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Postcard: 1897 1d Arms, view Hawkesbury River Bridge in olive-green, with 'Greetings' in yellow-olive. VF fresh CTO NSW ovals for UPU or collector sets. H&G 19a(s). Rarely seen. (P)SOLD at A$150

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2005-12 Philatelic Exhibition, anniversaries & event opts. Specialised MUH, CTO & FDC collection in 3 thick albums. Items of interest inc 2005 Pacific Explorer imperf M/Sheets (19) inc APTA Convention opts (2). Other exhibition opt M/S (144) inc 2005 Melbourne Stamp Show, 2008 Canberra Stamp Show, STAMPEX 2010 Adelaide, London 2010, Queensland Stamp Show & 2010 Canberra booklets (56) again with similar opts, plus Exhib pmk covers (62) & more M/S CTO (28), & Special Interest PO Packs & Commem covers All fresh & clean. FV $1000 for MUH alone plus all the CTO & FDC. Massive original costs. (300+ items)AVAILABLE at A$700
Collection 1913-c.2010 in 7 s/books largely G/FU, few Roos, some Pre-decimal, strength in Decimals. Also AAT inc 1966 set MUH with later issues, also quantity of retired circuit sheets, plus albums of stationery & commercial covers. Mostly F-VF. (3500+)AVAILABLE at A$120
Extensive stock 1913 to post 2010 largely G/FU. Inc few Kangaroos & KGV Heads inc some vars, other pre-dec, decimal extensive Defins, Commems & M/sheets. Some varied condition but generally F-VF. (4700+)AVAILABLE at A$180
Kiloware: Mostly 1990s-2010s 45c-60c Pics/Commems with some earlier, nearly all on close-clip single paper. Appears reasonable variety. G-FU. Weight 8.5kg.SOLD at A$90
Olympic collection1968-2016 MUH inc earlier Olympic sets then 2000 Gold medallist sheetlets & composite sheet from Year Book, 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympic Medalists, 2004 Athens Olympic Gold medallist sheetlets & composite sheet from Year Book, 2006 Torino Winter Olympic sheetlet, 2008 Beijing Gold Medalist sheetlets & composite sheetlet from Year Book. 2010 Vancouver sheetlet, 2012 London inc Jared talent (No 8, scarce) & 2016 Rio Gold medallist sheetlets, plus composite sheetlets for both from PO Year Books. Additionally 2007 Landmark Architecture Limited Edition uncut sheet of 12 M/sheets imperf with cert of authenticity. All fresh & clean, FV alone $520, retail approx $1200. (78 sheetlets)SOLD at A$350
1990s-2010 CTO assembly sets, singles & se-tenants FV $1500+, inc many hard to find used issues, also collection of Space related covers (60+). 1967-73 with various Apollo, Skylab cachets, commem covers. AAT covers 1970s-82 (30+) non-official covers with a mix of base cancels, base cachets, Aust Dep covers Christmas, Cocos, Norfolk 1965-81, Samoa 1952-84 G/FU range with some extras STC £390 alone. Some NZ Dependence covers & others. Some mixed condition but mostly F-VF. (2800+)SOLD at A$300
Australian Territories PO Year collections 1992-2016 inclusive. Post 2010 collection scarce. Total FV alone $490.AVAILABLE at A$375
Collections inc Stanley Gibbons 'History of the Olympics' in blue album, WWF collections in 3 volumes, Seven Seas 'Stamp of the Month Club' collection in 4 volumes, 1976-79 United Nations FDC collection in blue album, 1978 Coronation FDC collection in silver album & 2010 Stanley Gibbons British Commonwealth cat 1840-1970.AVAILABLE at A$150

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Japan: 1871-2015 Collection in 5 large s/books starting with 1871-74 Dragons inc perfs & imperfs. 1872-76 Cherry Blossom to 30s. 1875 Bird set. 1876-92 Koban to 1Y inc 45s. 1895 China War set of 4. 1899-1907 Chrysanthemum to 10Y. 1913-37 Tazawa to 10Y. 1915 Coronation to 10s. 1919 Peace to 10s. 1919 Air opt M (SG cat £650). 1927 50th Anniv 6s. 1934 Red Cross set. Useful 1930s-50s National Park issues. 1947 Railway M/S. 1948 Philatelic Exhib M/S. 1948 Philatelic 5Y. 1949 Postal Week 8Y. Then good coverage of Commem & Defs to 2010. Also Prefectures Aichi-Yamanashi very expensive modern collection & range of 1960s-90s strips, blks & part sheets mainly Used. Most F-VF M/MUH/U. SG cat £10,000 = A$18,000, plus doubtful early Dragons, Cherry Blossoms & Birds which would cat extra £1500+ are not included in total & not counted in valuation.AVAILABLE at A$1100
New Zealand: Collection 1873-post 2010 on illustrated leaves & hagners, earlier mostly G/FU inc 1954 to 10/-, 1960 Pics to £1, some Health M/sheets, decimals to post 2000 mostly G/FU some MLH/MUH inc Health M/sheets & others. FV of MUH $250+, also some Cook Is & others. Some mixed condition but largely F-VF, retail $2000+. (1750+, 50+ M/S)SOLD at A$160
Varied collection inc Australia PO Pack selection, 2010 Great Australian Railway Journeys Gold Foil stamp Ltd Ed coll'n (2), Cocos Is 1963-90s coll'n largely MUH (FV $170+), Great Britain PO packs FV £25, few others, largely VF. (230+, 11 M/S).SOLD at A$80

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World modern PPC accumulation 1980s-2010 in large carton. Nearly all full colour with wide range of Views, Scenic Sights, Gardens, Advertising, Architectural, Monuments, Cities, Lakes & others. Some philatelic inc maximum or pictorial postal cards. Mostly all diff mixed UN/PU, VF - as new condition. (1200+)AVAILABLE at A$70

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World modern PPC accumulation 1980s-2010? in large carton. Nearly all full colour with wide range of Views, Scenic Sights, Gardens, Advertising, Architectural, Monuments, Cities, Lakes & others. Some philatelic inc maximum or pictorial postal cards. Mostly all diff mixed UN/PU, VF-as new condition. (1200+)AVAILABLE at A$70

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4d Olive perf OS (NSW type O with 12 holes). F-VF MLH. SG O108(var). ACSC 116ba(var). Rare genuine example. 2010 Ceremuga AIEP photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$500

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1919 England-Australia special 'Ross Smith' airmail stamp (printed on 2nd 'crown /A' wmk paper). VFU with full strike of 'First Aerial Mail / Great Britain - Australia / 26 FEB 1920' special postmark. Yvert PA1. Frommer U23, AAMC 27c cat $3000+ in 2010. Important rarity & certificate can be obtained on request. (P)AVAILABLE at A$2000

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2008 Organ Donation $5 sheetlet of 10 x 50c unsevered vert strip of 3 sheetlets. Fresh CTO Melbourne 7 Jul 2010 printed pmks. Minor folds UL o/w PO fresh. Unissued this format! Extremely rare. (P)AVAILABLE at A$150

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2008 AFL Football $5 sheetlet of 10 x 50c unsevered vert strip of 3 sheetlets. Fresh CTO Melbourne 7 Jul 2010 with printed pmks. Never issued in this format! Extremely rare. (P)AVAILABLE at A$150

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2010 Coinage $3.30 M/sheet & 2010 Melbourne Cup $2.40 M/S comp IMPERF printer's sheets divided into left & right panes of 10 or 9 M/S respectively with huge margins & colour bars, imprints etc. No 106 of only 500 comp sets. Fresh MUH in original PO folder, SG 3352 var, retail $2000 as a comp unit. Now getting scarcer as they become split into the 4 individual panes.AVAILABLE at A$300

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1922 Charleville-Cloncurry FFC franked KGV 1½ black-brown & red-brown LM wmk, plus Queensland ½d & Stamp Duty 1d, to pay 1½d postage, plus 3d Airmail Fee, tied by 'Red Hill 30 OC 22' cds -use of Stamp Duty not noticed. Would have gone by rail to Charleville then by QANTAS Armstrong Whitworth FK8 to Longreach by pilot PJ McGinnes & on to Cloncurry under Hudson Fysh. As usual w/o vignette or b/s, with research pages & ownership history back to 1950s. AAMC 66c(65) cat $7500. Major rarity. 2010 RPSL photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$3000

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1945 War Savings 'Post Office 5-Year Cash Certificates' range of all diff with 10R series A1 watermark error 'GOVT OF INDIA & stars', then others all with correct wmk 'GOVT OF BURMA & elephant' 10R series A1, 20R series B1, 20R series H1 with 'Joint Certificate Class A' imprint at top, 100R series D1, 100R series K1 with the 'Class A' imprint, 500R series E1, 500R series L1 with the 'Class A' imprint, & 1000R series F1. All are large banknote size format, with British Burma coat of arms at top middle. Mostly aUNC, 1 edge damage, unissued. Lesser selection sold for an average of £36+ each at a London auction in 2010, so would make these £324+. Rare group. (9) (P)AVAILABLE at A$120

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1925 Surcharge issue '3 Cts.' in red on Junk 4c slate-grey 2nd Peking printing, error opt INVERTED. Superb fresh MLH, nice original gum & excellent centring. Sc 274a cat US$300,000. SG 370a, Chan 281a. CSS 327b cat US$250,000. One of the greatest rarities of 20th Century Chinese philately, certainly the top of the 'Four Treasures of the Republic'. Only ten examples of this error were originally reported discovered in 1925, seven mint & three used. Amazing opportunity to purchase this pristine quality rarity. Reserve & estimate are conservative. 2010 Philatelic Foundation (New York) photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$50000

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1945 Victory 1d brown & carmine bilingual horiz pr, error opt INVERTED. Superb fresh MUH. SG 131a cat £400. 2010 BPA photo cert. (P)SOLD at A$300