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Covers: Collection in 4 albums with AAT 1966 Pics to $1 Base Cancel FDC, 1973 Food Chain set Mawson cds, 1971 Treaty Base pmk set of 4 & some other Antarctic pmk FDC (retail $250). Australia 2000 Sydney Olympics Gold Medallists FDC (50), Olymphilex M/Sheet FDC (11) & 2004 Olympic Gold Medallists FDC (90) plus earlier FDC inc 1966 Navigator set of 4 & 1971 Christmas 7c blk of 7. GB 1960s-70s Commem sets FDC (75). Japan 1920s Internal Mail (50) with range of frankings & pmks. Malaya 1920s-50s to India (24), USA 1920s-40s Commercial Mail (70) & Belgium 1950s Railway Post franked Parcel Receipts (50). Also big mess in 2 boxes with Australia 1970s-2008 FDC in varying quantities plus over 100 Commem pmk covers & big bag of Aerogrammes. Then assorted British Commonwealth FDC inc Norfolk Is, NZ, PNG, Rhodesia, Zimbabwe & scattered others. Great lot to ramble through with potential throughout. (Many 100s)SOLD at A$525