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Belgium & Colonies: Collection 1912-70s in s/book. Many better inc 1912 King 5Fr with tab M, 1924 Exhibition 5Fr sheetlet with exhib cancel. 1919-20 Tin Hats to 1Fr, 1922 Kings to 10Fr, 1930 Antwerp Exhib M/S (2) with exhib cancels,1931 TB Fund set to 5Fr, 1932 Infantry set, 1931 Soldier's Exhib M/S with exhib cancel, 1935 Brussels Exhib set ea in sheetlets of 10. 1935 Brussels Exhib M/S, 1936 Charleroi Exhib M/S, 1937 Ysage Memorial Fund M/S, 1952 UPU set to 40f+10f, 1953 UNESCO Conference set with opt label. 1953 Tourist set to 8Fr, 1959 Political Prisoner's Fund set, 1957 Antarctic sheetlet, 1960 Refugee M/S, Journal Stamps 1928 opt Railway set to 10Fr & 1929-31 opt set to 20Fr. Belgian Congo 1918 Red Cross opt set to 10Fr, Ruanda-Urundi 1916 Occupation opt to 1Fr. All diff. F-VF M/MUH. Mi cat €7800+ = A$11,500+. Nice collection. (450, 16 M/S) (P)SOLD at A$950