officials & 6d green Kiwi (2U, retail $350) plus 9d Terraces MUH ($225). 1926 KGV Admiral 2/-. 1953 QEII to 10/- & 1967 Pics to $2. Total retail $1800. Solomon Is 1980s MUH collection (120) inc 22 M/sheets. Gilbert & Ellice/Kiribati collection (400) to late 1980s. 1973 RW Collection in custom-made album. Israel (1000) in plastic punnet plus 3 more punnets with Fiji (1800) mostly dec Pics, mixed British Pacific (400) & Norfolk Is (400) plus post pack box with Australia (3000) U in blks & multiples. Finally 18 hagners inc GB KGV Seahorses 2/6 (20), 5/- (2) & 10/- (5) inc blk of 4, SG cat £1360 G-FU plus assorted KGVI (45) 2/6 to £1.SOLD at A$375
Great Britain - Isle of Man: 1958-2010 collection in 3 SG hingeless slipcase albums with comprehensive range of Pic sets, M/S, booklet panes & Prestige booklets. Great variety of thematics inc Aircraft, Architecture, Birds, History, Motor Cycle Racing, railways, Royalty & more. All fresh & clean MUH. SG cat £2350 = A$4300. High FV & high cost of albums. (1500, & 120 M/S)SOLD at A$325
Kiloware: Eclectic close-clip on paper mix 1980s-2010 in 2 plastic bags & loose in big carton, usual range of large & small pics inc USA uncancelled. Then Asia inc Singapore, China, Malaysia, Chinese Hong Kong, Sri Lanka Birds, Europe inc GB Machins/Commems & Castles to £5, Swiss, Malta, Germany, Italy, plus the usual suspects inc NZ (noted Ross Dependency), South Africa, Canada & others. Appears no heavy duplication. Unchecked as received from Victorian sources. Total weight 8kg.SOLD at A$350

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St Helena 1953-2010 Collection in s/book, with good completion inc 120 Commem sets or M/S, noted definitive sets 1953 to 10/-, 1961 to £1, 1998 Maritime Heritage to £5, inc many thematics, 2006 Arts/Crafts sheetlet of 16. Useful 2000-2010 period hard to find. All fine MUH. (466 stamp, 27 M/S or shlts).SOLD at A$275

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Switzerland: Collection late 1800s-late 1970s Used in 3 s/books inc 1923 Airmails (29) to 2Fr, mostly Fair-GU. SG cat £630 Pro Juventute sets near comp to 1977 (£845) inc 1916 Trio M (£115). Pro Patria 1952-76 near comp U to 1974 (£140), total SG cat £1600+. Then MUH mid 1970s-2011 (FV SFr630) inc pic/commem sets & all Pro Juventute & Patria sets. Also 2010, 2012 Swiss year packs. Total FV MUH SFr740 = A$1050, earlier issues cat £1600+. (many 100s)AVAILABLE at A$375
Two carton charity lot with collections in 4 loose leaf albums inc Bird Thematics, British Pacific inc PNG 1952 £1 Fisherman & NZ from late 1800s, Asia inc Malaysia Pics to $5, interesting Thailand from early opts onwards, China inc Mainland, Taiwan & PRC. Then 8 large s/books inc Australian Dec Pic duplicates in 3 vols. Twenty small/medium s/books, noted Australia duplicated high val Pics to $10 Paintings or Gardens & Post Millennium collection to 2010. British Africa mainly KGVI era & French African Colonies. Thematics inc Sport & Olympics. Plus 2 medium loose leaf albums with variety of stamps 1860s-1960s. Finally 'Songbirds of the World' mint stamp collection in album size custom-made box, & Australia 1997 PO Year Album FV $47. Pickings to be found, offered on behalf of Mary McKillop charities. (1000s).SOLD at A$200
Varied collection inc Australia PO Pack selection, 2010 Great Australian Railway Journeys Gold Foil stamp Ltd Ed coll'n (2), Cocos Is 1963-90s coll'n largely MUH VF $170+, Chile 1994 annual coll'n cat £67, Great Britain PO pack selection FV £25 few others, largely VF. (230+, 11 M/Sheets).AVAILABLE at A$150

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World modern PPC accumulation 1980s-2010??? in large carton. Nearly all full colour with wide range of Views, Scenic Sights, Gardens, Advertising, Architectural, Monuments, Cities, Lakes & others. Some philatelic inc maximum or pictorial postal cards. Mostly all diff mixed UN/PU, VF-as new condition. (1200+)AVAILABLE at A$80

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1915 Censored cover franked 1st wmk Kangaroos ½d green, 9d violet ('white flaw under TA of Postage') & 1/- pale blue-green?, plus KGV 1d red, tied by 'Melbourne 17 MR 15' cds. Paying foreign letter rate x9. To USA with 'Passed' h/s & flap resealed with stamp selvedge. ACSC 1, 24(1)d & 30D? cat $430+ as loose stamps. 9d & 1/- extremely rare on cover, especially together, the Kevin Nelson example (with incorrect rate) realised $6500 at a 2010 Melbourne auction. This Superb Commercial cover a recent find & offered for the 1st time. (P)SOLD at A$4700

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1919 England-Australia special 'Ross Smith' airmail stamp, tied to piece by the special oval cancel 26 FEB 1920, another strike at left, plus faint 3-line Vickers Vimy cachet. VFU. Yvert PA1. Frommer U23, AAMC 27c cat $3000+ in 2010 as loose stamp. Important rarity & certificate can be obtained on request. (P)AVAILABLE at A$2000

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2010 Coinage $3.30 M/Sheet IMPERF printer's ½ sheet of 10 M/S, right pane with uncut wide margins with marginal markings, colour bars etc. No. 498 of only 500 issued. SG MS3352(var). VF fresh MUH. Retail $500+ as 10 M/S.SOLD at A$80

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2010 Melbourne Cup $2.40 M/Sheet IMPERF printer's ½ sheet of 9 M/S, left pane with uncut wide margins with marginal markings, colour bars etc. No.498 of only 500 issued. SG MS3514(var). VF fresh MUH. Retail $438 as 9 M/S.SOLD at A$80

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2010 Melbourne Cup $2.40 M/Sheet IMPERF printer's ½ sheet of 9 M/S, right pane with uncut wide margins with marginal markings, colour bars etc. No.90 of only 500 issued. SG MS3514(var). VF fresh MUH. Retail $438 as 9 M/S.AVAILABLE at A$80

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1854-59 QV Diadem 6d fawn imperf, error wmk double-lined '8'. Fresh UN, tiny tear in bottom margin, 4 margins & Superb appearance. SG 93a cat £4250. Extremely rare in genuine unused condition. 2010 BPA photo-cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$2500

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1948 Postage Due opt 1st Coin set 3m-50m with FULL TABS, blank as always, on cover, tied by 5 x 'Tel Aviv 11.3, 3-1949' cds. VF. Bale D1-5 cat US$3200 on cover, SG D10-14 cat £2500 for loose stamps. Very rare. 2010 Tsachor AIEP photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$1300

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1945 Barge CLN liberation local '27-4-45 C.L.N. Barge' opt set Airmails 25c-1L. VF fresh MUH. Sass 12-16 cat €8750. Very rare genuine as only 100 sets printed. 2010 Sorani photo cert. (5) (P)AVAILABLE at A$2500

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1901-05 LABUAN opt Arms $2 dull green. Superb MLH, nice original gum, excellent centring & perfs. SG 140 cat £3500+. Extremely rare so nice. 2010 Behr photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$3000

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1851 Queen 6R light blue. VFU, 4 margins, black web pmk. SG 13 cat £1200, Edifil 10b cat €1475. Rare genuine example. 2010 Scheller photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$575

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1851 Queen 6R deep blue. Superb U, 4 margins, black web pmk. SG 13b cat £1500++, plus premium for rare pmk, Edifil 10a cat €1925 for this rare genuine example. 2010 Scheller photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$750

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1853 Madrid Local Arms 3c bronze. VFU appearance, 4 margins, expertly repaired at bottom in margin only, black oval grid pmk. SG 31 cat £8500, Edifil 23 cat €10,700. Extremely rare genuine example. 2010 Scheller photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$2500

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1865 Queen 4c blue, unissued imperf. Fresh UN, 4 large margins, tiny thin but Superb appearance. SG footnote cat £2000, Edifil NE2 cat €3500. 2010 Scheller photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$850

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1866 Queen 19c brown. Superb fresh M, with partial original gum. SG 95 cat £1200, Edifil 83 cat €1525. Rare in genuine mint condition. 2010 Scheller photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$600

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1867 Queen 19c pale rose. Fresh M with original gum, tiny thin but VF appearance with nice colour. SG 102 cat £1500, Edifil 90 cat €1985. Very rare in genuine mint condition. 2010 Scheller photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$475

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1875 King Alfonso XII 10P ultramarine, blue number 38 on back. F-VF M with nice original gum & excellent colour. SG 237 cat £1800, Edifil 171 cat €2295. 2010 Scheller photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$850