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Covers: 1981-2001 Airmail to Europe inc Finland, Netherlands & UK. Reasonable variety of frankings inc pre-GST domestic & International Post. Fresh & clean. Suit specialist. (400+)AVAILABLE at A$80

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Indian States - Chamba: 1887-1947 collection on leaves inc 4/87 QV to (both 1R). SG 1a 6d olive-bistre marginal blk of 30. 1895 5R, KEVII inc 1903-05 to 3a, 8a, 1R. KGV inc 1927-37 to 1R. KGVI 1938 to 15R. 1942-47 to 25R M/MLH to 10R, 1940-43 set Officials inc 1887 ½a to 1R, 1903-05 to 1R, 1927-37 to 5R, 1938-40 to 10R with extra 5R M, 1940-43 1R, 2R, 10R & others. Mostly F-VF M/MLH, some U. SG cat £5600 = A$10,000+. Valuable collection. (208)AVAILABLE at A$1500

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1942 Emu 5½d LR cnr blk of 9, error misplaced perfs. VF fresh MUH. SG 208(var), ACSC 232bb cat $2475 as singles. (P)SOLD at A$1000

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Postmark: Numeral 2084 of Haberfield (RR) crisp comp strike on PPC to South Casino with crisp 'Haberfield NSW' cds alongside. Scarce cancel, probably RRRR on tied cover.AVAILABLE at A$60

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1962-73 QEII set 10c-$20, wmk crown CA (w12) upright, glazed paper. VF fresh MUH. SG ex197ab-208c cat £506 (7) (P)AVAILABLE at A$300

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1933 Emir & Pictorial set 1m-£1, perf SPECIMEN. Superb fresh MLH/MUH, many inc top 2 MUH. SG 208s-221s cat £950+. Rare set & certificate can be obtained on request. (14) (P)SOLD at A$1100

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1940-58 Arms £3 green mult wmk inverted. VF MUH. CP Z48c NZ cat $275. SG F208w cat £250. (P)SOLD at A$180