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Balkans: 1880s-1960 in large s/book inc Bosnia Herzegovina early Arms types inc lots of diff shades, perfs, printings etc many cat £10-£50 ea, Postage Due sets, 1906 Pictorial M & U sets, plus some imperfs, 1912 set to 3Kr U, various opts, 1917 set U etc (total marked cat £2000). Bulgaria 1882-1960 inc 1884 Postage Dues with 'lozenge' perfs 5st M & 25st U (cat £920), early Arms types inc perfs, shades & printings, then good range of mostly sets inc 1911 Pictorial set M (£100) & many more (total £1800). Plus Austria inc 1925 Airmail set M (£225). Total for s/book £5000 - about 10% unpriced. Vendor paid $1450. Also collection of Austria BOB inc Postage Dues 1894-1919 (cat £1100) appears basically comp, many both M & U, plus perfs, papers etc, similar for Newspaper stamps inc 1851 Mercury blue U (£160), 1890 25kr red U (£375). F-VF M/MUH/U. Total cat £6100+ = A$11,000 (1700)SOLD at A$800