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Carton of accumulations with Australian duplicates 1940s-80s, sighted 1949 Arms set to £2 (2 sets) & QEII era high val commems. FDC collection (260) to mid 1990s inc 1970 large Cook, 1974 Paintings to $4, long commem/pic sets & Gardens to $20, AAT 1971 Cook Base Cancel set of 4, plus 40 assorted 1980s Pictorial Silk envelopes. GB FDC collection (80) to 1973 RW strength in Pre-decimal Pics & commems, plus bundle of PHQ cards (100) with approx 25 sets VFU. Finally Norfolk Island FDC/Stationery collection (90) inc 1991 Ships to $5 & assorted M/S. (530 covers & many 100s of stamps)SOLD at A$250

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1932 North-West Scientific Expedition set 1c-10c. VFU. Sc 307-310, SG 406-409 cat £350. (4). (P)SOLD at A$150

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1925 Special Flight use of special PPC franked Bird airmail 10pf tied by 'Donaustauf 13 APR 25' cds, with 10pf & 20pf Regensburg flight labels tied by 'Oster Flugtage Regensburg' special cds & with 2-line h/s 'Mit Flugzeug D409 Befordert' flown cachet. VF. Mi 15-16 cat €800 for set on single card or cover that was not flown, while flown cards worth much more with Mi footnote saying at least +100%, so €1600+ (P)AVAILABLE at A$500