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Kangaroos: Collection/accumulation in s/book with good quantity & diversity often G-FU, some M/MUH, inc 1st wmk ½d, 1d in small qty, also 1d blk of 4 MLH/MUH, Coil strip of 4 M/3MUH, others to 1/- M/MLH, then to 1/- G/FU, 2nd wmk to 1/- M, 2/- G/FU, 3rd wmk lower values in small qty, others to 10/- G/FU, Die II 6d blue Inv wmk (3) FU cat $875. Also 6d blue perf OS MUH, 9d imprint pr M, S Mult 6d brown Ash imprint blk of 4, MLH/MUH, 1/- Ash imprint prs (2) M/MLH. Also perf OS G/FU inc 6d (9), 1/- (6), 2/- (8), CofA inc 9d violet imprint pr M, others to 2/- inc blks. Various others seemingly in no order at all, condition varies throughout inc toning on some stamps inc imprints. F-VF stamps throughout. Unchecked by us for varieties. Normal retail $5000+. (670)SOLD at A$600