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Prestige Booklets: 2004 Bridges to March 2005 Special Occasions set of 7. Comp (only 1 AFL & no Zodiac), ea with special M/S only available in these. VF MUH. Original PO cost $200, Pf cat $392. (17)AVAILABLE at A$120

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Great Britain: 1850-58 Specialised collection of QV 1d & 2d 'stars' line engraved on pages as identified by vendor, inc 1850-53 1d Archer trial perfs (2, 1 used in London & 1 in Bath). 1854-58 1d inc Die I wmk sm crown perf 16 on blued paper with pmks, Die II wmk large crown perf 14 on white paper inc prs & strips, Die II large crown perf 16 on blued paper, Die II large crown perf 14 on blued paper, Die II sm crown perf 14 on blued paper, & Die I sm crown perf 14 large crown perf 14, sm crown perf 16, & Alphabet III large crown perf 14. Mostly F-VF U. SG cat £3350+ = A$6000+. (69)SOLD at A$500

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1960 Northern Territory 5d magenta error greatly misplaced perfs in LL & LR cnr blks of 4. VF MUH. SG 335(var), ACSC 378bb cat $800++ as singles, plus significant premium for the left & right margin examples. (P)SOLD at A$300
2010 Coinage $3.30 M/sheet & 2010 Melbourne Cup $2.40 M/S comp IMPERF printer's sheets divided into left & right panes of 10 or 9 M/S respectively with huge margins & colour bars, imprints etc. No 106 of only 500 comp sets. Fresh MUH in original PO folder, SG 3352 var, retail $2000 as a comp unit. Now getting scarcer as they become split into the 4 individual panes.AVAILABLE at A$400

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1938-51 KGVI ¼d to 5/-, plus listed shades & papers. VF fresh M/MLH. SG 95-112 cat £335. (35) (P)AVAILABLE at A$70

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1938 Warsaw Exhibition M/sheets perf & imperf. Superb U/CTO, 'Ogolnopolska 3 U 1938 Wystawa Filatelistyczwa' 2 diff special cancels on ea with UH gum. Mi Blk5A & 5B cat €240+, SG MS335a cat £260+ plus premium for FDI pmks. (2 M/S)SOLD at A$110

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1938 Stratosphere Balloon Flight 75gr M/sheet. Superb U/CTO, 'I Polski lot Stratosferyczny / Zakopane Dolina Chocholowska' & 'Zakopane 23 IX 38' special cancel, with UH gum. Mi Blk 6, SG MS335b cat £110+.AVAILABLE at A$45

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1938 Stratosphere Balloon Flight 75g M/Sheet with special cancel on illustrated cover, with all appropriate cachets etc. Mi Blk 6, SG MS335b cat £110++ as loose M/S alone & should be double, £220 on cover. Attractive.AVAILABLE at A$70