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1920s Lost Colonies & Territories Collection inc Yacht 'Mourning' issues set of 10 M, plus 9 diff used. Also label with the Kamerun 40pf Yacht on black border stamp inscribed 'Vergiss Nicht unsec Kolonien' & 1925 Postcard with Circular 'Deutschland hole Deine Kolonen' label. Also Territories Mourning label set for Danzig, Eupen, Elsab, Lothringen, Schleswig, Hultschiner, Memel, Upper Silesia & Posen. F-VF M/U. (29 + postcard).SOLD at A$120

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Kangaroos: 9d violet inc prs & trios, all appear CofA wmk. Mostly G-VFU (damaged not counted). Retail $8 ea, total $2700. Unchecked by us for varieties. (340)AVAILABLE at A$120

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Bulgaria: 1897-1985 Collection in s/book & hagner binder. Noted 1879 5c, 50c, 1Fr, 1881 to 50St, 1884 Surch 3/10St, 5/30St, 15/25St, 1927 & 37 Airs sets, 1933 Games to 10L, post-war solid range with a good thematic Flora & Fauna, Space sets. BoB inc Postage Dues 1886 5st orange imperf & other contemporary Dues. 1901 set, 1895 Surch 30st/50st perf & imperf. Album of extras & multiples inc 1901 Pr Frederich 1L, 2L, 3L in blks of 4, plus Romania (cat £220). Small collection 1879-1970. earlier with expected mixed condition, later mostly F-VF. Practically all diff. Total SG cat £3800 = A$7000+. (2700 + 30 M/S)AVAILABLE at A$400

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Fiji 1910-16 collection on old pages with R (Revenue) opts on KEVII 1/- black/green (10, Bft cat £150), 5/- green & red (11, £165) & 5/- green & black (2, £30), opts on KGV with £1 purple & black (14, £700), 1/- black/green (16, £240) inc UN blk of 4, & 5/- green & red (9, £135). Mostly F-VF F/C. Total Bft cat £1420 = A$2700. Then KEVII 1d (30). Postally U & 1911 KGV (320) to 1/- U, unchecked for scarcer cds. (400+) (P)AVAILABLE at A$150
Great Britain: Collection KGVI era to 1999 in 2 vols, plus hagners with assorted pre-dec booklets (10), 1948 KGVI SW £1 MLH, QEII pre-dec Commems, Defs & Regionals MUH blks of 4/singles. Pre-dec Postage Dues (100) to 1/- in MUH blks & multiples. Also extensive Used collection 1968-99 with Commem & Def sets, booklet panes inc NVI, M/sheet, a solid range of Machins. Largely VF, cat £1480+ = A$2700. (2680 + 4 M/S)AVAILABLE at A$120

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Israel: 1948-80s Collection/accumulation in thick s/book. 1948 1st Coin ranges to 50m inc perfs & pmks, 1949 Road to Jerusalem 250pr. 1949 New Year set. 1950 Airmail set. 1952 Menorah 1000Pr. Good coverage of later issues inc some tabs, control blks, sheetlets & odd M/S. Most F-VF M/MUH/U. SG cat £1500+ = A$2700+. (3200)SOLD at A$90
Israel: 1948 -late 1980s collection/accumulation in 3 hagner binders & s/book. Noted 1948 New Year M/MLH, 1949 Nat Assembly set with part tabs M, 1950 New Year set with tabs MLH. Solid range of 1950s-80s MUH & CTO inc sets with tabs, also Exhibition M/Sheets MUH/CTO, plus more sets excised from FDCs, with good depth & good thematic content. Then a good variety of FDC & Commercial covers, plus range of ca 1960s Commem covers in qty with a variety of Commem cachets. Some mixed condition but largely F-VF cat £1500+ = A$2700. (2200, plus 55 M/S & 160+ covers)AVAILABLE at A$130

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New Zealand: 1882-1981 Used collection in Davo Album, plus slipcase & binder. 1909-15 KEVII to 1/-, plus shades & perfs. 1915-29 KGV set to 1/- 1920 Victory set. 1931 Smiling Boy Health set. 1935-42 Pictorial to 2/-, plus wmks. 1947-52 KGVI set to 3/-. 1959 Bird Health M/S batch of 29 FDCs period 1950s-60s. Also SG New Zealand & Dependencies catalogue. 1st Edition in colour. Mostly F-VF U. SG cat £1500+ = A$2700+. (840 + 2a FDCs).AVAILABLE at A$200

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Romania: 1890-1970s collection in 2 64-pg s/books with 1890 King set U, other King's to 2L, 1906 Charity sets M (3, SG cat £185), then extensive range of Kings & Pictorial sets inc 1931 Monarchy set, Army set, Scout set, 1932 Medical set, Postal Fund set - all M/MUH (£290), 1932 Exhib M/Sheet MUH (£85+), other 1930s set M, 1940 Pro Patria opt M/S (2, £63) & good range of mostly M/MUH sets to early 1970s & a few pgs of later. F-VF M/MUH/U. Great thematics throughout. Almost all diff. SG cat to 1945 alone is £1500, plus another 2000+ stamps after that - should be another £1000, total £2500 = A$4500. (2700)AVAILABLE at A$350

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Uruguay 1856-1900 Classic Collection. 1856 Dilingencia 80c. 1858 Montevideo Sun 120c, 180c & 240c. 1859 Montevideo sun to 240c, thin numerals & 1860-61 Thick Numeral set to 180c. 1864 Arms set to 12c. 1866 Surch set to 20c. 1866-56 Numeral set to 20c, imperf, plus perf set to 20c. 1877-79 Numeral, Rouletted set to 1p, plus 1880 1c Litho. 1882 Pictorial 1c & 2c, plus position numbers. 1883 Portrait & Arms set to 10c. 1883-84 provisional opts. 1884-86 Pictorial set to 25c, plus 1888 New Colours to 25c. 1889-90 Pictorial st to 1p. 1891-92 Provisional opts. 1892 Arms set to 10c. 1894 Pictorial set to 3p, plus 1895-96 set to 3p. 1896 Swaney set. 1897 New Colours set to 3p. 1897 Peace set. 1899-1900 Pictorial set to 20c. Very Good coverage of Officials inc 1880-87 Numeral to 1p. 1883-84 set to 10c, plus 1c h/s Franco. 1884 set to 5c, 1884-88 Rouletted to 25c, 1890 Pictorials to 1p. 1895-96 Pictorials to 3p, plus 1897 New Colours to 1p. Officials inc varieties opt Double, inverted etc. All diff inc shades. Mostly G-VF M/UN/U, 80%+ being U. SG cat £2700+ = A$4850+. (234). (P)SOLD at A$400

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Single wmk Imprint pr collection (9) to 3d blue Die 1A with ½d Orange Harrison (2). 1d Green Harrison Plates 3 & 4 Mullett Plate 3. 1½d black-brown Harrison. 1½d Red Harrison & Mullett. 3d Blue Harrison (toned). Plus 1½d deep red-brown Harrison part Imprint horiz pr (pos L59, 60) 1½d Red No Imprint pr (Electro 22) & 4d Olive No Imprint pr, Plate 4 with 'line through King's Neck 'variety. Some toning gum flts or heavy hinging. ACSC cat $2700+, blks of 4 $4550. Still a useful specialist group. (P)SOLD at A$500

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1910-44 Mint selection of better sets bought individually in our earlier auctions by vendor inc 1910 Garibaldi Plebiscite set for Southern States 5c & 15c. 1934 Football set & Airmails to 10L + 5L. Trentino 1918 'Venezia tridentina' opt King Arms set 1c-1L, plus 1919 Surch set 5h on 5c-20h on 20c. Dalmatia 1921-22 opt King set to 10Cor on 10L, plus express 25c. General Issue for acquired territories 1919 opt King & Arms set to 1Cor on 1L, plus Express Letter set. 1942 Air Propaganda stamps 50c & 1L, unissued. Aegean Is 1932 Garibaldi Airmail set 50c - 5L+1L. All diff. VF M/MLH. SG cat £2000+, Sass cat €2700+. (52) (P)AVAILABLE at A$450

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1864 King set 5c, 10c & 15c, perf. F-VF M. NVPH 4-6 cat £2275, SG 8-10 cat £2700. Rare set. (3) (P)SOLD at A$450

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1915-16 opt KGV ½d green, single WATERMARK INVERTED, comp forme of 30, Electro 1, pos L31-60, 3rd setting opt with types acccbc on 5th horiz & 6 central abc strips. F-VF 8M/22MUH, small tropicalised spots on 2 stamps, all 6 of the central abc strips fully MUH. Amazing rarity with the only other multiples recorded being 2 or 3 abc strips, & even as a single hardly ever seen, with a single example appearing on the market only once every several years. Hinged singles have previously sold at auctions at $2500 level & retail nowadays is around $3000 ea, & MUH abc strips would be $10,000+ each, while the value of the unique acccbc bottom strip is difficult to calculate. Offered at a very conservative reserve - counting the M singles at only less than $700 ea, the MUH abc strips at only $2700-$3400 each, & the bottom strip of 6 at only $5500. SG 65aw cat £2250 each as hinged singles, making pane cat £85,500 as M singles & strips, while the MUH should be double, making total est cat £148,000 = A$270,000. An amazing item for an advanced exhibition collection, or as a major investment item, or for splitting up & resale. 2019 Ceremuga AIEP photo cert. (30) (P)AVAILABLE at A$27000

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1897 Specialist Collection of opt Egypt stamps with 1897 SOUDAN opt Sphinx & Pyramid set to 10Pi plus shades, sterios & pmks. 1897 'TEL' opt Sphinx & Pyramid set to 5Pi. Also 5m perf SG, error 'SG' inverted & reversed. 1897 opt Postage Due set to 2Pi M & U. Also a well annotated range of forged opts inc diff types & sizes with some forged pmks. Range of Postal stationery envelopes inc 5m & 1Pi plus Embossed envelopes. Mostly F-VF M/U. SG cat £1500+ = A$2700+ plus all the unlisted varieties, stationery & forgeries. (150 & 8 covers).SOLD at A$450