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1896-1907 Swan 1/- black imperf DIE PROOFS (2) both reduced to stamp size, on glazed card, the 1st from original die ('Die 1') which had to be rejected when it cracked in the hardening process, the 2d from replacement die ('Die 2') with margin at foot endorsed in m/s 'Die re-engraved to take place of above which cracked in hardening' & erased date '28.12.96' The two dies differ most obviously in the 'G' of 'SHILLING' which has a blunt serif in 'Die 1' but a pointed serif in 'Die 2' but close examination under magnification shows that the second die is a completely new engraving with every detail of the frame foliage & shading visibly diff, although the swan vignette is clearly from the same master die. Unique & absolutely fascinating pr, documenting a type of minor disaster which is rarely known to have occurred, with the 'die 1' proof exhibiting a prominent white line (the crack!) in the foliage by the swan's tail, which is not evident in the only other known proof from this die. Ex De La Rue archives. ACSC W3DP(1) & W3DD(2A) cat $7500. (P)