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1919 Polish PO in Turkey LEVANT opt set 3f-5Mk, 2nd printing, plus 1921 fancy LEVANT opt unissued set 1Mk-20Mk. VF M/MLH. Mi 1-12ND & I-VII. SG 1B-12B & 13-19. 1st set exp Jungjohann BPP. (19)SOLD at A$70

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Must look at carton full of stamps IV comprising collection duplicates of Germany 1949-80s all sorted in order by issue. On quick look noted Bavaria from 1849-62 Numerals, Baden 1851 Numeral to 9Kr. West Germany 1949 Parliament set (SG cat £445). 1949 UPU 30pf. 1950 Bach set (£145). 1951 700th Anniv set (£220). 1952 Otto 30pf (10U, £220). West Berlin 1949 UPU 1Mk (2U, £320). 1949 Goethe 10pf & 30pf U (£165). 1872-74 Eagle to 2½g plus 2½g on 2½g. Noted all periods inc Empire, Weimar Republic with inflation issues, 3rd Reich, Allied Occup inc Zones, West Germany, DDR & West Berlin. Also Danzig, Saar & Plebiscites. Huge cat value & massive quantity of stamps. (guess 60,000+)AVAILABLE at A$500

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Indian States - Gwalior 1885-1949 collection on leaves inc 1885 QV ½a, 1a & 2a, 1885 red opts inc 4a 15mm opt & both 1R, 1885-97 15mm to 5R, 14mm opt to 5R. 1903-11 14mm opt to 1R, 13mm to 5R, 1912-14 to 5R, 1928-36 to 25R, 1938-48 to 25R, 1949 Alizah print opt inc 12a pr. SG 137. Officials inc 1885-96 to 1R, 1927-35 inc 1R-10R, 1942-47 inc 2R, 5R & 10R & others. Mostly G-VF M/U. SG cat £4450 = A$8100. (226) (P)AVAILABLE at A$1000

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1967 QEII 5c Blue booklet pane variety collection (5) with 'guillotine guide (vert blue line) UL cnr', 'neat shading UL cnr' (pos 3) ACSC 445d cat $80, 'weak entry over shoulder at right retouched' State I, (pos 4) ACSC445 ea cat $120 & 'similar retouch' (pos 6) on another pane ACSC 445fa cat $120, 're-cut UL cnr (blue cnr re-touch)' (pos 6) ACSC 445g cat $750. 5 Hard to find to extremely rare varieties all in comp panes, fresh MUH. Total ACSC cat $1100+.SOLD at A$275

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1925-32 Merson 10Fr green & red, 20Fr magenta & green top values. VF fresh MLH. SG 431-2 cat £445. Yv 207-8 cat €375. (2) (P)AVAILABLE at A$80

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Papal States: 1857 folded letter franked 6b on greyish imperf (3 margins) & 8b single & pr (4 margins) tied by barred diamond pmks & with 'Roma 22 DEC 57' cds with boxed 'Torino 26 DEC 57' b/s. SG 24 & 26 cat £445+ as loose stamps, Sass 7a & 9 cat £655 on cover. Exp Alberto Diena. (P)AVAILABLE at A$180

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1946 International Bureau of Education M/sheet 3+22zl -11+19zl. VF U/CTO, 'Tarnobrzeg 15 10 46' cds. Mi 445-447 cat €260, SG 571a-c cat £300. (3)AVAILABLE at A$70

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1907-12 KEVII set ½d-£1 wmk mult crown, inc both 1d shades. VF fresh M/MLH. SG 99-111 cat £445. (14). (P)AVAILABLE at A$350