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1860-90s World Telegraph Collection: inc Argentina 1887 National issues 10c & 40c. Buenos Aires 1888 40c. Entre Rois 1888 10c. Railway Telegraphs 1887 Sante Fe 10c & 40c, 1887 Buenos Aires 10c & 1887 Centre North 10c. Austria 1870 Private Telegraph set to 1F120. Belgium 1866 King 1Fr M (Bft cat £350). 1888 King set to 5Fr, 1879 Numeral 5c set. Belgium 1892 King imperfs to 3Fr75. Brazil 1871 Telegraph Machine 1000R & 1899 Liberty 200R. Ceylon 1881-94 QV to 25R. Chile 1883 Large Arms to 10P, & 1894-1902 small Arms to 1P. Useful Colombia 1881-98 to 1P. Cuba 1868-98 inc Arms to 4P. Dominican Republic 1887 Numeral set to 10P. Ecuador 1895 Official opt Arms 10c on 2c. El Salvador 1882 Volcano 1R. 1883 opt Postage issues to 20c. Bavaria 1876 Arms to 2Mk, 1897 Telegraph Labels 10pf & 1Mk. Wurttemberg 1875-80 Numerals to 50pf. Guatemala 1898 opt Exhib to 150c. Hungary 1880 to 2F1. Japan 1885 set to 1Y. Netherlands 1877 Hexagonal to 1G inc key 25c M (£500). Useful Nicaragua 1891-98. Panama 1902 Arms set. Paraguay 1892 Arms 40c. Peru 1896-98 opt set to 1S. 1897 Statue set to 1S. Philippines 1876-99 range, Switzerland 1887 Cross set to 20Fr. Spain 1864-1869 range to 2E. USA ranges 1860s-90s inc Pacific Mutual's Western Union, Connecticut, Northern Mutual. Venezuela 1896 Arms to 2B. All diff. Most G-VF M/U, some mixed condition as expected. Bft cat £3850+ = A$6900+. Excellent started collection for this interesting field. (360)AVAILABLE at A$800