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1938-66 ½d Orange Kangaroo specialised collection on exhibition leaves & hagners inc many large blks, half panes, coil strips etc. Noted 1938 perf 13½ range inc McCracken imprint blk 2MLH/2MUH showing "cracked first line of imprint" early state. ACSC 178zb also McCracken imprint blk of 6 M/MUH, 1 unit showing "fungus flaw retouch" ACSC 178cm, LR cnr blk of 20 MUH showing slurred print along bottom row 10/4-8, also unerased vertical guideline at L of stamp 4 for rows 7-10, diag scratch through stamp R8/4-9/5-9/6 (9/5 being listed variety) ACSC 178k. 1941 perf 13¾ inc ½d brown-orange horiz strip of 3 MUH, 2 coil starter 960 with coil pr attached, plus a range of blks, imprints, varieties inc "coloured branch flaw under branch" & other varieties 1949 no wmk inc normal perf blks, varieties blk of 12 MUH showing "foggy hills retouch", pane of 50 showing varieties inc "diag lines over hill", gutter imprint blk 3MLH/9MLH with var ACSC 180z F/U. Coil perf inc blk of 20 1 with "retouched lines above hill", coil strip of 5 -splitting tone but MUH unit shows "foggy hills retouch". Plus many other blks, imprints & extras, some mixed condition, majority VF MUH. ACSC $3600. (1150)