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Queensland: Mint collection 1860-1911 in Empress Album 1860-65 QV Chalon 1d & 3d plus (6d) registered, wmk small star. 1862-67 QV Chalon 1d, 2d & 6d, no wmk. 1868-78 QV Chalon to 1/-, wmk truncated star plus (6d) registered. Also 1d, 6d & (6d) registered strips of 4 or 5. 1868-78 QV Chalon to 1/- plus shades. Also useful range of Chalon to 5/- h/s SPECIMEN inc (6d) registered wmk small star. 2d, 1/-, 4d Litho & 5/- Litho no wmk. 1d, 2d, 3d & 6d in prs or strips wmk truncated star & 4d yellow wmk crown Q. 1880 QV Chalon Litho inc 2/-, 2/6, 10/- & 20/-, plus basic set h/s SPECIMEN in italics. 1879-80 QV 1st sideface set to 1/- plus shades. 1880 'Half-penny" opt QV 1d. 1882-95 QV Large Chalon 2/- to £1 inc wmks. Noted set to £1 wmk large Q upright, 1882-95 QV solid background set to 2/- plus perfs, shades & wmks. 1895-96 QV blank background set to 5d plus 2d LL cnr marginal vert pr variety DOUBLE PERFS between stamps & margin. 1897-1908 QV blank background 4 cnr numerals set to 2/- wmk crown Q plus useful shades. 1897-98 QV 1d roul & compound roul & perf inc prs with a variety of combinations. 1900 Boer War Charity Fund set. 1907-11 QV blank background 4 cnr numeral set to 2/- plus shades. Also 1911 perf 12x11 to 1/- plus prs. 1907-11 QV Large Chalon set to £1 wmk crown A. Postal Fiscals inc 1871-72 QV Stamp Duty small Chalon to 5/- plus prs & shades wmk large crown Q to 10/- plus shades no wmk blue burele band at back. Also 1878-79 QV 1d plus shades. Then range of QV & KEVII Stamp Duties to £1 -extras inc plenty of shades, varieties, wmks etc. Mostly F-VF M/MUH/UN, some mixed condition as expected. SG cat a huge £40,000+ = A$73,500+. Valuable collection. (465) (P)