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1854-1940 World on hagners. Belgium inc 1914 Red Cross set (SG cat £120). 1938 Memorial Fund M/S. 1940 Relief Fund M/S. 1940 St Martin M/S perf & imperf. Turkey inc 1865-80 Star & Crescent range with Constantinople Local Post control h/s. 1898 Thessalonica Greek War to 5Pi. Mongolia 1932 Pic to 10T. Spain 1854 Official to 1L. Memel 1920s French opt range inc Airmails. Japan 1871-96 Classics on special sheets inc 1871 Dragon set imperf. 1872 Dragon set perf. 1872-76 Cherry Blossom to 30s. 1875 Bird set. 1876-96 Koban set to 1Y. 1894 Wedding set. 1896 China War set. Most G-VF M/U. SG cat £1900, plus £3500 for the doubtful Japan. (385).SOLD at A$250

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1950 Stamp Centenary 2½d pr in blk of 40 (4x10) with pre-printing paper wrinkle causing void white line through lower 7 rows. VF fresh MUH. SG 239-40(var). ACSC 278-9(var). Unique error multiple.AVAILABLE at A$250

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1882-95 QV Large Chalon £1 deep green FULL SHEET of 30, wmk large crown Q upright, with major re-entry (R1/2) showing doubling of frame line & numeral circle, plus retouch. Mostly F-VF F/C m/s dates on ea, 1 with tear. SG 161/161a/161b cat £2780+ as FU, plus premium for sheet. Great item for specialist study. (P)AVAILABLE at A$375

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1902-04 QV Thin Postage 10/- green F-VF fresh M. ACSC S33, SG 278 cat £200. (P)AVAILABLE at A$130

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1949 Szechwan Unit stamps opt Airmail set $10,000 on 30c - $50,000 on $1. VF UN as issued. Sc C1-C6. SG 1278-1283 cat £170. (P)SOLD at A$170

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1930-37 M/Sheets used inc 1930 Iposta (sl tones), 1937 Hitler M/S imperf (pen notation) & roul & 1936 Olympics (2). Mostly F-VF CTO, all with correct special cancels. Mi Blk 1, 5X, 6, 8 & 9 cat €2300, SG MS464a, 613a & 636-7 cat £2783 = A$5000+. (5). (P)AVAILABLE at A$500