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KGV Comp set on Seven Seas hingeless pgs with single wmk to 1/4 inc 1d red Die I, II & III, 2d brown, orange, red, 4d orange, lemon, violet, blue & olive, 5d brown & 1/4 turquoise. LM wmk set of 5 inc 1d carmine. SM wmk perf 14 set of 8 to 1/4 deep greenish-blue inc 2d brown & 4d olive. SM wmk perf 13½x12½ set of 17 to 1/4 turquoise inc 1d green Die II, 3d blue Die I, 4½d Die I, plus 4½d Die II CTO as always. CofA wmk set of 8 to 1/4 & OS opts to 5d inc 2d, 4d SM wmk. All VF M/MLH (odd MUH), retail $3450. (72) (P)SOLD at A$1500

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Tasmania: 1853-1970 Specialised dealer stock in hagners with 1853 Courier 4d (2). One cut square with postal m/s, plus 1d & 4d reprints. 1855 QV Chalons imperf (190) inc 1855 Star wmk 4d (4, inc pr cat £520). 1856 No wmk 2d (£950) & 4d (£150) plus 1d on thin pelure paper (SG 24, £750). 1856-70 Chalons imperf wmk numerals Postally U with 1d (18) inc strip of 3 with Port Arthur 1868 m/s cancel & 4 prs (SG cat €700+). 2d Green shades (28) inc prs (4) & strip of 3 (£2000+). 4d Blue (15) inc m/s 12 cancel of Brighton (£400). 6d (45) inc reddish-mauve (SG 49 cat £180) plus grey/slate/violet shades (£3500). 1/- Orange (11) inc 2 prs & strip of 3 (£900). Plus many others 1d to 1/- (inc shades) with F/C. 1860s Perf Chalons (65) to 1/- mixed Postal, Fiscal cancels inc 2d (3), 4d (4), 6d (16) inc slate grey (6) & 1/- (6) inc crisp 1870 Hobart Town cds, all Postally U, SG cat £1200. Plus scattered 1870s-early 1900s extras inc vals to 5/- violet. Usual mixed condition for such a hoard but many nice condition F-VF U. SG cat £12,150 = A$23,000 to 1870 plus extra for the others inc the uncounted QV Chalon F/C cancels! Valuable lot for specialist or resale. (285)AVAILABLE at A$3500

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Middle East: Jordan 1920 opts (9), 1925 opt Saudi set U plus with inverted opts (4, £280), 1925 opt Palestine to 20Pi M, 1927 Emir inc 100m & 500m U (SG cat £100), Locust opts inc 200m U, 1930 Emir set M plus 200m-£1 U (£285), 1933 Pictorials comp M/U to 500m (£375), 1942 Emir set M, then extensive range (few 1950-53 opts) to 1968 -total SG cat £1300. Lebanon 1920s-70s, plus more Jordan etc -total marked retail $430. Also Egypt old pgs 1866-1960s inc 1866 10p U, range of early Sphinx & Pyramid issues, then range to 1960s (SG cat £250) plus odds from other countries. Mostly F-VF M/U. Total SG cat £1800. (1700)AVAILABLE at A$450

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1d Green SM wmk perf 14 variety collection in positional blks & multiples with 'white scratch behind Kangaroo' (pos V/49) & 'notch NE cnr' (V/59) irregular marginal blk of 16 (ACSC cat $400), 'white flaw in frame opp emu's feet' (V1/55), 'shade break in oval above E of Postage' (V1/59) lower marginal blk of 18 (now separated, cat $440) LL cnr horiz strip of 4 (Pane V/55-58, cat $80). Mullett imprint strip of 4 Plate 4 with 'RA joined' & 'roo's tongue out' varieties ($560) plus 'RA joined' lower marginal strip (tone spot, $200), 'run N - State 3' LR cnr singles MLH ($250) blk of 18, 'neck flaw' single VF MLH ($250) & irregular blk of 17, plus 2 blks of 4. Mostly fresh MUH, total ACSC $2850. (88)AVAILABLE at A$450

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1884-96 Stamp Duty £100 black Die Proof on thick card paper. Superb UN appearance, tiny thin, 4 large margins. SG 282/285(p) cat £80,000 as normal. One of 2 known, the other being in The Royal Collection, illustrated on pg 249 in 'Stamps of Victoria' by Kellow. Unique example available to collectors. 2018 Ceremuga AIEP photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$5000

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1934 'Wysl Filat 1934 Katowice' opt set 20gr & 30gr. VFU on piece with special exhibition Katowice 12 U 34 cds. Mi 285-6 cat €80+, SG 297-8 cat £100+. (2)AVAILABLE at A$50