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Off-paper mix: Mostly Decimals to late 1980s $5 Gardens, appears good variety from 1966 commems to later pictorials with uncancelled sighted, plus scattered Pre-decimals to 5/- Arms inc High val 1950s-60s commems. Weight 3.5kg. (50,000).SOLD at A$550

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1949 UPU World Collection: inc sets of Albania, Austria, Colombia, El Salvador, West Berlin to 2Mk (SG cat £1000+), West Germany 30pf, East Germany 50pf, Honduras opt set, Hungary Imperf set, Israel set with tabs plus tete-beche prs, Italy 50L, Korea 15w, Luxembourg, Monaco imperf, Portugal, & San Marino sets, Timor 16A, Macau 32A (£180). Also British Empire sets on FDCs & covers (42) inc Sarawak & North Borneo. All diff. Stamps VF M/MUH. SG cat £3000+ = A$5400+, Dealer's retail $3900+. (348 + 42 covers).SOLD at A$900
Great Britain: Postal History 1840s-1910 mostly QV frankings inc 1d red imperfs (58, cat £3480) & perf (135), 1d pink envelopes (38) inc uprated, PO Postcards (42) plus brown or green wrappers (8), KEVII PPC (50) & many others mostly ½d frankings, inc uprated, redirected with additional stamp added etc. Wide range of pmks inc barred ovals, framed & unframed duplex, 'spoon' types, Scottish types etc. Poor to mostly F-VF, mostly F-VF. 2 albums not in order so hard to assess. Will definitely benefit from rehousing. (450)SOLD at A$675

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Italian Occup of Cephalonia & Ithaca: 1941 opt Pictorials 5L-80L, Airmail 2D, & Charities cross opt 10L red Postage Due & 50L green -all prs with full opts. SG 1-6, 20, 27 & 29 cat £348, Sassone 11-16, 28, 30 & A26 cat €2210 -both for M, should be at least double, £696, or €4420 MUH. All exp Angelides. Also blks of 4 1941-43 propaganda opts for Cerigo 5L-80L ea with fascist axe h/s on back, & Paxos 5L-50L & 10L Charity ea with 4-line 'Victory in Asia & Europe h/s on back in various colours. All VF MUH. Interesting lot. (9prs & 12 blks).AVAILABLE at A$200

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1938 20th Anniversary M/sheet plus 1939 25th Anniv Polish Legion M/sheet. Superb fresh MUH. Mi Blk 7 & 8, SG MS348a, 358a cat £59 for M, should be at least double, £118 MUH. (2)SOLD at A$60