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British Commonwealth (4) well filled s/books mostly 1970s-90s MUH emissions with M/sheets (135) inc Caribbean Is, Fiji, Ireland, Nauru, St Helena, Falklands, Samoa, Singapore, Solomon Is then vast array pf Pic/Commem/Thematic sets (480) inc Aust Territory, Caribbean Is, BAT, Falklands, Channel Islands, Malta, Nauru, PNG, Ross dependency, Singapore, Solomon Islands, South Africa & others. Mostly MUH (Used/CTO not counted), minor duplication. Good variety throughout. (430 sets + 50+ M/sheets)SOLD at A$190

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Indian Feudatory States: 1866-1948 Collection/accumulation in 2 thick binders. Alwar 1877-1901 Dagger selection inc roulettes & perfs. Bundi 1890-93 Typeset ¼a & ½a, se-tenant blks of 5, showing centre ornament in diff rotations plus 2a pr. Barwani 1917-32 Raja ¼a Full sheet of 8. Bhopal 1935-36 Surch 3p on ½a & ¼a on ½a, se-tenant blk of 4 plus ¼a on 4a & 3p on 4a se-tenant blk of 4. Bijawar 1937 Raja 8a & 12a. Bundi 1941-44 Arms 3p & 2a in Full sheets of 12 plus 1914-41 Raja & Cows 2a sheetlet of 4 & 1941 Arms Service 1a Full sheet of 12. Charkhari 1921 h/stamped crossed swords 1p, imperf (SG cat £160). Good coverage of Cochin inc Officials. Hyderabad from 1869 Native script 1a, 1870 Post Stamp ½a & 2a. Indore 1886 Raja ½a. 1889 circular, both types. Jaipur 1932-46 Raja to 1R in blks of 4. Jammu from 1866 circular to 4a. Kishangah 1899-1900 Arms 1a, pin perf. 1899-1900 Arms range inc 1a pink imperf & ¼a blk of 32. Nawanagar 1877 Dagger 1 doc, perf. Rajasthan 1950 opt Jaipur to 1R inc prs. Sirmoor 1894-99 Elephant to 3a. 1899 Raja to 1R. Soruth 1950 opt 1a on 3p blk of 4 (£160). Good coverage of Travancore . Wadhwan 1888-94 Arms ½p. Mostly G-VF M/MUH/U. SG cat £6000+ = A$10,000+. Huge quality for sorting. (3450)SOLD at A$1400

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1912 KGV Downey Head 1d scarlet, opt SPECIMEN, SG type 22 (14¾x2mm), wmk simple cypher upright. F-VF fresh MUH, typical at base from booklet pane. SG 345(s), SG Spec N10s cat £325 for M, should be at least double, £650 MUH. (P)AVAILABLE at A$150