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Carton with General World Collection in 15 large Chinese s/books mostly clean fresh unwarped with China PRC 1950s-70s Pics & Commems (160), Hong Kong 1960s QEII to $10, Malaya inc Penang 1960 Pics to $5 & Mongolia Pics. Australia with scattered States, Kangaroos to 2/-, KGV to 5d & 1964 Navigator set to £1 Bass. British Africa mostly pre 1970. Europe quantity inc Bavaria, Wurttemburg, France & Colonies. NZ inc 1926 Admirals to 3/- U, Healths 1930s-70s M/MUH & 1970s Decimal commem sets MUH, plus South/Central America & the ubiquitous Arab State Pics, nearly all pre-1980s, F-VF. Then another 5 albums with GB to QEII £5 inc KGV Seahorses 2/6 (6), 5/-, 10/- (cat £400), 1937 KGVI to £1 set of 6 (3, £180), 1948 KGVI RW £1 MUH & G-FU (2), 1952 KGVI to £1 (4 sets) & 1925 Wembley 1½d & 1924 set -total £900, & specialised low value Machins. NZ 1940s-70s Pics/commems G-FU inc sets & 65 hagners with Pacific Islands MUH 1970s-80s Pics sets (50) inc to $5, from Fiji, Nauru & Pitcairn, mostly plate no. blks of 4, plus M/Sheets (30) & Nauru 1924 Ships set comp to 10/-. VFU/CTO. 2 medium cartons. (9000)AVAILABLE at A$450

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Luxembourg: 1852-1946 Ex dealer's stock in binder. 1852-58 Grand Duke 10c. 1865-75 Arms to 40c roul in colour. 1874-80 Arms to 1Fr, perf, plus 1Fr on 3½c opt Official roul, & 1878-80 Official opt to 12½c, perf. 1882-84 Peace & Commerce to 5Fr. 1906-19 Duke set to 5Fr M, plus Surch. 1914-21 Duchess to 5Fr. 1921-34 Castle to 5Fr. 1923-34 10Fr black. Useful 1920s Charity sets. 1931-33 Air set to 3Fr & 1946 set to 50Fr. Most G-VF M/U, some mixed condition in earlies. Old Mi STC €2650+ = A$3950+, current edition sure to be higher. (650)AVAILABLE at A$300

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New Guinea - German: 1898-1919 Postcards with opt 5pf single, plus double reply with print date, 10pf & 10pf double reply with date (3 ea), 1900 Yacht 5pf, plus 5pf double reply (2), 10pf (2) & double reply, 1919 Neuguinea w/o hyphen 5pf. Also Marshall Is 1897 opt (Marshall with 'c') 5pf & 10pf, 1901 Yacht 10pf & 10pf double reply with frame, 1917 Yacht 5pf w/o frame. F-VF fresh UN. Mi cat €395. (20)AVAILABLE at A$120

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Covers - Military POs WWII PNG group FPOs appear all diff allocations inc FPO 15 (reg Bulldog area), 16 (reg), 372 (Grim Point), 395, 410 (Sogeri), rubber N31 (apparent PNG use of stamp, not listed here by Proud), S91, S92, Y17 (Ramu Valley), rare. Air Force 203 (Momote, Manus) etc also cover with New Guinea 4d & AIF censor. (32).AVAILABLE at A$150

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Eritrea: 1948-50 Collection inc 1948-49 'BMA Eritrea' opt KGVI set 5c on ½d to 10s on 10/-. 1980 'BA ERITREA' opt KGVI set 5c on ½d to 10s on 10/- & 1951 'BA ERITREA' opt KGVI Pictorial set 5c on ½d to 10s on 10/-, 1948 'MBA Eritrea' opt Postage Due set 5c to 1/-, plus 1950 'BA Eritrea' opt Postage Due set 5c to 1/-, being UPU distribution 'specimens' for the Portuguese postal authorities VF fresh M. SG E1-32, ED1-10 cat £395. (43).AVAILABLE at A$160