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British Commonwealth: 1860s-1970s errors & varieties inc Ascension 1924 ½d "Broken mainmast" M SG 10a (£130), 1938-53 KGVI ½d "Long centre bar to E" in MUH blk SG 38ba (£90+), 2d black & orange perf 13 "Mountain flaw" M SG 41aa (£450), Barbados 1947 1d on 2d perf 13½x13, "Broken E" U in marg blk of 32 SG 264ed (£442), British Forces in Egypt 1932 1p "LETTER SEAL" imperf pr MUH SG A1 (£190 for perf), British Virgin Is 1867 1/- "Long-tailed S" M SG 19b (£225), Gibraltar 1896 QV 25c on 2½d "Broken N" U SG 18b (£100), Great Britain 1970 5d Christmas "Emerald omitted" MUH SG 839a (£140), Malta 1965-70 Defs 2½d "Gold (Saracnic) omitted" MUH SG 334b (£55), 4d (2) "Knights of Malta" & "Malta" omitted MUH SG 336a/b (£165), 6d "Malta omitted" MUH SG 338a (£45), 8d "Gold (frame) omitted" MUH SG 339b (£65), Newfoundland 1941-44 14c Black 'offset on gummed side', fresh MUH SG 284(var) unpriced, New Zealand 1970-76 Butterflies 1c, 2c, 3c & 4c & QEII 10c all wmk inverted, plus 50c Tasman Park error "Buff (shore) omitted" MUH. SG 915aw, 916w, 918aw, 925w & 932b, (£122), Rhodesia 1970 5c Postage Due "printed on gummed side" MUH SG D19a (£50), South West Africa 1927-30 Pictorial 4d bilingual pr "no stop after A" MLH SG 62a cat (£90), Postage Due 1923 rouletted 1½d bilingual pr "Wes for West" M SG D8a M (£130), Tonga 1974 Official 1P50 Games "opt double" MUH SG O111a (£170). VF fresh, mostly M/MUH as specified. SG cat £2650. Interesting group of scarce items. (61). (P)AVAILABLE at A$1100