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Carton with 1966-72 Decimal MUH collection near comp on Seven Seas illustrated leaves & primitive black mounts. 1982-88 Decimal CTO collection inc AUSIPEX 84 M/Sheet set of 10 diff pmks (retail $60). 2000 Olympics Gold Medallist M/Sheet set of 16 CTO FDI (extremely rare, retail $200+). 1927-64 duplicated accumulation in old-time s/book with Defs, Pics/commems inc good range non letter-rate higher vals, plus massive mess (1000s) 1930s-80s in lower 1/3 of big carton, only semi-sorted in plastic bags. Then 1999-2009 FDC (100, FV $280) plus 1969-75 PO Packs (35, retail $400) inc 1970 Cook, 1970 & 1971 Selected Issues & various Christmas to 1974 inc 1971 blk of 7.AVAILABLE at A$300

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Tasmania: Postmarks: 1870s-1900s unsorted accumulation in 4 s/books with 1870s-90s QV Sidefaces 1d (1900) inc Wedge flaw, 2d (1800), plus Pictorials (300). Good range of pmks, we sighted 90, 274, 344 (all RRRR) & 203, 228, 239, 274, 337 (all RR). Also assorted 1890s NSW 1d, 2d (600) & Victoria 1870s QV 2d purple (300) inc odd coloured papers & 1890s QV 1d brown (500) & 2d violet (600) with good variety of Melbourne cds. Wonderful original hoard. Ideal for researcher or pmk collection. See website. (6000) (P)SOLD at A$900

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Set: 6d Brown to 2/- maroon. F-VF M, sl sun-tanned gum. SG 107-10 cat £228. ACSC cat $625. (4)AVAILABLE at A$80

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1948-56 Kangaroo ½d dull yellow-orange no wmk coil perf -the so-called 'mellow yellow'. VF MUH plus normal to compare. SG 228(var), ACSC 180C cat $200. Only 1 sheet known. 1997 Brusden-White photo-cert. (P)SOLD at A$120

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1901 OHMS Stampless 'Penalty' envelope (228x100mm centre fold, tones etc) franked QV 2d purple Stamp Duty Revenue tied by 821 rays pmk & with 'Gingkin FE 5 1901' cds at left (rated RRRR). From Provisional School at Chatham Valley to inspector of Schools Blackheath with 'Oberon' transit b/s. Amazing usage of Revenue stamp for postage & certainly unique combination with pmk rarity. (P)AVAILABLE at A$300