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1918-20 Hradcany issue specialised collection with most beautifully written up on large, quality pages with all values 1h-1000h arranged by type inc type 1 (SG type 2) 3h 77M/21U, 5h yellow-green 38M/20U, 10h red 81M/7U, 20h green 30M/14U inc double perf blk & double print pr, 25h blue 30M inc unissued pale ultramarine imperf & 13U, 30h olive 18M/13U, 40h 51M/11U, 100h 15M/15U, 200h 18M/14U, 400h 15M/11U. type 2 (SG type 3) 1h 151 M inc imperf sheet of 100 & 14U inc double print, 50h purple 21M/3U. type 3 (SG type 5) 60h 15M/6U, 80h 20M/6U, 300h 12M/3U, 1000 h 10M/3U. type 4 (SG type 4) 5h blue-green 42M/17U, 10h green 17M/9U, 15h 21M/46U, 20h red 26M/3U, 25h purple 24M/16U, 30h mauve 17M/8U, 50h blue 11M/4U, 75h 15M/6U, 120h 22M/4U & 500h 11M/10U. Throughout there are imperf & perf inc some SG unlisted, double prints, printed on gum, double perfs, freak printing varieties inc paper folds, some 'Vzorec' (Specimen) opts & a huge range of annotated varieties & shades, every issue with a blk of 10 M/MUH. Also a wide range of proofs (213) of most values inc on diff papers, lots of double prints inc with 2 diff values, some with postage dues & newspaper stamps -many colourful combinations in blks of 4. Also another M/MUH set inc extra shades, tete-beche gutter prs of 3h (4, inc perf), 5h & 10h, private perfs/roulettes (15 diff to 1000h), more Vzorec opts (8 ea perf & imperf) & finally a range of colours inc 10h (6 diff), 20h (12 diff), 25h, 30h, 75h, 300h (9 diff), various coloured papers/values (15), blks of 4 (6) & black proofs (12) to 1000h. VF fresh MUH/M/UN/U. SG cat £900 for basic issued stamps, plus premium for 100s of varieties, the Specimens, plus value of almost 300 proofs! Amazing collection that is a delight to look through. (1300+) (P)SOLD at A$1700