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6 Carton lot with Australia inc 1930s 1/- Vic Cent (2) & KGV SJ set to 2/-, Kangaroos (30) to 5/-, KGV Heads (80) to 1/4, 1940 AIF 6d (4) & high val QEII pre-dec commems. Then South Africa 1970s80s MUH Pic sets & M/S, Burma, Israel, Germany, Russia & British Commonwealth in 7 large & 4 small s/books. Australia 1990s on-paper mix (weight 4kg) & 1960s-80s off-paper Pics (20,000) loose, in part bundles & sorted into glassines. Shoebox with World M/S & MUH sets in packs as purchased. Czechoslovakia 1993-96 Year Packs, PNG 1964-97 FDC (150) inc Panorama & 1990s Birds to 10K, plus decimal books (25) FV 115K semi-sorted World off-paper in shoebox, envelopes & glassines (20,000+, unchecked as received). Big carton Aust generic 1990s PSEs and another carton with Australian 1980s-90s covers inc Priority Paid, Security/Registered Mail, odd foreign & others. Massive 6 carton lot, well worth further investigation, ex deceased estate. (Approx 50,000 stamps).SOLD at A$400