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Covers - KGV & Kangaroo & Papua : 1914-30s inc Kangaroos on 5 WWI censored covers with ½d (+KGV 1d red), 2d, 2½d, 2½d pr & 3d, with censor tape &/or Passed h/s, 1 to Switzerland & 4 to USA. Then KGV covers inc 1915 (2) both franked 1d red, 1d violet on 1924 window env, 1924 1½d green Hobart to Newcastle, 1928 1½d red with private perfin, 2d orange (2) on separate 1924 covers. 1929 & 1935 Flight covers franked 3d green Airmail plus 1½d or 2d red, 1934 Airmail to Palestine franked 1/6 Hermes perf 11 no wmk, plus 2d Die III & 2d opt OS on 1933 OHMS env. Also mixed 2d red covers with a variety of pmks. Plus rare Papua 1936 FFC Daru-Mt Blucher franked Lakatoi plane opt 3d, with typed endorsements & signatures, which is AAMC P104 cat $200 & rare as only 192 flown. Interesting lot. (42)AVAILABLE at A$200