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Balance of Consignment in 2 medium cartons with M/MUH accumulations in 2 s/books inc Austria 1964 Congress set & other 1950s-60s Pics. Denmark Commems to 1999. Germany, GB pre-decimals, Israel, Netherlands & Pacific Islands. Plus Denmark oversize booklets (3 diff) & 2003, 2004 PO Year folders. Australia, British Commonwealth, Netherlands & Poland collections in 4 individual s/books. Plus massive collectors accumulation in 5 thick 1960s s/books crammed with 1000s of stamps inc Austria from 1890s, Canada KGV onwards, China inc 1920s-40s opts (220) unchecked for rarity, plus 1950s-60s PRC (see website for scans). Denmark 1890s-1990s. Germany inc Inflations, 1950s West & East defs. GB from KGV inc KGVI to £1, QEII Machins to £5 & quantity of Decimals, Hungary, India, Israel, Japan, Netherlands, Romania, South Africa, Sweden, Swiss & USA. Huge quantities, plus shoebox of more in envelopes. (many 1000s).SOLD at A$275