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Carton full of stamps 3 in envelopes sorted into Countries. Austria from Empire issues, plus plenty 1930s-50s defs. Sweden from 1858 Arms inc 1870-90s King & Posthorn to 1Kr. Ireland from 1916 KGV opts with useful 1920s-30s. Finland from 1866-72 Arms to 20p. Luxemburg from 1859 Arms. Greece 1861-86 large Hermes to 40L. GB from 1841 QV 1d red. Noticed 1858-70 selection of 1d red plates. Switzerland from 1862 Sitting Helvetia. Also noted League of Nations & UN issues. Turkey from 1860s Crescents. France from 1849 Ceres with plenty P&C issues, plus odd POs & Colonies. Italy from 1880s inc Colonies. Huge quantity. (guess 50,000+).SOLD at A$800

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1901-10 KEVII £1 rose, wmk V crown sideways, perf 11. VFM. SG 407 cat £375. (P)AVAILABLE at A$300

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1901-10 KEVII £1 salmon, perf OS, wmk V crown, perf 11. F-VF CTO. SG 407(var) cat £170, plus premium for OS, ACSC U126ba cat $250. (P)AVAILABLE at A$120

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1901-10 KEVII £1 rose, perf OS, wmk V/Crown, perf 11. VF U/CTO. SG 407(var) cat £170 for normal, ACSC V126b cat £350. (P)AVAILABLE at A$130

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1986 Music 30c horiz pr IMPERF. VF fresh MUH. CP S341aZ NZ cat $650. SG 1407a cat £275. (P)AVAILABLE at A$150

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1965 Mail Runner 3c colour trials in brown & salmon, or brown & bright red, plus normal to compare. VF fresh MUH. SG 198(p), SACC 227(c5) cat R2407. (3) (P)SOLD at A$100